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1. Gender

a. Male b. Female

2. Age

a. 16-20 b. 21-25 c. 25-30 d. 30 & above

3. Marital Status

a. single b. married

4. Highest level of education

a. Student b. business c. self- employed d. service

Objective: The above questions are mainly designed as ‘Warm up

questions’. These are mainly intended to bring the respondent in a
comfortable mode & prepare him for the following survey.

5. What are the different types of alcohol that you drink?

Objective: The above question is asked to the respondent with a view to

find out the alcohol that one drinks. The question is left open ended
because it might lead to biasness as there are few alcoholic drinks which
are considered superior to other alcoholic drinks.
6. Tell me about the different alcohol brands in each category you are
aware with?

a. Beer

b. Vodka

c. Rum

d. Whisky

e. other (please specify)

Objective: The objective of the above question is to find out the most
eminent brands in the above alcoholic drinks under each category of
drinks such as Rum, Beer & whisky Etc. The name of any brand is not
readily provided in order to eliminate the biasness from the respondent’s
side. A respondent might leave his regular brand and choose upon a
superior brand in order to protect his ego.

7. How did you get the information regarding the various alcohol

a. Get together

b. Family

c. Friends & relatives

d. Street advertisements
e. T. V& radio advertisements

f. Others, please specify

Objective: The above question is designed with a view to find out about
the initial interaction of the consumer with the alcoholic brand.

8. Your most preferred alcoholic brand?

Objective: This question is designed with a view to find out the most
preferred brand. This would help us to segregate the most consumed
alcoholic drink among the others.

9. What factors makes you loyal to a particular brand?