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Code No: 41/MCA


M.C.A IV Semester Supply Examinations, Apr/May -2008.


Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any five questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Give the importance of software engineering and explain the spiral

model in detail.

2. Write about COCOMO cost estimation model in detail.

3.a) Explain the following:

i) Risk Refinement
ii) Risk Monitoring.
b) Describe different software risks.

4.a) Explain the SQA approach to improve the quality.

b) Explain about SQA plan.

5. Explain object oriented analysis modeling in detail with the help of

small example.

6.a) What are the design quality attributes?

b) Briefly explain the following design concepts.
i) Modularity ii) Information hiding
iii) Architecture iv) Patterns.

7.a) Explain basis-path testing using flow graph notations.

b) What are the test characteristics? Explain.

8.a) Explain the following

i) Stress Test ii) Performance test iii)Debugging process.
b) Write about validation testing. What is cyclomatic complexity.