How To Bend Air

Hello! We are going to teach you how to Airbend/Aerokinesis. First let's start with basic things. 1. Airbend/Aerokinesis is REAL. 2. NEVER EVER give up from Bend 3. We are going to teach you how to Realy bend. 1-Prepare yourself 2-Become One 3-Move it

Defenition: The mental manipulation of Air. Airbenders are able to influence the motion of air, not create it. To use Airbend you need to have air around you (That means you can't use airbending on Space)

• Step 1 - Prepare Yourself
This step is to, as the the title says, to prepare yourself to the exercises. You should be prepared while you read to try something you think it's oportune. Ok, go to a place with free air and then meditate for 3 minutes. Now, you are ready to start readyng and making the exercieses.

• Step 2 - Become One
This 2nd step is very important: It's the base to learn airbend. You have to become one with air. Remember: there is no separation between you and the air. Try to imagine the air like your fingers or any other part of your body - It's part of you. What you do is to take few deep breaths and focus on the object. You tell yourself that the air is a part of you. Try to find a link between you and the air. Try to feel what it is like to be the air... I'm dead serious. Try to remember how the air moves and define it as your own movement... Try to hear the sounds it may produce. Try to see it in your head from different viewpoints, without actually moving yourself. Try to sense its surface as you sense the surface of your skin... It's difficult to explain, but all those things together, when you focus hard enough, give you (after some time) a strong feeling of the air. Even a feeling of power may overwhelm you. A feeling where you are 100% sure you can influence it. A feeling where you really feel that you are one with it. A feeling that becomes stronger and more solid as you keep practicing. After some time it'll become relatively easy to "sense" the objects you concentrate on. You'll see a tree and get an instant inner feeling of it. You'll get better at it every time you try it. Now when you get a good, stable, strong feeling of the air, then you have established something I call energy link between the air and yourself. If the link is weak or relatively unstable it'll be more

difficult to make the air move later. And when this step is over, let's go to another One!

Step 3 - Move it

Now you have established a good energy link. You can feel the air. You are one with it. At this point, as mentioned earlier, you might notice a strong feeling of power over the air. It's like if you look at your hand and are sure that the next moment you are going to move it. This might cause even random reactions of your body: you try to move the air and suddenly your hand moves forward. When these random movements happen, you just have to relax and try to "sense" the air better. They happen only because you are too excited and you have to calm down. Don't worry about the need to move the air. It's not exactly like moving your arm where you have to urge yourself. Give yourself the time and make sure your mind is clear. Do not worry, your body knows about your purposes. And you'll move the air as soon as you are ready for it. In some way it's like surfing, you do your best and wait for the wave to catch it. When the moment comes the air will start to move and you'll know you're moving it. Moving something with your mind (telekinesis) gives you a strange feeling that is hard to define. How is it moved? The catchy phrase "Just do it," explains a lot but also nothing at the same time. If I analyze the feeling I can only find an analogue in a strong feeling of confidence. Remember the last time you were shooting baskets? The feeling when you knew you weren't going to miss even before you threw the ball? Or take a calculator and press "2" "+" "2". Do you have confidence about the result when you press "="? That might be a cheap analogy, but in some way it's a unique thing I can think of. You can also say it's like moving your arms, but at the same time it doesn't feel completely like that, since there are no muscles between you and the air. My suggestion is: you try it out yourself. So when you get the feeling of the object, don't urge yourself and keep in mind your objective. Your inner self (subconscious) knows the aim and will try everything possible to move the air as your attention increases. The time will come and the air will start to move.

• Exercieses
For this exercise you need to be prepared (If you are not, go check the "Prepare Yourself"). 1. Try to foucus in the air; think in the air moving and try to make wind. This can take 3 Days. 2. Try to make wind and then, try to control it. This can take 7-8days 3. Try to make a ball ofg air in your hands and then, try to control it. This can take 2-3 Weeks 4. Try to make step 3 and then try to throw it. This can take 1-2 Months This training can be made in months and half.. And wen you can make correctly all of this, YOU ARE AN AIRBENDER!!!

