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The Game: of life a.,b flow to l'h1i lt

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The Game of Lif and How to Play t

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First blished 1925

Republished by Forgotten Books

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About the Book

"The Game of Life and How to Play It includes quotes f om the Bible and real-life anecdotes to explain the author's und rstanding of God and man."

(Quote from wikipe ia.org)

About the Author

Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940)

"Florence Scovell Shinn (1871 - 1940) was an arti turned spiritual teacher, healer and writer who lived in New Y rk. She is best known for her first book "The Game of Life and how to Play it" (1925)' which includes quotes from the Bible a d reallife anecdotes to explain the author's understanding of od and man.

Florence Scovel Shinn may be considered a member of t e New Thought movement, as her writings follow in the tradition of Phineas Quimby (1802 - 1866), Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849- 1925), and Charles Fillmore (1854 - 1948) and Myrtle illmore (1845 - 1931), co-founders ofthe Unity Church.

Scovel Shinn was also a contemporary of William Walker Atkinson (1862 - 1932), James Allen (1864 - 1912) and Emmet Fox (1886 - 1951).

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viII ""t

Sc vel Shinn writes that ignorance of or carelessness with the ap lication of various 'Laws of Metaphysics' (see below) can br ng about undesirable life events."

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VE 49





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The Ga me of Life a dHow to Play It


M?~ p ople consider life a battle, but it is not a battle,

It IS a me.

It is a game, h wever, which cannot be played successfully without the kn wledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New Testamen give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus hrist taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

"Whatsoever a an soweth that shall he also reap." This means that whatever an sends out in word or deed, will return to him; what he gi es, he will receive.

If he gives hate he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if e gives criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies he will be Ii d to; if he cheats he will be cheated. We are taught also, tha the imaging faculty plays a leading part in the game of life.

"Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. II (Prov. 4:23.)

This means that what man images, sooner or later externalizes in his affairs. I now of a man who feared a certain disease. It was a very rare disease and difficult to get, but he pictured it continually and ead about it until it manifested in his body, and he died, the viet m of distorted imagination.

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50 we see, to pi y successfully the game of life, we must train the imaging facul . A person with an imaging faculty trained to image only good brings into his life "every righteous desire of his heart"-healt , wealth, love, friends, perfect self-expression, his highest ideals

The imagination has been called, liThe Scissors of The Mind, "and it is ever cut ing, cutting, day by day, the pictures man sees there, and soon r or later he meets his own creations in his outer world. To rain the imagination successfully, man must understand the orkings of his mind. The Greeks said: "Know Thyself."

There are three departments of the mind, the subconscious, conscious and uperconscious. The subconscious, is simply power, without irection. It is like steam or electricity, and it does what it is di ected to do; it has no power of induction.

Whatever man fe Is deeply or images clearly, is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail.

For example: a oman I know, when a child, always "made believe" she was widow. She "dressed up" in black clothes and wore a long blac veil, and people thought she was very clever and amusing. 5h grew up and married a man with whom she was deeply in 10 e. In a short time he died and she wore black and a sweeping eil for many years. The picture of herself as a widow was impr ssed upon the subconscious mind, and in due time worked itsel out, regardless ofthe havoc created.

The conscious mi d has been called mortal or carnal mind.

It is the human ind and sees life as it appears to be. It sees death, disaster, ickness, poverty and limitation of every kind, and it impresses he subconscious.

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The Ga me of Life and H ow to Play It

The superconscious mind is the God Mind within each man, nd is the realm of perfect ideas.

In it, is the "perfect pattern" spoken of by Plato, The D· ine Design; for there is a Divine Design for each person.

"There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do."

There is a perfect picture of this in the super-conscious min . It usually flashes across the conscious as an unattainable ide 1- "something too good to be true!'

In reality it is man's true destiny (or destination) flashed to im from the Infinite Intelligence which is within himself.

Many people, however, are in ignorance of their true desti ies and are striving for things and situations which do not belon to them, and would only bring failure and dissatisfactio if attained.

For example: A woman came to me and asked me to "speak he word" that she would marry a certain man with whom she as very much in love. (She called him A. B.)

I replied that this would be a violation of spiritual law, but t would speak the word for the right man, the "divine selecti

the man who belonged to her by divine right.

I added, "If A. B. is the right man you can't lose him, and i isn't, you will receive his equivalent." She saw A. B. freque but no headway was made in their friendship. One evening called, and said, "Do you know, for the last week, A. B. ha n't

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ed so wonderful to me." I replied, "Maybe he is not the e selection-another man may be the right one." Soon aft r that, she met another man who fell in love with her at onc , and who said she was his ideal. In fact, he said all the th i gs that she had a Iways wished A. B. wou Id say to he r.

She remarked, I'lt was quite uncanny.'

She soon returned his love, and lost all interest in A. B.

Thi shows the law of substitution. A right idea was substituted for a wrong one, therefore there was no loss or sacrifice inv Ived.

Jes s Christ said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righ eousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," and he said the Kingdom was within man.

The Kingdom is the realm of right ideas, orthe divine pattern.

Jes s Christ taught that man's words played a leading part in the game of life. "By your words ye are justified and by your wo ds ye are condemned."

Ma y people have brought disaster into their lives through idle wo ds.

For example: A woman once asked me why her life was now one of poverty of limitation. Formerly she had a home, was sur ounded by beautiful things and had plenty of money. We fou d she had often tired of the management of her home, and had said repeatedly, "I'm sick and tired of things-I wish I lived in a tru n k, " and she ad ded: "Today I a m I ivi ng in that tru n k." She had spoken herself into a trunk. The subconscious mind has no

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The Ga me of Life and H ow to Play It

sense of humor and people often joke themselv s into unhappy experiences.

For example: A woman who had a great deal f money, joked continually about "getting ready for the poorho

In a few years she was almost destitute, havin impressed the subconscious mind with a picture of lack and limitation.

Fortunately the law works both ways, and a ituation of lack may be changed to one of plenty.

For example: A woman came to me one hot su mer's day for a "treatment" for prosperity. She was worn au , dejected and d iscou raged. She sa id she possessed just eigh dolla rs in the world. I said, "Good, we'll bless the eight doll rs and multiply them as Jesus Christ multiplied the loaves and the fishes," for He taught that every man had the power t bless and to multiply, to heal and to prosper.

She said, I'What shall I do next?"

I replied, "Follow intuition. Have you a 'hunch' to do anything, or to go anywhere?" Intuition means, intuition, or to be taught from within. It is man's unerring guide, and I wil deal more fully with its laws in a following chapter.

The woman replied: "I don't know-I seem to h ve a 'hunch' to go home; I've just enough money for carfare." er home was in a distant city and was one of lack and lim! tion, and the reasoning mind (or intellect) would have said:" tay in New York and get work and make some money." I re lied, "Then go home-never violate a hunch." I spoke the fall wing words for her: "Infinite Spirit open the way for great abu dance for - -.

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Sl'1e is an i right, imm

her by divine

;a hundt ,I'

n'II_; pathwav: but can on tv be

reugh des i re, fa itl'1 r the spoken

tot ck!;a rty that man u'51: rna ka the

~Ask, and it shall

U, see k, an d ye 5i1'1 II find, knock, u, (Mat, 7:7.)



ready to cs ry out ma n's

xpressed. i!; a de and. We are sudde n Iv fulfilled.


ing '5.@@n rna ny b!!.a u ifu I rosa-trees

'indo I ls ed I would receive ne, and for an

.,tally be ng arrled In the door,

East@ flien

nd wit - a beautiful rose-tree. I tha nkad my to Id he r it was j st wh.at I had

The man h d mi:w:ed t ne order, a"d sent because I tree.

Nothing st nds betwee n ma" and d !!!sire of is" sart, but dou bt and wit hout rryi ng,. II eve rv de slre will

in more fully in a fol

simply a ro5@r

er the scientific

rE ason for t his .a nd how f@:ar mu d from t ha con r sc~ousnes5 It is ma n ''S en Iv enemy tea r f a k. fea r f fa i lu re r

rea r of sic ess, rea r of loss; a nd a ling i 'S€'curlty on some

pia ne. Jes s Chri 5it sa id: "W hy a ye f a

hi ith 110 (M 8:26. l So we can s!!!@ m '5 bstit

tea r r fer r is on tv inverted fa ith: it is f . good.

fthe ga me of life is. to sec I@ r

obliterate II me nta I pictLlre'i of il. T ls

impres..,;.ing the '.J;U beenseteus mind ith.a Ifflry b riUia t rna n, W no has attai"oe g rea h ad sudds Iv arasad .a II faa r from is. con hung in a room. He sa print "Why worry, it will pro b~ stamped i nds I ibly upon his su

a firm conviction that n tv g r~ only good can man ife •

na's go d and to ust be done by

I ation gGOd. A

SS, d me hoe

raading rs tbls

." 111 ese

into his

I" thoe folio ing d1 apter I wi II deal irnpressmg th@ su bconscious min d. It is

but one m ~ be ca refu I to. give it th rlgh rs, Ma

a ...,dent II ner at his; '5ide-- hiSi '5U be: nsele sind.

