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Hire Catalogue
Beckery Road, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9NX
Batmink: 01458 833186
Themes: 01458 832602
Playback & Recording, D.I. Boxes
Welcome to the latest edition of our Hire Catalogue,
which sees a large number of useful and exciting
Microphones 3 additions.
Radio Microphones 3
Communications 3
Audio Processors
Hire Conditions
Loudspeakers 5
The full terms and conditions of Hire are printed inside
Lighting the back cover of this catalogue, and we advise you to
Generic/Stage Lighting 6 read these in full prior to signing our Hire contract.
Marquee & Emergency Lighting 7
Simple Effects Lighting 8 PLEASE NOTE:
Intelligent Effects lighting 9 1. TWO forms of identification will be required when
LED Lighting 10 collecting goods. This must include a PASSPORT. We will
Projectors 11 hold these items during the hire period.
Practical Fittings 11 2. Payment is accepted by Credit Card, Cheque, or Cash.
Lighting Controllers 12 3. A Credit Card number must be provided regardless of
Lighting Dimmer Packs 13 the method of payment. This acts as a security against
Lighting Desks 14 the cost of any damages or unreturned goods.

Smoke & Dry Ice 15
Pyrotechnics 15 You are responsible for the insurance of goods on hire
Other Special Effects 16 and will be liable for any damage or theft.

Cabling The only exception is if our personnel accompany the

Power Distribution Boxes 17 equipment during the hire (this includes delivery and
Power Cabling 18 return).
Signal Cabling 19
Cable Protection 19 If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact
our office.
Staging, Trussing, & Rigging
Backdrops and Drapes 20 Hire Rates
Starcloth 20
Stands and Fixings 21 DAILY RATE: Defined as any 24 hour period from
Trussing 22 collection to return during our office hours. For
Scaffolding 23 example, a hire starting on Saturday at 12 noon must be
Staging 23 returned by Monday at 12 noon (due to our office being
Dancefloors 24 closed on Sundays - see back cover for opening hours).
Terms and Conditions of Hire 25
WEEKLY RATE: Defined as any period up to 7 days and
any 7 day period thereafter, collected and returned
within opening hours.

Order by telephone, email or fax during office hours.
We can arranged delivery and collection of your hire
equipment, or you can collect it from our Glastonbury We will require the start and end date, a list of
premises. equipment required, whether delivery/collection is
required, and where the equipment will be used.
If delivery is required, a charge will be levied based on
the distance and quantity of equipment. Unless you have an account, payment is on collection.
Sound Equipment
Soundcraft F1 14:2 Mixer Pioneer DJM-300 Mixer
Excellent quality professional Audio Good quality 2-channel performance
mixer featuring a total of 14 inputs, 6 mixer. Two switchable Line/Phono
mono and 4 stereo. All channels have 3 channels and one microphone input. The
band Equaliser and three auxiliary send. unit is fitted with a BPM counter. Bass,
Balanced outputs and separate faders, Middle and Treble EQ on all music
Channel Mute and fitted with 100mm channels with Bass and Treble on the
faders. Microphone channel. Phono output.
Code: +10007 Day: £20.00 Code: +10005 Day: £10.00
Week: £30.00 Week: £15.00
Citronic CDM 8:4 Mixer
Good quality highly flexible mixer, a total
Soundcraft FX16 Mixer
of 10 inputs consisting of 2 microphone, 2
16 microphone/line input with built in
CD, 2 phono and 4 line . Each channel has
Lexicon effects generator, Fitted with four
gain and EQ controls. Fully assignable
stereo returns, three band equalisation on
crossfade and defeat function when not
each channel and three auxillary sends for
in use. The unit has a balance main output
effects and monitors. 4 bus output with
and booth output.
sub group routable to mix. Phanton
Code: +10006 Day: £14.00
Powered 48v.
Week: £21.00
Code: +10008 Day: £28.00
Week: £42.00 Allen & Heath Xone:S2 Mixer
High quality 19” mixer fitted with four
stereo dual input music channels. In
Soundcraft LX7 Mixer addition two switchable microphone/line
24channel professional mixer featuring inputs. Equalisation on all channels.
24 input channels and 2 stereo, 4 band Balanced XLR output. Additonal features
equalisation with two swept mid bands. include USB audio interface and output
Fitted with six auxiliary sends, 4 groups, 2 limiter.
stereo effects returns and separate Code: +10004 Day: £30.00
balanced left/right and mono outputs. Week: £45.00
Code: +10009 Day: £32.00
Week: £48.00 Allen & Heath Xone :62
Top of the range quality club mixer,
features include six dual stereo channels
Soundcraft Gigrac Mixer/Amplifier inputs, Balanced outputs, booth output,
Quality 8 channel mixer with digital assignable crossfader and full
effects and 300watt per channel monitoring.
amplifier. Eight input channels via Code: +10003 Day: £30.00
Jack/XLR plus channels 5 and 6 have Week: £45.00
stereo phono inputs. Three band channel
EQs and separate 7 band output EQ. Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer
Monitor send on each channel and High quality 4 channel digital
separate monitor output. Speakon performance mixer. Four switchable
connectors provide output on the rear. music channels and two mic inputs.
Code: +10010 Day: £25.00 Balanced outputs and a host of features
Week: £37.50 including channel EQ and BPM counter.
Code: +10005A Day: £35.00
Week: £52.50
Code Description Day Week
+10003 Allen & Heath Xone 62 £30.00 £45.00
+10005 Pioneer DJM-300 Mixer £10.00 £15.00
+10006 Citronic CDM 8:4 Mixer £14.00 £21.00 Related Pages:
+10004 Allen & Heath Xone:S2 Mixer £30.00 £45.00
+10005A Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer £35.00 £52.50
Stage Boxes Page 19
+10007 Soundcraft F1 14:2 Mixer £20.00 £30.00 Amplifiers Page 4
+10008 Soundcraft FX16 16:2 Mixer £28.00 £42.00
+10009 Soundcraft LX-7 24 Channel Mixer £32.00 £48.00 Audio Cabling Page 19
+10010 Soundcraft Gigrack Mixer/Amp £25.00 £37.50

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 1
Playback & Recording + D.I. Boxes
Pioneer CDJ1000 CD Player Denon DND-4000 CD Player
T h e n e w ‘i n d u s t r y s t a n d a rd ’ i n Professional twin CD/MP3 player.
professional DJ CD players, featuring Hot Features include 2 seamless loops per
cue & loop, up to 3 cue points, internal track or disc, 2 Hot Starts, Brake Effect,
and removable memory, jog wheel, wave and 2-way Pitch Bend (+/-18%). A
data display, quick scratch features, BPM reliable Shock-Proof Memory of 10
counter, wide pitch control and a host of seconds for CD and 100 seconds for
other features. MP3s ensures uninterrupted audio
Code: +10022 Day: £35.00 playback in unstable environments. The
Week: £52.50 DN-D4000 provides phono analogue
and coaxial S/PDIF digital outputs.
Denon DCD-685 CD Player Code: +10023 Day: £20.00
Basic single CD player from world Week: £30.00
renowned Denon.

Play modes include All-tracks Repeat, A-

B repeat, random play, search, and Denon DNC-200 Multidisc CD Player
others. 5-disc carousel player with CD, CDR, MP3
and WMV compatibility. Programmable,
Features include: continuous, random and repeat
! CD-R/RW (audio) playback playback modes. Output on phonos or
! ±12% Pitch Control digital coaxial/optical.
! Optical digital output Code: +10029 Day: £12.00
! 20-track programmable Week: £18.00
! JOG dial for quick track selection
! Headphone output
Code: +10025 Day: £8.00
Week: £12.00
Denon DN-610 CD/Cassette Player
Combination unit with built in CD player
Technics 1210 Turntable and tape machine, high quality playback
Top of the range ‘industry standard’ and record facility. Output via phono
turntable used worldwide. Direct drive sockets.
and variable pitch control of 8%, instant
Code: +10026 Day: £10.00
start and stop facilities. Designed for the
Week: £15.00
Code: +10024 Day: £25.00
Week: £37.50

Sony MDS-JE330 Mini Disk Machine

Good quality Mini disk recorder/player. Direct Injection (D.I.) Box
Enables musical instruments such as
Output via phono sockets. Analogue Guitars to be plugged into the Line input
input via phono sockets plus optical of a mixing desk by matching level and
digital input. impedence to avoid unwanted distortion.
Code: +10118 Day: £2.00
Adjustable recording level, full track Week: £3.00
editing, naming and moving facilities.

Repeat, random, and programmable

playback modes.
Code Description Day Week
Code: +10030 Day: £12.00
+10022 Pioneer CDJ1000 CD Player £35.00 £52.50
Week: £18.00
+10023 Denon DN4000 Twin CD Player £20.00 £30.00
+10024 Technics SL1210 Turntable £25.00 £37.50
+10025 Denon DCD685 CD Player £8.00 £12.00
Stage Boxes & D.I. Boxes
Denon DVD-700
Good quality DVD player with skip and
Denon DN-610 CD/Cassette Player
Denon DNC-200 Multidisc CD Player
£10.00 £15.00
£12.00 £18.00
search facilities. Component, composite +10030 Sony MDS-JE330 Mini Disc Machine £12.00 £18.00
and S-Video outputs. Audio output via
phono, coaxial or optical.
Code: +10028 Day: £8.00 For Plasma screens see page 7
Week: £12.00

Shure SM57 Vocal Microphone
Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone Workhorse Microphone for stage use,
H i g h q u a l i t y vo c a l m i c ro p h o n e, unidirectional microphone. Used for
unidirectional microphone. Guitar Amplifier, Bass Amplifier, Kick
Code: +10100 Day: £5.00 Drum Vocal and Percussion.
Week: £7.50 Code: +10101 Day: £4.50
Week: £6.75
AKG D880 Vocal Microphone
Performance vocal microphone used for AKG D770 Vocal Microphone
lead and backing vocal. Instrument/Vocal Microphone used for
Code: +10102 Day: £4.00 Guitar Amplification, Snare Drum and
Week: £6.00 Percussion.
Code: +10103 Day: £4.00
Week: £6.00
AKG D112 Kick Drum Microphone
Top quality Kick Drum Microphone
AKG C391B Microphone
Code: +10104 Day: £6.00
Condensor based microphone used for
Week: £9.00 conference, Choir and ensemble.
Code: +10105 Day: £8.00
Week: £12.00