Airbending is probably one of the most fun skills to learn out of the four elements. Some of the best skills you can learn with airbending are levitation, changing of weather, and even flight. I myself have dabbled in airbending and it is one of my favorite skills now. There are a few weapons that can help with this skill: First and foremost, the hand fan, then the bowstaff, and the boomerang. Anyway, this is how I started airbending: First, try making a small gust of wind. What you do here is, you visualize yourself surrounded in a ball of air. Then visualize the air ball shrinking until it's a ball inbetween your hands. See it swirling faster and faster until it finally breaks and spills out in a gust of air flowing towards you. When you feel even a slight breeze on you, congraulations, you are officially an airbender! Now there are a lot of airbending moves that you can do, but I'm only going to put two here. Wind Summon:Stand in a comfortable position with your hands by your waists. If you can, try to go into a standing meditation if you want a greater effect. Now visualize the power of the four winds(north, south, east, and west). Picture them being attached by "strings" to your hands, so that you may move the winds as you please. At this point, with the strings still in mind, slowly begin to raise your hands. This will cause the winds to be drawn towards you. As your hands raise, wind should kick up. Repeat the process once your hands are above your head if you wish to create more wind. levitation:now your gonna make summit float in the air try a feather or a piece of tissue now u can either put it on the surface and blow it or throw it into the air but well try ths irst imagine the blue fog again but in a close up view of the feather and where ever you want it to hover just focus all your chi into that spot and make the spot in your vision a darker blue under the feather or what ever now this is confusing so here it is again basically just imagine the feather in that blue fog and where ever you want it to stop underneath it just imagine it getting darker and ocus ur chi into it remember do whet ever you think will work. Air Purification-A very hard technique to pull off correctly. If done, even the most toxic of air can be morphed into pure oxygen. Stand in a comfortable position, arms crossed at the waist. Now continue on to creating a sheild. Add as much energy as you feel is needed for the given situation. Visualize it filled with pure air. Also focus on the edge of the sheild as a suction device, pulling in the air around you, and releasing as regular air. When finished, let the sheild merge with the air around you. ( When making a shield, just go with your instinct; make a shield however you think it should be made)

Air Bending
Air Bending an amazing skill you can do literally anywhere its a fun skill to use and we have a place where you can learn it, i would say some great skills you can do out of air bending is to hover or fly ,air blast, air ball and air dome so lets begin
Now before we begin i just want to say that i actually want you to change my method because im not an airbender and have never tried it i just know the method but now let us truly begin

Beginner Air bending
Breeze Now the way i visualize this is first stand out in the open on a peaceful day with barely any wind now i stand up but u can sat down if u want but anyway imagine yourself in the clouds and relax now imagina a blue sort of dust around u which is the air stand in your pose (just do what ever feels right) and imagine the wind slowly circling you and whiping your face chently if the wind kicks up even a bbit congrats but again feel free to experiment a bit Gust now i want you to do the same as before visualise yourself in the clouds surrounded by blue powder or fog now instead of just making it move your going to direct the wind so rais your arms over your and bring them down and as they come down imagine the blue fog cupping into your hands try to eel the cold the breeze the movement and once your hand is

back to your chest imagine a white cord of light coming from your chest and blasting the ball o air away that was your shi and imagine the air forcing its way towards the desired target Float No your not gonna fly your gonna make summit float in the air try a feather or a piece of tissue now u can either put it on the surface and blow it or throw it into the air but well try ths irst imagine the blue fog again but in a close up view of the feather and where ever you want it to hover just focus all your chi into that spot and make the spot in your vision a darker blue under the feather or what ever now this is confusing so here it is again basically just imagine the feather in that blue fog and where ever you want it to stop underneath it just imagine it getting darker and ocus ur chi into it remember do whet ever you think will work. Mild Air Blast Now this technique is basically the one above with a lil more action and power but this move can help now first imagine yourself in the clouds with that blue fog around you but then imagine your body go darker until its basically black and imagine thin cords o light going around your body like veins then locate the ones in your arms and mfocus on them make them glow brighter and get bigger and then bring your hands over your head and down and while doing the imagine the fog cupping in your hands now hold it by your side feel the cold of the air and imagin those cords again in your hands then very carfully push your hands forward while imagining those cords glowing so bright that it bursts from your hand and pushes the wind orward practice this with either a friend or a piece of tissue, Air Sheild Now air sheild is a very useful move in battle now to do this imagine your self in either the cloads or on top of a mountain or where ever now you need to be standing up or this so imagine the place covered in a blue or white fog. Now focus on the chi in your arms remember the glowing cords well do that again. Now extend your arms to its full reach in ront of you and then ocus all your chi into the air so just imagine a blue or white substance coming from your hand and into the air and imagine it kind o grabbing the air and then pull you arms back into your chest pulling all the chi and air with you now this will be hard to explain but shape the air into a sheild in front of you by making the frame with your chi sand then fill it in with air and then whenever somthing is coming t you you can just make the sheild go slightly darker to represent the defence in it . Congrats if you get this move it is very tricky. Challenge:Air Combat:Where you mould air around yyour hands and feet and when you hit somthing it gives it more power now this is a challenge so im not telling you how to do it so have a go HINT: mould air around your hands first