(I- 2010 F[)ft~ ~

.,. I I I

..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

Eve ry tho u.cht. or:!! in a mazing detai s!!nsitive d isc of t the 5 lnger's voi registered a lse, su bconsci eus mi

pho nogr.a ph is regi~~ red. let us brea k

Speak the$e wo r a loud. with smash and demo 1'1 (by my s p in mv su bconsc io mind. They t heir native not ngn ess, for t imagi njng~. I n make my pe wit:t1 in -The reee s of H ea Ith, Expr!!ssicn." Tnis

In t he following a ptars, I will ton cI itions by cha - ng tl is word t ke power of the ord r is be" ind

~ Deatn a nd life .a (Prov, 18i21,)


carried out ord on the and tone of

V own vain n the Cnrist rfect 5e1f·

change his s not k"ow


(I- 1 F~~~


"Vea, the A 1m lB hty '.iI'Iall be th eefense
and th O~ sha It have plenty
ONE of the gr .... st m .... ' 8"'" to the ra
the scrl ptu res ls that God 10:; rna n' s~pplV and tha
ca n re lease, th rough h is spoke n d, all tnat 10
., im by d Mrle rignt. He must, 11 owever, h e perfect
spo ken we rd.
Isaiah sa id. ~ My word sha II not retu m u
accompli-s:h that where unto rt i-s: sent- II
words oil nd thoughts ar@ .a trern I!!n do us r
mcu kllng ma n '0:; body and affajr.;,
A WCI marl (;(I me to me irl great d istress .a
sued on the fih@@ nth of th e mon th for t
She knew no wav of gett Ing t he money an
I told he r God was her su pply, arld tl1 at
e'lfJ.! ry demand,
So I s poke the word I I gave than hi th the wo
re ceN"e th ree thou san d do liar.; at the rIB ime In the
I told her she must nave pe rfect fa ith, an act her pe
Tne fifteent h ca me but no money had ma r~li:zed.
She ea lied me on the • ph one a nd asked w t she was THE LAW OF PROSP RITY



'INW'rN. r~lIit-e:tI.UJ(I~_II'i-





In th even ing stl • p dea r, a m irae Ie as


So I t urni g the- corn came back,

H@ ta kad for ;i bo t a 'Oh. the- way. ow

I did

tomo row." I sa id

I said "Spi rit is; 1'1 er mon on the irlV slbl

ey won't sue you today. Your p perfect f.i3 it" that yo u will receto lu neh wittl her to keep up h r a resra U rant, I said, "th is is 0 expen s:ive I Lin ch e-on, act .3"§; if thousa nd dolla rs, II

sk in p ra'fE!:r. b!!1i@ving,. y~ you had ajrea dy received, the ~ phone and aske d me to .. No. yo u are divi"ely prow

in, gre atlv excite d an d sa Id, i, Y I I was sitting i" my room t is ng, I said to the maid: 'Don't I t

• lOCI ked out the- IN i ndow and s:ai white beard,'

uld lik@ to §@!!! him: H@ w.as ju hea rd the maid 's voice. and e

1'1 e • a nd he sa id. 'Why. my dear. I d doll rs the first of the mont".'

nd j ust as .,!! was I@.aving .,@ sal r ces?'

s oing to be sued, Wtl at ~h.a III do

fi rst f ttl e rnent h, an d I must nave it 'treating.' ~

I give t ha nics ""tl e has rece!\ted t e "d that it m a" ife5.ts on ti me." T e

ing he r cousin ea lied t1 is morn ing an d I will , she had th ree- theusa

nd sa i d, "Come to my ou ttU! money, II Tnat dol rs to he r ere d it in the

d wrote checks as rap - Iy as ha r @xcitel'Jl@ nt wou Id

s for success a"d prspa es to failu rs, he will get t"e s .at ion he has prepared for, For @')(am 1@: A I"I\aI n came to m@

ng to s pea k the word that certa n d e bt would be IN iped

@ spent his time pia nn i g wt1 .,!! wo uld 'SiIV to the n he did not pay h is ill, t ere by neutra li:tin.g my s no uld nave see n t1 imse pay I 8 the de bt

a wond@rful ill ustration t t his in tn@ bible, relati n.c to kings: who were in the- d sert, itho ut water to r thel r he rses, 111 ev ton~ulted he p pt1 et Eli5h.a, who galle aston ~n ing message i

h the Lord - Ye 0; ha II r.ot e w nd, n ~it he r shall yeo see ake th I~ va Iley hJ II of dit t1 es, II

prepa r@ fo r the th i n.c @ has .a sked fur, when there lighteort $jgn of it i n s:ight,

pie i A woman lou nd d uri ng tn@ ye.a r whE!'D ts in New "fork, It w.a s

I ,a h er friend~ we re "5ony

• you II h ave to store yot.! r fu I lad, You naed n 't f!!@1 so rry f rtment."



n e S'S-a ry to look for an as a grf!at shortage of r~d a 1m ost a n i mpo!;sirand 'Sa ict "Isn't it too nd live ina hetel, II S"e

'm ;iI superman, and I'n

o s: ~ Inl n ite Spi nt, 0 pe t he way for tne roE!! W.i!'5 a su p Iv for every darn n d, d itioned. II wo king on the spir ua I od is a mdijcr- .'

u ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

Sl'1e spoke


b~VI ng new Ian ke~, when 'the dv rse th ught or rease in,g mi"d, 5ugge ed, bl n ksts, pI! rh aps, ahi!!r 0111. you won't {:; a n IN ill ave no use for them. II She pro ptly

"'1'11 d my d Itt hes buying the bla nk ts! "'

a pa rtment- eted as tnougi'l she

mira Ie us way, .a n it ws s given to t1 er over wo hund red ot e r a pp I ica nts.

The blan

by the th ree kj" d, ll Kings.]

~ irltua I wing of ttl ings. is no ea~y matte - The adverse thou ts of do ubt an dar u 0 nscl us. They a r@ t 1'01 rmv of the .a I' ht. Th is expla i 5 why it is 50 0

'Surge fro which mu ~d.ark~

Having rna e tha old bal ets put cut,

of high spiritu I truth on e eha lie nsclous, and" rror is exposed"

Th@ hi kI r!!:n of Isr.a@ I 'W@rE' to that th@'I/ co Id a'll!!: a II th ~V Llld see. lhi~ is tru e every man. h '5 CI nly

wit n. h is. ow n mental \l1~. n, every _g re t rk. e e

aeco pli'sh me.,t. h as bee n b ught into m " . h oldi g to t ha vision, a nd oft just before t !!

a ppa rent fa il L.I re and d' urage ment

hi Id ren of Israel wh en t ey reached t we r@ afra id to go in, for th@ sa id it was fi I mad them feel like gra sshop ers." And the we re .n our own si,gtl a s 8r.as~ no p e ma" I s experience.

H -s:p.ritual la

appe ra nee, a nd rejoic:e~ wh· ne is; "vet i tle " Ids to his vision and g- s thanks th • he has rec!!:iv@d ,

Ch ri~ gave a wo nd e If I exa m pie of les: ~'Sav net ye, t her are yet fot.! m

h th@ hal"'\le!it? Behold, I siIV unto yo ,I ups

k. on 1: he fie kI~; for th V are ri pe a Ire d to ha des r \li~ Ion pie reed ttl e "wed of matter" .a n h saw c 10 u d imen siena I world, th i S (IS tney re Uy re, pe

let!!: in Divi n@ Mind. So h kI the

urnev's end and deman

02 10F~~




recei . It maybe t1 is.

orna or fn~ nds,

d r "Wo man,

i~ Sat Llrday; there until

train was I walked into .' and they


was tf1e last fifte minutes of tne time

nfin ite Spirit was eve r nave demon

es us Ch rj~ knew t
ha II agree on eart as touch ing an
hall ba dona fur m of my Fat"'!!
to; too close to s own .affa i rs a ul and
h@ friend r~ sees claar the UCCf! s, h :aim, or
rosp~rity. an d r wavers, beca he- is; no. clo e to the
is muc h easier t eon!!! @Ist! than fm
ne's 'SeW. so a pe n should not h 3-s;k r IP. if he
el s h Im-seff wave r
@ onca said, "n
erso n sees him s cessful, II S,Llch '
nd rna ny a great n has owed h 1"-' r sl ste r,
r a friend who "b d in him" an
!! p@ rf@ct pattern 02(110F~~



• By t y word-s th 01.1 shalt be lLlstlfled.

a nd by tt1 ord nt1 OU s haft


'- .. ~.-




person k n nc. the powe r the word, ru:IoI'"""_"'"

careful of conversation. H has on IV to

rea ctio n of hi words to know that they do I

void. ' Through hi 5 ken -worct rna n eerrnn l.IaUy

for h rnseff,

I kn

ughter sa Id: I tways catch a ca , It'..,. su re to

ere, II Ttl is- 0 rred for yea~. ch had made

r h irnse If. of fa ilure,

Ttle orse -shee or r bb it's foot con ins no powe r,

spe k n word a nd jef ttl~t it wi II br ng h im glOod I

@xp@ ney in the bconsc ious mi

-sitllJ Ion." I find h ver, t hj~ will n

.a dva ced s pi rit ual nd knows a h i.e

boac k a nd must p t way ·gra~en j me n in my (lass 1'1 t1 ad great suet mon hs, wnen $ud nly everyth ing M

alyze the sit ion, and I found

afti ations and 10 Ins: to God for SIIJ aeh bougt1t II ucky monkey,1I I tru ~ing in ttl ucky mon kers- in

er l.aw. One c ge~,. For elffi '5. in bu'Si., ass


man's reates

as i nd !!:@d, at tha t mom n out t n@ on tv

e registe red in her co n s ess, Her he

a d she ultimately made .a R~-l"W'IIoIIIrful dem ens m ke the poi"t clea r that t e d pending on tha monkevs, al th powe r ba c k. of the h ers h

T @y dacidad to threw tha I c al we Itt well .again. Ttl is c u Id t brew a way every "I c house. but ne must re g ona and only power, G , a feel i ng of ~>t:poecta ncy.

'5i n.c t ne straat, she pi ke WI.3'5 fi lied with joy and 0 rseshee in ord er to koo p p

I "ow. i" my own ease, it

t:t1 a [.@I'tain thing bro

ppe ned, d isa p pointment nv y I could m.a ke a cha

e rti ng.. ~'Tne re- a rs not , t ne refo re, the r!! .a re m ns a ha ppy su rprlse, - I s rpnses commenced coml

a'll!!: a friend who sa id no a dde r. I sa id, -"If you are powe....". ~d an d E\lit in

ner.s. ~ 10 r man

coalhole, and er. that one rse-shoe about er back of it is 'Simply gives

ep despa ir. In . I mmad iately, d sent her the

ing t nat cou Id became fa ith, ion. I wis;h to

n racognizad

out of a belief

isappoi ntl'l'K!: If the t hing

. bly followed. I tou nd th e only the -s.ubco DO U"-', was by Iv o"e power. and this tni ng ce, .and ha ppy

ppc int I"n@n a cha nge at ay.

uld induce h to walk under , 'irJ LI .3 re givin . n to a belief in d of one. A-s. od is absclute.

