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MARRIAGE A-la-Mode. | a COMEDY. As it is A@ed atthe THEATREROYAL. Woicten by JOHN DRYDEN, Sereane toll Majely. need on, amen ici toe iene Lee mg sete ne il Fe me eda Offend fl Horat.Serm. Printed by TN. for Henry Herringman, andare to be fold atthe Ancborin the Lower Walk of ‘he New Exehenge. 1673. “TotheRigh Honourable, ‘Besant NE eaeoyar titan 1 te toe = BrGRge Tay go aches your pune and ‘a, that rece amendmeat rom sour Bobs band, Pere Fares nee fenoe ‘vit Eoemach vat ee agi aa SE iG icant eter a ibe at ad Mii, nd recep the thet: I ier setae Sin nea tavern a ee ee Sa paces ‘lyour ata pts and hose ou have teaioe. That web wit move ress Fade hat, oc The tt Wan aR 8) ‘Soe tancerantor gly exw Centegra Sree aigt orgasim ‘eae ps at ace {Soe Regn nee. 3 ‘Few a tee hve that swrance fend we ott be 30 ‘gumace sou as oto much 45 ‘rede a roused Bue by the etobent emer as ‘yam alway ore feady Coeur god an by his il ae oar en nan ae ‘Rhavour, your kntwledge of grenese and hebitade in SO ‘Sal ay ieee Setineanecterkcnatmtcsteasenl eae ss SURGE Aiea aia ars wetg ie remem Bi lated Stay ama pets SASS pond oeEea Ti oo SSR hal In eee dat ora See ed Foon na prea i ea eGo 51 ee Fig) 2S ERisetce cr meemagee sie eS aeons “arce’ ae 3). cey = * “ fire he ay of kings thes Spiga ‘iilomnnng be ouny efter mer tlertach beak ‘scsi whoendenvouratlenst to plese and forage 75 ‘reeraamen be bas peneroay pide, oe ft os esse were nner oppedin thes han Boa Buy Lad gh fv ore ht ou ae ‘iinet higer ate efingraude than though to sve steed. [sand ned eal your sone fect Ds of hs, we ough peta be ‘he bs of my coma fe fer aout haf shuld have eared you for ay ete a nt wih some ply ‘youth woe beng ny peter. Wi seems to have DEDICATION pore nobly in thie age than in any ofthe former, toa Si a yrs ene rw prs wick pe ld grey. But in dangerous quai for my own part Fmast i Theo mich ofl ere re at eft d ear flay wi te common ro cae i | f i "Nest obedesand mo fil servet, 100 PROLOGUE, ‘Loe, how reformedand quiet meare grown, eet resan four eee ‘Whie-wigand var keno loge i. “France andthe iet have sep etn clear, s atecGn acti poe endsocanar* | iewoatwatte lars wcrc ‘Wiha ached yp, ino oe ing rom | Buttes mere sds bea teste, 0 ‘The women obbed, and swore they wouldbe true, [biotey were arogmee eye Audiny ered of payor ek od ‘ted th endsfor dole se ordain, 1s Iwas breed hey sinning honor gun, ‘Andsnes fr alta ty, matin ‘Nov hey argon, sdend rcaton bere, ort fend or enema Fourpensreank avr popece tobi, 2» ue Paap he aa ea) a abil er br mere Gar 8 need pt 2 Soap gee ee hi eh er ‘rr tly ee on Mah iT wre ered won Seether bench an daresno venue: the Mall on fo, oa ‘Guraty ends friar come, ‘Theycan take upwhpeasures nearer homes s fescany shan pry nec Moor ‘Revert hope: we salah x» reenter them more andl, ‘Forts aoe wey, howe ere pall shor, ‘Tooblge thew they andthecoure 2 pin ney i mpage en Seater een earn sents perro of Mame cds eee mee i Rigs 19 nen Mee one mend iso Be ok PERSONS REPRESENTED rt Daghterso the Unarper fies =H Soles eee ea 0 BE Soe ES ‘Anemin,aGour Lady Sunn, Messenger, Ladies, Gendemen,Cizns, Auendans, Sevan, Torches} Semne, sa" ther cihnger ote Bor PAL AMEDE iin habit, ad hrs te one ‘Rewer Donati ond beLizn ree » oH DRYDEN er ‘adam, strange. a fdr hn ohne a wines fy bd Siig "tte cred, Madam, hope yo pd theca of {Langa foray Well eal ysl oye ve yur? ‘SSaNRn te