Shure Beta 1Microphone AKG C747 Microphone

Budget Microphone, good quality Vocal High quality Condensor based
or instrument use. microphone used for conference, choir
Code: +10101A Day: £3.00 and ensemble.
Week: £4.50 Code: +10107 Day: £8.00
Week: £12.00

Sennheiser ew365 Handheld System

Trantec S3.2 VHF Handheld Radio Mic Top quality handheld system which can
Diversity based radio Microphone which be used up to eight different frequencies
offers excellent speech reproduction and allowing the user to operate several units
good quality reception. at the same time. Excellent sound
reproduction and ideal for stage work.
Code: +10110 Day: £20.00
Code: +10114 Day: £25.00
Week: £30.00
Week: £37.50

Sennheiser ew372 LapelSystem

Sennheiser ew352 HeadwornSystem Lapel Radio Microphone- Another from
Similar to the Handheld system but the 300 series of radio microphones but
comes with a separate headband system with a lapel tie clip microphone, ideal for
which easily fits the user. Ideal for stage conferencing.
work or aerobics or for any application Code: +10116 Day: £25.00
when the user requires the use of their Week: £37.50
Code: +10115 Day: £28.00
Week: £42.00 Shure U2/Beta 58 Radio Mic
Top of the range UHF radio microphone
system, ideal for conferencing and PA use.
Code: +10117 Day: £50.00
Code Description Day Week Week: £75.00
+10100 Shure SM58 Microphone £5.00 £7.50
+10101 Shure SM57 Microphone £4.50 £6.75
+10101AShure Beta 1 Microphone
+10102 AKG D880 Vocal Microphone
£3.00 £4.50
£4.00 £6.00 Communications
+10103 AKG D770 Instrument Microphone £4.00 £6.00
+10104 AKG D112 Kick Drum Microphone £6.00 £9.00
+10105 AKG C391B Condensor Microphone £8.00 £12.00 Communications System
+10107 AKG C747 Condensor Microphone £8.00 £12.00 Simple wired communications system.
+10110 Trantec S3.2 Handheld System £20.00 £30.00
+10114 Sennheiser ew365 Handheld System £25.00 £37.50 Price is for one headset and beltpack.
+10115 Sennheiser ew352 Headworn System £28.00 £42.00
+10116 Sennheiser ew372 Lapel Worn System £25.00 £37.50 Code: +10058 Day: £8.00
+10017 Shure U2/Beta 58 Radio Mic System £50.00 £75.00 Week: £12.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 3
Audio Processors

BSS FDS310 Crossover

Stereo 2 way or mono 3 way variable crossover. Features include
phase reversal, signal and clip indicators. Balanced XLR for inputs
and outputs.
Code: 10063 Day: £10.00
BSS FCS966 Graphic Equaliser Week: £15.00
high quality 31band per channel stereo graphic equaliser, fitted
with separate low and high frequency contour filters which can
change the overall sound without disturbing the critical fader
settings. Each fader has a +/- 15db of adjustable gain.
Input and output is by balanced XLR.
Code: 10061 Day: £12.00 JBL M712 Compressor Limiter
Week: £18.00 Twin channel compressor and limiter, features include threshold,
gain, release and time each being variable. Balanced and
unbalanced inputs and outputs.
Code: 10066 Day: £12.00
Week: £18.00
BSS DPR 504 Noise Gate
Noise gate system, each channel features a parametric key filter
with key filter listening, simultaneous key level and threshold Code Description Day Week
metering with average and peak metering. Gate status LED, a +10061 BSS FCS966 Graphic Equaliser £12.00 £18.00
release hold control, attack switchable auto/fast and key source for +10063 BSS FDS310 Crossover £10.00 £15.00
external triggers. Input and outputs are balanced XLR. +10066 JBL M712 Compressor Limiter £12.00 £18.00
Code: 10068 Day: £15.00 +10068 BSS DPR504 Noise Gate £15.00 £22.50
Week: £22.50

QSC RMX850 Amplifier QSC PL218 Amplifier
Professional 19” rack mount amplifier 19” professional Amplifier delivering
delivering some 300watts per channel at 525watts per channel at 4 ohms and
4 ohms and 430watts per channel at 2 900watts at 2 ohms. Input is via XLR or
ohms. Outputs are via Speaker Jack Plug and output via Speakon or
connectors and inputs are XLR and Jack Binding posts.
Plug. Code: 10092 Day: £25.00
Code: 10091 Day: £20.00 Week: £37.50
Week: £30.00 QSC PL236 Amplifier
QSC PL224 Amplifier Professional high powered amplifier
Professional Amplifier 19” delivering delivering 1100watts per channel at 4
740watts per channel at 4 ohms and ohms and 1600watts at 2 ohms. Input is
1100watts at 2 ohms. Input is via XLR or via Jack Plug and XLR and output is via
Jack Plug and outputs via Speakon or Speakon or Binding posts.
Binding posts. Code: 10099 Day: £35.00
Code: 10096 Day: £30.00 Week: £52.50
Week: £45.00
Code Description Day Week
+10091 QSC RMX 850 Amplifier 300w/Chan £20.00 £30.00
+10092 QSC PL 218 Amplifier 525w/Channel £25.00 £37.50
+10096 QSC PL 224 Amplifier 740w/Channel £30.00 £45.00
+10099 QSC PL 236 Amplifier 1100wChannel £35.00 £52.50

Related Pages:
Mixers Page 1
Audio Cabling Page 19
Speaker Stands Page 21

Adastra Trumpet Horn JBL EON15 G2
50watt PA horn designed for outdoor use, Powered speaker with 15” bass driver and
full range for vocal and music playback, horn, rated power output of 300watt RMS.
powerful 50watt rated. Frequency range
160-75Khz. Input is via XLR and can accept either a
line signal, or input direct from a
Ideal for fetes, outdoor shows, open days microphone.
and sports events.
The speaker can be sat upright or tilted
Code: +10031 Day: £6.00 back on an angle (for use as a monitor, as
Week: £9.00 pictured). It can also be stand mounted
for improved coverage.
Code: +10042 Day: £22.00
JBL JRX115 Week: £33.00
Full range loudspeaker with 15” bass unit
and horn, rated at 250watt. This speaker
can be stand mounted or used on its own. JBL JRX125
Ideal for mobile disco, PA, band etc. Similar to the JRX115 only fitted with two
Code: +10043 Day: £15.00 15” bass drivers to give a higher 500watt
Week: £22.50 output. Good all round speaker and is
ideal for Disco, Band PA etc.
Code: +10045 Day: £20.00
Week: £30.00

JBL MP212 Monitor

Full range loudspeaker, ideal for Sherman Audio GX-110
monitor use or small PA. 1 x 12" 250w compact speaker ideal for
driver and Horn - 250w. conference/PA applications. Fitted
Code: +10046 Day: £15.00
Week: £22.50 with 10” full range and horn
Code: +10040 Day: £10.00
Week: £15.00

High powered top of the range
loudspeaker featuring 2 x 15” Bass units
and Large Horn. The cabinet has a power
output of 1200watts and is therefore ideal
for large venues where high power is
Code: +10047 Day: £30.00
Week: £45.00

High powered sub bass cabinet which must be used in conjunction
with a suitable crossover. Fitted with two 18” bass drive units and
will deliver 1500watts of power. This unit is ideally suited to be used
in any sub bass application or with the SRX725.
Code: +10048 Day: £28.00
Week: £42.00
Code Description Day Week
+10031 Adastra Trumpet Horn 50w £6.00 £9.00
+10040 Sherman Audio GX-10 250w £10.00 £15.00 If you require assistance with
+10042 JBL EON15 G2 Powered 300w £22.00 £33.00
+10043 JBL JRX115 15” + Horn 250w £15.00 £22.50
choosing a suitable sound system
+10045 JBL JRX125 2 x 15” + Horn 500w £20.00 £30.00 for your venue/event, please do not
+10046 JBL MP212 12” + Horn 250w £15.00 £22.50
+10047 JBL SRX725 2 x 15” + horn 1200w £30.00 £45.00 hesitate to contact our sales team.
+10048 JBL SRX728S 2 x 18” Sub 1500w £28.00 £42.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 5
Lighting Equipment
Generic Lighting
Par 16 ‘Birdie’ - 50w 240v Par 36 Pinspot - 30w
A miniature parcan housing a 240v 50w Produces a thin pencil beam of light.
lamp. Perfect for exhibition stands and Commonly used with mirrorballs, and to
other applications where short-throw individually light tables at dinner events.
highlighting is required. Fitted with a 15 Fitted with a 15 Amp plug and can accept
Amp plug. a colour filter.
Code: +40053 Day: £3.50 Code: +40050 Day: £3.50
Week: £5.25 Week: £5.25

Par 38 Uplighter - 100w

A compact unit housing a 100w lamp. Par 56 Parcan - 300w
Ideal for uplighting around the edge of a One of our most popular hire items,
marquee. Fitted with a 15 Amp plug and particularly when teamed with a chase
accepts a colour filter. Baseplate not controller for disco and band lighting.
pictured. Fitted with a 15 Amp plug and can
Code: +40055 Day: £4.00 accept a colour filter.
Week: £6.00 Code: +40060 Day: £4.50
Week: £6.75
Par 64 Parcan - 500w/1000w Floorstanding Version:
The workhorse of concert lighting. Fitted Code: +40061 Day: £5.00
with a 15 Amp plug and will accept a Week: £7.50
colour filter. 500w or 1000w versions
Code: +40070 1000w
Followspot - 1000w Halogen
Code: +40071 500w
Easy to operate followspot fitted with a
Code: +40072 500w Floorstanding
1000w halogen lamp. Ideal fo use in
Code: +40073 1000w Floorstanding
small theatre and amateur dramatics
productions. Features integral iris and
Day: £6.00
colour filter magazine.
Week: £9.00
Code: +40084 Day: £18.00
Week: £27.00
Fresnel Lantern - 650w
Stage lantern producing a soft edged
beam with variable beam width control.
Fitted with a 15 Amp plug and accepts a Followspot - HMI575
colour filter. High powered followspot fitted with an
Code: +40076 Day: £8.00 HMI575 discharge lamp. Features an
Week: £12.00 integrated iris, shutter, & dichroic colour
filters. Ideal for stage productions where
Profile Lantern - 650w extra punch is required.
Spotlight deisgned for controlled stage Code: +40085 Day: £22.50
lighting and gobo projection. Focus Week: £33.75
control allows a hard or soft edged beam.
Shutter blades and a gobo holder are Code Description Day Week
available to shape the beam, and allow +40053 Par 16 Birdie - 50w £3.50 £5.25
gobos to be use (please ask when +40050 Par 36 Pinspot - 35w £3.50 £5.25
ordering). Fitted with a 15 Amp plug and +40055 Par 38 Uplighter - 100w £4.00 £6.00
accepts a colour filter. +40060 Par 56 Parcan - 300w £4.50 £6.75
Code: +40075 Day: £14.00 +40061 Par 56 Floorstanding - 300w £5.00 £7.00
Week: £21.00 +40070 Par 64 1000w £6.00 £9.00
+40071 Par 64 500w £6.00 £9.00
+40072 Par 64 500w Floorstanding £6.00 £9.00
+40073 Par 64 1000w Floorstanding £6.00 £9.00
+40075 Profile Lantern - 650w £14.00 £21.00
Looking for lighting control? See +40076 Fresnel Lantern - 650w £8.00 £12.00
+40084 Followspot 1000w £18.00 £27.00
pages 12, 13 & 14 +40085 Followspot HMI575 £22.50 £33.75

Marquee and Emergency Lighting
For Marquees we have a wide range of lighting available - many have been described in previous sections, including Uplighters,
Colour Changers, Pee Lights and Festoon strings. In addition to these items we carry more generic lighting which includes
fluorescent fittings for utility areas such as kitchens, and essential emergency lighting.

