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NOTE: 'For; the required number of copies to file, please refer to the INSTRUCTION SHEET that corresponds fa the specific vacancy for which you are applying,

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17th Judiciafpi~~~~:g~~Judgeship (designate vacancy for which application is being made)

I. The information you provide in questions 1 -34 is public information and will be released upon request if the applicant's name is forwarded to the Governor for consideration of appointment.


1. Full Name: Ted Lynn Vasquez

2. Birth year: 1967

3. Are you a United States citizen? Yes

4. Attorney Registration Number: 29313

5. Work Address: 11080 Circle Point Rd, Suite 400, Westminster, Colorado 80020

6. Telephone (w): 303-657-2007

7. List your place of residence for the past five years,

Dates.; .' , ............. '~ . City ··State····· " .,;.' ..... , ... C'#Y): ',' '.· .. ·.S),,; .
! 9/14/09 to present Broomfield CO Broomfield
8/99 to 9114109 , Westminster CO , Jefferson


8. List the names and locations of schools attended, beginning with high school.

L£oronado High School , Colorado Spri~s, CO I 1982- I 985

I University of California, I, Los Angeles, CA , 1985 - 1989

I Los Angeles (UCLA) I


~I ------~~----~l __ ~ ~I~------~-- __ -+~~~~~

,__I _U~C_L_A_S_c_h~oo_i-,--o_f~L_a\_v __ 4-I_L~os Angeles, CA I 1991-! 994 1

I ;

Revised 4/2009

r ! ! !
I !
i L I 9. List scholarships, awards, honors, and citations you received during college and law school.

College: I was awarded scholarships from the B lack Educators of District 11, the Latin American Educational Foundation and the League of United Latin American Citizens - LULAC.

Law School: I was awarded scholarships from various law firms throught the three years of law school,

I received the American Jurisprudence Award in Real Property Secured Transactions.


10. List all courts in which you have been admitted to practice, with dates of admission. Give the same information for administrative bodies which require special admission to practice.

United States District Court, Central District I of California

December 8, 1994

United States District Court, District of I April 9, 2003


December 8, 1994 See Addendum Sheet

11. Indicate your present employment (list professional partners or associates, if any, and include dates).

If you currently practice law, describe the nature of your present law practice, listing the major types of law you practice and the percentage each constitutes of your total practice.

Stuart S. Jorgensen & Associates (formerly known as George D. Browning & Associates), Employees of the Corporate Law Department, State Farm Insurance Companies (February, 1999 - present). One hundred percent of my current practice is within the field of insurance defense litigation. I represent insured defendants in civil personal injury cases primarily arising out of motor vehicle accidents (about 85%). The rest of my practice is spent defending insureds in other personal injury cases arising out of dog bites, slip and fails, ski accidents, bicycle accidents and other injury producing events (13%). I also oversee the preparation of Applications for Approval of Minor Settlements and Applications for Appointment of Conservators in cases involving settlements with minors or other persons under disability, and appear in Probate Court to obaint approval of those settlements (2%).

(2, If you have 11 subspecialty in any major types of law listed in number 11. what is your subspecialty?

Civil litigation (insurance) defense.

13. Lis! other areas of law in which you have practiced.

Prior to moving back to Colorado I was employed as an associate attorney at two large firms in California, As an associate attorney I assisted in the handling of the defense of civil cases, primarily involving products liability claims and bad faith cases against various Life, Health and Disability

Revised 4;2009 2

Insurance Carriers. I also had minimal involvement on a few commericaI litigation cases.

14. Have you practiced in the appellate courts of Colorado within the past five years? If so, please state the number and the types of matters handled.

Yes. I have handled the defense of two Appellate Court cases in the last five years. I prepared the Answer Briefs and all other motions and documents in both cases. One of the cases required oral argument, which I presented on behalf of the Appellee.

15. Have you practiced in the trial courts of Colorado within the past five years? If so, please state what percentage of your total practice your trial practice constituted and the types of matters handled.

Yes. I tried fifteen cases in the trial courts of Colorado within the past five years. In twelve of those cases I was defending my clients in cases involving personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents, In the other three I defended my clients against personal injury claims arising out of slip/trip and fall accidents, While only fifteen of my cases actually went to trial in the past five years, all of the cases I handle have the potential to proceed to trial. All of my practice involves litigation in the trial courts of Colorado - with an occasional Federal District Court matter. In the past five years I have handled approximately 175 litigation files from the filing of the Answer to resolution of the case, whether that be upon motion, settlement, trial or appeal.