one. Buryorne fed ence oer. "Watt, Thee you? 2s ugh pod voices andl aces ha ben nepal; soli bcisid gwen Srey hepa >Re many mort foe ngscnyou ym? "Vey, Madam fori should cosine tose yousome 30 “fou looks ilingy ta shuld be te "Fe wl ot ie you the epuaion ofa wit with me: You ‘eaelng mami Ure upon the stck you Bave go oreo to rope with asad 35 “A vay pina pity desta Si yu ve esa ‘Reap is Spor fps arson of tet coun, 51 Tynes ay Tm ing atypia pty ahi ed ing ah Ace ‘Sater thetic acre 12 Yims ty soe MARRIAGE ALAMODE » vreraremegepiniy tems SETS Serres Sees prada tea can ey at ‘er hp murat ebachaset Pomel ‘Baw then, Ido receive your passion with ait con, aden aay peas eve fou eve foe ous, AD Scan erable wretch ou bate mde oure Thee T miverble? Thank, you for that, Give me love Seth ane eno and el fore. "Ee en, thou man f ran agit, koow toy ‘bec confin, tat am io ‘nh another word and ve up ee hot CHALICE ke you quite dea, know that am mse to. 65 tin iO omens? OPA rid 19 a gees young, handsome, chy Yep th be pa lies thar wi make 304 8 eel, Sa ane youl rE eof alta, Tone ou. Farane a ate 70 eet Berit Tam tobe maried wii these ‘Begs. Maeda fedempion, 10a Yous fi, 1 fut mieata EASE SSE, st nti Sputntr Cone oe mn ih nr i eel eine nage ea Com ei, “ Jou DRYDEN ich and vtwos lady. Ant sal go hard bait ove ‘efile aL prcre you do oar husband cr ‘Remember, Invade ne propeiy. My servant you are 75 font you ae sui "Matte ine you aig you sen “Rad you, thas you ae to have wife seni ln wf lad) “O thadam, sy lord asa the end ofthe walls an if atthe doe "ea eke ine, new servant, wel ak further ofthe nthe ean he, break ont myst ne tha, nor low me ‘Bat whee, then, all find you ein? PORE toe. Yours for evo de, Si. ‘Nn igh, I tecech you, Madam, “Pe bomaLice and nuk how arta very ders ‘pues or one sake st mon ove ts ‘sta oy has for he, Feriimose mary anther ~ nd Monty. “Ber nODOPI, oh sem poking won hin ‘Pee thm with myeutnan, wh fetch ew orders 1 he yt te 3 gpa mete REED er nay memati ie ae ‘rte pny Ss et Epiiuiaciaecenenenseerteomon oy tnt tinggi ASA eee dy ee ET ees Se de Fe et MARRIAGE MLAMODE 1s om the King (0 PALAMEDE) How? Palme! 95 "Gi theugh o have scen you in Si? EE ght have found he court sofarfram Syracuse? POOP known the ern of he progres Bu nme ‘Be FEE jour what brought vou home from wave? 100 “he commands ofan ol ih aber "An thc hopes of burying hin? th together, as ou sx have preva ‘Bath epee dmg oldman areedy malted, Fa a etl ih another ld anya ch nd as 10S ‘oreeus a mila Afvthe arcs are de emopet ge eapsaammtct te hat Kind of roan | #10 THE COTE ener intends you sone very uly wis od as San eu aan, you ave so eel "Eo noc hats bat bey wil ad mus 10 eeu set it ae {fader doing, oil mat IP doin shee thre years Tsay hind ou mas ‘ML Spe he por retare for heen oyu. Batwa rac kml ene,» end could never bear m us DOP paamede; havea ny wet nor inden Ihe word to plese me. The erate ‘Sseenseintinable allen woo me sites, wha’ the mater? SE Snag ec tnt arte dang een “ 0808 DRYDEN none word, Im mari; wretedly maids and have ‘once hasty Yo thy th dei ad owe ‘Srcrme a iy vows ad ress othe cone. “Tina yo have sold yoursel for thy Incr; she’s ld Irconsoned Nei of ee a a he's sng Nic ase gonsed shot fort do ‘ier inte, Tent coeiiste A em Bvt, people “As pone sy? Why, you shold know that best yoursel. "AS hse who have ane 0 strong perfume wo Years ‘peter waa te cet au, for er and, wich Np here ae god quae aout