Intermediate Air Bending
Ok so first off great your an air bender and second you need to have gotten good at ALL of the above skills if you think your ready to advance.So lets get going. Air Combo One: Fatal Sweep So you HAVE to have gotten good at air combat for this for punching AND kicking. So heres basically what it is punch, punch, sweep kick. First gather the air around your fists and feet and then so Fighting stance then ready go......right punch releasing all the air in your fist at the opponent when making contact then moving your right foot forward with it then ... left punch same again releasing all air on contact and moving left foot forward.... then with all the air in your hands gone bend low while sticking your right foot and leg forward and gracefully in a sweeping motion basically swing your leg round while moving your body in the same motion while also releasing and pushing all the air from the foot out wards now i know my descriptions are quite bad but im sure you all know what a sweeping ground kick looks like rght? Air Combo Two: Roundabout Honestly quite simple ..... Ok so first heres the actiouns its basically spinning around holding your arms out while releasing a lot!!!! of air. Ok so first you have to gather air around your arms now at first go slowly but start spinning round and let the air escape from ONE arm! now colect air back into it while at the same time releasing the air in the second air and so on... its a great move once you've mastered it and when you have you can create fierce arcs of wind all around you

Top of Form




Welcome to the chi page on my site it will teach you how to use chi in bending. The first thing u need to know is that chi is just energy so if your tired or stresed that likely the reason your chi is blocked. And the second thing you need to know is that my techniques for using chi are about using ch like veins and i believe that chi can have different forms i.e red chi=fire blue chi= water etc. Chi In Bending Ok so to open up your chi for bending sit in a comfortable position preferably cross legged and imagine your self in suspending darkness then imagine veins going through your body according to the chart: Water=blue air= white (it can be silver) Fire= red or orange Earth=preferably green but can be brown anyway so your imagining youself in darkness and your aloqated coloured veins going through you now according to what ever element your using imagine yourself slowly changing to these places Water= either a lake or besida a waterfall Air= in the mountains or clouds Fire= next to a volcano or a hot spring with steam rising around you Earth= in a forest or in a cave so now your in that place imagine yourself turning into a sort of silouhette so your turning black basically but still those veins are there now imagine the veins in your whole body getting bigger and brighter untill it illuminates your whole body.(this meens your concentrating on your whole body to becming say water elements or earth or whatever) so then imagine the the light inside of you escaping and blending in with either: water=imagine the light going into the water air= imagine it either escaping and blowing away into the breeze or into a cloud(yes i no there made of water) Fire= Imagine it going into the lava or blending with the steam Earth=Imagine it going into the cave walls or the trees Then imagine all the energy quickly snapping back inside of you and become ing the veins again somtimes after this you may feel ill.

Bending and Elemental Meditation differ a lot from many other forms of meditation, mainly in the respects that it centers around visualisation in a trance rather than clearing your mind completely. At the very start, before you try bending at all, you need to do something called Elemental Meditation. It basically lets your chi [the substance with which you bend] know that it needs to associate with whichever element you're trying to learn. It's a rather simple process, but some people have problems with visualisation. For those who simply can't sit still, there's another method for you at the bottom.

Elemental Meditation: Sit in the Lotus position if you can, or just cross-legged if you can't. It's just important to keep your back as straight as humanly possible. Close your eyes, and time your breathing. This is the most important part of ANY meditation: breathing. Keeping a truly steady breathing pattern will make sure you focus well. Follow this pattern: Breathe in while counting to three. Hold your breath for three counts. Let the air out while counting to three. Hold your breath for three counts. Breathe in this pattern throughout the entire meditation. If you slip up, don't worry...just keep to the pattern as much as you can. Now...focus on your breathing for several minutes. Let the sound of it drown out your other thoughts, let the calm it brings clear out any emotions you may be feeling for the time being. Stare at the inside of your eyelids if you have to...the blackness is great for concentration :P After a few minutes of this pattern, you'll feel a'll notice that you were still absently worrying about real-world things...regulating your facial expressions, a cramped muscle, etc. and you'll feel yourself stop caring about these you'll kind of drift behind your eyes. The blackness you were staring at will no longer be seen from your eyes, but in your mind's eye. Once you're there, turn the blackness into a scene of nature that has some connection to your natural element. Try to completely place yourself inside that scene; hear the sounds there, smell the scents, feel the emotions the place gives you, whatever you can manage. I'll list some examples further down the page. After a while of setting yourself in this scene, you'll notice that you don't have to try to make things real to you'll experience this place inside your head as if you were standing there in the real world. You'll kind of go into an 'auto-pilot' mode, in which your mindbody will move around on its own, experience the place without you needing to make it. Stay in this state for a while, and you'll feel something on your physical body which will tell you it's safe to come out of the meditation. For me, it was a fiery shifting in my stomach. I'll list some more examples down below. Come out of the meditation once you've felt something like this. It'll feel a bit weird, opening your eyes. Kind of like the feeling you get when you first wake up in the morning. But you'll know you've done it right. Later on, you may feel something connecting you to your element. Things like being hot on a cold night for fire, or feeling more rooted to the earth than normal, for an Earthbender. This means that your chi is recognizing that it needs to 'make friends' with whatever element you want to learn. Without this meditation, bending is MUCH harder to do, as your chi would need to make friends with the element as you're trying to bend it. Just, WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT visualise a man-made place. If you do, you'll only be able to bend man-made or -cultivated elements. So, for a Waterbender, soapy dishwater would pretty much be your only weapon. A firebender, a candleflame. An earthbender, cars. Well, the car bit wouldn't be so bad :P but still...make sure it's NATURE, and not man-made. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Examples: For places in nature to visualise yourself: Water: A beach, lake, pond, under the ocean, in a dark place with heavy rain, a frozen lake, snowy lands, iceberg, on top of the ocean, even in the clouds if you like. Earth: Atop a mountain, in a forest, an earthen or stone cave, hill, grassy plains, valley, canyon, a cliff, crystal catacombs, even a natural metal deposit. Fire: Volcano, a scene of volcanic rock with lava flowing by [I like that one :P], a desert, the surface of the sun even, a forest fire, lightning fires. Air: Top of a windy mountain. Flat, windy grasslands. A place with hurricane-speed winds :P The center of a stormcloud is a great place as well.