(I- 2(1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


l' ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

It is the I.a


The e)!P -woman'Si

word'S. F 'phone, • chat." Tnj


cou Id not 'F:ic he reached the ded to ret urn a I • for ladde I"5i

nt to her ban. e wish@d it va Lilt. and he ~ 'Stood a possible to r ac t he box She qu ai led it rea rand the Ii on on @r pathway. reet. my word

wa Ik u nder tt

ttl at cou rage co e sly, and there i ight.

ts, t.t1 at r a., d rea riesSi"eS

i'§;.alwa~ It. OWing elees, he di5@:iI'5@r

the truth, he

nd who oftt:m e to 'See me a n have a fine ,,-,hioned that II

(I- 2(1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


The-&I"IIC-of '\.._tf. 19
~ ~.
t1 u ndred to e ipal top ics
baing lass, I , fai lu re an d sic
ha n k yo u, I"vf:!: h
mv life. they re too e:.::pe-n-sfve
m$hloned c t. and talk abo
don't want,t here is a", old
wornsforth @ purp0'5@"Sr to "
savs of oth will be ~aid
another. he wi$h I ng for t1 im~
"eu rse-s., Ii k@
It a man w hi s 'SOmeone "ba t iJtt met bad
lutk t1imse If ne wishes to
in& him seH to 'S
the speken
iped out of
t:t1!! conscio nass, The meta .a II d isea'5@
has a menta erres ponden ee. he- bodV one
must f 1M "'h I the SCI ul. II
Th@ soul is t su beonsc ious
wro ng ttl in ki
In the twen soul." This
means that @ 5U bconsc ious
with the rig ldea s, and the- •
of the soul nd t he spirit,
d. They must
@ p@ rfu.ct idea
I a nd ttl e Fathe 02(1 F~~~


20 ..... *:-.

.. ~-


It is fl! to '5.ay th violat on of the YOiIJ. II ave one a will t es (!lief"( t

a II skknes a nd un ha p plness C

of IO'V~. new ccmm an d men

n the Game of Ltre,l


nen] and i given power and d i5. mi nd, bo y i1 nd .aff.a i rs,

be se t away. St1 poss ~io n of ne r tkat

had. for yea rs an a pear nee ers told he r It was I urs Ie, a n tf1e stage, and sh rea d s o ,g iVf! up h ar prcfsssl on, and sha ad n

LiPpe n, S e. however, prec LI ed g

., the open ng nlgnt made a g at "1'1 ." S notices fro the em les, and w s jo u I a she rec@' ad a notlca of d ismi a L A rna n

a lous of h r success an d ha d u he r

felt hat red and rese ntment ta kl g mp nd she en out, "0" God do n' let e lola

ht shs wor

Id. "I seen me Into a ry deep silence. I s erne

at pe ce wit h m If, wit h the rna n, and wit h t ne ole

conti ued th is fo 0 te,lowi ni,gtlt'5., and on t h th i da

foun d I Wa5- he.ale comp lete of the '§:kin di.,;ea §;~, II I n as ing f r

love. r good wi she t1 ad f Ifilled the I.a IN. (lifo 101,11

I w") and he disease (wh eh ea trnant] wa

Co nt I iIJ al critlcio.; n leu s theughts '5!!tt11! in tha joint

prodiIJ ces eiIJ matism • as crtti

se u nnatu al deposits in the

F al se rowths.a rear. c. Eve ry d

caused by Jealousy, hatred, U ase is eau ed by (I mind not a

my class, IITI'1-e rs ar itn you?' we mig U?'41 U nforgive ness

II arden artarias or I r, and !!:ct t

a r endless ills.

isease, . In its

y, who s id sne poisoned oyst!!r. I replied, ~ Oh, n . yo LJ po isoned t e ovs-.:er. What' YOIJ II he a nS'lNere d, 4'Oh a bout Ili eteen

qua rei d wit" n inete en op Ie a"d ha d be

n io s t at s ha artra ned tt.


me 'So i ha rrno-

armonv on ttl e "V, liAs the witni"r 0 tl1-e wit eut."

t here is menul

nly en ~mies a re vi h in h im-; of n I".; own house old. 4, Pe

to be oYe rcome, ttl is pia et is ta i g its. in it tion in

was Christ's m ge - "p ca on an", g d IN i II

man." The enligh ened ma . tI'I~ re, end

himself upon his, n igh ber. H s work with tl i

ut goodwill and lessj"gs man,

I us th ing is, tha t it 0 @ bl!!:SS@5.a rna n ar to


ea must coma ou of the 'S ma in IN i II be sold, by tI'I rlg ht ma add d. II 00., 't hold one c . cal tho U8

a pp!!:ar@ an the a d'I i ne, .3 nd my use wip 0 ut aU sts, a"d nat tl1-e nat is, t !! right ight rna ." And I ..,. that



u ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

him all day, a d ivi ne ide.il.·' ne tarn. and bing t remarkable. T @ ot 'Sold his with 0 t 1: he light~'it YOiIJ r enemtes, bless ttl e m th hate you, an pra for ttl persarute you I'

ami n@ refused ifficu ltV. • But I sa CiIJ rse you, do go w njch spiteful

G:I od~wlll p who sends rt. prospe: r. "1 n ene mles with i eltternaU

iIJ ces a great nd 4, 0 weap

her words, one' se If, th

rs of preee ct Ion abo t the on tnat is formed a ajn him sha I v@ an d good rW II d "Stroy th fore. one ha s no ne ie s on til

who sends goo

"Res~..it not evil. Be not verec it

but oveKome evil witt1 goo II

OTHING on earth can Il!si an a person.

hi nese sav t hat w.ater is. t e '5@ it is p!:rfuctlv non resistant It C.1 n p a II before It.

Ch ri!it 53 lei. II Resist not evil," evil, therefore noth ing to I magjnat lon." or a be lief In t

Th ( is a n old legend, t" at Ad.a of lllus ion." .a nd YW two p

ore, evil is; a f.ake law man h 5 made oma or sou I sl!!:~ p. 'Sou I s le@ hypnotkzed by the race be II hkh is carnal or mortal tho h I., jllu~~on.,.

ave read ina preced inc. ch nscious min d, .iI nd wh.at~ver LI plct ured by that fa~thfu I serv what t1 e has bee n pitt uring 55, the poor man, pave rty, th




, there man's


rough ul has death, ve out-

I is nis;


24 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

People often s Y. ~ why does i3I Ii

is too YOiU"g n to know what .

to the

I an S;WE! r th ch ildre n are 5 t houghts of ct ers about them, of their pa rent ,

3 ph~icia n en ee '5U bcon'SCl eus Ind vourself. scm

Moth@rs ofta • u noonsciously. rae! i Itn@ss

their ch ild ren. by contin ua Ily he ing the m in t I) and watcn In8 f r 5Vmptom~,

For axample: friand asked a the m eastes, S e repli ~d promp she was e:<pe Ins: the IIIn5s, an for w hat she d not wa"t for he

Howp::!ve r, t he man IN ho is; ee n thin 10 ng, the an whe sen d'5 0 man, and wt1 0 i'5- w itt1 out fear, C by t n@ neg.at' !! tho ughts of rece ive on III g od tho LIg hts, 3-; h thougt1~,

, II not yet! II hi therefore. p If a"d eh ild.

irl had had mplied that ing the way

Re:s ista nc@ is H II. for it places

A meta pn'f5icl n CI nee gave me every trick in ne game of life. - H@ g.av@ it in th is w.ay; I'A t 0 c hild re n. and cou rse, t hey ha boa ptize ctl il d re • but I ba pt l:ze

resjstan 00. I bOlptiz@d I no longer event the

(I- 1 0 F~~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


cess, in ne na me of

In t his, we: Si!!@ n on resista nee, tra n-s.muted into s ccess.

for @)(a rnpls: A sp i ritLia I law of a way, with a ma n and Ii mttation a d 5il1e co me n t:t1 ought'S, '50 she isl ikad him, nd la m@ She knew in o.rd ~ to. de monstr te h r su p tt1 at she nad rec ed- a fooli g of opu I rna nifestat ion.

It dawned u pan her, one d "', st s "-'itu.at lon, and 'SOO Il8 two p in tead th e rna n a"d ba pt z:ed tf1 e snua ion S.U t:t1 I! r@ i5. on Iv one- OWl! r, God, his mv prr::r;~ritv· (ju wh.at h ~ di n ot see m

me r that she m th rougn

to r a se rvice ren ered, severa mO\l'@d to a d i5:ta t city, and f ded Make the statem nt." EloJery m n i-s go kI

my good, i, for a II men are G In

eppertu nity given by rna n, hi l'1is life.

ounded on fa il u re w.a s

is poverty her f.a i lu re, List fi rst fe ~I

wa ~i~ing the

one. So she blessee a irmedr II A'5i geed and for). SolOn

o gave her , a d the man m her life,

i'BIe-s.-s. vo~ r en e arrows Wi II be tra

less "g5i-

(I- 2(1 0 F[)ft~ ~

I "1 I I

is; a

TI'1 is law i rue of nati ns as wen as i., ivid u Is. Bless a nation, bbed of

right idea of en ndin My ~de nes h ve .0 or- rna . II I N'Piv "when you one- w II @wr be a ble t w.a Ik


through n said "'1 don't Siista"te

m day I was I pati nt Iv aw iti ng an

hene c II, I resisted eve ea I that ea e in and rnyst! If, mason i ing.

In stea tI

~ D jvi e id eas neyer

receiver di'!!iconn brought 0 done, It

, 1'1 (3 n not 10!i@ under gr.a ce. an

tl'1e neaR!st t

ill come nee to rra nge r I mad the ea Ie mi ne.

e bell dl not ring und the

,g roce ry, but he repneto left nis

d to the call h mse MV Ip one was

t nca, EI d two rninutas ater, I recei d a very II, nd abo t an hour afte ard, e one I ad been

she my and w.as: bce


That me a s, .a ree th at the adverse 5 Llation is: . be

u nd 1'St\J r bV, a d It fa II", away of its n weigt1t. I, ne of

th ese tt1 in s rno e e, ~ i'5- a wonde rful affj

is, n h m, no e motion.a I res onse to ani rmo-

n ioLl5 sit Ll3 ion,' fa 5 away for~ver, fro h ls pathway.