or one woman Ato many, Palumede, I could put them a three or foramen, i should be content ‘Grom {have fous. You dike er fen ther reason Irirteatte she's your Wile 2A i Fo er eos now Ted ber psn ft ee ls one pe ‘Bitmcte: Ye lowed era wie lyr cole tar term oan) mss, and think n my conscience con Fined ur anos’ quarters bt ea the world bean) [ng at my aed got of on Ine Aan weaved thar ome ta here was aang [Exinte make une none apne, Yrs sta good {ES upon tbe mater dam int ond af br before ‘Simpy but when eae sone re wa ke Ho ‘Sensor way al aneber Ard we wbour tacks "and eet. ‘Realy memory. ns 10 15 0 Ms 150 snes MARRIAGE ALAMODE twcachother sofa dao, fhe ion of prea bas was (ip nvemed wokecpiendand wiestioenty ander. "FACtth is your den vey dpe, But hugh yo Bint ciel uy teppei ou mat JEL ut ann po mt apy Sater Yooreten aS este et ‘eis gu hanna adenpe a od Esti ieee "Prack;Thave bees thinking on and hae fst eed {Stake jour Soucy and fy coniering the aie Gatkedioes of stared men, {have povided well ‘Seish fs ponebumblesinne, dats no ambianas of eames "What ssh, for a woman? ‘Onc of the rar of Syracuse, Tass you, Young esough, (PF uric ands but foro quai, ust sachawomans woul len hs ota age to Becta in beauty. When Cet eer faadoane wes, nd bet ena Sere aL an po nd md ‘lupe misese so th poo ede cetures, without ‘Bauy, bir or beeing, but oly impodence, of otesronble ey and an in hee hard ties, WPibens sr be doe m bron gn, never exes ‘Ba my mistress one ful thas almost unpardonable. ‘Tisch bn er tsp Sel ag mee bree 17 180 nt a i ce ‘he Remeron wera hy apd and a uni thecal wade be (Lothar eae nc tard ge ela 0108 DRYDEN Figs mi ter in en Perera aye ep ahr mnee tare Se Seer De Tarisiaet wo enkeien, mets, yo aren ey wry man STE hi a’ heres oan Tics tees rh me inespc tar se Ee rar cucnr Ss tenes {dehy shtakeoren: nreveratriton pce Ba er 8s 190 ‘of be had ned be handsome wth thes quaits, ‘Nod can bes caine of new fakin a he soa ‘ew French Word. Sher the very min the ston and tat any Dulin’ comer out of Peano et mediately ico our agua “Ad her ame i= ‘Nore hat oer Fd be ifyoucang ‘wit te me Bena the stress ESS ‘al theo, how fr have you proceeded your hve? ‘Tos ein the bud, and what itmay bea can eli ‘ordi fofcraie umouso unto te courts ha sb ay hither rae al er ag tions within, or fear sing ber it re Ws 82 oun Ti ae apy Sey et ef ee ‘So nt am vy come ee Samra cofactor See Sara ec et na MARRIAGE ALA MODE » "heap ctr es Ba ea eee ea ter tae Zaeminat masks mom ar nce hen rege tet Yes pcan avast "RE ee nae eaten ere toca othe anoAL20N, AMALIE ARTES teers gene era paeten nara a Siecle pent eto, te "How kee e th ing’ vou with hese gus? "Alas fier helm tothe cow: besides, he ne a hes tote Rang und sanding te ae ‘in, eesathurincnatoss teres en umeurs, hich Rowe and votes hatin fests ern "fli siter Amal, who, [guess stands by hm, seems pot be of steer 210 ns 20 "Ts done my Lord wath common waited is retum rom Runtng Sal Fattend our Lost om? "Nos tp st another way. Bsthasty atte inant tine thot aperceeramnaeeermmartice Searing a et eee » 08 DRYDEN He te in hate, and saci ‘here het shige) ‘how ind? Then he ta cede oh eri coon ES a kid Kn’ and, haow be eg the 235 Palamede, oa Inout fo be youre Comes nas shite you tel memos suprising ews, Theta oft, yousee, He Sesser my beter baco me Allie can bia i : cme “sine st id ‘We ltkeword hough hae, Hewidone wean Ranh ofStiy, "Slee yor emnttne, Eemeetact