Enclosed Flourescent Fitting

1.2m Flourcescent fitting with protective
splash-proof cover. Suited to lighting
kitchen and bar areas in marquees.
Fitted with a 16 Amp Euro plug.
Code: +40078 Day: £8.00
Week: 12.00

Emergency Light
These units charge while power is
present, then illuminate if the power fails.
Essential for health & safety conformance
at public events held in marquees etc.
Code: +40080 Day: £6.00
Week: £9.00

500w Halogen Floodlight

Simple enclosed floodlight ideal for car
park and site lighting. Fitted with a 16 Decorative Acrylic Columns
Amp Euro plug. These acrylic columns can be fitted with LED Colour Changers such
Code: +40074 Day: £2.00 as the LED Pinspot (page 10) to provide subtle lighting around a
Week: £3.00 marquee. They are available in a variety of heights:
+40250 (700mm) Day: £18.50
Week: £27.50
+40251 (1200mm) Day: £21.75
Par 38 Fitting on a Spike
Week: £32.50
Waterproof 100 Watt Par 38 fitting
+40252 (1500mm) Day: £25.25
mounted on a spike to allow installation
Week: £37.50
in gardens and woodlands. Ideal for
outdoor parties.
Code: +40079 Day: £5.00
Week: £7.50
Code Description Day Week
Coloured Floodlights +40074 500w Halogen Floodlight £2.00 £3.00
Designed for outdoor use, containing +40078 Flourescent Light £8.00 £12.00
coloured 150w discharge lamps. Ideal for +40079 Par 38 Fitting on a Spike £5.00 £7.50
floodlighting buildings and trees. +40080 Emergency Light £6.00 £9.00
Code: +40198 (Blue) Day: £15.00 +40198 Blue Floodlight 150w £15.00 £22.50
Week: £22.50 +40198A Orange Floodlight 150w £15.00 £22.50
+40198B Green Floodlight 150w £15.00 £22.50
Code: +40198A (Orange) Day: £15.00 +40198C Magenta Floodlight 150w £15.00 £22.50
Week: £22.50 +40250 Acrylic Column (700mm) £18.50 £27.50
+40251 Acrylic Column (1200mm) £21.75 £32.50
Code: +40198B (Green) Day: £15.00 +40252 Acrylic Column (1500mm) £25.25 £37.50
Week: £22.50

Code: +40198C (Magenta) Day: £15.00

Week: £22.50
Plasma Screens
Related Pages: Philips 42” Plasma Screen
Effects Lighting Pages 8 & 9 High Quality HD-ready Plasma screen.
Can be supplied with table top stand or
LED Lighting Page 10 wall mount - please specify when
Staging Page 23 ordering.
Code: +40300 Day: £60.00
Dancefloors Page 24 Week: £90.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 7
Effects Lighting - Simple
White Pee Lights - 10m Length Festoon Harness
A string of miniature white lights, Designed to be used outside and can be
commonly strung through trees and supplied with a variety of different
shrubs. Also look great hung behind lamps. Most effective when strung
marquee linings. through Trees or along walkways when
Code: +40019 Day: £6.00 light is required.
Week: £10.00 Code: +40023 (9metre, 10 lamp)
Day: £15.00
Ultraviolet Fitting - 1.2m Week: £22.50
A UV flourescent tube fitted in a housing Code: +40024 (15metre, 20 lamp)
with reflector and mounting points to Day: £25.00
allow the unit to be hung on a rig. Makes
Week: £37.50
white fabrics and flourescent materials
glow vividly in the dark.
Fiesta Lighting Kit
Code: +40020 Day: £5.00
Decorative festoon string for outdoor
Week: £7.50
use. 10 metre, 10 lamp.
Ultraviolet Fitting - 400w Gun Code: +40025 Day: £10.00
A powerful directional UV source suited Week: £15.00
to stage and nightclub use. Makes white
Ultraviolet Fitting - 25w Parcan
fabrics and flourescent materials glow
A 25w UV source within a parcan housing.
vividly in the dark.
Makes white fabrics and flourescent
Code: +40021 Day: £15.00
materials glow vividly in the dark.
Week: £22.50
Code: +40022 Day: £5.00
Week: £7.50
4 Way Spotbox with integral control
Ideal for the small party, this unit is fitted Mirrorballs
with four coloured R80 lamps which will A classic, but still highly effective lighting
flash to the beat of the music. Simple effect, used in conjunction with Par 36
Disco Lighting effect. pinspots to produce thousands of white
Code: +40030 Day: £8.00 beams of light move around the room.
Week: £12.50 Available from 8” to 40” diameter.
See table below for pricing
Gobo Flower Effect 100w
Simple disco lighting effect which
projects patterned beams of coloured
Anytronics 12 joule Strobe
light through the air which rotate to the
Ideal strobe for the average Party, has
beat of the music. Most effective when
variable speed control from 1-12.5 flashes
used with a Haze or smoke machine. Ideal
per second. The unit can be controlled
for a Disco Party.
externally (see price table below for
Code: +40094 Day: £14.00
controller) . Power output is 12 joules.
Week: £21.00
Code: +40210 Day: £10.00
Week: £15.00
Gobo Scan Effect 100w
Similar to the Gobo Flower above, but
features a rotating mirror which scans the Code Description Day Week
whole effect around the room giving even +40019 Pee Lights 10m length £6.00 £10.00
more coverage. +40023 Festoon String 9m 10 Lamp £15.00 £22.50
Code: +40096 Day: £18.00 +40024 Festoon String 15m 20 Lamp £25.00 £37.50
Week: £27.00 +40025 Fiesta Lighting Kit 10m 10 Lamp £10.00 £15.00
+40020 Ultraviolet Fitting 1.2m Tube £5.00 £7.50
+40021 Ultraviolet Gun 400w £15.00 £22.50
Super Quark Effect 250w +40022 Ultraviolet Parcan 25w £5.00 £7.50
A very popular light flower effect which +40044 Mirrorball - 8 inch £3.00 £4.50
can use its own built in programs to the +40045 Mirrorball - 12 inch £4.00 £6.00
beat of the music or can be linked to a +40045A Mirrorball - 16 inch £6.00 £9.00
DMX controller with 4 channels. Projects +40045B Mirrorball - 20 inch £12.00 £18.00
Multiple beams of light which rotate and +40047 Mirrorball - 40 inch (1 metre) £60.00 £90.00
change through 15 colours and 15 gobos +40040 Battery motor for 8” mirrorball £1.50 £2.25
independently, and can be strobed. Best +40041 Motor for 8”-12” mirrorballs £3.00 £4.50
effect when used in conjunction with a +40042 Motor for 16”-20” mirrorballs £6.00 £9.00
smoke machine. +40043 Motor for 40” mirrorball £20.00 £30.00
Code: +40117 Day: £20.00 +40094 Gobo Flower Effect 100w £14.00 £21.00
Week: £30.00 +40096 Gobo Scan Effect 100w £18.00 £27.00
+40117 Super Quark Effect 250w £20.00 £30.00
+40210 Anytronics 12 joule Strobe £10.00 £15.00
8 +50060 Strobe Controller for above £2.00 £3.00
Effects Lighting - Intelligent
Colour Changer HTI-150 Waterfall Effect DMX
High powered colour changer controlled Produces a coloured rippling water effect.
using a single channel to select one of 14 The unit uses the high powered MSD200
colours or strobe mode. Also features a lamp and can operate on its own or with
stand-alone mode. any DMX controller. You have control over
Code: +40160 Day: £15.00 the colour and the speed of the rippling
Week: £22.50 effect. Focus and beam angles can be
Code: +40150 Day: £25.00
Week: £37.50

Next Scan MBI150 Griven Kolorclip 150w

Simple intelligent projector based around Colour changing unit for indoor and
a 150w discharge lamp. Featuring 12 outdoor use based around a 150w
colours, 18 gobos and a high-speed discharge lamp. The user can select from
shutter. Can be used stand-alone where it eight different colours and can produce
will scan a beam of light around the room slow crossfades at various speeds. Can be
to the beat of the music, changing colour used stand-alone with it’s internal
and pattern. Can also be controlled by programmes or be controlled via DMX
DMX. Best used in multiples and with a controller. The units can be linked
smoke machine. together for synchronisation.
Code: +40190 Day: £25.00 Code: +40195 Day: £25.00
Week: £37.50 Week: £37.50

Studio Due Minicity 250

High powered Colour changing unit with
Moving Head 575 Spot CYM colour mixing. The unit has 30
Professional 575w discharge moving Yoke different pre programmed colour change
projector. Two separate colour wheels modes which can be selected on the
produce over 80 colours and two separate units. Alternatively control can be from an
Gobo wheels give six static and nine external DMX controller. This unit is ideal
rotating gobos. Other features include for use outside for lighting Buildings or
high speed shutter, motorised iris, focus Trees and can be synchronised with other
and zoom. Control is via 16 DMX units. Uses the MSD250 lamp and pulls a
channels. current of 3amps. A beam angle of 11-14°.
Code: +40192 Day: £60.00 Code: 40197 Day: £30.00
Week: £90.00 Week: £45.00

