.What is INCO Test? ‡ Insulated Component Test that can measure thickness of insulated pipe line or vessel etc using pulsed eddy current.

After switching off the current. . generating Eddy-currents within the pipe material. This coil is placed direct to the surface of the insulation (sheeting) at the location to be measured. ‡ The magnetic field sed for the measurements with INCO test is generated by means of (transmitter) induction coil powered by the INCO test system. causing a stable magnetic field in the pipe or vessel wall. the magnetic field drops rapidly to zero. ‡ During a defined time a DC-current is send through the oil.Principle ‡ The measurements are based on the phenomena that in any conductor within a variable magnetic Eddy-currents are induced.

the conductivity and permeability of the material and are measured by the INCO test system. within the enclosed magnetic field. is direct related to the thickness of the material. depend on the strength of the magnetic field. ‡ The strength and the measurable duration of the Eddycurrents. ‡ INCO test is influenced by the properties of material to be tested and variable factors such like temperature and so on. ‡ The strength of the magnetic field and the strength of the Eddy-current have no influence on the duration of the Eddycurrents. It takes about 2~40 seconds to get a single test result and depends on thickness of material to be tested .Principle ‡ The duration of the Eddy-currents.


Application ‡ CUI(Corrosion Under Insulation) detection ‡ FAC(Flow Accelerated Corrosion) detection ‡ Riser Pipe Wall Thickness Gauging without Marine Growth. rough. high temperature. Neoprene or Monel removal. . coated. ‡ The material having contamination caused by dirty.

Equipment ‡ Battery pack ‡ Note book PC including pulsed eddy-currents generator ‡ Pulsed eddy-currents Probe .

Procedures .

.Evaluation ‡ The test signal indicating the largest thickness will be established as a Reference and the other signals will be converted percentage of Reference. Parts of reduction should be distinguished with total reduction because system always shows the average value of Footprint. Also.

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