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Case 6 - Metabical

Case 6 - Metabical

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Metabical : Positioning and Communication

Strategy for a new Weight-Loss Drug

ZOOM Syndicate
Gari Nurahman Wahyu Kumoro Santo Rizal

Time February 2008

Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP)
‡ International health care company ‡ Focus on Developing, manufacturing, and marketing product (metabolic disorder, gastrointestinal disease, immune deficiencies, etc.) ‡ Barbara Printup, Senior Director of marketing ‡ Want to launch Metabical (Meh-tuh-bye-cal)


‡ Develop Positioning Strategy ‡ Build the Marketing Communication plan Positioning IMC Launch February 2008 January 2009 .

Analysis .

65% from adult Population is Overweight. Obese and severely obese.United State Issue ‡ In 2005. ‡ The Second cause of preventable death ‡ Social Stigma (affect to professional life) .

and liver damage) ‡ Herbal/ dietary supplement ‡ Required an FDA approval except herbal .Weight loss Drugs characteristic ‡ No Prescription drugs for (BMI of 25 30) are available ‡ Negative side effects ( gastrointestinal effect.

Metabical ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Approved by FDA Specifically for Overweight (BMI 25 30) Reducing stress on heart and liver Single dose per day (controlled release feature) The side effect (gastrointestinal discomfort) less severe then other (if the patient consumed high level of fat and calories) ‡ Not recommended for BMI >30 .

Support Program Reference material Online weight Control Personal Support Meal Plans Weight loss tracker Food diary Nutritional and calorie calculator Goals Community Forums Menu Planner Grocery list Thousands of recipes Enable Individuals to achieve better results than they would from the pill alone (Teach lifestyle skill for healthy weight maintenance after the initial weight loss was achieve) Exercise Plans Weight training Cardio routines .

The Magic ‡ Reach the goal by week 12 BMI 25 28 28 30 Metabical (Pounds) Other (Pounds) 15 26 2 6 .

Market Research .

$5 /per day $3 x 7days x 12weeks = $ 252 $5 x 7days x 12weeks = $ 420 .Metabical Facts ‡ Effectively at BMI 25 30 ‡ Price = $3 .

Percentage of Overweight percentage of overweight ('76 to '00) 40 30 1999 to 2000 20 10 0 Overweight 1988 to 1994 1976 to 1980 Obese Severely Obese Percentage of overweight U.S. adult population increased steadily Chart as shown above reflected the low concern of people in US about healthy life and body weight control .

Gender Description about BMI number BMI 25 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1999-2000 Men (BMI•25) prevelance (%) Women (BMI • 25) Prevelence (%) Potential market to Target Women are more concerned about their weight than men .

7 People who have low education level become mostly prone to obesity Education level of someone tend to reflect their understanding and awareness about healthy life and body image .4 23.Educational level Education level Less than High School High School Some College College 2001 Obesity (%) 27.2 21 15.

000 $ 25.000 More than $ 60.000 to $ 60. people in high income level have more education and their perception on food and nutrition is better than the one in low level  People on high level have a good buying power to purchase drugs related to control body weight .000 $ 40.000 to $ 40.3 30.3 26.5 31.000 2001 Obesity (%) 32.8  People who have low Income level. do not have full understanding about nutrition  In opposite.Obesity on Income Level Income Level less than $ 25.

Maslow hierachy of needs Health and weight concern Social Approval .

Survey N = 2.000 over $80. 1000 women) Age = 18 70 years BMIs range = 25 29.9 Household income = Various ( below $30.000 (1000 men.000) Education level = High school above college degree .

Are you satisfied with your current weight and appearance? N= 2000. 70% Men Yes 35% 70% resp e ts were t satisfie Men No 65% . 30% Women No. 75% No. 25% Yes. 1000 men & 1000 women Women Yes.

000 Are you comfortable using drugs to reach your weightloss goals? N=350 Yes. 35% No.Are you actively trying to lose weight? N=2. 65% No. 85% Only 105 res ondent feel comfortable using drugs to lose eight . 15% Yes.

88% Only 12% ould immediately request rescri tion . 12% No. would you immediately request prescription at your health provider? N=2.000 Yes.After knowing the features and benefits of Metabical.

50% Women Yes. 50% Men No 70% 50% omen and 30% men otential for recommendation of Metabical by their Health Provider .Do you visit a ealt care rovi er for a yearly ysical exa ? Men Yes 30% Women No.

Woul you c a ge your e avior to live a ealt y lifestyle? Me Yes. 40% Me No. 45%     . 55%   Wome No. Com rehensive Su ort Program ill be the media for that   Wome Yes. 60% 55% omen & 40% men are illing to change their lifestyle.

40% Me Yes.Have you trie a faile to lose eig t i t e ast five years? More omen have tried to lose eight than men. Women are more otential market to try Metabical ¡ Wome Yes. 30% ¡ ¡ . 60% Me No. 70% ¡ Wome No.

Are you satisfie it curre t eig tloss options on t e market? Women Yes. 65% Men Yes. 35% Men No. 65% Potential for a ne o tion ( FDA a roved rescri tion eight-loss drugs ) . 35% Women No.

45% Hig Sc ool Diploma No. 75% Advertising should also aim to build a areness of health risk associated ith being over eight ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ .Are you a are of t e ealt risks associate it eing moderately over eig t? College Degree No. 25% Hig Sc ool Diploma Yes. 55% College Degree Yes.