Studio Due Spaceflower STI3000

Moving Head 575 Wash High powered skytracking light effect.
Professional moving Yoke colour wash The unit uses a STI3000 lamp and can be
effect using the HMI575 lamp. Features seen for several miles. The unit produces
include a motorised Fresnel lens (7° to three rings of lights with twelve beams in
28°), full CYM colour mixing, colour wheel each ring which rotate and pan from side
with colour temperature & UV filters,. to side. This unit is ideal if you want to
beam shape adjustment 0-180°, frost filter make a big impression. Power
high speed shutter. requirements are 16amp single phase.
Code: +40194 Day: £60.00 Outdoor use only.
Week: £90.00 Code: +40200 Day: £100.00
Week: £150.00

Moving Head MSD 250 Spot Code Description Day Week

Professional Moving Yoke effect using the +40160 Colour Changer HTI-150 £15.00 £22.50
MSD 250 Lamp. Colour wheel containing +40190 Next Scan 150 £25.00 £37.50
11 colours, Gobo wheel with 6 rotating +40150 Waterfall Effect MSD250 £25.00 £37.50
gobos, variable Dimmer, Focus and +40191 Moving Head 250 Spot £40.00 £60.00
Strobe effect. DMX Control. +40192 Moving Head 575 Spot £60.00 £90.00
Code: +40191 Day: £40.00 +40194 Moving Head 575 Wash £60.00 £90.00
Week: £60.00 +40195 Griven Kolorclip 150 £25.00 £37.50
+40197 Studio Due Minicity 250 £30.00 £45.00
+40200 Studio Due Spaceflower £100.00 £150.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 9
L.E.D. Lighting
L.E.D. Flow Tube L.E.D. Par 64 Parcan
These tubes link together to produce a Similar to the LED Par 36, except that the
flowing coloured light effect. The tubes unit is physically larger and contains
are IP66 rated, so can be used outside. For many more L.E.D.s giving a brighter
maximum impact a quantity of tubes is output.
required. A range of patterns and effects Code: +40008 Day: £10.00
can be selected from a dedicated Week: £15.00
Code: +40001 Day: £10.00
Week: £15.00 L.E.D. Par 36 Pinspot
A colour changing LED source in a Par 36
L.E.D. Flow Tube Controller housing. The unit can be used stand-
A total of 8 tubes can be linked to this unit alone by selecting a colour or effect with
before a booster is used to allow a further switches on the back of the unit, or can
8 tubes. This can be repeated up to 500 be controlled via DMX where any colour
tubes. A variety of programmes are can be mixed using the Red Green and
available, and the unit can also be Blue LEDs. It has a built in microphone
remotely controlled via DMX. which allows colour changing to the
Code: +50001 Day: £25.00 beat of the music.
Week: £37.50 Code: +40007 Day: £5.00
Booster Week: £7.50
Code: +50001A Day: £18.50
Week: £27.75 L.E.D. Panel
These 600mm x 600mm panels are based
L.E.D. Wall Washer
on the same effect as the flow tubes
This colour-changing floodlight is
above, but in a panel format. Usually used
designed for washing walls in colour. It
in multiples and is ideal used for walls or
can be controlled by any DMX controller
Bar displays. Arrange a demo in our
to produce fixed colours, or fade between
showroom if you would like to see the
colours. The units have a 20 metre throw.
effect before hiring.
Code: +40009 Day: £25.00
Code: +40005 Day: £20.00
Week: £37.50
Week: £30.00
L.E.D. Bank (Revo)
Designed for floodlighting buildings and L.E.D. Panel Controller
trees, and suited to indoor and outdoor This controller is used to operate the LED
use. The Revo produces a vast array of Panels up to a total of 15 pieces and then a
colours by mixing Red, Green and Blue Panel Booster has to be used to add a
LED's. Optimum illumination distance is further 15 pieces, up to a total of 500
20 metres. Control via DMX or the panels. The controller gives the user
dedicated controller below. access to a range of pre-programmed
LED Bank 1.2m (Revo 1200) patterns, colours and speed.
Code: +40004 Day: £40.00 Code: +50002 Day: £25.00
Week: £60.00 Week: £37.50
LED Bank 1.8m (Revo 1800) Booster: +50002A Day: £15.00
Code: +40004A Day: £60.00 Week: £22.50
Week: £90.00

LED Wall Wash Controller L.E.D. Ball 300mm

This simple controller is designed to Perspex ball filled with LED’s - can be used
control the LED Wall Washer and REVO indoors and outdoors. The LED is
units. It contains a variety of built-in controlled via a dedicated controller
colour change effects with variable speed which can either run it’s own built in
and also allows static colours to be programmes or act as an interface for
selected. direct control via DMX.
Code: +50004A Day: £15.00 Code: +40002 Day: £12.00
Week: £22.50 Week: £18.00

LED Truss Painter L.E.D. Ball Controller

Designed to fit inside trussing to This controller enables a user to control a
illuminate the structure. 12 x 1 Watt maximum of twelve LED balls. Pre-
LEDs provide intense RGB colour mixing. programmed patterns can be selected on
Can be controlled via DMX or run it’s the controller or an external DMX
own built-in programmes stand-alone. controller can be linked to the controller.
Code: +40003 Day: £10.00 Code: +50003 Day: £15.00
Week: £15.00 Week: £22.50

Psycholight Projector
Image Projector
Oil wheel effect which projects a colourful
This unit enables the user to project slides
liquid oil effect onto walls and ceilings.
or gobos onto walls or ceilings. Ideal for
Colours slowly flow around each other
projecting Logos or images.
while rotating. A very 1960's psychedelic
Code: 40049 Day: £20.00
effect. The unit will accept gobos to shape
Week: £30.00
the projection (great for logos etc).
Code: 40048 Day: £20.00
Week: £30.00

Griven Goboclip
This unit is designed for outdoor
Code Description Day Week projection. The unit accepts a standard D
40048 Psycholight Projector £20.00 £30.00 size gobo, and enables the user to rotate
40049 Image Projector £20.00 £30.00 the Gobo in either direction at various
40196 Griven Goboclip £20.00 £30.00 speeds. Ideal for projecting logos or
images on walls and buildings. Fitted with
a MBI150 discharge lamp.
Code: 40196 Day: £20.00
Week: £30.00

Practical Fittings
Chandelier - 5 Lamp Wall Light
Simple but effective wrought iron effect Wall mounting or hanging fitting which
chandelier which can be supplied with can be supplied with a flicker flame lamp
Flicker flame lamps for a realistic candle to create a realistic candle effect or with
effect, or with standard candle lamps for standard lamps for illumination
illumination. Great for creating a Code: +40221 Day: £4.00
medieval look, or used as decorative Week: £6.00
marquee lighting.
Code: +40220 Day: £15.00
Week: £22.50

Traditional Globe Lantern

Similar to the Globe lanterns but with a
classic metal head similar to a London
street lantern. Ideal for use in the Garden
or lighting walkways. Fitted with two
25watt lamps. (Pictured left)
Code: +40224 Day: £15.00
Week: £25.00

Globe Lantern - Double Headed

Similar to the Single headed version but
with two Lamps. The height of the unit is
2.2metres and can be used indoors or
outside (pictured right)
Code: +40223 Day: £15.00
Week: £25.00

Globe Lantern - Single Head

Classic outdoor lantern which can also be
used indoors. The unit is 1.7metres in
height and is fitted with a 25watt lamp
(Pictured far right)
Code: +40222 Day: £12.00
Week: £18.00
+40223 +40222
All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 11
Lighting Controllers/Dimmers

A407 Chase Controller Mode 2.5kw Single Channel Dimmer

Self contained simple 4 channel chase Single 2.5Kwatt dimmer for the dimming
controller with Bulgin outputs. of lights, simple slider for operation and a
manual flash button. Maximum load is
The unit has 16 different chase patterns 2500watts.
which can run at a continuous speed or to Code: +50010 Day: £5.00
the bass beat of music with the built in Week: £7.50

Each pattern can be selected individually,

or the unit set to auto-run through all
patterns sequentially. Chase can be set to Pulsar Zero 4001 Controller
run forward or in reverse. Self contained 4 channel lighting
controller with Bulgin sockets for output.
An ‘all on’ button allows override of the
chase and, as the label suggests, switches This unit gives the operator 11 different
all channels on. chase patterns with slope control, from a
gentle crossfade to stepping. Chase
This unit is ideal for controlling Disco direction can be set to go forward, in
lighting such as Parcans or spotboxes. reverse, bounce back and forth, change
Fitted with a 13amp plug. Maximum direction on the bass beat, or auto
output is 750watts per channel. change. Chase speed can be set to
Code: +50030 Day: £8.00 anything from 10 minutes per step to 50
Week: £12.00 steps per second.

Maximum load is 1200watts per channel

(total of all channels must not exceed
Multiphase 423 Controller
Large lighting controller with 2000watts A master dimmer control affects all four
per channel over four channels. channels and individual channel controls
select chasing, 50% dim, on/off and
Features individual channel background sound to light mode.
dimmers, flash keys and an effects master
control. Three modes of sound to light, Audio input is via ¼“ jacks.
crossfade and all flash can be selected Ideal for Disco/Stage lighting. Fitted with
individually, or combined to produce a a 13amp plug.
wide range of sound activated effects. A
low voltage DIN output socket is provided Code: +50032 Day: £15.00
to control additional dimmer packs. Week: £22.50
The Digital Effects Unit has 16 selectable
chases with invert and audio triggering.
The autochange mode changes the Mains Switch Panel
chases at 30 second intervals. Mains Switch Panel- simple set of
switches which allows the user to
Output is via 15amp sockets and Bulgin independently switch on and off outputs.
connectors. Fitted with a 32amp Cee form All outputs are IEC sockets. Total of eight
inlet. channels.
Code: +50065 Day: £5.00
Code: +50035 Day: £20.00 Week: £7.50
Week: £30.00

If you are unsure which components are required to build a working system
which will fit your requirements, our sales team will be happy to advise.

