Code No: R6-43-MCA


M.C.A. IV Semester Regular Examinations, Apr/May 2008 DATA WAREHOUSING AND MINING ---Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 60 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) Discuss about the motivation for Data mining and why is it important? (b) Discuss about the different datastores on which mining can be performed. 2. (a) What is meant by singleton bucket? Explain (b) Explain how multidimensional index trees can be used for hierarchical data reduction. (c) Discuss about hierarchical pyramid algorithm. 3. (a) Discuss about knowledge type to be mined. (b) Give an example for DMQL Queries by taking all Data mining primitives and explain it in detail. 4. Discuss about data generalization and summarization based characterization in detail. 5. Explain about the following (a) K-Predicate set (b) Clustering Association rules (c) Categories of Rule Constraints (d) Apriori property. 6. (a) How prediction is different from Classifications? (b) Compare and Contrast Classification methods? 7. (a) What are the inter-Scaled Variables? How can the data for a variable be Standardized? (b) Explain how can you compute dissimilarity between two binary variables ? 8. (a) Explain about inverted indices and signatures files in detail? (b) What is keyword based association analysis?

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