Things to replicate in the nature scenes: Water: Cold, calm, the feeling of water on your skin, the feeling of being underwater, sleep, safety, gentle, slow, shade, the smell of rain or saltwater. Earth: Patience, the feeling of being rooted, being dusty, stiffness, stubbornness, invincibility even. Being unmovable, defence, seclusion. The smell of dirt is a good one. Fire: Anger, heat, rage, frustration. The feeling of heat in your core. The smell of smoke, shortness of breath. Smell of ash. Light, life, sun. Air: Freedom, flexibility, movement with the wind. Connection to the skies, the feeling of lifting from the ground. The feeling of wind. Feelings you get that tell you to leave the meditation: Warm shifting in your stomach, the feeling of pinpricks on your skin, the sensation of something pushing on your body. Your muscles may tense up, or they may relax more than normal. You could break out in a cold sweat, or a warm sweat for that matter. Often airbenders feel like they're floating off the ground, an intense freedom that's impossible to ignore :P Really the feeling differs on your personality, or your element. But when you've finished the meditation, you'll know it.

After your first try, continue Elemental Meditation at least every day for another week. Once would work...but it's really going to help if you do it more than that. After you're finished with this type of meditation, just repeat it as a daily excercise but just focus on the breathing, no need to place yourself inside a scene. Just focusing on the blackness will give you enough calm to keep your chi under control. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for those of you who can't focus, there is another way. Find something that repeats itself in a pattern...maybe a certain fighting move, or a duel with a friend that follows a specific template. This is good for things like Bo Staff fighting...attack high, attack towards the center, attack low. And have your friend block high, block center, block low; or the other way around. Just the rhythm of the motion can send you into a deeper meditation than you'd think. Also, I'm obsessed with drums and beats so repeating a single three-note beat on drums or just tapping on a table and staring off into space helps loads. If you're a musical person, I recommend this method. Even if you can focus fine enough with breathing, it's great for people who naturally follow beats.

Alright...well this should be enough for you all to start out with. Just remember: even after Elemental Meditation, meditate AS MUCH AS YOU CAN with the normal method. The more control you have over your power, the easier and simply more breathtaking bending can be. It's also maybe the second most relaxing activity I know besides sleep so that can't hurt either :P


-=-Please read the Meditation page before starting Waterbending-=Power in Waterbending comes from the moon. It's controlled by energy that flows through mainly the arms and more rarely the lower legs, and is often accompanied by calm and fluid movements of the arms to help direct the water to where its needed. There are different forms of Waterbending, which have mostly been derived by difference of opinion or one type may use just slow-moving water, another may rely almost completely on sharp ice. 'Foggy Swamp' bending is possible; that is bending the water inside plants to do your bidding...but it's often seen as obsolete because of an Earthbender's natural power over plants and green life. Waterbenders don't have much of a connection with plants besides moon-blooming ones...such as the Moonflower which is known to respond well to a Waterbender's will when the moon is in the sky. But beyond natural connections, a Waterbender's ability to turn defence into offence is what makes them such great assets in battle. Obvious examples of this are freezing a wall of ice between you and your opponent and breaking the ice into an offencive projectile. However, Waterbending, not just the martial arts associated with it, is used still as more of a defencive and ally-help skill than offencive, as it's a rather slow art. True Waterbenders understand this, and use quick defence to make up for what they lack in opportunities to strike. The mistake most new Waterbenders make is underestimating its opening yourself to this art, you're taking on the responsibility of the ocean, and the moon. You have to keep a firm hold on your power, as well as maintain a calm internal balance. Unlike the other elements, Waterbending is tied completely to your emotions, and if you lose grip of your emotions, you lose control of your Waterbending. It's difficult, but through meditation, it's possible with time to acheive this 'inner calm'. Not to say you can't have feelings, but it's important to put locks on your bending when you're not using it; this will be explained later, on another page. But first, starter techniques? The push and pull technique: Well my techniques for this is to first sit down next to either a bowl of water or a lake or river (lakes are probably better) close your eyes and imagine either a white or blue cord running through ur body and i want you to focus on the ones in your arms make them either get bigger or glow brighter now you should put your arms over the water and imagine the cords extending out your arms to your source of water and use them like puppet strings, now start moving your arms physically and mentally and imagine the water moving first slowly then rapidly this may not work for the first few tries but like i sed keep trying different things. After a while try this technique standing up and eyes open Beginner's Lift: A very simple task, especially if your natural element is Water. If you don't know your natural element, check down at the bottom for some ideas on what it could be. Anyways, sit in the Lotus position if you can; if not, sit cross-legged, with your back straight, and set a bowl of water in front of you. Or, if you can, sit in front of a source of natural water. Lakesides are GREAT for starting waterbenders...not as emotional as the ocean. Put one or both of your hands in the bowl or the lake. Close your eyes, and repeat the