We can also provide experienced personnel to assist in the set up,

programming, and operation of our equipment at your event. Call for more

Lighting Controllers/Dimmers
Anytronics 6x10A Dimmer (DMX) Liteputer 4x4A Trussmount Dimmer
Dimmer pack with 6 channels at 10amps Simple 4 channel DMX truss mounting
per channel, control is via DMX. power pack.
This unit is easy to install and has 4
The outputs are via 16amp Cee Form or channels at 4 Amps per channel dimming
Socapex. and a further channel which is switching
Test buttons on the front assist in Power inlet is via a 13amp plug or 16amp
checking operation, and can be used to Cee Form plug. Output is via IEC
give basic local control. connectors, and control is via DMX on 5
Code: +50092 Day: £22.00 pin XLR connectors .
There are test buttons for each channel
Week: £33.00
and a basic variable speed chase built in
to the unit for testing purposes.
Code: +50096 Day: £12.00
Week: £18.00
Pulsar 6x10A Rackpak Dimmer
19” rack mount dimmer with 6 channels at Dimmer Packs
10amps per channel. Racked and ready for use, this series of
powerful dimmer racks can be DMX
Fitted with Socapex outputs on the rear controlled and are rated at 10amps per
and twin IEC sockets for each channel on channel.
the front.
On-board level controls gives the user
On board level controls give local control independent local control of each
of each channel. The unit can also be channel.
controlled via analogue lighting desks.
Code: 50090 Day: £22.00 Each channel is individually MCB
Week: £33.00 protected.

Specifications are as follows:

6 x 10amp Dimmer
Pulsar 6x10A Rackpak Dimmer (DMX) Input: 63amp Single Phase CEE Form
19” rack mount dimmer with 6 channels at Output: 2 x Socapex Connector
10amps per channel. Code: +50093 Day: £22.00
Week: £33.00
Fitted with 16A Cee Form outputs on the 12 x 10amp Dimmer
front. Input: 32amp Three Phase CEE Form
Output: 4 x Socapex Connector
On board level controls give local control Code: +50094 Day: £45.00
of each channel. The unit can also be Week: £67.50
controlled via DMX lighting desks. 24 x 10amp Dimmer
Input: 63amp Three Phase CEE Form
Code: +50091 Day: £22.00 Output: 8 x Socapex Connector
Week: £33.00 Code: +50095 Day: £70.00
Week: £105.00

Code Description Day Week

+50030 A407 Chase Controller - Bulgin Outputs £8.00 £12.00
+50010 2.5kw Single Channel Dimmer £5.00 £7.50
+50032 Pulsar Zero 4001 Controller - Bulgin Outputs £15.00 £22.50
+50035 Multiphase 423 Controller - Bulgin & 15A Outputs £20.00 £30.00
+50090 Pulsar 6 x 10amp Rackpak - Analogue - IEC and Socapex Outputs £22.00 £33.00
+50091 Pulsar 6 x 10amp Rackpak - DMX - IEC and Socapex Outputs £22.00 £33.00
+50092 Anytronics 6 x 10amp Dimmer Pack - DMX - Cee-form & Socapex Outputs £22.00 £33.00
+50093 Dimmer Pack 6 x 10amp - DMX - 2 x Socapex Output £22.00 £33.00
+50094 Dimmer Pack 12 x 10amp - DMX - 4 x Socapex Output £45.00 £67.50
+50095 Dimmer Pack 24 x 10amp - DMX - 8 x Socapex Output £70.00 £105.00
+50096 Dimmer Pack 4 x 4amp Liteputer - DMX - Truss Mount - IEC Outputs £12.00 £18.00
+50065 Mains Switch Panel 8 Way £5.00 £7.50

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. 13
Lighting Desks
8 Way Preset Desk (DMX) 6 Way Preset Desk (Analogue)
Similar to the 6 way analogue desk but This small desk is used in conjunction with
with DMX output, used with Dimmer dimmer packs. The desk has six individual
packs or can be linked directly to any DMX sliders and a master slider giving overall
controlled lighting effects. The unit has control on all dimming. Desk output is 0-
eight individual sliders for each channel 10volts.
and one overall master control. The unit Code: +50011 Day: £5.00
has several built in chase patterns and a Week: £7.50
blackout button.
Code: +50012 Day: £10.00
Week: £15.00 12 Way Preset Desk (Analogue)
Similar to the 6 way analogue desk but
with twelve control channels, several
chase patterns, and a blackout function.
Used with Dimmer Packs for lighting
control. Output is 0-10 volts
Code: +50013 Day: £10.00
Week: £15.00

DMX Master 1
Show Designer DMX Controller Basic programmable DMX desk, which
Compact, yet high powered DMX desk. This unit has storage for over will allow the operator to store scenes and
1000 scenes, 512 presets, and 256 chases, and features the ability to then incorporate them into chases to
record timed shows. their specification. This unit is simple to
Code: +50052 Day: £40.00 operate.
Week: £60.00 Code: +50051 Day: £20.00
Week: £30.00

Martin Light Jockey (DMX, PC Based)

This controller is available for the
experienced operator. The most powerful
control system we have available. We
recommend one of our experienced
members of staff to operate this unit.
Code: +50053 Day: £100.00
Week: £150.00
Pulsar Minipiece 54
The smallest DMX controller from the Pulsar range which is easy to
operate and allows the user to store scenes and replay chases. This Pulsar Masterpiece 216
unit is particularly suited to use with our DMX colourchangers. Powerful DMX desk from Pulsar which is
Code: +50058 Day: £25.00 widely used for lighting control. A total of
Week: £37.50 216 channels (patchable to any of the 512
DMX channels), 216 scenes, and 54 chases
along with 6 environment chases and real
time recording gives the user ultimate
Code: +50059 Day: £60.00
Light Processor DMX Buffer Week: £90.00
The Qbuffer takes a DMX input, and
repeats it 4 ways, also providing a full 1kV
isolation between the input and each of
the four outputs. Each output section is
fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR’s.
0Code Description Day Week
This unit is a must for long runs of DMX +50011 6 Way Preset Desk (Analogue) £5.00 £7.50
and where multiple runs of DMX are +50012 8 Way Preset Desk (DMX) £10.00 £15.00
being installed. +50013 12 Way Preset Desk (Analogue) £10.00 £15.00
+50051 DMX Master 1 £20.00 £30.00
All of the eight output lines are fitted with +50052 Show Designer (DMX) £40.00 £60.00
signal status indicators which will +50053 Martin Light Jockey (DMX) £100.00 £150.00
highlight a line fault at a glance. +50058 Pulsar Minipiece 54 (DMX) £25.00 £37.50
Code: +50070 Day: £20.00 +50059 Pulsar Masterpiece (DMX & Analogue) £60.00 £90.00
Week: £30.00 +50070 Qbuffer DMX Splitter/Buffer £20.00 £30.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
14 the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation.
Special Effects
Smoke Machines & Pyrotechnics
JEM Technofog Smoke Machine JEM Technohaze Smoke Machine
One of the most popular and reliable Similar to the Technofog only the unit
smoke machines on the market. With a generates a continuous light haze to
700watt heater this unit comes with a enhance lighting effects. This unit is ideal
remote control to control the output and where problems would be encountered
timer to allow the user to leave the using conventional smoke. The unit
machine and generate smoke at set comes with a remote allowing the user
intervals. control of density of haze generated.
Code: +60010 Day: £15.00 Code: +60015 Day: £25.00
Week: £22.50 Week: £37.50
JEM ZR12AL Smoke Machine Batmink Low Smoke Machine
A smoke machine with a higher output This machine produces a low lying smoke
ideal for stage productions and larger which drifts over the floor similar to Dry
venues when larger amounts of smoke Ice. It is ideal for producing a waterfall
are required. effect. Smoke will generally be 2-4” deep.
Code: +60019 Day: £20.00 The unit requires a bag of Ice cubes for
Week: £30.00 operation (not supplied). After a period of
time the smoke will slowly rise & dissipate.
Excellent effect and a much cheaper
alternative to dry Ice.
JEM ZR22 Smoke Machine DMX Code: +60021 Day: £20.00
This is the largest smoke machine we have Week: £30.00
available, DMX or remote controlled and
capable of producing large amounts of Le Maitre Pea Souper Dry Ice Machine
smoke for long periods of time. This Dry Ice (not supplied) is placed in the
machine is ideal for large events and basket and then lowered into boiling
stage production. water when required to produce masses
Code: +60020 Day: £25.00 of low lying fog. The depth can be
Week: £37.50 regulated, and it is possible to produce
depths of 30-40cm of low lying fog.
Code: +60022 Day: £25.00
Le Maitre 2 Way Pyroflash Detonator Week: £37.50
The simple to operate two way detonator
allows the user to fire both channels or Le Maitre 6/24 Pyroflash Detonator
individual channels when required. This This unit allows a array of firing up to 24
unit is used in conjunction with either the channels of effects. Similar to the 2 way
standard flashpod or variable angled detonator, the unit will connect to both
flashpod and cartridges. Standard Flashpods and Angled
Code: +60030 Day: £5.00 Flashpods. Simple to operate.
Week: £7.50 Code: +60031 Day: £15.00
Week: £22.50
Le Maitre Pyroflash Standard Pod
This unit is used with either detonator Le Maitre Pyroflash Vari-angle Pod
system and is designed to fire the this unit is designed to fire Pyroflash
Standard Pyroflash Cartridge effects. streamer, glitter and confetti cartridges.
Code: +60040 Day: £3.50 Code: +60050 Day: £4.50
Week: £5.25 Week: £6.75

We carry a wide range of pyrotechnic cartridges which need to be purchased separately from the ignition systems.
Please speak to our sales team for advice.