People ha 5 id 0 me. "Give treat eats my

t1 usba nd, r my b her. I, I re ply. I'No, I III give trea

d1 ange yo ; wt1 nyu change, you r ., usb nd a"d you r will chan

One of rrrv rtud nrs a s ~n the t1 abjt .of Iv ng. I told her nd - s ne liedr she wou Id e I ied to, She ssibly G~ along wit out Iyjng.~

'INW'rN. ~~III(1~_II'iII I

18 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

On e day t1 e a-s. spes ng on th e tphon

she W;iJS uch in -E!:. She ttl rnad

trust t1 i 0'tN he's lying to me." I

you ['S@If, 0 s to liE! to VOU, nd you

will be j st t e persc n you want the t r th fro

after t ha I sa her, an s he ss id, ~ I' m cu of Iyl g.1o

she reph d: • than I did ~

one ls

lire is a mir .a 55m: iata •

Living In he law,

Jesus Ch tne day

d you?"

n living with a

e find O"ly ou

in cur


ld, now is tI'I~ a epted te" Now i!;

d was turned int

t he part a nd t fut~ et it if it keeps h im .n g it ha 5 in stors for nim @n

y..ro rna n ea me to me, co P la.n in th

no mon which t buy Christmas g' . Sha s id,

was: so nt: I h d plenty of m ey an g

presents, an d his vea r I have sea rcely a c nt,·

(I- 201 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


nstrate mo ey wh ile yo are fu Ily in the OW,:iI nd g.et r :ildy you r ditches, nd the me" will

w wniJ! to d I I will buy I1l@

d wrapping pa er." I replied "DO me a nd st lck hemselves the

his: too, was sh wing fina c i e reason I.,g m d s:aid, •

ot sure you will

r .a s: are

als. p.a d a 81ft ad imp .......... ·o .......

, .an d opened t @ w.ay to th ... rch ased a II til presents n

few d.aV~ fore

ella rs, Buyl., the us wit" expe an-

rna nif@'5Ution of the monf!Y She enty of time,



@v@r awoil itin

iss .a trick, '" oil n

ning. It ls m

pirit, do n't Ie me as to Id to ma that 'th right wo s.

r example:

2 OF~~~


iO ..... *:-. F ~rl
'- .. ~-
~Tl'1y will be don e t h dayl Today is ad
t nan ks for th is pi:! ct day, mir de 51'1
'Wande rs stl aU n eve r
Mak~ lh.~ a ha bit. a come
into tl.i~ Ide.
Ona me rn ing I pick up a book a d rea
t hat wi'! ich is before -.I!" h: see to
day, 'So I repeate d a
which is before you,
At about nee n, a la
had been desiring fo
In a following c hapt
most effective, He r U~~ n
unless it is abselu nvlncin to 'S own
een seeu sness, and is ttl. nged o suit
different peo ple.
F or example: The fol
~ I 1'1 dIV@ a wond@rlul d@rful
servke, for wondert
I gave ttl e fi rst twe I
t ne last two.
It rna de a most pow ays. be
perfe ct payme"t 10 easily
into the subcon 51:: iou soon
d id reeelve won de gave
wonde rfu lse rvlce fa 0210F~~~


oak it an

peated, ~I h give wonde ade .a fo

a wond@rfu I b uslness, i won d@rful w:ay. nde rful p y 'That.afte Cion liar dea I. t o~8t1 the t1 ad

no act iv ity i" 11 is affa irs for rn:l,.s,

affirmatio n mu'St be ca r Ily wo rei d .a nd com p ete tv

r the ground ..

Xi m ph!: I !!!W:iI wom.a n, a dema nd f r work. She re yt h.ng. She n ul pay, ~

raat need a nd eal of wo . but dd, • won erful

full. and his up shoul f woverlll

s idaa fo r m i3I ,.iI nd when rna brea ks d n the- ba rri

in h is own r.sclousn ~S5. th G okle n w ill be hi a r.d

ri,gt1teo us dire of his hea rt fu !filled I





which he giveos, The Gam~ of L' ng"', Ma n's thoughts, ceeds an sooner or later. wit" astou nd in

leh io.; Sa Mkrtt 10 r II Come back. ·

t his; story of herse If. iUustrat in y Ka rma on mv au nt whateve r I e. I am ofte n irrita ble at nom

r W no was ta Iking to I'I'M! du rin eat in peace. II.

I was un t1 ing wit h a -woma n wit h whom I rea! j p ss io n, I W.ilS ta I king :iI nimat@dl ore t lk, wish to eat in peace I '"~

re he Is re.,;pon..,ib le for. and pirit ual La w, w bich he does n atly, i e seq uen ea. ~ i!!! fe:il r of m@ Lo

ls om," If we read the word La y pas ag In tne fllble much clearer.

i, lawl. It is the

In Dlvl ne Mind, be wI1 at ne sees

his: fa ilLJ r or s eeess, hi§; joy 0 so ing~ I to v ibll ity fro the see nes set in h I ow imagi natio n,

ebs rv-ed tf1 is i" th methe r pictu ri g d ass for ne r

a II un ha ppy nd ions) comes:

dge of Sp I .. ttua I La

her- r oil nd tha law (] @ys an wn@n he of el d: ricity m ust b cb yed befo re it ma 's serva n . Wh n h.a nd Ie d i,gn 0 nt ,it b€-c:omes: ad IV oe - So w- h the la~ of Mi"d I

strcng persc n I w L wished she ed to an aeq u Int nee, a nd she hers-elf living i t h house. In the oil nd sha m in 0 th!! house. ming i nee t e now-ledge of me: Do yo u th ink I ad nyt ning to do



witt1 t nat I repl i d: 4'yes, you

st rong,. eve h ing mads ay to it, but you debt- You r h usbane, wh m you loved de

after, an d !! ho use w.a 5 oil wh it ~ le:pha nt 0


Th-e orig.na en affe -e by her thoug s h ad he b an po itiYE!: in tha truth, n r tl!!: r

husband. b t thev were der Karmic I w. Th~ an

she uld ha sa Id (feel I., rest desl re r t he h ~).

~ I.,fin ite I nell i,ge-nce, g- me he right h se, -eq u I as

c ha rming oil ttl isr t ha h ous wh id1 is mi n@ by di - n@ right. I'

The d i'vine eleetle n wo ul t1 aile ive n perfect $at I",facti

brought go d to all. The iv in e ttern is ttle- n Iv safe

to work by,

Oes:ire i$ a reme ndous to c ha nn els, 0 chaos. ensues

~ ask aright.

nt ~ep is he fi rst


, to

Man shou ine


To go ba Had tne-

attitude: 4'1 ttl is hou 5!!, 1

not. g iv~ its eq utva Ie "til to

move out. a rmon I ously had rt for

her) or an t1 er house- uld ha ing

forced into rna n ife station throug ·'iII·

got," and h s "ever bad su ess."



admol'l ished, II My riou thing is, man CIIlw;iJ oes re Ii nqu ish persona nts II' enca to work th roug

i II be done not th i ne, 4, nd the ts j u'51: wh itt h des ires ha n he

wi II. thereby n abli"G I nfin ite

r @ arnpla: A womdin a aug er had dete rmi ne d t oth r wa s filled wit h fea r

, (law~.

to m@ in g at dist ke avery haza ous trip

he s id she had used ~ ange augn

id t

dir&'J rnent, had poi nted r and forbidd~n h r to go.

r beca me more a n ore re be Illou'S: nd dete

the mother, lIyou forcj"G yo ur p rsenal

ughtar, whicn you e no ri,c kt to do ;iI nd yo

i s on Iv attract ing '. r man attracts what he ars." I

"let go, an d ta ke y r menta I ha nds ; put it I God's;

and use th is 'Stat situatio in the

I nfi nite L.ov!! and

the Div @ pia n, nned.1 day or

is Ie rn i"g to "sta nd 'Still .

-II d al more fully with




n ea me to me saying, st1 -dc liar bill, gil.ren to her ad, for, she said, ·'The ledg@ their m lsta ka. ~


the ban 5h!!!!

pie at the ban k

d, ~ Let u s ana tyze tt'.e sit atlon and ed it. II S he thought a fuw mernents itr I sent .a fn!!!! nd .a let of 51: @money, j st for ha d se nt he r 'SOme rug money. fa it d ng a bout joke".

~ Now w@ wi II call on the 1;1 '!tituation, •

an ity is lou nded upon the I w of forgiv e-d us from t ke c U~ of t @ K.a rm ic 1;1 • .a nd t ha Chrl each ma n is h ls Red ee era r.d S Ivatio from.a I on iou" condit Ions.

id: ·'.nfin it@ Spirit, WE!: call n thi!! law 0 fore.-

an ks that 'She is Lin de r gr ce and 1'1 u nde

1O$e this twe nty dolla rs wh I h I s hers d 1\11 ne

~ No I' I sa id, ~Go back to the b nk.a nd tell them, f@arless that i W,3'S given you. t he re by mi ke."

eyed, an d to her 'Sou rpnse, ey a pologi ed a" gave t1 e r bi II, treating he-r most 00 U @ou'Sly.

wledge of the Law gives es. 41 Ma n ca nn ot force d1 e

an powe to II r te m al to b what

xa mple: A wom n ca me to me asking p s erity. She did n ta ke mu ch interest in ., er h

rand ne r hom e W '5- in great d isorder-

to her, "If '!IIou -sh to be rich, you m ust be 0 e . AU

with great wealt hare orderty- an d order is- hea fi~t

• I I addedr t You will eve .. become ric h w tth a bu rnt rna eh in

ad a good sen se f humor a nd commented 1m ed i tely, g her house in 0 er, She rearranged fumiUlre sr igtl-

out bu r!!EI u d ra rs, elsa n@ drugs, ;iI nd soon m de big

clal d ~ monstratl I) -3 gift from 3 relative. The ma n,

If, became mad Oller, a nd keeps hers,.eff V ~ up

ciaUy, by be ing e r watchful of the extern al (I nd s !!rity, knowing Go is hsr 5UPPIy.

people are In Ig ora nee of the fact that g Ift5 a i vest ments, and th t hoa rd ing an d saving inva ria b

iT e e is; that seane re nand yet inerea seth: and the e ~

wit okleth more tha n s meet. but it te nde1tl to pave

xam pie: I kne IN rna n who wanted to buy .3 fu r lin ed oat. He an d hls w e we nt to va no us shops, but t e w.a s

he wanted, He s id tney were all too cheap- ki . At

he was shown 0 @, the salss man '5.a id W.iS v.a I ed at a LI and dolla rs, but h lch the man ager wou Id se I hi to r u ndred dolla 1"5. as it was late In ttl e sea son.

n.a ncial possessio s .a mou nt@d to a bout 5@"11@n rs, The reason ing ind would have sa id, "Yo LI ca 't ore!

to spend

axarn rmed

er, Sh

w days latsr, scrneo @ @nt@

bu eau dr.a r the exa a mcu n


s wa s hoppi g with h

a toy wt1 it:: h he to Id h she


rdto buy.

d ~ddenly that s God as l1-er~ pplyl

lack. a

ht the toy. nd on >lad amou n of mon

heme r lcked up, in the ad p.a i for it.