ohne gata Ce, hr Hs ae aS Sonera tve coy ‘Helio tie Thea eee Side ye Hear, ‘Thepobictaes pe eee ae maT Moetats nen StcrSetaromn Ten aja xe wl ‘Hstemper was oo waiketo acetic: “eles bide and hence mariage, ‘Apdfolloned the ld Inchon hey oe, ‘Theres were oecomes bua hehe ‘Brent RHODOWL and PALAEDE, Boing AMAL TBA as 230 25 265 soe [MARRIAGE ALAMODE: Heald he gene towhowcarchelft His widow queen and orphan sons then died Then file Polydana eyed hist? He dd and with father’ ep for which eaves pardon hin, oped eal bers, ‘hatin fe diyshe asad ing: Aadvhen Sa a em ‘Betaytessmencrinser bake ‘Wham! ead matted ef pore, Tim cine | Eek esc. Herhusbod speach wings ‘erie To dmc eve! ars —— tne te Haale haere here Enrica canna, Hearse aan ie woe “Te pape onlays edn Cbs ‘Butwhee should ave entioed somo daughter, Tse there wae ar of sca ‘Madam, the king sn mcamean ms 2s 20 2s ‘Budo prs tpn Te Rana he Te Ta fr ie 2 0188 DRYDEN Tothom PLYDAMAS, ANGALEEN, Guard ond aed “Thefobe, hough thie racked, conse no more ‘Buta ok thse eves hs ce. ‘Butyet the cecumsances soa ar ‘That thoe forwhom serch areata, cannot easly bar it sss oe No, "You woul nothaveiten, "Healer tention ee, enemas Geter ‘They are noc what remit 4 Thecapemot ‘Whitordem setteandbring cn oe” ‘Bur obOMH nd PALAMEDE Oberhes Hareyoupesonnedy wil? ‘Se, hoe whom youconiandedmeto bing, ‘Ae wag inte als roxas CConducthem iter. irs pve meleave ‘Tobegyour occ of his gente, ‘Hescems omer, Hissame pd quliy? 20 te etna iting th ea As vo MARRIAGE A-LAMODE fmt ‘erie oe Soeages Nigerian ee "tend the court andicsalbemy ae cecustionens “ " Peon RHODOPHTL and PALAMEDE smegma ontienteh ina verter basic Ge eta es feta cee, Garataeriemenat Gestalt, Geueeee Gear... CEE ave necro ‘clowns er boan dagen Ste auras "Fellee ol man, apt me tr, fom whence oe selec eae Eee reid SSS eae here pce acta ame seein. poe 55 Lea o'er awed st Rapa wee, ‘Rn Wf ec rye » oH payDeN on My if and, as ‘Mls, hat sucha youth, ome, so gre Should proce eo pean a hate isthe same in vilgesy enachmore itera vnc soe ‘Thee serene Het ote amn tary evr Fete Cesta eS Witenes. As th Guard re casing hi sa, poe fal off Syste hemes Sagi eis ema Adin dex Baoc waa “Yet Si fam Hermogeas. Anliftohavetecnlpalbcacrine, ““ ‘andpeparedtosuter ‘ou woul tive speak quickly. ‘Whtisbecomeat iy Bd? Hs Lautan 1 at ana err ety 6p fab fT moe «ch wid om ‘Mampi eeu Riee cts eset ‘Samat N hore) Theta chee ee ‘tg pom es oe eps od SSeS reenact ® ves MARRIAGE ALA.MODE Tinkiummetrestuene 5 ERR ee ndocins dead, sols the queen, “The fant king her son, and Eubulus. "Par pete tene- EE ccayagieenee =a fees band Reaper indulgent to my hopes, ated be [My ttend forever, Tell me, good Hermogenes, a ee ERE an gnats » ‘Ad 90 thou aterest me, Prd Ee a ceamrerns ‘ebatreaeane meena Si beisyour. elev hin nore ses oucredulous, 380 ‘And wouldimpose foro bese ssueon ‘Radio yourerown "Homi teense Heres "Sey aperien » (eufoamemen Sc “Yer brother, bere yout your hopes, 2 doy eal or retro ‘cake youth ese. Endo ats) Om —a paces otis the kng wold pak with you, ‘i mar andor dae pee Alacra cone ee soe fre ae rem ae eluo mca, ‘Yourtherove-actyourparyandare ‘Too toon space sone ‘Toosooayou'llfadimeone. thers | seme [MARRIAGE ALA.MODE: ” 350" Ehou, rele; Treas ine and yo, Leni, 2s tvewellweh tm ove, | "Si ie be youson, tmayhaveeave aii otra i a nhs vii; 2s | Gfimiear wens ceeeyon mgaocests Siege ase 20 eer yu are ea Fetch wd youn: bt ier, beauteousmai re sou nor Your atherwilaaneryoupastormiac 5 Tam conten to bewhst heaven hasmade me, {Cul yo ot wth youre princes then? 0 as Now [mast ctyoupencebutmost Tesre ou? as soba an 7 Maeno peaksoer frit shoul, Imoseweepson. 