Below is the new Senate and House committee structure.

2011-2012 Senate Committee Structure Capital Investment Finance Taxes Rules Agriculture budget and policy Commerce and consumer protection budget and policy Education budget and policy Energy, Utilities, and Telecom budget and policy Environment and Natural Resources budget and policy Health and Human Services budget and policy Higher Education budget and policy Jobs and Economic Growth budget and policy Local Government and Elections Judiciary and Public Safety budget and policy State Government Innovation and Veterans Budget and Policy Transportation Budget and Policy

The 2011-12 House committee structure is as follows: • Ways and Means Committee • Taxes Committee > Property and Local Tax Division • Education Finance Committee • Education Reform Committee • Health and Human Services Finance Committee • Health and Human Services Reform Committee • Agriculture and Rural Development Policy and Finance Committee • Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Policy and Finance Committee • Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee • Capital Investment Committee • Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee • Civil Law Committee • Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee • Transportation Policy and Finance Committee • State Government Finance Committee > Veterans Services Division > Legacy Funding Division

• Government Operations and Elections Committee • Higher Education Policy and Finance Committee • Jobs and Economic Development Finance Committee • Rules and Legislative Administration • Ethics • Redistricting

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