(I- 201 0 F~~ B-o-ob


iling when fu Ily tru

things n everse pi LIIM are ~ in due se a on we 5tl I rea p, if we aint not. II

ught the G d news , he Gospel) t at there: W 5

than the w of t:: rrna-and t at that I.a

law of Ka r a. It is ttl faw of gra • or to rgi ~

law wtl ich ees rna I'll m the law of ca U'5e a d

hat on t nis la ne, m a rea ps whe-

of Goo a r!!: imply pnu (] LIt upon

rds is; h ls • Ttl is CCI i nu ~d state t ne race r world) d1

irn, ~AII th t bliss awa' gtlt.

5 Christ sa-

sa id si[ !!55 a nd 'So w s ha II p.a '!!t ene my be ove rcom .

, fro m a seie t ific: sta n pointr t nat d ath cou I d

starn ping t n@ '5lJ be mi d with t

e mal yout and etern II ife,

witnout di



Work i ng u nd e r th direction

or God witni n ) the II res

a ceo mphsned.

40 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-


Man WOU Id no Ion er th row t ra nsformed j nee he "'body for Ch ristjanity is un ded up @mpty tomb. ~



• I I


~. 41

I" powers and the wo si r!!: is to find a 0 easy .1 su bconsclous with g e of tne Truth will n

n~of quick d. for bring


A metap ~ ian once @xpl.aio it in this manner, H~

on IV th~ ich gives a r.yth I w~ight ~ 1'1 natu re, is; t

n d if .a boy kler IJ Id be ta ken t1 igh a we u Id be no we - ht i ~ th.at boulder. (I n II!! sa id: "My yoke- is e i3I

me the world bratio 1", and fu netiene i" tne ction,

He .,;akl:· 0 e to me all yeo tha labor and are heavy Ia I win If u rest." 4'Take my yoke upon YOiIJ, for m e:il'5-¥ and y burden ios light_~

to Id I n the flfty-f h f'~a lm. to "cast th ,i' Many passages in the Bible state that t

Il. and oke is

urden battle

'INW'rN. ~~III(1~_II'iIIII

.Ill ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

We see. t ha rriore, h itt rna .and a bu rd en ls a aeve t nought or -conditio t1 as it",

rrtes a bu rd th ough t or co n ition. .3 nd lous.

is- God's not man's nd ttl a man is a IwaVS to 'sta nd stjlll '5!!~ tha Salv.i3t ion of ha lor .

Th is i nd K:at!!s that t e 5 Up!! onscious mind (0 a, rist wit" i t he department wh ch figh s ma n' s batt Ie a nd relieve'S hi burdens.

It sa arns a IIIlO'5t im si ble 0 make a nv head ay d irerting su bcon5Ci ou'!t from he- '0 sdou s, or reason i g min d. as reascni ng ml nd (th intell ) is. limited in its nceptions, fjll-ed wit h do ubts (I d rears,

How SI: ie-ntifi, it the is. to st the b urden 1.1 po eleus mind (or Ct1 Irt wit in) where it is II

dissolved into its II n tive n i Il8ness, M

se r example: A wo rgent nee-d of men

upon the Ch ri"'t wit I.,. the uperccnscious, w tt the statem

~ I cast this bu rden lack 0 tt,-e Ct, rist (wrth i n) a nd I go

have plenty!'"

The be lief in lack s t1 er u rd en • .a nd as ~ e ",t It upon Su pereonselous wit its belj of plenty. ;(II n alia a nehs of '5iU wa s t ne ras ult,

We read. "Th e Ch ri

he hope of glory.4'

An other @xdimpk!:: y students had b

pia no, a nd the re 5 no ro m in he-r stud i 0 to

moved out the old one. S was in a 'State 0 wa "ted to keep tne otd pia e. but kn ew of no

n ,given 01 it Lint il she perple>::rty . late to sen

'INW'rN. ~~jJ(I~_II'i-


e beta me desp r mediiltely; in fa r W S on its way, id it came to her to repeat, III ca - hin, and I go fr@ .' '

few moments; la er, her .t pho ne ked if sh e migh t en her old pia n w minutes befo

1 knew a woma n,

st th is burden @, to bs lovin 5 pe rcensee us, fIOD[]fN] ole life w.a 5 eha ate of torment lnd],

e statement

be made time,

.ave nonced, in • em", to see clear th e throes of ca


stead ily re peatin nit with in, and relief. and soon r 0 it health, ha ppin ss

r" tha visio n lea later comes he r s~pply.



p ano it:t1 n D plac to p t it. She ti'l - bu rden on

friend out • .a

'5aid. "I nd Igo I mighty nd her

o\le r • • with

on the fueling good,


'- .. ~.-


§;§; the ~u b con5-Ciou'!t, act ive fa ith

On i!!! of my stu i!!! ts onca askf!d rrw! to e:w: pla in the "da r n s re ttl e da n, I referffid in a precedj"C cha pter to t" f often, tha big darnonstratjon 11@v!!rything"5@~ s

rong, II an ee p depress:io n (;10 ud'!t the consciou'§;n

me ns that CI CI d1 e su beenseleus a re rising t he dou bts a

rea of tne- ag I hsse old derelicts of rhe s ... beenseteus ri e-

It I s the n, that n should cia p h 1'-' cymbals, like J ehosha

i:l"d give t n(l n that ne is saved, eve-n ttl ough t1 e s e s

"5U rr unded by h @nemv fth@ situation of lack or d i5.@;iI'5.@) st LI nt contin e ." How long mu §;1 0 ne re rna in in the ea rk I re lied, .. u nt ., e can see in the da rk, ~I an d "ca~in bu en ena ble 0 e to see in the da rk, M

rks i5. d@ad. ~ In thsse ch aptars I ri gout th is pOint.

d active fa it" wh e n wn on the grou nd, I' bafo r!!: he g;ilve tl'1 an

fi!;h ~'S.

I wi gi\fe.a "at e exa m pie sh owi"g how nscessa ry th is Sit is the bridge, ov!!! r wh ich rna n pas'5.@"5

T" ugh misu n e ., ding • a wom.a., had bee n sepa rated

her usband, 1'1 m shs loved d@eply. H@ r@fu'5f!d .all off@ rec nciliation a d would not comm U n lcete with he r in a nv a

'INW'rN. ~~jJ(I~_II'iI I I I

Comirlg into the kl'lClwledge of S i1pp aara nee of '5oep.i3 ration. She m da th is st no sepa ration i" Divi ns Mind, ttl e ra, I ea fro m the leve a nd cornpa nio nsh i wh ich a right. •

She stl owed active fa itI1 by a rra ngi g a place @'Iff!ry day; thi!!rf:!:by impressing th su bconsc of h ls retu rn, ave r a yea r passed, b LIt she n one day ne walked in.

Th@ su bconsc ious is often imp to u r1tI di men siona I q ua li1V a nd 90 n ment. It rna kes wonde rfu I th I n accompli'sh me.,t I

I have a fne nd wI'Io u ses h ~ r viet puts he r in perfect ha rmony and

Anoth@ r worn din oftan d din cas w ilf! rna ki The rhyth m and ha rmony of m Llsi an d mctl to rth with tf'eme neeus pO'We r.

Th@ student must ramembe r als sma III hings;. II

I"varia b lv, before a d ernenstrat ion

Before Colu m bus; reached Ameri wI'1ich ~nowed him land was; near. but often ttl e st\l de nt mista kes it and i5. dlsappo i nted.



denied tne t: "rha re is e sepa rated @ by divine

at ttle table h a picture r avered, and

Music has a from impriand easy of

rrnatlons, her words;

46 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-


For eKample: A dis ha 5. Not long old an tI crae ked I

She came to me n sa id, - Well, I a alii got was a era k d plate."

I repli@d, ~Th!! p ta w.a 5 on Iv signs are com.n.g -100 1.1 on it as birds a afterward" the d - h

Co nti nu ally "rna one makes be lie in "due time he

If I.

Ch lldren af@ 011 a converted, an d b KI ngdom of He.av

4' rna ki n.g b@I' V!!, I' me as 1~1e chil

Fo r @xample: I kn of a worm n wh

ceu lei make he r el poor. She ea m

from rich frie nd~ no con stant Iv

[l"d to be ca refu a d savi"g- Rega she wou kJ s pand .a I har @.alm inC.'s 0 gift, a nd be in .3 r ptu reus 'State alwa~ ce nte red n a utifu I doth e witt1 out envying

She lived in the rea I to her. &etc [l"d t nings beta t n@ I' Divi ne 5ele

.M s;he h ad image

,II but opu lenc nly opulence .

