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Code No: 31/MCA

M.C.A III Semester Supplementary Examinations, April/May -2008.


Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any five questions

All questions carry equal marks

1. Discuss about Database system structure in detail.

2.a) What is view? Explain how is it defined using SQL with examples.
b) What do you mean by relational model constraints? How were the
constraint violations are dealt with?

3.a) Define the following

i) Candidate key
ii) Super key
iii) Primary key
iv) Multivalued attributes.
b) Give an ER design for the COMPANY database.

4. Define BCNF and 3NF. Differentiate between them.

5.a) What is transaction state? Explain the state diagram of a

b) Elaborate on crash recovery.

6.a) Elaborate on cost-based optimization.

b) Explain about heuristic optimization.

7.a) Explain the two-phase locking protocol for serializability?

b) Elaborate on multiple granularity.

8. Write short notes on the following:

a) Multivalued dependencies
b) ER design issues
c) Lossless-join decomposition.