Externato Maria Auxiliadora

Planificação Anual de Língua Inglesa 7º Ano
2010/ 2011

1º Período

2º Período

3º Período

Conteúdos Temáticos -People and Places -My Family -Lifestyles -Halloween -Christmas -Lifestyles

Nº de tempos previstos

Conteúdos Temáticos -Lifestyles


Nº de tempos previstos

Conteúdos Temáticos -Extensive Reading

Gramática - Be going to - Linking words -Question tags -Past continuous -Comparative and superlative forms -Who, Which and that -Definite, indefinite and zero article -Present perfect -Should and shouldn´t
Nº de tempos previstos

-Present Simple: to be, have got and there to be -Personal Pronouns -Possessive determiners -Feminine/Masculine -Present Simple -Adverbs of frequency -Prepositions of time -Possessive case -Dates -Present continuous -Present Simple/Present Continuous -Past simple of to be -Modal verb: must -Possessive determiner

-Home Life

40 aulas

-St.Valentine´s Day

-School and friends

-Past simple (regular verbs) -Adjectives and word order -Prepositions of place and movement -Past simple(irregular verbs) -Some, any, no -Modal verbs: can, could, may -must revision -Singular nouns -Adjective +Preposition -The imperative -Indefinite pronouns -Future-will -Conditional sentencestype

-Going around 42 aulas -The world around us

22 aulas

A planificação que se segue vai de encontro às competências gerais definidas no Projecto Curricular de Escola (cf. P.C.E. pp. 23,24, 25,26, 28, 29

Professora : Sílvia Lima

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