(I- 201 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


nt il "e ha-s. e rased aU

h!:ilrfrom th

@d @ n@ rgy and must h.

r@dir@tt@d or tran 5r

idr "WhV are ve rearfut of Ifttle itn?" "A!I

lbla to him that beli@'Iffit ~

I reply, I' By

Wal k up to t I ion, and n@ will d i5..a pp

after '!!Iou.

prellious eh apW rs, of lack

n@ n tha i nd ividu.a I s @ t money hat God wa s h ls s ... ppty a d therefore.

and are n I~ing men truth t nat G witt-. the Gi

udents have co me out t e bon dage f pC\l"e rty, bou ntifuUv s uppl i@dr th gh losi ng II f.E!::a r of go out. The s Llbcon~io s ls im presse with the

is; the Giver .a nd the Gi e refore .a s n e 1'5 one

J he is one wit h the Gift- pie nd id

the Giv@r for God t n@

long sepa rated 11 im~e If m h I~ go a nd hls

h tl1 oughts of sepa rat- nand lack,

times, it tak dyna m it@ to d isladge th talse: idea from the

su bconsclcu • and the dyr'l amite is a big s uation.



4, ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

see in the to ing i Ilust ration, how the

@ by sl'1Owi nc: ted rlassness,

shou kI watc h i mself hou rly to dl!!!t@ct if is motive: or a et on is: fea r or faith,

Pe aps: one's fea r i of person ality, 11'1 ~I'I do pie fe ared: be wil ing to meet them chee rfu I eit e r prove Mgokle lin ks in lt1 e d1 ai n of 0 dis p P'!~ar harmon iou IV from one's pOlthw.ay.

apSi en e' s rea r is. of disease or germ"" The n n s heu Ide

rea I ess an d un d ist\.l bed in a germ-laden sit u e

On ca n en tv cent ra ge rms wni Ie vi brati ng at tn t h germ, a nd rea r d r gs men dow" to the lew I co r5e, tn@ d i'5f!ase La @ n g@ rm is the prod uct of all hought murt ob' ify, Germs de not exist in (10 '5 or 0 !vine Mind, t herefere are the product im gi nation."

·In the twin kling of n eye,. ma n's re lease will

rea izes there I", no r In e~l.

Th rnatarial world -II tad!! aw.ay, 01 nd t ha fou wo d, the ·We rk:l of he Wondrous,· wi II s:wing i tlo ,

me rate as e germ-

011 mind, as "Superco 5-

~A d I saw a new he Vf:!:nr and a ne-w sarth-eand re death, 1'1 elth r sorrow nor crving, 1'1 elthe 5 an more pai n; for th former t ningSi .a re pa ssed a .a ,~



(I- 2(11 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. ~[llt~tI'u[(I~_II'i-

. [ [[


n on th r.; ta net Is ta kj ng his n Itiatjo that

less (I nd f ee from fea r - ft P

th!!: obje: of it affe 0 ion, without dsrn an d i j~ in the ov gMn.g. Lei., God in ma strc ngest mag €otic: forte" in the un iller5e. ure, un Ifi h d r(I~ to itse- its OW"; . doe s net ne ed t seek r d mart I Sea ree Iv.a yon has the f mtest conce pti on f rea I 1

se lfis;h. ann 1 I or f~art 1 j n his; affection., there

th ing he oves Jealousy is t he woNt ene of

,.. r IlS riot. i"g the lovecl 0

nva nab Iv hess fua I"!i obj

WO mil n I: me to me- in dee had left her r o:t::h II! r wom~ n r 3 rry her, S he was torn said she oped he wou Id su added.· ow COli Id he lea

re not 10

is man.

'50 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

dema nding noth i ng in ret urn. do bless h im wt1f!n!v!!!r ne is, t

She ra plied, I' NOr I wo n't bless him u

~ Welt - I s;aid, "that is not rea I love "

~ Whe-n you sand out re-.a I Io'lf@r @ I will

elthe r from th i s rna n or hi'i ~q u ilJ Ie r if th.s m

d Iv I ne seleene n, you w III not wa t h ~m As; you a

Godr yo u a re one- with the love - h b longs to

rig nt, I'

Seve ral months passed, an d matt but sh e was worki"g conscie ntio u you are no Ie ng@ r distu rbed by h s c ruel as you are attra ct i ng it th ro

e h

The n I told her of a b rotl1 ernood i mom ing" to @i1ch othe r. Th@y us d the words:" Divintty in you." They saluted the d In tne wild animal" in the Jungle • an t ey

t ney saw 0 nly God in every I wi th i

d ivi nity in tf1 is man, .a nd sayr 'I s yo~ a'S God 'See'S yo u, perfect. mad

She lou nd sh e was becom.n8 me her (@s~nt rnant, He- was a Ca pta i -The cap."

On e d aVr she sa iet sud de nly. I'G

- "



(I- 2 1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. ~lllt~tI'uJ(I~_II'i-


I rep lied: ~ Now, that is. re 'rom pli!!t-l:! eire "a nd a ri!!! you wi II have" i love, or a

I wa~ tnCIving at th ls ti me, out of tcu en h her fo rete-wed a lette saying, 41

• 'SO w.as: orning I

At the earl ie§:1 opportu n ' we re, i, What ha pen ed7"


"Oh, ~ she @ xcl sufferi r..s had to marry him,

never seen a

av woke u and aU nin a nd he sked me ut .a week. a d I t1a~

The(e ls a n old aying:" N rna ls 'f0

friend, every n is you r t ac h i,

50 one should b orna im to teach him, a d 'SCIcn he

The -W01"na n IS

Suffe.ri n.g i5 not eeessarv of Y lelat ion of s iritua I la t:t1 !! rJlS@1v!!s fro h appv, they us of Karma 1'5 set n s ctlo n, appreciation -

ent~ it rs, he resu tt m a bl to rouse When p (] pla are mati cal the I.a IN 5S th reu h lad: of

I krI~w a we n who ha a

ofte n, i'l don't re a nyth ng a

0201 F~~~



'- .. ~.-


my husba nd. II m simply


r interests, an d 'SCarc@1v r!! JIlE!: h Lis and. Sh on tv thought of him when she nd to Id he r he was In love wrt nan

I re I led, "It i s exactly wh.a1: yo LI spoke the

YOiIJ id n re a nvt ning .a be ut bei n.g ma rrl ed

wo ke to get yo u un married- II


ves. I see, Peoo pl~ get what the hurt"

bs alllE!: in parfact ha rmony with t @ sjtuation w re both m uch ha ppier a ea n.

n become 5 indiHe rent or critiea I to her h usband, n@ mi s:5@5 t n@ hip a nd is r~rtless and 1.1 nh appy.

me to me dejected. m isera ble and 5te in tI1!! I'Sci@net! of N urn b@I"5, ~ .a nd It ms he pen wa~ not lJery favorable, for

'5ays. I'll n a me unt to anything b eea use I a two. i,

I n! Ii@d. 1'1 on't ca re w hat you r n u rnbar is, wi e mind, a nd we will de rna nd iel'! are alreadv pia nn ed for yo

Wit in a w~ek§;, he had a very fine pos' . n. and a

two ater he acnieve d a briUia nt success as a iter. NO m i a 'Sue 5S i b s i ness un Ie 55 1'1 e loves h is work The pir:tu r t e


I •

artist pa i nts for love {of h is is his

boiler is alw.i!YS some! hing to r

No man can attract mon ~y kept in poverty by saying: • t1 aw .a contempt for people

Tnis is ttl ~ r@:iI'5.0 n so manv a sts an! P money separates them from t

I reme mber hea ri"g o"e arti an arti 51, tl@ has mon@y in th

This; attitude of mind, of COl.! ,,,-,epa r

t1 e must be in ha rm ony w ith

Money is God in ma n ifest limitation, but it must be a right uses. Hoa rding and savi

This does not mean th at rna ".;tock"-' and bonds, 10 r ~t he full, I It mea ns rna n shou Id oecasie n a ris@s, wn@ n mo n tea rleo;slv and cheerfu IIv he to r God 1"-' ma n 's unf.a iling an

Tnis is the '5.p lrltua I attitude of the Universal never fa ilsl

We see an axa mple (If h ·'Gr@@'d. ~ Th~ wom.a n won f' wou kI not 5 pe nd it. She he

in he film dollars i v~d. le

(I- (I0F~~~


'INW'rN. ~~jJ(I~_II'i-


floors for a

starve, an

d ths mon@yhe was murde

@vii." Mon@v in itself i'5. good and b destr ctive pu rpeses, ca rd ed nd sav ru. th an IOIle, b

ney iU-e1f.

ney is t e root of II nefidal, ut used • or co n idered mo

I s;aste r,.a d the 105s

the path of lcve a nd a III i ngs ar

and 15 'SU P ply: foil the pa h of se . shness a d greed, a d

the s pp IV van lsh as, or rated

se r P::! mple; I knew he case

hea rd d her income. Sera rely [l"d b ught and bough ttl ings fo

She s very fond of eckl ace

how any she POS;5 ssee. repl- d, "S-

boug t tharn and put hem aw V, ea

pOI pe Had she used @ na ckl Cf!S it

legiti re, but she viola tin "the we re Illed wittl clothe she n e $aw t e ligl'rt.

rna n 's a rms holdi 8 on to tl1ing incap ble of looking hOI nd d C'lt!!: r to others


So tion,

the law brings beut his; ., dest

(I- (I10F~~~



II un ha ppine'5.s, co !! from t:h i!!! viola on 's beemerangs of ate, re ntme nt and !!n with '5icko@'S5 a d 'SO he m an with the k ined, for w ltt1o~t

Ii ng cymba 1&. i,

me back I a It,. but must be



r e:.:a mpl e I had a 'Stude nt onth, to can her co I'IIscio U'Stl e '5 of re e arrived t the point where hoe re nted (I I'll 0 I'll ut that 00 wom.ilo k@pt her b 'Yf. L' I@ by linl sh oi'sed .and h rmon iou"S. an d on day. a re sent

Old ia nt, .a nd exclaim d I'yo

man said someth i to a nd in

Iovi ng .a nd kind, a I'IId s e a po Iyto me.

to rna, oompl.aioio

c rit lea I and In

• eli," I f@ pi !!d, "Sa I ute the Oivi

I a nswered, You reme mber the rv

r a certa I., piece of ma rble. H wa'5

tness I

the scul r ked why ne

and h rep lied, 'b ca u hi!!! prod ...

re is a n a gel in the ma rble,' n arlul work of art, II


She SOl d, I'V@ry W@ I, 1'1 t

'Said. II did what 1I t

kl nd. nd took me

. .' A wee-k lat@ r S ha came back nd

e to . .a nd now the woma n is rv

ct ca n be n e utra lized by the prase t.

ing tho~e hi ng'" wt1 ic h a re ben nd tt,i ngs w te h are before-. II

the cells of t he V.


an sajd to

for my scr rs

milythat I

I was asked to t d.augh r. I denied tnatG

rna n who was mou m ing for !!: r

f 1'1 10S§;.a nd pa ration, and affir d

J ,love a n peace.

ut !if! nt word bv ne r s as "so happy, it W3 l'I't

So I'

,g ri@f!i a nd regrets.

beut bra ing of he r troubles, 0, etl1 ing to brag a bout.