Code Description Day Week Code Description Day Week

+60030 Le Maitre 2-way Detonator £5.00 £7.50 +60010 JEM Technofog Smoke Machine £15.00 £22.50
+60031 Le Maitre 6/24 Detonator £15.00 £22.50 +60015 JEM Technohaze Machine £25.00 £37.50
+60040 Le Maitre Standard Flash Pod £3.50 £5.25 +60019 JEM ZR12AL Smoke Machine £20.00 £30.00
+60050 Le Maitre Variable Angle Pod £4.50 £6.75 +60020 JEM ZR22 Smoke Machine DMX £25.00 £37.50
+60021 Batmink Low Smoke Machine £20.00 £30.00
+60022 Le Maitre Pea Souper Machine £25.00 £37.50

Other Special Effects
Bubble Machine
Simple to operate, just switch on and the
unit will start throwing bubbles. Liquid is
included in the price. Ideal for small
parties and events
Code: +60026 Day: £15.00
Week: £22.50

Giant Bubble Machine

One of the most powerful bubble
machines on the market. This unit will
produce loads of bubbles. Ideal for large
events or when masses of bubbles are
being used. The units have been used
very successfully as an alternative to
Bubble Tube Chandalier Pedestal Outdoor Real confetti at weddings.
Flame Effect Flame Effect Flame Effect Code: +60027 Day: £25.00
Week: £37.50
Bubble Tube - 2 metre
These simple to operate units are filled with water and then
produce bubbles which float through the water. A colour change Soundlab Snow Machine
unit illuminates the bubbles with coloured light, creating a Creates a very realistic snow effect using
relaxing light effect. foam, which dissolves on contact with the
Code: +60029 Day: £20.00 ground.
Week: £30.00
Code: +60018 Day: £20.00
Flame Bowl Chandelier Week: £30.00
Highly effective artificial flame effect created with a silk, fan, and
Giant Flame Effect
coloured lights. Requires mains power.
Highly effective artificial flame effect
Code: +40011 Day: £10.00
created with a silk and fan. 1 metre flame
Week: £15.00

Fitted with a 13amp plug. Cable runs up

Flame Bowl on 1.8m Pedestal
one of the chains.
Highly effective artificial flame effect created with a silk, fan, and
Code: +40012 Day: £25.00
colour lights.
Week: £37.50
Fitted with a 13amp plug.
Code: +40010 Day: £20.00
Week: £30.00
Code Description Day Week
+60026 Bubble Machine £15.00 £22.50
Outdoor Real Gas Flame Effect +60027 Giant Bubble Machine £25.00 £37.50
Real flame effect unit for use only outdoors. Will produce a 1metre +60029 Bubble Tube 2.0 metre £20.00 £30.00
real flame from its bowl. It is fuelled by a small bottle of gas +60018 Snow Machine £20.00 £30.00
located in the base (gas bottle is not included in the price). +40010 Flame Effect on 1.8m Pedestal £20.00 £30.00
+40011 Flame Effect - Chandelier £10.00 £15.00
Code: +40015 Day: £37.50 +40012 Giant Flame Effect - 1.0m £25.00 £37.50
Week: £50.00 +40015 Outdoor Real Flame Effect £37.50 £50.00

All of these effects require a mains power supply (with the exception of the Gas
Flame Effect).
Fluid based effects are supplied with enough fluid for a typical event. If you are
going to be using the effect for long periods of time, we recommend that you
buy additional fluid when hiring. Ask for advice when ordering.

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
16 the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation.
Cabling & Distribution
Power Distribution Boxes
Boxes with a 63amp 3 Phase Input (5 pin Red Cee Form Plug), Box 7
overall RCD protection and MCB on each outlet unless stated: Input:
32amp 3 Phase 5pin Red Cee Form Plug
63amp 3 Phase Splitter Protection:
3 x 63amp 3 pin Cee Form Socket None
(One socket per phase) Outlets:
No protection on this box 6 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
Code: +80010 Day: £12.50 Code: +80017 Day: £15.00
Week: £18.75 Week: £22.50
Box 8
Box 1 Input:
Output: 63amp Single Phase 3 pin Blue Plug
4 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket Protection:
14 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket RCD Overall and MCB on each outlet
Code: +80011 Day: £25.00 Outlets:
Week: £37.50 1 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
4 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
Code: +80018 Day: £18.00
Week: £27.00
Box 2
Box 9
3 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
63amp Single Phase 3pin Blue Plug
6 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
6 x 13amp 3pin Socket
RCD Overall and MCB on each outlet
Code: +80012 Day: £25.00
Week: £37.50 4 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
Code: +80019 Day: £15.00
Box 3 Week: £22.50
1 x 32amp 3Ph Red 5pin Cee Form Socket
2 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket Box 10
8 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket Input:
Code: +80013 Day: £20.00 63amp Single Phase 3pin Blue Plug
Week: £30.00 Protection:
Box 4 RCD and MCB on each output
2 x 32amp 3Ph Red 5pin Cee Form Socket Outlets:
3 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket 4 x 16amp Cee Form Socket
10 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket 4 x 13amp 3pin Socket
Code: +80014 Day: £25.00 Code: +80020 Day: £22.00
Week: £37.50 Week: £33.00
Other distributions boxes: Box 11
Box 5
Input: 32amp Single Phase 3pin Cee Form Plug
32amp 3 Phase 5pin Red Cee Form Plug
Protection: RCD Overall and MCB on each outlet
RCD Overall and MCB on Each outlet
Outlet: 4 x 16amp Cee Form Socket
1 x 32amp 3Ph Red 5pin Cee Form Socket Code: +80021 Day: £2.00
10 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket Week: £3.00
Code: +80015 Day: £20.00 Box 12
Week: £30.00 Input:
63amp Single Phase 3pin Cee Form Plug
Box 6
RCD Overall and MCB on each outlet
32amp 3 Phase 5pin Red Cee Form Plug
2 x 16amp Cee Form Socket
1 x 32amp Cee Form Socket
RCD Overall and MCB on each outlet
10 x 13amp Socket
Code: +80022 Day:£20.00
1 x 32amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
Week: £30.00
4 x 16amp 3pin Cee Form Socket
Code: +80016 Day: £18.00
Week: £27.00 17
Power Cables
All of our 16A,32A, and 63A connectors are of the Cee Form type - Blue for Single Phase and Red for Three Phase.
Leads are Single Phase unless otherwise stated. If you cannot find the cable you require, please contact us.

13Amp Extension Leads Adaptor Leads (listed Plug to Socket)

Code Description Day Week Code Description Day Week
+90050 3m 13A Extension Lead £0.40 £0.60 +90070 13amp Plug-IEC Socket £0.50 £0.75
+90050A 5m 13A Extension Lead £0.50 £0.75 +90071 13amp Plug-15amp Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90050B 10m 13A Extension Lead £0.80 £1.20 +90072 13amp Plug-16amp Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90050C 20m 13A Extension Lead £1.00 £1.50 +90073 13amp Plug-32amp Socket £1.00 £1.50
+90050D 3m 13A Extension to 4-way 13A £0.60 £0.90 +90074 15amp Plug-13amp Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90050E 3m 13A Extension to 2-way 13A £0.50 £0.75 +90074A 15amp Plug-IEC Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90075 15amp Plug-16amp Socket £0.80 £1.20
+90076 15amp Plug-32amp Socket £1.00 £1.50
+90077 16amp Plug-13amp Socket £0.80 £1.20
15Amp Extension Leads
+90078 16amp Plug-IEC Socket £0.80 £1.20
Code Description Day Week
+90078A 16amp Plug-4x13amp sockets £1.00 £1.50
+90053 2m 15A Extension Lead £0.50 £0.75
+90079 16amp Plug-15amp Socket £0.80 £1.20
+90053A 3m 15A Extension Lead £0.60 £0.90
+90081 16amp Plug-32amp Socket £1.00 £1.50
+90053B 5m 15A Extension Lead £0.70 £1.05
+90080 16amp Plug-63amp Socket £2.00 £3.00
+90053C 10m 15A Extension Lead £0.80 £1.20
+90081A 32amp Plug-16amp Socket £1.00 £1.50
+90053D 15m 15A Extension Lead £0.90 £1.35
+90082 IEC Plug-13amp Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90053E 20m 15A Extension Lead £1.00 £1.50
+90083 IEC Plug-15amp Socket £0.70 £1.05
+90084 IEC Plug-16amp Socket £0.80 £1.20
+90085 63amp TPN Plug-32amp TPN Socket £2.00 £3.00
16Amp Extension Leads +90086 32amp TPN Plug-16amp TPN Socket £2.00 £3.00
Code Description Day Week +90087 16amp TPN Plug-32amp TPN Socket £2.00 £3.00
+90055 3m 16A Extension Lead £1.00 £1.50 +90088 63amp TPN Plug- 2x32amp TPN Socket £3.00 £4.50
+90055A 5m 16A Extension Lead £1.10 £1.65
+90055B 10m 16A Extension Lead £1.30 £1.95
+90055C 15m 16A Extension Lead £1.50 £2.25 Socapex & Bulgin
+90055D 20m 16A Extension Lead £1.60 £2.40 Code Description Day Week
+90025 10m Socapex Extension Lead £5.00 £7.50
+90026 20m Socapex Extension Lead £9.00 £13.50
32A & 63A Single Phase (Blue Cee Form) Extension Leads +90027 Socapex Plug - 6 x 15A Socket Spider £3.00 £4.50
Code Description Day Week +90028 Socapex Socket - 6 x 15A Plug Spider £3.00 £4.50
+90056 10m 32A Extension Lead £2.00 £3.00 +90028A Socapex Plug - 6 x 15A Socket Box £3.00 £4.50
+90056A 20m 32A Extension Lead £2.50 £3.75 +90028B Socapex Socket - 6 x IEC Plugs £3.00 £4.50
+90058 5m 63A Extension Lead £4.00 £6.00 +90029 5m Bulgin Extension Lead (Plug-Plug) £0.60 £0.90
+90058A 10m 63A Extension Lead £6.00 £9.00 +90030 10m Bulgin Extension Lead (Plug-Plug) £0.80 £1.20
+90058B 25m 63A Extension Lead £10.00 £15.00 +90031 Bulgin Twin Socket Box (for extension) £0.50 £0.75
+90032 Spider - 2x Bulgin socket to 4 x IEC £1.00 £1.50
+90033 10m Bulgin Plug - 4 x 13A Sockets £1.00 £1.50
32A & 63A Three Phase (Red Cee Form) Extension Leads
Code Description Day Week
+90061 8m 32A Three Phase Extension Lead £5.00 £7.50 Generator/Cable Tails
+90061A 12m 32A Three Phase Extension Lead £7.50 £11.25 Code Description Day Week
+90064 3m 63A Three Phase Extension Lead £8.00 £12.00 +90060 Tails to 32A Three Phase £4.00 £6.00
+90064A 5m 63A Three Phase Extension Lead £10.00 £15.00 +90063 Tails to 63A Three Phase 1.5m £5.00 £7.50
+90064B 10m 63A Three Phase Extension Lead £12.00 £18.00 +90063A Tails to 63A Three Phase 3m £6.00 £9.00
+90064C 25m 63A Three Phase Extension Lead £15.00 £22.50 +90063B Tails to 63A Three Phase 10m £8.00 £12.00
+90064D 50m 63A Three Phase Extension Lead £25.00 £37.50

