List of things I want to do before I die 1. Go to Israel. Visit the Sea of Galilee and the Garden of Gethsemane 2.

Spend 1-3 months in the French Riviera 3. Go para-sailing 4. Teach English on all 7 continents (or 6 out of 7) 5. Cash in the W.S.O.P. (2-4 times) 6. Learn how to sail. Buy a Sail boat. Sail from New Zealand to Hawaii 7. Write 10 books 8. Kill a Lion 9. Gamble in Monaco 10. Go swordfish fishing. Catch one. 10. Get barreled in a wave 11. Ride motorcycle from Lincoln City to the East Coast on Hwy 20 12. Ride from San Diego to Southern tip of South America on the Pan-American Hwy 13. Go to a bullfight 14. Go to Cuba 15. Visit Edgar Allen Poe’s grave on his birthday. Bring him a bottle of Cognac. 16. Coach my kid’s sports 17. Free climb a 200ft rock 18. Basejump 19. Snowboard in Sweden at night 20. Swim with alligators 21. give a $1000 dollar tip/$10,000 dollar tip 22. open a wine bar/espresso bar 23. build/design a house w/ a loft room 24. have a room/library/sitting room connected to the master room with a fireplace 25. fly a plane/get pilot’s license 26. Take my kids to South America 27. Become a grandparent 28. Dive and look for pirate treasure 29. Run a marathon 30. Do a triathlon 31. Go to Fiji 32. Spend a week camping in the desert (under the stars) 33. Play the W.S.O.P.E. 34. Live in Spain for 3 months 35. Kiss Faye on top of the Eiffel Tower 36. Go to a Greek island for the summer 37. Have a vacation home somewhere tropical 38. See my kids marry awesome people 39. Take my wife to the French Wine Country 40. Teach English to families in Salem. 41. Stay the night in a haunted castle 42. Sail for a year in the S. Pacific eating fish/writing/reading/thinking

43. Do a stand up comedy gig 44. Sleep in a hut where you can hear tigers (Asia) 46. Take a riverboat tour of the Amazon River 47. Eat Sushi in Japan 48. See the pyramids, ride a camel 49. Own my own library w/all the classics 50. Eat dinner at the top of the Space Needle 51. Visit the World’s tallest habitable building (2,717 ft tall) Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates 52. Visit Machu Picchu; then surf Chile 53. Sleep on an uninhabited island for the night (or a couple nights) 54. Visit Australia, Explore the Great Barrier Reef, Drink a Fosters at an AustralianFootball Game 55. Publish something in a Professional Journal 56. Run with the bulls @ the Fiesta Del Toros in Spain 57. Go to the Kentucky Derby, do some betting 58. Visit Graceland / Elvis’ grave 59. Go to Ireland; Drink a Guinness on tap at a pub 60. Own a small vineyard (10-20 acres) 61. Drink a bottle of Dom. P 62. Get chased by pirates 63. Drink a 10 year old bottle of wine on our 10 year anniversary, 20 year old bottle > 20 year; etc 64. Get a box of Cuban cigars 65. Get barrelled in a wave

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