Th@ okl idea Wi:lSi if .d W rna n did not wor she was not a good mot er.

NOW. we know that d isea",es and aecide nes

ar is re-spon ib r ma ny the

ome Into ttl 11\1 s f children

for lea r p iet ures vivid tha disaa 5@' or s th ese P iet LIIM 0 bjectitv, if n neut ralized.

Happy is th e mctf1e r cf1 ild in God's hands, a protected,

For exa mple; A 'W(I rna n brothe r w.as in great d she eomme nee d ma kin perfect idea in Divine th e refere, my brothe r protected. ~

The next d ay she fou d th pro>£i mity to an explo ion i escaped.

n f!!.a red, a nd


So man I", ke er (In tho t1t) a d e"Jery

she u Id know t nat the t ing h loves dwe lin of the most hiGh, :iI nd bldas u ndar the sh do ty."

i'Ttle re st1 all no evi I b II th e", ne lther s aU n plague c me nigh thy d W!! IIi ng. I'

~ Pe d: low casteth ou rear. He ttl at ot made

perfs j n love. II :iI nd • Lov is the fu Ifill ing 0. the l:ilw ~




THERE is Doth i ng too reat of ilt: 0 pli sh IIl@ t for he an who knows; the po r of hls j and w 0 fol his i nt\J itive lead s, By t e word h "it1n,,-, in ct ion un e en

to rees a" d ea I' reb ui Id his dy or re m n.s affai ,

·In all thV wa He "-'hall

It 1"'1 therefore, of the Lrt I mpo

words, a nd the student refu Ily

wish-es to eats pu It into th e i visi ble,

He knews th at God Is his su ply j that h re j~ a su d ema nc, and that hls spoke word rei

"Ask and ~ shall ret:ei'Ve."

Man must rna ke ttl e fir_;t d raw nigh to you, t

ign to G

I have often been 3'Sked ju

I rep IV: ·Speak the word an the n do t do a nyt I ng

ge t ill defin ite lead. II Oe m nd t he le d saying, II nfinit I"t reve;jll to me the way, let k now if t re is anyt inc. r e to do.'

Tne answer will come ttl (or nun h~; a eh nee

re mark from some one, or pa~ge i a book, C, c. The



60 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

; it was just as m uch to .sive som one a h u nd red, •

rig kt in gi i n.c the h un red doll.a rs. It WdiS a gre.at in stment. to r hortly after th at, a fa r I I'll .a rema ka ble way.

rrs tI1!! way {] r (@[@iving, In 0 rder ne 'Should've, rrt hing or .siving

income, a n old Jew h custom, and 1"-' su bring i c

Many of t e richeost m ., in t nis co U"try nave be

The tent pa rt gees But th ego r tftne for "God I !!th a c ha all money she Llld be

rth .a nd retu rns bles ust be gil.ren witt1 I rfu I giv!!r." Bills 51'101.1 Id nt forth fe arles'Siy .3 nd

rd then 4) pens vast

Man. h 1m elf. Ii mtt~ h supply by h is 11m ited vi t ne studs t has a g re rea liIation of wea Ith, U

Th@ viQO n nd a etion must Q h nd in ha • as in tha casa of th e rna n wh bougltt tne fu r- in e vereeat.

A woman c me to me a-ski g position, So I de man dad: "I n l!'IIit woman IS . 1 pes ilion, II N t:t1!! right po it ion, the place

it is the onl one that will.s'

to "spe k tI'I e word" for a Spirit., 0 n t he way fo r t hls to r just (I position II; ask 10 r V pia nn!! in 0 ivin@ Mi nd, .a 5 action.

1 1 hen gave tha nks 1 nat she ha a lrea dy wou Id man @"5t qu id;; Iy. Ve s n, she offered her, two in New "{or a n one in did not kno wnlch to chc .1 s N:t "A$k

ceived. a nd that il d th rE@ position 5 1m Beach, a nd she a defin ite lead,·

Th@ nms s almost up a nd ed, wh@n one d.ay.

she te lephc ed, "When I ke p this: m ning. I cou kI 0; men Pa I m Beach • She 11 ad been the before nd knew it5 ba Imy fra8rante.

I replied: "' ell. if you ca n me ee rta I !'Illy yo r fead,· St1 e ace pte great sueee ,Often on e 's Ie

One day, I s wa I king dow

~ro!'llg u rge go to a eena In bak

Th@ reasonl g mind rsslsted a tI'I at you W3 t,"'

Ho-weve r, 1 ad learned not looksd at !! ryth ing, and th I wa nted. b t com ing cut I ~

h from here, it is: n, an d it pro\led .a nexpeeted time.

n I suddenly felt a

is nothing there

"t to the bake ry, n oth mg thera that ma n I had the u.sht

(I- (110 ~~



n, a ",d wno was in


'- .. ~.-


n, one gees for one

Intu ion is .a ".; pirltua I faeu poin s the wav-

A P rso n often receiloJes a lea d t nat comes may see m q ite I lead ngs are II mysterio IJS. t

I could

In t e cla-ss, one day, I wa treat ng t h t

rece ve a defin Ite fead. A ma es m

i,Wt, ile you were t at i 1l8. I got t h u re out af sto ra.ce an g@t.a to be treated to r h ah h. of her own. he r he tth

e you r treu ble, wh i h is con

havi & th ings stored a ay. ng@

estlo n in th e body, Y 1J ha viol

body I".; pa~ng t he pe a ltv, ~

ve t hanks that ~ D ivi an d affa irs. II

of th ings (3 uses the la IN of se, and

blished in h r mind,

is a ental correspondsn for V!!ry rece ve i nsta nta neo ... s h e lin.g t rol.lg

be bel ng .a pe rfect idea i DI\li e Min • perfect.. but if ne ont i n es h ing,. hating, fua ring,

sa, A pe might

reali:zat io of his d. d1 e refe • whole inking,. urn.

(I- 2010 F[)ft~ ~

I r II

that a II sickness me

h@ r the I1ealin&, upon him,

a n 's sou I ( r su bcensclous mi n mu

,-,"now J for erma nene hea ling; nd t e ys de Iving d p for tne II corresp

s Chrirt sa id, ·Con de mn not lest

be ju dged _ 4,

Ma y people ha e attracted d sea ethers,

exs mple: A friend came- to use her h us and had deserted !, em nad tha ther '!NO man, and

5 a marr" man, and h.ad n

tio s.'

plied. "Stop con d@ rnning tha bl !!S5 her, .a nd be:

ugh with th sttuatlcn. 01: he rw ,yo ing the

e thing to vo r.;.elf:

wa'50 deaf t my word 5, and a r 0

de plV iatereste i n a rna rried man,

ive -wire whenever e erit cises shock,



lock in rna y a pathway. I n order c

tel"l'M! nt, peated Iy, ·'1 .i3 m .d Iw ..

ake right d lslons, qui-ckly, ~

su bconscl LIS, al'l d seen one fi n s Ie , ma king 1$ Iigl'1t tnC\l5 wit he t nd it destruct- to look to the psyc it it is the plans ot rna ny minds ;i nd n t

!'e become 5 a ta rget f r is me resu It ot rna of oppegtes,· He

nd the raa ing of h oroSOOpE!:S, k (or mortal] plane, for they d ea I 0

hou kJ hav be@n dead, y!!aI rs.a r

oro p, but he is; a iv~ al'ld a leade r of 101'1 e

m nts in d1 is to ntrv for the uplift

in to neutra Ii e a proph ecy of evi I. T e , 'Eve r.j fa lse prop hecy sha II come 0 her in he a n 11 a 5 not plan ned, 511 II ad, t n@ d i ine ide.a now cernes 0

ssage has er bee n given ene,

Ith, h.a rbor nd expect it, .a nd it ill hrough the "IN of expectancy,

, htae US d !!:sirf! of his d the p~rfect vision,

leave the husks and ie r, 10 r the average ~ort of the will.

reeog nize-s; that any of me ntal i., ha rrno.,!!: is 51: umbl ing 0 r

street eende m ni"g ng, menta Ily. 4'That .._._._ ..... "'n en earth, - wh en e comer and almc".;t t ne boy scouts, but ss, and ~salut@d the ays of plea~a ntness

D@ h as ad@ his de rna nds u y to r su prises, Everyth i n.s may e rea I ity it is go.n.g right.

Un iv@I"!i:ilI, h@ rnu 51 to. be gei ng wrong,

fa @)( rnple: A worm n was to k:I that t mi d. hereto ,sh e COg Id not lose .a n

was no 1055 in divi n@ g wi'! ich be longed to



66 ..... *:-. 8-o~rl
'- .. ~-
her. anytt1 ing
eq u iV.illent.
dollars, She
e, bLlt the
r will. The
-woman W-aS no written
statement of ~Vf! r r!!Cf!iv!!d t money, 50
she dete rmi n nd coll~ct the o thou-sand
dollars from . ersal, St1 e had c begin by
forgiYi"g t ne ness. dose
t ke doors of t
She made this, ~t
Mind, ttlerefo e, I ann
belong to ma
Shoe was living in a sale: and in
t ke 1e!:i15@ w.a s ad use if tha house s sold, the
tena nts would be d.ayoi. Sudde nly, the Ian

A,gi1 i n, i nj usti w"S 0 her p hay, but th is ti

u ndi~ urbed, he less d the la d ord, and sa id, s the re nt has been raise • it ea s that I'll t nat much rich r, for God is my supply."