Link or Chain Leads

Splitters (1 Plug to 2 Sockets) Code Description Day Week
Code Description Day Week +90054 16amp Plug to 30 x 15amp
+90090 15A Splitter £0.50 £0.75 Sockets 1m apart £20.00 £30.00
+90091 13A Splitter £0.50 £0.75 +90054A 16amp Plug to 20 x 15amp
+90092 16A Splitter £1.00 £1.50 Sockets 0.5m apart £15.00 £22.50
+90093 32A Splitter £1.25 £1.90 +90054H 15amp Plug to 5 x15amp
+90094 32A to 2 x 16A Splitter £1.25 £1.90 Sockets 5m apart £10.00 £15.00
+90057 20m 32A to 4 x 16A Sockets £4.50 £6.75 +90054G 15amp Plug to 5x15amp
+90042 32A Three Phase Splitter £4.00 £6.00 Sockets 4.5m apart £10.00 £15.00
+90039 63A Single Phase Splitter £5.00 £7.50 +90054M 13amp Plug to 5x15amp
+90041 63A Three Phase Splitter £6.00 £9.00 Sockets 4.5m apart £10.00 £15.00

Signal Cables & Stage Boxes
Speaker Leads & Adaptors
Code Description Day Week
+20021 10m 2 core Speakon to Mono Jack Lead £0.90 £ 1.35
Stage Box/Multicore - 50m 16/4
+20025 5m 2 Core XLR Male- XLR Female Lead £0.75 £1.10
Combines 16 send and 4 return cables
+20030 10m 2 Core XLR Male- XLR Female Lead £0.90 £1.35
into one piece of cable, allowing long runs
+20031 20m 2 Core XLR Male- XLR Female Lead £1.25 £1.80
from mixing desk to stage without
+20032 3m Speakon-Speakon 4core lead £0.80 £1.20
running multiple cables. Connections via
+20033 5m Speakon-Speakon 4core lead £1.00 £1.50
XLR. Stage box at one end, XLR tails at the
+20034 10m Speakon-Speakon 4 core Lead £1.20 £1.80
o t h e r, w i t h a w i n d - u p r e e l f o r
+20035 20m Speakon-Speakon 4 Core Lead £1.50 £2.25
Code: +10121 Day: £15.00
Week: £22.50
Signal Leads
Code Description Day Week
+20037 Twin Phono-Phono Plugs 1.2m £0.50 £0.75
+20038 Twin Phono Plug- Phono Socket 1.2m £0.50 £0.75
+20038A Twin Phono Plug- Twin XLR Plug 5m £0.60 £0.90
+20040 Mono Jack-Mono Jack Lead 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 Stage Box/Multicore - 50m 24/8
+20041 Mono Jack-Phono Plug Lead 1.2 £0.50 £0.75 Combines 24 send and 8 return cables
+20042 Stereo Jack Plug-Twin Phono Plug 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 into one piece of cable, allowing long runs
+20043 Male XLR-Mono Jack Plug Lead 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 from mixing desk to stage without
+20043A Male XLR-Stereo Jack Plug Lead 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 running multiple cables. Connections via
+20043B Female XLR- Mono Jack Lead 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 XLR. Stage box at one end, XLR tails at the
+20043C Female XLR-Stereo Jack Lead 1.2m £0.50 £0.75 other.
Code: +10123 Day: £20.00
+90010 8 Pin Din Male-Male Extension 10m £1.50 £3.00 Week: £30.00
+90011 8 Pin Din Male-Male Extension 25m £2.20 £3.30
+90012 8 Pin Din Male-Female Extension 25m £2.20 £3.30

+90016 1m XLR 3 Pin Male-3Pin Female £0.40 £0.60

+90017 3m XLR 3 Pin Male-3Pin Female £0.50 £0.75
+90018 5m XLR 3 Pin Male-3Pin Female £0.70 £1.05
+90019 10m XLR 3 Pin Male-3Pin Female £0.90 £1.35 Stage Box/Multicore - 30m 12/4
+90020 20m XLR 3 Pin Male-3Pin Female £1.20 £1.80 Combines 12 send and 4 return cables
into one piece of cable, allowing long runs
from mixing desk to stage without
Signal Adaptors running multiple cables. Connections via
Code Description Day Week XLR. Stage boxes at both ends, with a
+90021 Converter 5Pin Male-3Pin Female XLR £1.00 £ 1.50 wind-up reel for convenience.
+90022 Converter 3Pin Male-5Pin Female XLR £1.00 £ 1.50 Code: +10120 Day: £10.00
+20039 XLR Male- XLR Male £0.50 £0.75 Week: £15.00
+20039A XLR Female- XLR Female £0.50 £0.75
+20044 XLR Male- Twin Phono £0.50 £0.75
+20044A XLR Female- Twin Phono £0.50 £0.75
+20045A XLR Female- Twin XLR Male £0.50 £0.75

Cable Protection
Multiple Channel Rubber Cable Guard
Multiple Cable Guard- Simply link together each piece to cover multiple cables, ideal for roadways and
drives to avoid damage to cabling. Each section is 800mm length x 430mm width.
Code: +10125 Day: £3.00
Week: £4.50

Single Channel Rubber Cable Guard

Simple device enabling the user to protect a single cable running across doorways, roadways, drives etc.
Code: +10124 (1 Metre) Day: £1.50
Week: £2.25
Code: +10124A (3 Metre) Day: £4.00
Week: £6.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation.
Staging, Trussing, & Rigging
Backdrops & Set Construction
We stock a large selection of drapes, ideal for use as Stage flats are used to construct false walls for use as a
backdrops, or masking off areas of a venue. backdrop or to divide/mask parts of a venue. They
measure 3.0m height x 0.96m width and are available in a
Our black drapes are Bolton Twill, and our white drapes range of colours.
are Cotton Canvas.
The flats are joined together using bolts, and are best
They feature eyelets to assist hanging, and are flame supported using tank traps with scaffold poles at regular
retardant to comply with health and safety intervals. Alternatively stage braces & weights can be
requirements. used to prop the flats.
Code Description Day Week
Code Description Day Week +30050 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m Black £25.00 £37.50
+30020 Black Drape 6.0m x 4.0m £40.00 £60.00 +30051 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m White £25.00 £37.50
+30021 Black Drape 4.0m x 3.0m £28.00 £42.00 +30052 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m Red £25.00 £37.50
+30025 White Drape 3.0m x 3.0m £25.00 £37.50 +30053 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m Blue £25.00 £37.50
+30026 White Drape 6.0m x 2.0m £30.00 £45.00 +30054 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m Green £25.00 £37.50
+30027 White Drape 6.0m x 3.0m £40.00 £60.00 +30055 Stage Flat 3.0m x 0.96m Yellow £25.00 £37.50

We now have available a selection of drapes in Polyline (similar to marquee

linings) these are available in a range of colours and are ideal for creating false
walls within marquees or hiding areas which you do not wish to be seen.
All Polyline drapes are supported using the Pole and Drape system
(found in our Rigging section).

Code Description Day Week

+30030I Polyline Ivory Drape 3.0m ht x 3.0m pleated £30.00 £40.00
+30030B Polyline Blue Drape 3.0m ht x 3.0m pleated £30.00 £40.00
+30030Y Polyline Yellow Drape 3.0m ht x 3.0m pleated £30.00 £40.00
+30030R Polyline Red Drape 3.0m ht x 3.0m pleated £30.00 £40.00
+30030G Polyline Green Drape 3.0m ht x 3.0m pleated £30.00 £40.00

An extremely popular effect used for backdrops on stages, in marquees and function rooms. A starcloth comprises
of a black backdrop with hundreds of miniature white lights set in the fabric.

You have the choice of a transformer pack for static illumination or a controller to produce a range of patterns from a
gentle twinkle to rapid flashing.

The system is designed to be modular, so Code Description Day Week

cloths have velcro edges to allow easy +30001 Starcloth 2.0m x 3.0m £35.00 £47.00
joining. Several cloths can run from one +30002 Starcloth 3.0m x 3.0m £42.00 £56.00
transformer/controller by using extension +30003 Starcloth 3.0m x 4.0m £55.00 £74.00
leads and splitter/fuse blocks. +30004 Starcloth 3.0m x 6.0m £85.00 £114.00
+30005 Starcloth 3.0m x 7.0m £100.00 £134.00
The starcloths feature eyelets and ties along +30006 Starcloth 3.0m x 8.0m £115.00 £155.00
the top edge to assist hanging. If you require +30007 Starcloth 3.0m x 9.0m £125.00 £168.00
the starcloth to be freestanding, we can +30008 Starcloth 3.0mx 10.0m £140.00 £189.00
supply a Truss Goalpost or Pole & Drape +30010 Starcloth Transformer (Static) £20.00 £27.00
system. +30011 Starcloth Controller (Twinkling) £30.00 £40.00
+30015 Starcloth Extension Lead 2.0m £2.00 £3.00
Our starcloths are made from black wool +30016 Starcloth Extension Lead 3.0m £2.50 £3.75
serge, and are flame retardant. +30017 Starcloth Extension Lead 5.0m £3.00 £4.50
+30018 Starcloth Extension Lead 10.0m £5.00 £7.50

Set Construction & Mounting Hardware, Safety
Mounting Clamps
Code Description Day Week
+70058 Mounting Clamp 32mm £0.25 £0.35
+70057 Mounting Clamp 50mm £0.30 £0.40
+70055 Half Coupler 500Kg £0.40 £0.60
+70056 Double Clamp Long 50x600mm £1.00 £1.50
+70056A Dbl Clamp Long Twisted 50x600mm £1.00 £1.50
+70059 Clamp for Marquee Pole 4” £1.00 £1.50
+70060 Girder Clamp 3”-6” 500Kg £1.50 £2.25 +70055 +70057 +70058
+70061 Girder Clamp 6”-12” 500Kg £1.50 £2.25

Chain Hoists
Code Description Day Week
+70072 500kg Manual Chain Hoist £20.00 £30.00

Safety Hardware
Code Description Day Week
+70070 Safety Bond 600mm/2mm £0.30 £0.45 +70070 +70071A +70060/+70061
+70070A Safety Bond 1400mm/4mm £0.40 £0.60
+70071 Fabric Sling (1 tonne max load) £1.00 £1.50
+70071A D Shackle £0.30 £0.45

Set Construction Hardware

Code Description Day Week
+70063 Stage Brace 1m-2m £1.80 £2.70
+70064 Stage Brace 2m-3m £2.80 £4.20
+70065 Stage Weight 12.5Kg £1.70 £2.50 +70075 +70063/+70064 +70065
+70075 Tank Trap £2.50 £3.75
+70080 Baseplate for Pole & Drape £2.00 £3.00
See overleaf for scaffolding & components
+70081 Upright Adjustable Pole 2.1m- 3m £2.70 £4.00
+70082 Adjustable Crossbar 1.8m-3.0m £2.70 £4.00

A wide selection of stands are available which include Table top Microphone stands, Upright Stands and Boom Arm stands.
Further stands include Speaker stands and Lighting stands available in various sizes.

