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Classification: Service Tip

Affected models: TXSV636, TXSV525, TXSV535, TXSV727 and ASV620

Problem: R923, 925, 926, 928, 924 burn, and damage PCB. Main PCB not supplied as replacement part.

Solution: First remove D925, D926, R929, R926, R923, R925, R928, R930, R934, R935, C925, C929, C940, and C944. Clean all
fragmented burnt parts of the main PCB. Mount the PCB as shown on Fig 1. Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 shows location where these parts need
be soldered. The burnt resistor locations should be free of carbonized PCB fragment by cutting or cleaning the area. You will notice a
regulator * in place of R925 and R926 to further stabilize and reduce working temperature.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
C915 Vol. PCB

Screw Terminals

JL911a JL701a

Add on PCB
Part Number: NANK428

Fig. 3
8 Solder at + side of C923

2 Solder at Input pin of Q925

3 Solder at J530

6 Solder at R937 on side that is near JL911a

Solder at J531

4 Solder to the input pin of Q923

5 Solder at D932 CATHODE


7 Solder at – side of C923

* NOTE: This is a regulator replacing R925 and R926. Part Number is #222780155JRC. If the Dolby Process circuit is working properly the Voltage
Drop across the regulator (Measured across IN and OUT) should not exceed 150mv of difference between DOLBY ON and BYPASS mode. The
numbers in a dashed line box are the sequence of soldering to points as described to the right.