'No So shallveatcoure, weet Innocence, ‘Andee hin here ‘Though you intended not vo make me happy, 450 po erewarde forte seat etchant pode, stone mana ie ee a sim DryDex face Verne) MARKINGS ALAMODE » Tho oaths ren, nuns ans nd rcrna . 43m men, tou may sors coms ~ ett: Smathers ar Pasys may oeseser me, Prin Andhra pene me, 45s "Nig, Phos That's an old phase; hae id that 15 ipa Scmioyar oactce ety mda a Li ee Weare Osc Jetrenit's toa enya eee Rhodoptl! Ah mow chert could lie and die with him Eirumoanns Burana sent "rit youRoue youre ine ferme nai, sexe ‘igor act Sl omy Lay (Wi soe) Sov ad 7 one ‘WhorheandT uci ketone “hn ths ise dh ito be ned nymph, ad de 20 " “ bis essai ben fae "arts | er ert enh poet 3 fom you fae, as pre eb Act, Scene | ims tet linns hte aces hat sear andmmors | Siete se Fa ‘Gt Repti geen indeed, Madan ant shi dre ou fn Lee leu e's i nn; he sings and dane and wits the Bl doa ona ‘Aa ve en salen, aay ac andes 5 aad values the French aia your Ean es waar Bir mgs efit anim aan icp an nade Whey wate eee mania ey Fs ei tar tr i Spang | em nh, arg mae po dt he a ae Sect hontai apes erage 1 i TS a Pd ern eh ante {ike wen ot io sr Ae ped aston Settee cs —_ nth » JOHN DRYDEN es tvs bu you mut ogee eave ow tnt ‘cannot merit them, from so accomplished s cavalicn TR any things, Madu, to rnd me accompli andthe liad geo em yaar gy ‘Line dc, Phils, bur this extemely French; but. Goat i Pate) & eaeran, Sy thet ei har heute the ‘alsaspe (onde "ey dap! and mode! comoraion! coud! ad goed zoe i ny ses ion of thoes a ey reach word 2 0 tow man se Sapp, Si, you have made the ow of France; snd ving sen al fn there, wl maa co ‘demas 4 TRY cons, Madan, at — ‘Ap ht new mamas hve you tought over with you? 5 ‘Theis meac are toa ea! And eof San foes 5 grea sp (Ts i ied hh ‘rth ens Bp Rae Suan Smronae siorowah © yah a ew agin tn let Siete soe MARRIAGE ALAMODE utland fade thet "Foe mwas, Madam — “Aad wha nw plays ae thre in ogee? And wh danced ‘tin the lt gro bali? Come, rest srt, Jou sal atime al PALA Coie) "Tel eral? Why, she asks all and wil ex nothing —To seri ordey Madam, your demands ‘aay thisking what happy couple me shall be! For you. ‘al Keep up yur anepondnc brody and evry thts new wt in Francey and fine {sem al thas “bee and en ton, we wl ae ist. ‘But, Madam, ou fortune — Trandestand you, Sis youl leave that to me, For ‘ning ffl, now it Deter tan ty din Sty. 7 fo 9 Pcp ft ply tng a ua ina anungan orb ing 19 Sawin See an ntact 2 yom pavoEs toe cme aniyce ALA NODE ne coon fete, Mim enw rnisatpael ty eentie wah. 75 "Ah ad Hs th od ap or “Tesora wetti? Ads dersrn iment Eide 1 gd ae iad In 100 made my court to him these two lang hours. O, "us 2's much handsomer chan, Free pice! Soon, Shama sta a ‘ec Foe hers a wily Ber a amen, tee a SEES EE cate pine og PIS en Tne em th ae ‘Now heavens thy mercy, es me fom this ong; t manag do, For snc all wen ioe : rem ould alpout the 105 ‘Ray eop the Held pnt» whe any of ep ad [perteone, sf chat neo tht ero gs Fee one the dite" erable un fom tBut tobe shut pina bo wih hers kee 85 Socks ap So suppr’ met Ke ‘are Bu thy thet owe coemis. i od yom ees ells dory ie ay ‘ebutnew ‘say, and pre het the ing Bow eery time oe ‘net wa ‘en to pee Ber nop0me ‘Buthere comes Rhodopil. "Ts pet od tat my misses 90 soul 0 much este the ae news He nae : a sat aye tec ae a ‘ese te ete shop anc tthe Sea oe! 11S RN are aoe oan? ier Donnie, aing by a reading Ne rt rebar Thee net ‘Well Palamede, how go the airs of oe? You've seen yours? 