breathing patterns on the Meditation page. Once you've entered that blackness behind your eyes, visualise yourself in the position you're in. Now visualise a white moon-like substance flowing through your body. See it flowing swiftly up from the base of your abdomen [under your bellybutton], splitting into two streams at your chest, flowing through both arms and into your hands, filling the bowl or a small section of the lake water with the white moonglow substance. This moonglow is your chi, and it's what you'll be using to move the water. Once the water is filled with glow, stop feeding it chi and visualise small thread-like strings connecting the ends of your fingers to the chi in the water. Now, slowly pull your hands up out of the water, and at the same time visualise the water lifting as it clings to the threads at your fingertips. Pull it up maybe an inch or two...don't push your luck on the first try. It may take you several tries to even make a ripple. But, more than likely, if your natural element is water, then it should take three tries at the most, and a maximum of an hour. If not, then it can take up to ten tries or more, and can take any amount of time. If you simply can't get it to lift, repeat the water Elemental Meditation for a few more days and try again. Don't give up...if you say you can't do it, you can't. Cast any skepticism out of your mind and forget any doubts, and meditate of course :P and you will do fine. If you do this correctly, and work through it patiently, then the water should rise as you pull your hands up out of the bowl or the lake. If it works, congratulations. You've just accomplished truly the hardest task on this site: the first bending. Water Bubble: Well if you have tried the tech before this then you have probably tried to lift it higher but now you will actually be lifting it out of the water so to start you can either stand or sit but start out like the lifting tech and lift it about a foot or 2 high and then imagine the water disconnecting from the surface and try and focus all your chi into a sort of protective bubble to do this just imagine a white glow arount the water or somthing like that what ever you want. Now this skill is so funny and eventually it will be so easy but i guarantee you will drop it the first few times because your not used to the water being all of your responsibility play around with this technique and try and do it in open space have fun with this because this is what many other moves are formatted off.After you can do this well try and shape the bubble. Winding Stream: This is the same technique as the Beginner's Lift; the difference is that you'll be manipulating it more. Once you've near mastered the first skill, this should be rather easily. You've probably already tried lifting the water higher, right? Well, this is the same thing. You'll just be lifting the water about a foot high, and spinning it around a bit. Go through the same steps as in the Beginner's Lift, but pull your hands up higher than before, until you have a nice long cord of water to work with. If you need to, shorten the strings attaching the water to your fingertips, to give it some extra height. In this move, the closer the water, the better. So. Pull it to that height and move your hands a a small clockwise circle at first, and then in a slightly larger counterclockwise circle. Move it around freely, experiment. Also, try pointing one finger down towards the water and spinning it around your hand. It's a rather interesting feeling and it gives you a bit more control over the water you're pullign at. Again, it's not all too difficult. But I guarantee it will come in handy one day Living Water: This one may be a bit more difficult. You start out like you would in Winding Stream, but pulling up about a foot of water. It may help you to stand up for this one. But instead of just moving it around in the water,

you'll be lifting it completely, separating it from the main source of water and making a sort of floating water bubble. You've probably all seen some Waterbender or another playing with a little bubble of water inbetween their hands, right? That's what this is It's a great way of learning to push and pull, if you can move it easily enough to get that rhythm. Anyways, raise the water up to your chest, and visualise the bottom part of it severing from the source, forming a floating bubble. This one can be loads of fun :D Play with it a bit. Just be careful about raising it above your head...I've been drenched quite a few times because I forgot to hold it up :P But all that aside, this is maybe a Waterbender's greatest skill. After a while of practice it becomes as natural as breathing, and you can call on it in an instance. It's a Waterbender's easiest defence, and their safest offence. If you're one of those people who quits when they get bored, at least learn this move. Really, it could save your life one day Water Push : Water push is a very simple yet effective move with enough power it can blast back about 5 opponents at once maybe more. Now first you must raise some water off the surface and you can either imagine it or just force it. To imagine first raise it to about your chest and shape it into a bubble then imagine you pushing the water forwards and you actually physically doing this at the same time but remember to keep the mentel grip of your chi around the bubble as its moving you can also shape it into a blast shape or somthing. Now to use force you have to hold the bubble to your chest and after the count of 3 force all of the chi from your hands and chest pushing the bubble forwards but remember to keep the shape of it with your ch for at least a little while. I prefer to use the mental method but after this keep practicing until you can do it instantly.

