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The 4th Grace Church Scholarship Application

(장학금 신청서)
# Attach the latest Transcript or an Admission Letter if you graduated from a high school
# Attach a Recommendation Letter from Church or Korean Association (not from members of Grace Church)
# Application Deadline is: Saturday, December 4, 2010

Name (First Last) Date of Birth (MM/DD/YR)

Church name or relative who is a member of Grace Church Please attach


Email Address Phone Number

What School do you attend?

Financial Situation:

Financial Aid ____% Loan ____% Work ____% Scholarship ____% Parents/Relative Support ____% Other ____%

Major / School Year What are your plans after graduating from college?

Describe your job/work/internship experiences starting with the current or most recent employer:




Applicant’s Signature:_____________________________________________________________ Date:_________________________

(By signing this application, I affirm that information on this application is true, accurate, and complete.)

Mission 911(구원사역을 위하여 한 가정이 한 선교지에 기도와 후원)의 선교사역과
30.30.100(30 개의 선교지를 후원하고, 30 개의 개척교회를 도우며, 100 명의 사역자를 세우는 교회)을 기반으로,
장학 사업을 통하여 미래의 교회와 사회를 이끌어 갈 하나님 나라의 지도자를 양성하려 합니다.

2661 Harshman Rd. Dayton, OH 45424

937) 657-0230

Short Essay: To help the Scholarship Committee distinguish and categorize your application, please tell us about 1)
yourself and your goals in your life, and 2) additional topics you may wish to discuss are: your personal
testimony, calling, involvement in service in the church and/or academic accomplishments.
(Please type your response here or attach your essay to the application.)

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