16. List five litigated cases in which you participated as a judge or lawyer in the past five years, the names of the judges presiding, and the names of counsel, Please list current telephone (including area code) for each person identified.

1. Case Name/Number: Fleming v. Stenger, at. al, Case No. 07CV4839

Presiding Judge.R. Michael Mullins - Denver District Court

Phone: 720-865-8614

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for opposing counsel:

Chad Hemmat, Anderson, Hemmat and Levine


List name(s) and telephone number(s) for co-counsel:

Co-defendant counsel: Kurt Temple, 303-799-6328, Co-defendant counsel Michael O. Frazier, 303-988-9500

Briefly describe the case and your involvement:

Personal injury case which lasted five days. The case involved three separate accidents and three separate defendants, I handled the entire defense of the claims made against the defendant sued as a result of the second accident Experts in the fields of neurosurgery, general medicine, physical medicine, economics and vocational rehabilitation presented testimony,

2. Case Name/Number: Trujillo v, Eastglen Apartments, Case No. 08CV 189

Presiding Judge.M. Gwyneth Whalen, Boulder District Court

Phone: 303-441-3764

List namers) and telephone numberts) for opposing counsel;

Revised 4/2009


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Howard Flicker, The Frickey Law Finn, 303-237-7373

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for co-counsel:


Briefly describe the case and your involvement:

I handled the complete defense of a two day jury trial involving personal injury claims brought against my client Plaintiff's claims arose out of a slip and fall accident at the apartment complex at which she was a tenant. My client owned the apartment complex. Expert witnesses testified in the fields of orthopedic surgery.

3. Case NamelNumber: Mellette v. McComas, Case No. 05CV9307

Presiding Judge.Sheila Rappoport - Denver District Court

Phone: 720-865-8612

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for opposing counsel:

Bruce Rohde, 303-381-3400

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for co-counsel:


Briefly describe the case and your involvement:

I handled the complete defense of the personal injury claims and loss of consortium claims brought by the plaintiffs against my client. The alleged injuries and damages of the plaintiffs arose out of a motor vehicle accident. Expert witnesses testifed in the fields of physical medicine, economics, and vocational rehabilitation. The case was tried to ajury in four days.

4. Case Name/Number: Rodick v. State Farm, Case No. 04CV2726

Presiding Judge: John Popovich, Jr., Adams County District Court Phone: 720-887~2140

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for opposing counsel; Michael O'Brien Keating, 303-534-0401

List name(s) and telephone numberis) for co-counsel:


Briefly describe the case and your involvement:

I handled the complete defense of plaintiffs claims for Uninsured Motorist benefits. Plaintiff claimed injuries and damages arising out of an automobile collision she had with an uninsured motorist The case was tried to a jury in three days. Experts testified in the fields of occupational medicine and orthopedic surgery.

Revised 4/2009


. '

5. Case Name/Number: Jones v. Brook, Case No. 05CVJ201

Presiding Judge-Jane Tidball, Jefferson County District Court

Phone: 303-271-6130

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for opposing counsel:

Robert Fischel, 303-757-3300

List name(s) and telephone number(s) for co-counsel:


Briefly describe the case and your involvement:

I defended my client against injury claims being made following an automobile accident. The jury trial lasted two days. Experts testified in the fields of physical medicine, orthopedic surgery and accident reconstruction.

17. Summarize your experience in adversary proceedings before administrative boards or commissions.


18. List any law related lectures, speeches, or other presentations you have given and any such books or articles you have authored.

We frequently present Jaw related seminars to claims employees of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. I have presented on general litigation matters including the life of a lawsuit from Complaint to Appeal, discovery, and summary judgment motions. I have also coordinated two mock trial presentations for claims employees. The purpose of each mock trial presentation was to present a pointed evidentiary seminar in the context of a mock trial.

19. List your prior professional or business employment since completion of your formal education (include dates).

Thelen, Reid and Priest, formerly known as Thelen, Marrin, Johnson & Bridges, Los Angeles, California: Associate, 1996-1999

Adams, Duque & Hazeltine, Los Angeles, California: Summer Associate, 1993, Associate 1994- i 996

Revised 4/2009


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~ ~

~ ~ ~


20. If you have not been employed continuously since completion of your formal education, describe generally what you were doing (include dates).