40% Age 18-35 To look better. 60% ‡ For age 18-35.Why do you want to lose weight? Age 18-35 To improve overall health. advertising message should be about looking better ‡ For age 35+. advertising message should be about im roving overall health . 65% Age 35+ To improve overall health. 35% Age 35+ To look better.

000 Yes.000 No. 80% ‡ Only small ercentage of the economic level higher than $40.000$80. 95% Income $40.000 are illing to ay out of ocket for Metabical ‡ Cam aign to ersuade managed health care lans to cover Metabical .000 No.000 Yes.000$80.000 Yes. 20% income <$40. 89% Income >$80.Would you e illing to pay "out of pocket" for a prescription eig t-loss drug? income <$40.000 No. 11% Income >$80. 5% Income $40.

Don t want to be deprived of indulgences.000 I want to be healthier Want to lose weight to feel Age 35 to 65 College education better and live longer. but only if it is easy I am fine the way I am . household income $50. Ty ical Demogra hic Profile Age 18 to 30. Ready to make a change Focused on goal of reclaiming former weight.000 Age 45 65. plus. In denied about negative health consequences associated with being overweight.000 $80.000 50.Female Psychographic Segmentation (exhibit 3) Segment I Want to look like a movie star Descri tion Fixated on body image and achieving the perfect physique. Don t see need for change. Household income $40. Low self esteem and unrealistic expectations.000 Age of 40 65. household income $30.000 $60.000 I want to wear my skinny jeans I want to lose weight. Motivated and willing to alter current behavior. household income under $40. Not interested in changing diet or exercise habits. high school education. household income Knowledgeable about the $80. Age 25 to 40. some college education. some college education.000 + importance of nutrition and exercise. College aducation.

Target Market Target group: Women aged 35-65 Education level: College or higher Household Income: $80.000 ++ Concern with health issues caused by overweight ‡ Willing to change lifestyle and behavior ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

CSP GOALS Its goal was to enable individuals to achieve better results than they would from the pill alone (page3 paragraph7) .

Positioning .

Weight loss drugs .Competition Descriptions Point of Parity Point of Difference ‡ FDA Offical Approval ‡ Single dose a day ‡ Less negative side effect .

Clinical Trial .Plethora .Alli .Positioning What? .Less side Effect .Overweight (BMI 25 30) .Xenical .Other weight loss dr gs .Magically loosing weight .FDA Approval .Weight loss medicine .I Want to get Healthier For whom? Against whom? Why? .

Clinical Test Success Weakness .Stigma that loss-weight drugs is dangerous .Dissatisfaction of lose weight drugs Threat .Disappointed by the loss-weight drugs .FDA Approval .Less Side effect .Only Effective in BMI 25 30 SWOT Opportunity .Still have side effect .SWOT Analysis Strength .A lot of adult overweight .

and gallbladder disease. Being overweight leads to heart disease. It s time to get healthy Metabical can help . high blood pressure. It get result Direct to Consumers ant to lose weight to feel better and live longer Metabical + Comprehensive support program Those extra 20 pounds could be killing you . diabetes.Decision making Process Health care provider The patients Would regain weight after they stop taking the pills Metabical + Comprehensive support program Empower your patients to lose excess weight. change their unhealthy eating habits. and achieve long-term success . Introducing Metabical short term drug therapy and comprehensive support program for overweight patients.

Integrated Marketing Communication AIDA .

AWARENESS ‡ Traditional Marketing ± TV Advertising ± Radio Advertising ± Print Media Blitz ± Print ads ‡ Non Traditional Marketing ± Online Advertising .

INTEREST ‡ Traditional Marketing ± Informational Pamphlet ± Sample ± Direct mail ‡ Non Traditional ± Online Event ( The Metabical Challenge ) ± Social Networking site ± Blog .

DESIRE ‡ Traditional Marketing ± Public Relation ± Hospitality ± Event ‡ Roundtable discussion ‡ Medical research symposium .

200 Medical Offices) ± Hospitality (lunch time presentation) .ACTION ‡ Traditional Marketing ± Direct Sales (32 Rep for 3.

Timeline Awareness 1 Year before Desire 1 month before Action After launch Interest 6 month before Launch The D day .

000 600.000 13.000 4.491.000 2.000 .000 200.000 3.300.000 800.000 200.000.000 255.000.000 1.000 500.500.000 3.000.500.000 600.000.Metabical 1st Year US marketing Budget Cost Advertising Push (prescribe) Pull (direct to consumer) Total Advertising Promotion Development of support program Lunch and Learn Seminar/other promo Production of support program Training/promotional materials Direct mailings to health care providers Total Promotion Public Relations Medical education meetings and events Press release/materials Total PR Market Research Sales Force allocation product management allocation Total Budget Year 1 1.146.000 12.000 23.

clinic.Marketing Budget % allocation Sales Force allocation 6% Market Research 3% product management allocation 1% Public Relation 19% Advertising 56% Promotion 15% High number of Advertising reflecting the important approach to attract costumer awareness Sales force needed to capture potential costumer through given information usually to doctor. pharmacy to become top of mind for them .

Recommendation ‡ Celebrity endorser should be integrated to show success story of loosing weight caused by consumption of Metabical ‡ Campaign to persuade managed health care plans to include Metabical in their prescriptiondrug programs ‡ Make a reality-show program on television to compete on biggest weight-lost by using Metabical and changing lifestyle and eating habit .

Thanks .

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