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College Handbook 2010

College Handbook 2010

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SCCS College Handbook
SCCS College Handbook

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Published by: jfox8512 on Nov 16, 2010
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Colleges will frequently require an essay or personal statement as part of the application.
These will range anywhere from 200 words to 1000. The essays will consist of anything
from responding to a quote to the most general “tell us about yourself” type. Regardless
of which it is, the essay is important. It is a chance for the college to gain insight into you
as an individual. The rest of the application is mostly factual. This is your one opportunity
to tell a story about YOU and try to make yourself stand out. We have seen stories about
a community service project that are so moving as to make the reader cry. We have seen
stories about an unusual hobby, such as building sculptures out of computer parts. We
have seen stories about students who formed their own businesses on the internet at age
13. Maybe your story isn’t quite that extraordinary, but you can find something to tell
about. Go back to the resume and look for your “ACE”. Remember that? Now, work a
story around it. Ideally, your story might show a progression from younger years into the
present. How did you grow? How did you change? How did you make a difference?
What did you learn? Did you overcome adversity or some hardship? Do you have any
gaps or lapses in your academic record that need explaining? Above all, be truthful.
Admissions staff will see through a greatly exaggerated or fabricated hardship or story.

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