Microphone stands - Available as floor standing, table top, or floor standing with boom-arm. Please specify if using Radio
Microphones as a different mic-clip will be required).

Lighting Stands - Our lighting stands will all accept a load of up to 40Kg. Lighting stands are not supplied with crossbars - these are
listed separately below.

Stand Clamp for Moving Heads - This clamp will allows a single moving head projector to be fixed directly on top of a lighting stand
in the upright position.
Stands & Accessories
Code Description Day Week
+70005 Microphone Stand £2.00 £3.00
+70006 Microphone Stand c/w boom arm £2.50 £3.75
+70007 Table Top Microphone Stand £1.50 £2.25
+70010 Speaker Stand £3.00 £4.50
+70020 Lighting Stand 1.2 to 2.6m £5.00 £7.50
+70030 Lighting Stand 1.7 to 3.5m £6.00 £9.00
+70036 Wind-Up Lighting Stand 3.5m £7.50 £11.25
+70041 Crossbar - flat - 60cm c/w spigot £1.00 £1.50
+70040 Crossbar - flat - 1.2m c/w spigot £1.50 £2.25
+70050 Crossbar - round - c/w Tee-clamp £1.50 £2.25
+70051 Powerdrive Ref 14 Spigot £1.00 £1.50
+70051A Scaffold to lighting stand T-Piece £1.50 £2.25
+700035 Stand Clamp for Moving Heads £2.00 £3.00
+70006 +70005 +70007 +70030

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation.
We have a wide range of Truss in either 2 way Ladder, 3 way Triangular Truss or 4 way Quad sections.

The Ladder sections (Duo) is ideal if you require Goalposts for hanging lighting or drapes or where simple truss is required to be used as
a hanging frame.

Code Description Day Week

+70130 Quick Truss Duo 0.25m length £2.50 £3.75
+70131 Quick Truss Duo 0.5m length £3.00 £4.50
+70132 Quick Truss Duo 1.0m length £4.00 £6.00
+70133 Quick Truss Duo 2.0m length £6.00 £9.00
+70134 Quick Truss Duo 3.0m length £7.00 £10.50
+70136 Quick Truss Duo 2 way 90° Vertical £5.00 £7.50
+70137 Quick Truss Duo 3 way T Section £7.00 £10.50
+70138 Quick Truss Duo 3 way Corner £7.00 £10.50
+70139 Quick Truss Duo Base Plate £3.00 £4.50

Milos Ladder Goalpost System - 2m Height, 3m Width

+70139 +70136 +70138 +70137

The Triangular Truss (Trio) is stronger due to the construction and is ideal where the additional strength is required. Exhibition use is very
popular and if used with the LED Truss painters (see LED Lighting section) the effect is stunning.

Code Description Day Week

+70140 Quick Truss Trio 0.25m length £3.00 £4.50
+70141 Quick Truss Trio 0.5m length £4.00 £6.00
+70142 Quick Truss Trio 1.0m length £6.00 £9.00
+70143 Quick Truss Trio 1.5m length £8.00 £12.00
+70144 Quick Truss Trio 2.0m length £10.00 £15.00
+70145 Quick Truss Trio 3.0m length £15.00 £22.50
+70148 Quick Truss Trio 90° 2way Horizontal £10.00 £15.00
+70148A Quick Truss Trio 90° 2way Vertical £10.00 £15.00
+70149 Quick Truss Trio 45° 3way £15.00 £22.50
+70150 Quick Truss Trio 90° 3way £15.00 £22.50
+70151 Quick Truss Trio T Clamps set of 3 £10.00 £15.00

The larger Quad sections are available when heavier loads are required. The simple to install Truss is easy to assemble and we have a
wide range of lengths available.

Code Description Day Week

+70105 Quick Truss Quad 0.25m length £2.70 £4.00
+70100 Quick Truss Quad 0.5m length £4.00 £6.00
+70101 Quick Truss Quad 1.0m length £7.00 £10.50
+70102 Quick Truss Quad 2.0m length £14.00 £21.00
+70103 Quick Truss Quad 3.0m length £20.00 £30.00
+70104 Quick Truss Quad 4.0m length £26.00 £39.00
+70105 Quick Truss Ground Support Base £30.00 £45.00
+70105A Quick Truss Quad 90' 2way £15.00 £22.50
+70105B Quick Truss Quad 3 way Corner £20.00 £30.00
+70105C Quick Truss Quad 3 way T piece £20.00 £30.00

48mm Scaffolding
Code Description Day Week
+70052 1m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £0.80 £1.20
+70052A 1.5m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £1.20 £1.80
+70052B 2.0m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £1.50 £2.25
+70052C 2.5m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £2.00 £3.00
+70054B +70052D 3.0m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £2.30 £3.45
+70054A +70052E 4.0m Aluminium Scaffold Bar £3.00 £4.50
+70054 Scaffold Rigid 90° Coupler £0.70 £1.05
+70054 +70054A Scaffold Swivel 90' Coupler £0.70 £1.05
+70054B Scaffold Joint Coupler £0.70 £1.05
+70055B Twin Coupler Swivel £0.50 £0.75
+70106 Scaffold Brace Bar 1.0m £1.50 £2.25
+70107 Scaffold Brace Bar 2.0m £2.50 £3.75

Pro Stage
This easy-to-assemble staging comes in a range of sizes and
comprises of two components, the Riser and the Platform.
Platforms are available in 0.5m x 1.0m, 1.0m x 1.0m, and half
circles in 0.5 radius and 1.0 metre radius.

The Riser comes in 30cm, 40cm and 60cm high sections. Risers are
stackable allowing the user to build to a maximum of 1.2 metres

Code Description Day Week

+70205 Pro-Stage 1.0m x 1.0m x 0.3m £ 9.50 £12.50
+70205A Pro-Stage 1.0m x 1.0m x 0.4m £10.00 £15.00
+70205B Pro-Stage 1.0m x 1.0m x 0.6m £13.50 £17.50
+70206 Pro Stage 1.0m x 0.5m x 0.3m £5.00 £7.50
+70206A Pro Stage 1.0m x 0.5m x 0.4m £6.00 £10.00
+70206B Pro Stage 1.0m x 0.5m x 0.6m £ 9.50 £12.50
+70207 Pro Stage ¼ Circle 1m radius x 30cm £10.00 £15.00
+70207A Pro Stage ¼ Circle 1m radius x 40cm £13.50 £17.50
+70207B Pro Stage ¼ Circle 1m radius x 60cm £15.00 £20.00
+70210 Pro Stage Skirting per 1m length £2.25 £3.00

All prices exclude VAT. All items shown in this catalogue were correct at time of going to press,
the company cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation.
We carry in stock a range of easy to assemble Dance floors available in the following styles: Parquet, Pure White,
Pure Black, Black/White Chequered, and LED Illuminated.

When calculating the size of Dance floor a good rule of thumb is 30% of the total number attending will be on the
dance floor at any given time. Allow approximately 5 sq feet per Guest for dancing. Example a 20ft x 20ft Dance
floor is 400sq ft divide by 5 gives a number of 80 people dancing and a total number of guests of 240 (80x3).

Code Description Day Week

+70304A Dance floor Parquet 12ft x 12ft £97.20 £129.60
+70304B Dance floor Parquet 15ft x 15ft £151.87 £202.50
+70304C Dance floor Parquet 18ft x 18ft £218.70 £291.60
+70304D Dance floor Parquet 21ft x 21ft £297.67 £396.90
+70304E Dance floor Parquet 24ft x 24ft £388.80 £518.40
+70304 Dance floor Parquet price per sq. ft. £ 0.67 £0.90

+70300A Dance floor Black & White 10ft x 10ft £67.50 £90.00
+70300B Dance floor Black & White 12ft x 12ft £97.20 £129.60
+70300C Dance floor Black & White 14ft x 14ft £132.30 £176.40
+70300D Dance floor Black & White 16ft x 16ft £172.80 £230.40
+70300E Dance floor Black & White 18ft x 18ft £218.70 £291.60
+70300F Dance floor Black & White 20ft x 20ft £270.00 £360.00
+70300 Dance floor Black & White price per sq. ft. £ 0.67 £0.90

+70302A Dance floor White 10ft x 10ft £75.00 £100.00

+70302B Dance floor White 12ft x 12ft £108.00 £144.00
+70302C Dance floor White 14ft x 14ft £147.00 £196.00
+70302D Dance floor White 16ft x 16ft £192.00 £256.00
+70302E Dance floor White 18ft x 18ft £243.00 £324.00
+70302F Dance floor White 20ft x 20ft £300.00 £400.00
+70302 Dance floor White price per sq. ft. £0.75 £1.00

+70303A Dance floor Black 10ft x 10ft £75.00 £100.00

+70303B Dance floor Black 12ft x 12ft £108.00 £144.00
+70303C Dance floor Black 14ft x 14ft £147.00 £196.00
+70303D Dance floor Black 16ft x 16ft £192.00 £256.00
+70303E Dance floor Black 18ft x 18ft £243.00 £324.00
+70303F Dance floor Black 20ft x 20ft £300.00 £400.00
+70303 Dance floor Black price per sq. ft. £0.75 £1.00

LED Video Dancefloor

This product will produce all the same effects as large video walls. It can be used as a Dancefloor or the panels can
be installed in a vertical arrangment to create a video wall.

In addition to the dancefloor you will require the controller listed below, and a PC to configure the controller and
provide a DVI input. Please telephone our sales department for full technical requirements and for bespoke
graphics prices.

Code Description Day Week

+70305A Dance floor LED Video 3m x 3m £ 945.00 £1260.00
+70305B Dance floor LED Video 3.5m x 3.5m £1290.00 £1715.00
+70305C Dance floor LED Video 4m x 4m £1680.00 £2240.00
+70305D Dance floor LED Video 4.5m x 4.5m £2126.25 £2835.00
+70305E Dance floor LED Video 5m x 5m £2625.00 £3500.00
+70306 Controller for LED Video Dance floor £112.50 £150.00
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