Power in Earthbending comes from nature, and the earth itself. The most ancient's also the most powerful, if used right. It's controlled by energy, chi, that flows through mainly the legs and upper arms, as well as the hands, and is often accompanied by strong, stable movements of the arms and legs as a sort of catalyst. A lot of Earthbending's skills use small vibrations in the rock made by the Earthbender, and are amplified to separate or move the earth. An example of this is the Catapault skill...where one strikes the ground with a fist and explodes the vibrations through the ground to break it from the source and propel it upward. There are two main forms of Earthbending: blind strength, and soft skill. Blind strength is used by most Earthbenders, that is to attack first, and ask questions later. Throw some rocks, hope they hit. It's not the most tactful form, but it's great in a battle. Soft skill is used by more experienced Earthbenders, as it teaches good battle tactic. It involves waiting to see what the opponent will do before countering it with a strike or defence of your own. It isn't quite as effective as Blind strength in the it tends to prolong a battle. But what they lack in swiftness of defeat they make up for in minimal injury. Because they focus on the other opponent as much as themselves, they can anticipate attacks and defend...many benders of this form take no damage whatsoever at the end of a battle. Besides the different forms, Earthbending is an ancient skill, and the most powerful. Many don't understand that an Earthbender's connection isn't just with rock...but with the Earth and every living thing on it. Because of this, all Earthbenders have a very strong connection with plants and animals. Many Earthbenders choose to focus only on bending plants, as is their nature. Others spend their lives not bending at all, but using their connection with animals to speak with them and have them do their bidding. Plant- and animal-connected Earthbenders aren't quite

as powerful in battle as normal Earthbenders, but are at a great advantage for being able to control their surroundings. For example, fighting in a forest. A Plantbender could ask a tree to encase their opponent in wood, trapping them and giving more opportunities to strike. Or animal-speakers could ask a nearby dog to growl at their opponent, distracting them. Or just have an elephant sit on their heads, that works too :P

firebending, the most dangerous of the four elements this elements can be uncontrollable and furious at times just like the people who use it but it can be a very useful skill i myself have not done firebending becouse at the moment im doing water but i do no the theory so lets get on to it , Growing Flame : Now in this you will be making a candle flame grow and shrink and it isnt really usefull but it does teach control with fire so first get a candle and light it and sit there in a lotus position, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a hot beach or a volcano but imagine the flame as well just lickering do that for a couple of minutes just watch it flickering in your mind now imagine the chi in your body like veins red cords going through your body and imagine the ones in your arms and hands get bigger and brighter now point your hand at the flame and imagine the red cord flowing into the fame feeding it energy making it get bigger and i you do this correctly it should have got bigger and to make it get smaller imagine a red substance going from the flame and into you giving you energy Leaf on Fire : go outside and find a very dry leaf and place it cupped in you hands now stand in a fighting position imagine yourself in the hot and fiery place you think about. Now focus on the red cords in your hands and make them glow as bright as possible feel the heat of them and then slowly imagine the redness coming out of your hand and surrounding the leaf. Then imagine it goining into the leaf imagine the leaf glowing slightly red start to see smoke try and smell the smoke and feel the heat then imagine sparks coming of the leaf and eventually turn to flames be very careful with this tech.Also try this tech when the leaf is away from you and grdually try it with not dry leaves and paper. Holding Fire: For this you need to be able to do the leaf on fire tech quite well. Get a leaf and be ready to multi task but first you have to create a sheild around your hand so it doesnt get burnt to do this imagine instead of red veins imagine blue veins because its oppisite of red so imagine it seeping out of your hand and around your hand creating a solid energy barrier now keep imagining that then get the leaf and place it in your hand then set it on fire while still focusing on the barrier all the more. Now this IS dangerous and if done incorrectly you can be burnt but if done incorrectly you shouldnt fee anything maybe just a bit of warm Creating Fire: Now this might actually be an intermediate move but i think if your gonna be a master fire bender this should be a beginner skill. So its basicall the same as the leaf but create the barrier even stronger literally focus all your energy into it but spare a bit because your gonna create 2 different types of energy at the same time which is hard. Now once the barrier is good turn those veins red and feel it going just passed the barrier and when youve got enough energy re-seal the barrier and imagine the red energy crackling and smoking and sparking and eventually turning into flames this can be a very very hard and complex but very fun to play with.

