Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi Class Test-I (Open Book): Section ‘B’ MIS - Knowledge Management

16-11-2010 Duration: 1 Hr & 15 minutes Max. Marks: 10

Based on the case study “Knowledge Management at Bharti TeleVentures” as uploaded in the file section of your YahooGroup, CARRY OUT THE FOLLOWING TASKS FOR THE COMPANY: • Suggest KM rollout plan for Bharti Tele-Ventures to implement Knowledge Management.

Design the “Knowledge Agent” based architecture based on People, Process & Technology along with a Knowledge Portal (Home Page) for Bharti Tele-Ventures keeping in view seven categories of enablers for KM as discussed in the case study. Describe in brief how various components of this architecture & knowledge portal will facilitate in achieve business objectives for the organization. • Design a “KM Performance Management Dashboard” for Bharti Tele-Ventures. List the data mining techniques which can be used for various components of this dashboard.

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