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Memorandum CITY OF DALLAS Dare November 10, 2010 To Mary Suhm City Manager SUBJECT Shopping Cart Ordinance Due to the proliferation of shopping carts being taken from supermarkets and other shopping venues and left to litter sidewalks, medians and even creeks, we would like to explore changing and strengthening Dallas’ ordinance regarding shopping carts, ‘The City of Irving has enacted an ordinance that places responsibilty on store owners to keep their shopping carts on their premises. We would like to look to this ordinance as a model. There have also been recommendations made by a committee of the Vickery Meadow Improvement District that should be examined. ‘We request that this be briefed to the Quality of Life Committee with the goal of a recommendation to the full City Council to Gag hae Ze MLE ‘Ann Margdtin ( inell Atkins Swaine Caraway Counciimember-District 13. —Councilmember- District 8. Mayor Pro Tem- District 4 Deputy Mayor Pro Tem- District 2 Councilmember- District 14 ‘ec: Honorable Mayor and Members ofthe City Council Ryan Evans, First Assistant City Manager iA. Jordan, P. E. Assistant City Manager Forest Tuer, Assistant City Manager ‘A.C. Gonzalez, Assistant City Manager ‘Tom Perkins, City Attorney Jeanne Chipperfeld, Chief Financial Officer Deborah A. Watkins, City Secretary las, The City That Works: Diverse, Vibrant and Progressive.”