is the ability to control ice and the temperature of water. A Icebending s you probably have guessed, this is a really cool skill to have. What makes it even better is that it is based off of Waterbending, which is one of the easiest of the skills to learn. Actually, there is a move on the Waterbending page that is actually Icebending. It is called Ice Shield. The concepts of Icebending are pretty basic. All you have to do is visualize water filled with thousands of

swirling grey dots, and then see all of the grey dots gradually starting to slow and change color to a dull, icy blue. At that point the water should get colder, and if you continue with this process, and keep slowing the dots until they are completely still, then it will eventually freeze the water. These are the basics that you need to remember for Icebending. Now on to the starter skill, Chill. This is called Chill because you are going to cool down water almost to the point of freezing temperature. All you will need for this skill is a small bowl and somewhere quiet where you can focus. It is fairly important to have a very small bowl, because then you don't have to deal with as much water. Okay, first fill the bowl with water at room temperature and set it on the floor in front of you. Now sit down and put part of your hand or maybe just a finger in the water and close your eyes. Now visualize those swirling dots we talked about before and do exactly as I told you about about the slowing dots. Keep doing this for as long as it takes for you to feel cold water on your finger/hand. If the water gets colder, then congratulations, you are officially an Icebender! But just be careful to not do this too long, or you may freeze your fingers in the ice! I did it once and it really hurt after a while. Keep doing this until you can do this without focusing and with your eyes open. Now on to the harder moves. Ice Petal- This is a truly wonderful skill. With this skill, you are actually going to be making an ice sculpture. Well, we are not quite at sculptures yet, but you are going to make part of one. You are going to make a flower petal out of ice. All you need is a bowl of cold water and a quiet place to bend. It is easier to start with cold water because you are going to make ice. What you do is, remember all of the swirling dots? Well, picture the whole bowl filled with them, but cut out a portion of it and shape it like a flower petal. Now see the petal turn colder by slowing the dots down, but keep the rest of the bowl the same temperature. I know, this is VERY confusing, but just look at these words long and hard and hopefully you will understand it better. Truthfully, I am confusing myself just writing these words. But anyway, see the petal growing colder and colder until the dots have completely halted and turned an icy white. Almost like this color. Open your eyes and the petal should be frozen and floating in the water. If it is, then congratulations! This is a very confusing move and pretty hard to pull off correctly. You can also do other figures, too, just visualize it in the shape you want. Congratulations again! Thaw- With this skill, you are going to thaw out ice. It seems sort of wierd, I know, because it is almost like firebending. But it is still Icebending because you are not using heat to thaw it, but you are actually just releasing the cold out of the ice to thaw it. So, you can either freeze a bowl of water with Icebending, or you can put it in the freezer for two hours. I would recommend you put it in the freezer, because then you don't have to waste any chi on freezing it. So get your ice, and put it on the floor in front of you. Now close your eyes, and see the swirling dots again. But this time, see the dots starting to move again, slowly changing color again back to the grey color of room temperature. Also, see grey colored steam coming out from the top of the ice, which represents the cold temperature. When you see them swirling at a steady rate, and all of the steam has stopped rising, and you think that it is pretty much thawed out, then open your eyes and look in the bowl. If it is water, then congratulations, you have just mastered a very confusing and useful technique. For example, if you put your drink in the freezer, instead of the fridge, you could thaw it out in seconds without thinking about it and also not needing to wait hours to thaw it out. Also, as an end note, it would be very beneficial for you to learn Waterbending as well, because then you can freeze things into shapes without needing a bowl of water.


Timebending is probably one of my favorite skills in all of bending. With timebending, you can actually manipulate and change time. Probably the best skill you can do with timebending is Freeze Time. With Freeze Time, you can actually stop time and move around. It's very useful, because, for example, if you are being attacked, you can stop time and move out of the way. The upside of this skill is that it is so easy to learn. It takes a little while to learn in the beginning, but it is the easiest skill on this site once you get going. And I guarantee that all the time you spend in the beginning will be worth it later on. Now, there are a few weapons that you can use with timebending: First and foremost, your hands, and then the hand fan, and the sword. There are four categories in timebending: Speed Up, Slow Down, Rewind, and Freeze. I would recommend starting with slow down, and move to Freeze, only because slow down is easy to learn as a beginner. Anyway, on to practices. Rewind- With this skill, you can actually rewind time. But don't get too excited, because at the beginning, you're only going to try going back a second or two. So what you do here is close your eyes, sit in the Lotus Position, and focus. I don't mean partly focus, I mean REALLY concentrate. Visualize time as a rainbow colored sphere ticking around in a circle, moving at every tick. Every second as one tick of the rotation. See it continually ticking, never stopping. Then, see it ticking back one second or two. At this point, your eyes should be open, and you should be looking at a clock with a second hand. Keep visualizing this image, and eventually the second hand should go back a tick or two. If you see this, congratulations, you are officially a timebender. Keep practicing this until you can easily go back minutes at a time, instantaneously. Pause-With this skill, you are going to pause time. Now, this may be a little trickier than Rewind, because you are not altering the timestream, you are completely stopping it. Don't get too excited or too scared though, because you are only going to pause for a few seconds. And if you are afraid you won't be able to stop pausing, or 'play' if you will, don't worry because you ar first going to put up a time shield around one object. You will not be stopping time all over the world, no that is a bit farther off, but you are going to create a time field around a clock to stop time within the perimeter of it. But also make sure you have sucessfully accomplished the Rewind skill before you try this. Okay, so sit in the lotus position with a clock WITH a second hand in front of you. Keep your eyes open, and visualize the same rainbow colored sphere you did in Rewind, but transparent, and visualize it around the clock. See it continually clicking around in a circle, each click representing a second, with the clock still inside it. Once you have done this, visualize it slowing down quickly until it is completely stopped. Your eyes should still be open, and looking at the clock. If you see the second hand stopping, even for a few seconds, you have accomplished the Pause technique. Then, visualize your mental grip letting go of the time field around he clock and its time returning to normal. Again, practice this until you can do it instantaneously and hold it there.