2 Tha 0 Tomas ig et) 13 Tenth ss Raia arate es therm te ye nay # sexu connotea. Repeat sepa ety hee: coher eee os rane neem ten —— at ty EERE pt oer ee ee hoy 12K Blt sins isin eh a 010 DRYDEN ALAM (hing Donate) ‘Thee ay tel you, my end hat vry urea SGD, ila ei ct dy with wham Taine 20 v py ta ia that una, yw PALE ee owjook sang. How do youl her Is be no ery igor ody ar he ase mee hin) Why he devil do you ak my me ks "Yous 30 dogged om You think no mans mirens ‘aoasome but your owa, Come, youahlthea hers oe, crn nd agate tml, evan 0 meas on ree oot a! Thave cut ou ie psc of work for Peay, Spouse, howlog have you beenacgutnted wih this 135, ‘Who, T acpuined Tetmit Past ih hi sean? To my Bet Ber MLA a te ter Paastpe (eit) Fortine, tou bet ped me. aaa MARRIAGE ALA.MODE » hl be your own ace. Come, iareduce you. roduc mel Whee? Mtn pectin MELAS, ho fly pass verte ings) There To my mis. "hor Melani O heavens, ot see. Ms Papo dds Lam an cape where love, Ubve seen ber this mie ee PEEL era tr oem Lee venmins MEET eegnriticina tities 9 Splcareaptins alr after and fetchherback agin, to present yout ert "No, you need no. have the honor fo have some sal "Subance wh be *6 fe! Wha» Hackbead was Tg find ic out! My i man oyna ie spect Tmt mar he, terawe the shandome, beens haps eames xan bth, SERTam owe ube ifLdobey: Aspe muse keep 160 JRA Ali Becnue love ae. Ge sor) Fins sae you torake my excise you lay be [ideo teforente to cue ny miskat age honour of ng known ther ‘Or tas but reason, Hat you, spouse, pray look upon. 165 ‘Sietdran say tend; whom tom Rao, 08 uve never een belore is our as | | | | | 0108 DRYDEN biere Tn bed rie Sita ey shalleverbesluw ome: shan commands Enter asennad aw embrace DoeaLice moe Oi ae twas ig sere ts eles my dean oyou.thad 170 your wo he ig, andoar new peace. Wel) aver amin er iat, 8 Young pina. And hc the nsee ea headin dingo Smee soeaicr "He bet been oe ‘od up far fom cour, and thetetore — 175 ‘Tat mports no, Thowgh ess not sen the spdall dar ete dee raid monde stele alan Rehatheairo cour et 80 ett mastery this wom. 1 ‘ro 83 Bt you must make ear for woe fr ig oe id hats er my oat a a ae “Wal Peden 17 dit itera eaten Cat peat, Jour wher snot. Weber you ae 190 feet we kee ei grin item ep aa a a MARRIAGE MLA. MODE » “it mae epee etna nt ers ene [fsa orev ous ls hound plano, cama ots * Het eae Yon ae mistaken, my der. 20 i wipes - are ner, See | ssa a campestris Hinraodi wuidene siren i's Sey ‘Te ince Anal incoming this. sapaiean Bateat . we arguing ee ni i {Res Saoe fare rc et mon dw mihi 8 Te 7 oti ea, gh ee ute ne, wd 010 DRYDEN ere wo aes A moDe . nto 0-204; MBLANTHA rf her PALANEDE MO Set adam “That isto tell me, in other words, my condition is desperate, Sue Hs ten your dns my eee ne 7 , 9 often, to of 4 new amo, betwixt two hk you in oil condition, thet Tm resolved 1 Eppraisal aeciercageicee 2 Sankey accede el oe ced be et fecther ‘terrace; for that's a private place, and there I am sure nobody Suegtetead ak were ope | (©, Melantha, can tell you news. The peice! | rataaee sain ccm ys | nee ong ime Pipi Ove ize! 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