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Customizing Endnote

Find Full Text and OpenURL Link

The Find Full Text tool uses open sources tools and full text sources such a PubMed
Central to automatically find the full text of articles within your bibliography.

You should note that there will be full text articles available to you as an Iowa State
University faculty, staff, or student that will not be retrieved via the Find Full Text tool.

The next choice is to use the OpenURL feature in EndNote which will allow you to link
from an EndNote reference to a complete full-text article owned by the library.

For the OpenURL Link feature:

• You only have to enable the OpenURL feature once.

• These links will only work for ISU and you may be prompted for your Library ID
and Pin# before accessing full text articles.

• Full text article links are available only for articles available through library
subscriptions. If no electronic full text is available, look for a paper copy in ISU
libraries or place an order via interlibrary loan.

Key Information:

• OpenURL Path:

• Authenticate with URL:

To Enable the Find Full Text Feature and the OpenURL Linking

1.) In EndNote, go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.....

2.) Click on Find Full Text at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
3.) Make sure the check boxes such as ISI Web of Knowledge Full Text Links and
related boxes are checked.

4.) In the Open URL path box, paste the following URL:

Hint: Delete the existing URL, copy the reference from above, place the curser in
the OpenURL Path box, and paste using Control + V.

5.) In the “Authenticate with:” Paste the following URL:

6. Click on OK.
To Use OpenURL Linking

1) Open an EndNote library, select a reference and open the EndNote reference, i.e.,
double click on a reference.
2) From References menu, choose OpenURL Link.

3) A new browser window will open, giving you the available full-text options.