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Honors US History II

Writing Assessment
2nd Quarter

Objective: students will strengthen their writing and research skills while reinforcing
course content.

Assignment: all students will write an analytical essay that focuses on the decision
made by the US to use Atomic weapons against Japan in WW II.

 Your research should focus on the following (5) points;

1. Description of the project to build an atomic bomb inUS

2. Description of the actual use of the atomic bombs
3. Arguments for
4. Arguments against
5. Your position based on your research

Requirements: the following are requirements for the paper:

 all papers must use the MLA format

 5 – 7 pages long (double-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman with
standard margins)
 must have an introduction, body, and conclusion
o please underline your thesis in the introduction.
 a properly formatted works cited page (not to be included in your
page count)
 all sources on works cited page must be properly cited in paper using
in-text citations

Grade: This assignment will be worth 100 points towards your quarter grade.

 NOTE: a rubric will be provided in advance to explain how the assessment

will be graded.

Due Date: The paper is due on Monday January 3, 2010

 Late papers will have 10 points subtracted for each day late
 If you would like to hand in a rough draft, please hand your rough
copy to me by December 17. NO EXCEPTIONS!