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" O " MOTHER ***************
To my fortune I opened my eyes in your lap ! Therein I fondled , cried , insisted & received mild slap ! In spite of all this , the true love bestowed is still a precious treasure One fails to find , inspite of vagaries of time being a major gap ! Similarly impartial you were with my brothers & sister , And everyone whomsoever you met , in pains or pleasure ! You showered love & did everything within your reach , Not only to kids , relations & friends but also Strangers , beggars & the rest , who came your way ! You never hesitated to lend money whomsoever you Found in dire need ; ignoring all sincere advice , That the party is pretending , the money thus lent Would never be used for the motive nor ever returned in anyway ! However down your heart you knew it would happen that way ! Alas there is sudden turmoil , turn of events & time : you got battered by The very ones' for whom you knitted sweaters , The very ones' whom you secretly passed your share of sweets , The very ones' whom you shelter covered for all their misdeeds : how cruel they were ! Instead of being respectful , thankful , greatful & showering A minor part of love in return for all your bestowed gestures : One shudders with pain , anguish , disgust & painfully bleeding heart ! " O " Mother you are one amongst the most unlucky , Though going on this earth since time in memorial ; The very ones' whom you considered your own , The very ones' whom you expected to be helpful in your hour of need , The very ones' whom you trusted all your life , Looted , avoided , lied , backed out , duped & abstained ; leaving you to die Like fish out of water : list them all ; be those your sons or daughter Brothers , sisters & friends - not to talk of son or daughters' - in - law , Do not spare me as well if you find me in grave default ! Forgive me "O" Mother , Am helpless to share your agony & pain ! However hard I may try , seems all in vain! Almighty ! Bless me strength to uphold my mother , Lest my guilt may not reduce me , when you leave for heaven ! 15th. June , 2000. 9.30 pm , Pathankot . INDIA . --- By V.K.Saini


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