Unlike the other bending abilities, Plantbending deals with living things, giving you the ability to talk to them. This is my favorite bending, as plants are everywhere and you can make new friends in the process of learning the most useful bending style. Because of all the plants you can find in almost any place on earth, they can help you in almost any way you can think of; they can lead you to water, provide you with food, or lead you to any place on earth as their roots connect with the earth. Probably some of the most useful skills you can use are Growth, Manipulation, and Location. With Growth, you can grow food and plants, Manipulation lets you control plants and make them grow in unnatural ways, such as extending a tree branch

down and capturing someone dangerous. And Location is spoken of above, it lets you find anything in any place on Earth just by talking to a plant. You don't have to speak out loud by the way, you can speak to them in your mind. You can also speak to many different plants at once by spreading a thought field over an area. Some of the weapons you can use with plantbending are your hands, the hand fan, and the plants themselves.The main way to go about Plantbending would be to talk to the plant and tell it what you need it to do, but some plants, like roses, are stubborn and will require some force to do what you need. This is accomplished mainly by practice and learning how to talk persuasively to plants. These are the basics of Plantbending. Now for the starter skill, you are going to learn plantspeak. Plantspeak is very easy to learn, as it isnt really another language. It is just a way of speaking or thinking that lets you communicate thoughts. This is a reaaly good skill to have as it lets you send thoughts to humans or any other type of living thing. In that way, you could learn to control animals or clouds. But cloud control is more under the category of Weatherbending. Anyway, on to plantspeak. All you need to do is flash an image in your mind of who or what you are sending the thought to before you think it and again after you finish it. So it goes like this [Image of sender] (message) [Image of sender], in example, [Image of willow tree] (Hi) [Image of willow tree]. Easy right? Truthfully, it is, but it can be hard if you cant see the object of your thought projection. So try this, find a plant outside(they are more willing to talk outside as they are happier), and repeat this process. You can do it with closed eyes, but it's easier to do it open-eyed, as you can describe it in more detail if you are seeing it personally. If you decide to do it closed-eyed, think about it in the most excrutiating detail as possible, because the more detailed the image, the stronger the message. I would reccomend sending your plant a message like "I am starting Plantbending, if you recieve this message, send me the word "yes".' or something along those lines. Remember to be polite though. And for future reference, plantspeak will be represented inbetween [brackets]. If you get any type of result from the plant, then congratulations, you are officially a Plantbender! If you need a plant for future bending, using the first plant you spoke to will work well as you developed a bond with it, it got the first burst of plantspeak power you ever used. Once you can do this easily, move on to the skills below. Alteration- This skill isn't particularly useful, but it can be in certain situations. With this skill, you are going to change the appearance of a plant. In this case, change the color of a leaf. For this move, send [Please change this to the color (whatever color you want) and alert me when you're done.] to a leaf on the plant that you want to change the color of. For example, if you want to change it to blue, then say [Please change this to the color blue and alert me when youre done.]. And when you say the color, send it an image of the color you want it to be changed to. When they finish, you should recieve a message like [Ok, im done.] and examine the leaf for change. If it isn't the exact color you wanted, don't be discouraged, you just need to build up your willpower more effectively. But if it is changed at all, congratulations, the plant obeyed you! Broadcast Thought- With this skill, you will talk to many plants at once. You do the same thing here as with the single plant thought, but instead of visualizing one plant, visualize an area covered with a green dome. This could be your house for example, so visualize your house covered with a green dome, then say your message, and visualize the green-domed house again at the end. You might want to

say, [Hi, but no one respond to me.] or else your mind will be flooded with thoughts before youre ready to handle them. To find out if it worked, visualize the doe again, and if it is still green, you have spoken to them all, yellow if you spoke to only some of them, and red if the thought didn't get to any of them. Good Luck! Bottom of Form