21. List activities in professional associations, including offices held, committees, awards, honors, and citations (include dates)

Colorado Bar Association, High School Mock Trial Committee, Co-Chair, May 2010 ~ present Before serving as Co-Chair of this committee, I was an actively involved committee member since approximately 2005~ The committee is responsible for organizing the Colorado State High School Mock Trial tournament which takes place every Spring. We prepare, edit and finalize the case problem, help coordinate regional tournaments involving the participation of over 100 teams across

the State. We also provide support for the State Championship winner as they prepare for their advancement to the National Tournament This past Spring I traveled to Philadelphia to support the Colorado Championship team from Lakewood High School.

22. List your activities in civic and charitable organizations, including offices held, awards, honors, and citations (include dates).

MOPS ~ Mothers of Preschoolers. r served on the steering committee of my local chapter of MOPS from 2006 to 2009. The purpose of the group was to provide support and resources to mothers raising preschoolers. Our chapter was unique in that we made a conceted effort to reach out to mothers who work outside the home by scheduling evening meeting times and activities. Prior to starting our chapter, there were no other chapters in the vicinity where mothers who worked outside the home could participate.

In 2008, I served as a delegate from my Parish (Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter) to the Regional and State Episcopal Diocesan Conventions.

In 2004, I served as a delegate to the Jeffeson County Democratic Convention.

23. List at! public offices to which you were appointed or elected (include dates served). Have you had any military or other public service? If so, please give details.



Ifappointed to the bench, you will be required to comply with the canons contained in the Colorado Code of Judicial Conduct.

24. Are you familiar with the Commission on Judicial Discipline and its function?


25. Do you understand a judge is required to file reports of compensation for quasi-judicial and extrajudicial activities in conformance with the Code of Judicial Conduct?


Revised 4/2009













l ~ §



26. Do you .understand that a judge must comply with the Public Official Disclosure Law (Section 24-6- 202, c.R.S.)?


27. If you are now active in partisan politics, would you cease such activity if you are appointed to judicial office?


28. Are you now an officer or director of ilny business organization or otherwise engaged III the management of any business enterprise? If so, please give details.


29. Colorado judges are expected to use computer technology for a wide variety of functions including word processing, legal research, case management, e-filing and e-mail. Do you personally use a computer for any of the purposes listed above or for similar purposes? If yes, describe the functions you perform and state how frequently you perform each function. If no, state whether you will participate in training to develop and maintain your personal skills in using computer technology.

Yes. One of the best benefits of working as house counsel for a large corporation is that we have been given the technological resources to stay current in today's electronic environment.

We have access to an e-mail system (Outlook) which I use on a daily, perhaps hourly, or even minute to minute basis at times.

J perform a large part of my own word processing, We currently use Microsoft Word (2007 version) and I can confidently say that I am proficient in that program.

I use Westlaw exclusively for the legal research r currently perform. However, over the years we have switched between Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw. Each time a switch was made I was able to easily adapt to the newer program and I could do so again if necessary.

A few years ago we switched to an electronic case management system in our office. I was one of the first teams in the office to pilot the program. Since that time my cases have been exclusively managed electronically. As a result, I have performed electronic case management functions on a daily basis since early 2008.

I am familiar with the electronic filing system in place in Colorado through Lexis/Nexis. In fact, I often access the system to review or search for documents, orders or other filings in my active cases.

30. Have you ever been cited for contempt of Court? If so, please give detail No.


Revised 4/2009


31. Describe how you spend your leisure time (including special interests, hobbies, reading preferences, vacation activities).

I spend most of my leisure time with my family, My husband and I have one school-age child who is involved in her own activities which keep us very busy (soccer and ballet). I also try to volunteer in her classroom at least a few times a semester. As a family, we enjoy bike riding, hiking and skiing.

I am (or try to be as time permits) an avid reader. I enjoy fiction, both popular and classic, I also enjoy scrapbooking and I am learning to knit.

As a family we enjoy vacationing in sunny spots, We enjoy an annual week-long family vacation known as "Bruin Woods," which is located at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, California, We get to spend a week at the fake fishing, boating, hiking, swimming or just relaxing in a beautiful location with other UCLA Alumni and Faculty and their families, My in-laws also live in California so we try to make a trip out to sce them, even if for only a long weekend, a few times a yeaL

32. List the names of no more than five individuals from whom you are requesting a letter of reference.


George Browning, Esq. Thomas J, Jirak, Esq. Hon. Virginia Chavez

33. Please attach a statement not to exceed one page in length, double-spaced, discussing: (a) your knowledge of and experience with the court served by the judgeship for which you are applying; and (b) the reasons why you wish to be appointed to this vacancy and the qualities you would bring to the bench if appointed.

34. If you are applying for an appellate judgeship, you MUST submit a sample of your legal writing of not more than-twenty (20) pages with this application.

Revised 4/2009