Appendix Opening Closing Remarks Letters for IIa: and

Opening Remark:

writing replyto yourletter in
for on asking information ...

to I am witing in response your on information ... letterrequesting me to Do not hesitate contact you requirefurther should assistance.

Remarks: Closing

... I hopeyoufind thisuseful... Hopethiswas whatyouwanted

Opening Remarls:

Thanlaa lot for ...

you Thank verymuch ... for

to my I amwriting express gratitude ... for gatefulfor .. I amextremely

Closing Remarls:

very It was good youto ... of

Opening Remarls:

I'm really sorry about ...

for I amwitingto apologise ...

I am writing to offer my sinct: regarding ... apologies

Remarks: Closing

Please you'll say forgive ... me

Please accept apolog¡l my ...

please our Onceagain, accept ... sincerest apologies

Opening Remarls:

you I'm justwritingto say well done... I was really happy/pleased to hear MayI congratulate on .

Remarls: Closing Well done! congratulations. (your) Onceagain, Youreally deserve Success.


I amwriting to applyfor tht


Remarls: Opening

I amwritingtodrawyour attention ... to


I hopethat this mattercaa:t: resolved ...

Remark: Opening

you ifyou couldpossibly I wouldbe mostgra¡.rul do Could dosomething me? I wondered for mea favour. could ... you help I hope can meout.
I hopeit isn'ttoo muchtrouble.

Remarls: Closing

Thankyou in aórc fo in üis assistance nr*¡.t


.. Closing Remark: Sorryagain... I hopeto havebeenof assistance to you.. on .Opening Closing and Rema@ OpeningRemarks: Closing Remarks: (You'llnever) guess what. youthink. a I'd Thankyoufor yourkind invitation. Opening Remark: I'm sorryto hear.. having problems .=9: OpeningRemark: Closing Remark: you See then! a:i=:i. all for I'm writing tellyouabout to ..i. for your É:$g¡.... .. I'd likeit if and if youcouldhelpmeout. Thank for yourkindinvitation...ti. could attend .. I amwritingto informyouof . you Closing Remark: Hope you can make it ..ri+@4 Opening Remarks: Thanks lot for theinvitation I Thankyoufor yourkind invitation.. youcouldgivemesome information.... to attend . to Opening Remarls: I've gota problem. We wouldbe grateful youcould let if greatfun! notiff usregarding whether .. you loveto come . I hopethatin thefuturewemight havetheopportunitv meet. you to We would be very pleased you We would be honoured if could come ... Maybe nexttime! Perhaps cangettogether we soon... be to We lookforwardto seeing you. Thank you once kind invitation. I hopeeverything tumsout well.. will be unable we we come ... in Closing Remark: Write backsoonandtell me what I reallyhopeyoucanhelpme... with letterrequesting advice concerning Let meknow whathappens.. on Closing Remark: rEt!:ii!14¡ii$Á.. concerning I would greatlyappreciate your assistance thismatter. a but you won'tbe able make . I wouldgreatly it appreciate if youcouldprovide with some me information . me I would appreciate help you Thank you in advance 1'our any for kindcoooeration .. I thinkyou I'd really like your adviceabout/ I am writing to requestsome and canhelp....*i1ffi. Thanks lot for the invitation. wewouldloveto join you. to it However. andI thinkI I'm very sorryto hear that you're I am writingwith regardto your canhelp.. advibe . Remarks: Closing Hopeyoucanhelp! cangive .i¡iii:¡.a+g....**#"i. Wewould delishted attend .ii Opening Remarks: I'm thinkingof'll be Please usknowif youcancome. Write andtell meyournews.+r'. your thoughts I wouldappreciate on thismatter. That's mynews now.r1:i+i}i.... Thank for yourkindinvitation. andI wondered I'm considering.. will not be able to Unfortunately. I'm writing invite to .

party/ It willbea fancy dress formal occassion . be to . to stay The partyÁredding/ceremony will beheldon .... If I were I'd ... Thisinformation should helpyou . if help you Should require asistance . mine It was myintention .. of use you. I won't able come be to because I amunable attend to ...... if I would glad . It's a wonderful to celebrate I'm sure willbeawonderful way .. If youneed somewhere ... .. I admit it was fault. You will not be required . arose to Thefaultisentirely . about I also need know to about..... Please wouldyouinclude .. Refreshmentsbeprovided will . my for Thesituation due .... 't .. The cateringarrangements have been made . couldyoutell me ........ to due I'vegotplans thatweekend I have for . Thisinformation should usefulThefollowing be information be may toyou. I'm really sorry for/about ... to I havesentyoua .. I Brian? CouldI inüte a friendto cometoo? Would bepossible to it for.... In addition.. not to I wish request to .. to ..... Would bepossible youto it for I would suggest .... for Whatinformation youholdon ...... Doyouknow anything . for Did youknowthat.... Bytheway..... You won'tneedto bringanything It won't necessary .. I'd like ... that you. do Couldyoualsoprovide details .... a Please enclosed find a .. What great to celebrate a way ... In responseyour to your enquiry about Regarding request .. If youwouldlike anyhelp. I amto blame for.. to There'llbe plentyof food/drink ... i wouldbe grateful .... is Accommodation beprovided can by anangement .. Can bringmyfriend.. I apologise .... you let Can also meknow's a fancydress party/formal ceremony . It wouldn't happened have if ... Whydon'tyou... wouldbe useful it to have information concerninq ............ I want findoutabout aswell.. to I amotherwise engaged .? of yourattention MayI bring to .. already arranged . if Th'ese thedetails are of... to I really need ........... it occasion..... wouldbe appreciated ... .... accomoanv me? I can't make because it . Be advised theparty/ that occassion ...? you Were aware . It wasnot intentional ..Vocabulary' ¡I..... that my I didn't mean ... Please accept apologies . This letter includes. CouldI askyouto ... You canstayoYer youlike . be to Do youhave information about.. yourquestion To answer about. .":Useful Letmetellyouwhen where & By the way.. for It happened because of. Please couldyou .... of Furthermore. I wouldalsolike to know. youneed with.... I you Can ask to .......