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Nature Wild life Adventure Hill stations Beaches Spiritual Yoga Ayurveda Pilgrimage .

Industry Structure Tourists-outbound. inbound & domestic Players .

estimates put it in excess of 250 million tourist per annum ± While China and India used to attract the same number of foreign tourists way back in 1978. Demand growth. Tourists from US continue to remain the highest spenders . Beauty Enthralls and Diversity Delights This Is India WTTC has identified India as one of the fastest growing countries in terms of tourism demand.Where Culture Echoes.Traditions Speak. today while more than 27 million international tourists visit the former annually. India manages only around one-twelfth of the above.

04 billion.5% of India¶s inbound tourists. Estimated average length of stay of foreign tourists in India is 31.66% Tourism receipts in India in 2003stood at US $ 3.1% tourists fall in the age category of 35-44 years. . 234 million .1%25-34 years. India¶s share in world tourism receipts has been 0. 20. The domestic tourism has witnessed a sustained boom.South Asia accounted for 26. 21.2 days.

839. Capital investments-6.7 % Government¶s expenditure on the sector 3.800 jobs Personal travel-7.The tourism and travel economy contributes 4.9% Business travel.8 per cent of GDP and 23.0.8%.8% Kerala leads India¶s Tourism growth India promotes cruise tourism .

STRENGTHS Attractive natural diversity Strong private sector Large domestic tourism market Political commitment to tourism development Acknowledgement of private & public sector partnership .

WEAKNESSES Limited market segmentation Lack of awareness about India¶s tourist potential Lack of awareness about potential for employment & economic development Decrease in number of foreign tourists Political instability .

OPPORTUNITIES Focus on the domestic market Incentivising local travels Selling India SAARC countries : A viable target Restrategise offerings to corporate clients Co-operation among competitors .

THREATS Competition from existing & future destinations Under provision of infrastructure Victim of seasonality India¶s image of an unsafe country Lack of harmony among associations .

Government initiatives .

The initial duration of the India Tourism Initiative is 5 years. long-term funds to help finance tourism infrastructure . Government has extended infrastructure status to tourism. now reviewed for progress on an annual basis .The government has waived the visa free for tourists coming from China and SAARC countries Indian citizens already enjoy the privilege of non-requirement of visa to come to Nepal Government of India has decided to set up two Bharat Darshan Parks at Bangalore and New Delhi. thus opening the doors to cheap.

‡Income tax exemptions and certain subsidies if the hotels or convention centres are set up in areas other than the metropolitan cities. ‡A drastic reduction in tariff on import of capital goods.‡The divestment of government¶s stake in government run hotels is another step in the right direction ‡The µIncredible India¶ campaign is a step in this direction. and concessional finance at the rate of 1 to 5% per annum .³ ‡The Government of India is open to 100 per cent foreign direct investment through the automatic route.

. interest subsidy and reduced import duty. ‡Tourism Conservation. Preservation and Trade Act ‡Department of Tourism has taken up three major infrastructure projects under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund of NABARD ‡ To boost tourism include grant of export house status to the tourism sector ‡Incentives for promoting private investment in the form of Income Tax exemptions.‡21 Government-run Hotel Management and Catering Technology Institutes and 14 Food Craft Institutes were also established for imparting specialised training in hoteliering and catering.

of India Tourist Offices in 18 destinations overseas have been promoting India tourism product ‡Government has acted as facilitator and catalyst in encouraging private sector investment in development of tourism infrastructure ‡Using of Television and Internet media for marketing .‡Entails automatic approval of direct investment up to 51 per cent of foreign equity and allowing 100 per cent nonresident Indian investment ‡The present network of ITDC comprises 26 Ashok Group Hotels. 11 Ashok Travel and Transport units. 5 Restaurants. 6 Joint Venture Hotels. 29 Duty Free Shops at 6 Airports and a Down-Town Duty Free Shop in Delhi ‡ Govt.

including smoother border controls. The reduction of customer taxation. . The reduction of bureaucratic immigration procedures for foreign visitors.‡ Government of India has sanctioned projects worth of Rs. 15. The existing Export Promotion of Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG) was extended to tourism and related services: The simplification and rationalisation of taxes in all sectors of the industry.00 crores during the year for infrastructure development and promotion.

India stands far below in the world ranking in terms of utilization of its tourism resources and the opportunities. Promotes this industry so as to safe guard against the imbalances in its Balance of Payments account.Travel & Tourism . (Untapped markets) .Door towards Entrepreneurial Opportunities Brings great fortune to Entrepreneurs.

2.70 Millions 2004 .2.38 Millions (Dropped) 2003 . (Annual .Demand in India Rs 1.20 Millions (Estimated) .Door towards Entrepreneurial Opportunities WTTC .2.Travel & Tourism .3%) Market Study: ± ± ± ± 2001 . Millions 2002 .200 Billions.200 Billions & by 2010 .

. Of India tourist offices and the Ministry Headquarters. Improved Touristic information to Tourists Improved Tourists facilitation.What Benefited Travel & Tourism Industry Growth?? The annual report of the ministry gives account of following three major initiatives taken with the view to benefit tourism Improved efficiency Govt.

Are you interested?? Here are the roads for your prosperity as an Entrepreneur!! .

Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurial Opportunities Working as an Intermediary in Tourism Marketing ± Bookings and referrals ± Travel Agents ± Travel Agency ± Cyber Guides Establishment of Cyber Cafe for tourists and others. .

Consultancy Services. Production of Tourism Oriented Multimedia CD-ROMs Software Development and Data processing works for Tourism Organizations .Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurial Opportunities Entering into tourism related Ecommerce ventures through portals.

Information kiosks. PCO.. greetings. Running Tourism related services e.Customized Tshirt printing.g. photos etc.g..e...Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurial Opportunities Souvenir Selling (Value addition in local aspects. Internet Telephony Centers...etc.) Hardware Assembly and Maintenance for Tourism Organization.. .

Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurial Opportunities Running Simulation tours through specialized multimedia devices and software in context to the destination. . Production of Albums with colour printers and digital cameras displaying tourist¶s photographs blended with the related description.

.. .There can be many more ventures of derived types..