Renewable Energy Approvals Process

(For wind, solar, biomass and biogas projects)
Pre-submission Submission Application Review Appeal/ Hearing Approvals Construction & Operation
Lease documents issued on Crown land Coordinated proposal notice (s) posted on Env. Registry Coordinated detailed review – MOE for REA / MNR for APRD requ’ts 9 Decision notice (s) posted to Env. Registry Possible thirdparty appeal (REA) Subject to outcome of appeal/ hearing, approvals/ permits issued 12 Building permit; construction & commissioning

If approvals can’t be granted with info submitted MNR Site Release (if on Crown land) Applicant decides to proceed with renewable energy project 1 Applicant may request coordinated scoping meeting If application deemed incomplete


Applicant addresses REA / APRD requirements

Applicant submits application (complete submission)

Applicant applies to OPA’s FIT

Ministries review application for completeness and inform proponent 7


4 Applicant MNR submits reviews & natural provides heritage confirmation assessment letter to to MNR applicant 5A 5B 6 8 10 11 13

Post const. monitoring; compliance/ enforcement



6-month service guarantee

6 months max

OPA awards FIT contract – could be at any stage in process depending on when application is submitted

APRD –MNR’s Approvals and Permitting Requirements Document REA – MOE’s Renewable Energy Approval Permit issued under the Environmental Protection Act (O. Reg. 359/09) FIT – Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-In Tariff program

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