Communication Questions 1. Have you a doctor? AM 2.I have a doctor on board. AL 3. I require a helicopter urgently. BR 4. I cannot send a helicopter. BV 5.

I require immediate assistance; propeller shaft is broken. CB 8 6. Can you proceed without assistance? CJ 4 7. I will attempt to obtain for you the assistance required. CE 8. Do you require a boat? DJ 9. Can you send a boat? DK 2 10. Yes. C 11.Has the SOS/MAYDAY been cancelled? EF 1

12. SOS/MAYDAY has been cancelled. EF 13. What is your present position? EU 1 14. My position is doubtful. EX 15.You should indicate your position by rockets or flares. FC 1 16. My position is indicated by rockets or flares. FD 1 17.What is condition of survivors? HM 4 18.Survivors are in good condition. HM 2 19.Have you received any damage in collision? HX 20. I have received serious damage above the waterline. HX 1 21. Where is the vessel with which you collided? HY 6 22. I do not know what has happened to the vessel with which I collided. HY 2 23.Are you on fire?

IT 3 24. I am on fire. IT 25. I can get the fire under control without assistance. IY

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