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a UNESCO contributes 10 peace and human development in an ere of globalization by turthenng international cooperation throughs programines in education, sciences, culture and communication Witt is a 199 Member States and 7 Associate Members, UNESCO has its Headquarters « Suet ae aes Oost Paris (France) and operates globally through a network of offices and several institutes 4 Post ite Programme Specialist (Education) Organsatenal vet UNESCO Office Amman ays AMMAN, Jordan Grae 3 : ost unser ARURP/JORIED/0023 Connon 23 August 2010 Une the vera aunonty othe Assistant Duactor Gora fr Evucaton ane det supervision of he Dxeeter of UNESCO Lice Animan the Educaten Programme Spacey xsi othe Overal lanning and execution of the Education Seon reggame Jordan in parse. she wl undertake he flag asks and reapunctaes Main responsibilities + Contribute t the overt preparauon and emplementaton fhe UNESCO ED statogy nthe courty Execute the programme a! Natori controle 10 te emulation ans wmolemeniahon of regina programmes andi erojecs. and paricpate to UNESCO forums of eas the fet of dation and to the programming of ont UN actus a te education ld ofthe emy + Prone compretensivefectnical suppod. advice and Suppor Wt developing and enolementing the core Yegse programme ‘ores n Edveaton fox Al (EFA) UNESCO s Technica! ane Vocational Eaueaton and Trang (TVET). Higher Education ‘rogramame, Teacher Education ane Edveaton for Sustanthe Development (ESD) and i edveaten planing, sitegy and pkey suppon. Follow dosely the core pranwasm ho UNESS approved by Bs govemment.Rosponsible fer pepanng the byanowal education sector work plan and budget for he guar programe + Prowde axsistares and professional experiae, in whe development of exa-budpolay resources projec fr the education ‘secior programme and elp mobitsing resources (om vans iniematonal fepenal and naional donor tiulans ASS ‘n mplementing approved entra budpotary projec education sect dose coordination wa) natonel nsiuons, ‘+ Represent UNESCO inthe UN ont programme uplementaion al county level. Provide experese and parkpatoacvely 31 tne UN IniersAgencies thematic roups such 25 Elucawon, Socal Devlopmant. HIV & AIDS. ec Represent UNESCO wn the meetings of Bateral and m-aeralinstions + Coordinate and aise cosy withthe National Instivtons such as Minsey of Education, Mr of Higher Edveaton and Soni Research. Jordan Natonat Ganmission for UNESCO. to plan apa efacivety plement the UNESCO's education prowrammne Cooreinate dosely wit UNESCO Regona Bureau 10 efecivay plan and wnplemert projets in consistence ‘oth the Regional Srategi Framework 30d Action + Assist te Drector in superong the Education Sector programme assistans, project offic. voluneers, secretary, and ‘atonal programme cffcrs ithe Amman Office in the execu of delegated tasks and vesponaiblies ane funcions. Paicipate m preparing TOR’, supervision and mrepanng performance assessment reports. ‘Advanced Unversity depree (at Master’ level or equivalent in Education orale related fk + Atleast 410 7 years of relevant professional expenence i the planning/ergemeniaton andor evalvaion of educations rogrammesipojcts. Al fel fro years of international experiance i seria professions areas, preteratly i Waratorat ‘Orpancations + Wie hnowede n the fill of education, higher educaton and the Inks bebween education and development. Good snowecga of educational system. structures and eiscpnes. Ay to deal wih edcatonal and cevelopmant mates Koowtedge of UNESCO's procedures and practoas would bo an assot (Ga0d exgorizatonal coarsnaion and superssory sks ‘Good interpersonal and communication (ra and wton) sis ‘Ait to work 5 par ofa Yaam. to take tative and te prove cualiy and imely support ang sence ‘Good compar sis (Word, Excot ot) Excetent hnowladge of English knowledge o Fench andlor Aric would be asset Profile * Conditions of UNESCO's sslanes aro caletsed in US dots but mawiy sai in local curoncy. They consist of @ base salary and 2 port ‘employment 2cjusinant whch refecs tho cost of wing in a pertculs duly sialon ang exchange rales For te post, fhe au vemuneraven tn foal eurency wal tart fom around $ USD 83.235 (S USD 77,694 # wittoul dependants). exam rom income ax ln aon UNESCO oltre an atactve benalis package ineluding 30 days anual vacation, home travel edveaton grant ex dependent {ictun_ pension pln and macial nsurance. Tho inal spporriment which far bro Years nck 8 probaionry period ol 12 ‘mont, and renewable, subj! eatstatery tarde. Worsuige ably f equred 98 sia mebare have to seve other uty stats according to UNESCO's job rotation pocy. UNESCO sa non-smoking organizalion How to apply When antag er UNESCO vocanons see oly we Ine anne cuter ysl sea snr. Candies what {tess the neat may snd a papa arzcaton by compllng 9 oflest UNESCO CV fm aval at Resdgoaes, UNESCO Ose ‘atonal Corman n hmbet Stas. any etea 3» UntedNatora Reader Repesarave) Enon or Fonh 9 Cel HARES, ‘UNESCO, 7 paar de Hrnenny, T5852 Pars SP France tone ecg date, guage fou mumor ARMRPIORVEDGN2S UNESCO does aot nate a ae any stage of ho route process you have any Questo concern persons O carpus ST {Sti rcriy on beta of UNESCO ad csi pyar of foe, abe come fp sen ste UNESCO is commie to onde aqua ine programming and lo gender parity within the Seretvat. Therlore, women candidates are strongly encouraged (0 appr. 8s well 5 nationals rom non or undervepresenied Member Sioles ono end cepanndMamber Ses so une 2090 ae cack mt wa asc rgeplymen la te at aon. 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