New leases w divine mistak after, thoe Ian

e adva need rent, LIt by some se t1 ad bee n fa etten. 500 n nity to 'Sell th house, On nants held

(I- (110 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


va rate. woman. This time th~ sum comes th to friend

o hund ra I b milias mO\l'e ; three ra m nth or two passe ,and tne a

53 i d to the woma ,4'Wi II you ifteen h Lin d re d do a I"!i?" It flas thou san d dona .• she re in all act t


n s sa id : i'Well, rF they nave h u ndred V will cartain Iv g' two thousa a check f r 'NO thou-sand do lla to r giving was ce i tv a rema rkable ol"king of appa re nt i justice was mer tv (I pe ni"8 d arnonstr t on.

It proved h t there is no 1o~~J

sta nd, he liens all t nat is is from lf1 is


to you the year.; e loc uses n

:iI re the doubts, ng.

u fifteen e rf!Cf!iv!!d rtment.It J and the V for her

~J rasentm nts an r@8.1'1?tS of

e t noughts, a lone

h ims!!lf b t hi I"ffi@ If, :iI nd no n takes a

hlmselt, •

and he

to prove God an n Iy p rove God inju-;tice.

02(1 OF~~



'- .. ~.

~ P e now t1 erewith, sa rt tne Lord of

yo ttU! wi nd ov.tS of heav n r .i3 nd pOD rot .d bl s h II not be room e neug to receive tt, M


win ca n d rive my bark astray nge the tide of d~~ny. -

H rna n, perfi!!!ct s@lfre:.:pression. The rf! .d

pi ce whi he s to fill and no one eke can fill, 5 e-

11'18 wnic he I to do, wtJ ich no 0 ne else can do; it j hj~

his; a ch i vement s he ,a perfect idea in Divine Mi nd, .aw.a ing

a n's re n Itic As t e Imaging fa C Lllty I s the creative fae tty,

is nee foary fo.. n see the idea, before it ea n man ifes

rna n IS h i,g hest

d i'i for the Oivi ne Des ig n of his; lif~.

he f in test concept ion of what it is. 10 r t re rv Ie U'5. tal ant, nidden dee p witni n h im

db: -Infinite Spirit, open the way for he r to man ifust; let tl1 e ,geniur. within e Si!!!@ d@:iJrtv t k~ pr! rfact pia n, ..

~ hea Itn. wealth, love and pe rfect sq uare of life, wl1 ic:h bri ngs pe

, Wn@n ne s rnade th is d arna nd r he m.i!y find

anges ta ki ng lace in his life, for nea rty every rna n nd ere fa r fro the ivl ne o.e~tgn.


man ''50 c se, it was as ttl oug a cyclone had

• but J"@:ildj stmants ram!!! qu ic , and new:iI nd

it ns took e pia ee of old 0 nes

ion but of sue h

that it w I seem almo~t like y. The student

a n comes into the wo rid fjn a" d by God. the his perfu

d for yea rs with tl e problem of rd. a nd fa ith. wou have released

• one day, a man

nts in the world, nd I'm going to in the power of yo r spoke n word. for my perfect se exp ressje nand

il .a yea r later. a roll of yellow you spoke the V, and am now

ct !i@1f·e pre ssjon maybe n becoming a wife, a p rtect mo er,.a pe rfect hom make r an d not ng a publ

the wily wi II bl! did@ @ilSV iI nd

Id not visua I ire 0 r force a menta I teeu

d arna nd s the Divine De'5ign to coma i nta his nse io

will reee ftas hes of inspiratio n, a nd beg" to

rna king s m@ yen accompjlshrnent. ,.., is is t @ pitt he must old witho LIt wa'lleri ng.

Tne ttl i n rna n seeks is seeking him-the tele B!!!III

Pa re nts 01,1 Id never 10 rce cs roo rs a nd pro

d1 ild ren, Wit h a k"owledge of spirrtua I Tr eou k:I b@ poke n for, @arlv in c nild hood, or pre


tle , ha self

A prena perfect e p res'5ion; let ttl e Oivine Oes i.e n of s min , ilff.a ir'5 b made man if@st th roughc LIt his lif@, eternity.'

God IS wil be do ne, not man 1,&; God 1,& pattern, is the 00 rna nd Wi!!! find fU nning th rough .a II th e Bible is a book dealing w itt! the scle nee

boo k tell" man tl ow to re lease tl is ~o 1,1 I (or s bee ns

5 desc ribed are pictu res of man mortal t oughts. i'A man's fees shall be ney tl ousehel .1' EYe ry rna n is Jehesha pttat, and e ery m wh 0 slay Goli.at h (mona I tni n king] with the lin I@ (fai:thl·

So rna n ust be ea refu I ttl at ne is not the II s@rvant" ho bu riad his ta lent. Tn@r@ is .a t@ i bla paid for ot ... ~ing cne's ability.

is.a ind)


n rna nand nis perrect se If~ s ha mp red rna ny a genius. Ttl-

ne spek word. or treatrne nt. Th

r he


'5\.1 re and

reteencn racy 10 usly.


t wrong. her t ru n ks delayed. a mid In ha rnony TI1 e 'Stud nt must fo the 11 abit of II pra it ing


@d_ge hi m;" noth i

r too graat,

Someti IIl@S an in a ma n's life.

int in

Robert F-u Iton,

n a tea

I have seen a os. u

th rough resista nc ,0 r p


He pinlj. his; fait h 1'1 e de.,;i res tt'.e m sta ndst ill,

ne on Iy rand d i es just t come. wh len brings th i s to .a

"My way, not V genre. Like aU P n on resista nt eng i t:t1 at engi D@ o r in

m or electri - "i, It must have .a nt to worlc ttl ugh, an d rna n is

OVer and over.ag n ot.: but re-mer

to "'Sta nd $til". "Oh J ud 1'1. fea r inst the m, to the Lord will be @h.res.

to the woma n th taot and Lind istu

e two ttl ous nd della rs erning rd when she baca ma n n rasisrna n who IN n the ma 'I§. love

Th@ 51: ud ant '5 go POwer a c hance t pleasilJre.·

i 5@' is. Pow@r, for it gill s God r ma n r to. • wi II nd to do good

0201 F~~~


14 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

Anger blu rs t d lseases, and

ens the blood. s the eel sion lead I ng 0 tajlu .

It ha s been n ed ne of he worst "sins, ~ ha nnful. The ude lea rn that in metaph sks sl bros der mea n n.g th n in t e old teac ning. What of fa ith is si n!'

I-Ie fin ds that fa ittl. and th ugh d t ning tl e fea rs

are dead III '§:in . They mental pict~ • bri drive out th n M.an is fuar is God afra id. W

SOr as we rs a us eha pters: Ma ca n

fear by wal kin up t i ng ha is afraid of. W

ph at a nd his: a my p p.a re to meet the en my, si t he Lord, for his m Wi e d~ redl foreve r, tney '~me mies had e stre ed ea h other, and tn re wa fight.

n Jahos aing "prai e und rh ir notni"8 c

n as d a friend to d II\le r rna fea red to gwe t e me

rea'50ni n.g mi sa id ~ Don t ,gt!t mixed-u p n t his

give that mess e."

last, '5ohe data of divin~ p deliver ttl e her friend

led in sp i rit. for sh e tl ad giv n 1'1 e r remise - t

inad 0 ·'w.a k up to the lion, I .and I on tha I w

ct ion. She et the friend t who she W.3$ C .,;.,;,age She 0 ned he r mout to "-'"p a k it, wh id. ~ -and- 0 has left to _41 T s made


ry to give the message, as t1 e situation depe nd ed be ing in town, Afi fine was willi ng to do it, she ; as st1 e did not rea r, he seuat ion va n istui!d.

Itt oft n delavs his; demon tion th rough a belief in

len, 1-1 s heu Id ma ke tt'. I~ sta

d t ha r@ is on Iy ro pletion, tharefore, my ~ com pleted. MV pe ct work, my pe rfeet pe c:t hea tth. II Whateve r e de rna nd~ are pe rfec:t in OM ne Min d, (I nd must rna n ifest, "u nde r WiilV. I' H@ g iv@'5. tha n ha has 011 r@.ady raceivad an d ma kes .active pre aranon for receillJing on

V stud nts was in need ot i3I i nanda I demonstranon, to me a nd 35 ked why it wM n t completed ,

"Per a ps, yo u are i" ti'le ha b it of leaving t hi"gs

rand the su bconscious ha s habit of

letin.g 35 the wit hout, so the

re rigt1t, I often begin ttl ings a nd "ever fin lsh

fin is.h $0 met r.ing I co me need weeks ago, and mbo lie of my demo" ratio n, II

ed a 5 id uc LlslV, an d the arti Ie 'INa'S soon compl eted, e r, tn money ca me in a mo curio u'.; ma n ner.

s paid h is sal i31ry twic@ hat month. H@ told the istak~, 3 nd th ~V se nt ord to kee p it.

When man

e must rete ive,

IIl@t i rnes ask nOW which on defin itefy. : ~ Infinite Spir me my pe rf C1 self-expressi make use of ow."

• 1''5.u P POS!! ona as S@'V@ I to choose?" 0 e a nd to give me a defi jte lead.

n, snow me itn talen

I nave Ie now people to sud en Iv ente r a ne Ii ne of be fully eq ippe-d, wtth I" I e or .,0 tra in ng. So

staternent. ' am fully aqui d for th!! Oivi !! Plan of

.and be fea rl s in grasping .0 pon Lin itie-s:.

Some peopl Cifts th roug their chann Ittt le or not great deal 0 do llars, SlI@ .after that. h debt for tha retuming to sha II receive

There ls alw tnough man l.aw if he d


For exampl $iJV: "Poo r rich and p

pri d@, 0 r som negative r@.a so • th!! re bV 5, and invaria Iv find them §;elv 0; event ng. For e il(3m pi : A 'WCI rna n wI'! nad give mo ney. had a oft offered her severs I h used to ta ke - • saying sh e did ct need i r fina nces we r "tied up," an d s e tou nd amou nt. Man he uld rece-We g cefully t

i m upon the ter-free Iv ye h ve given.

the pe rfect alance of givi ng hou Id give wit out tf1 in k i"8 of not accept th rstu rns whic:: h c me to h i God. ma n be in merely the ch a net

Whe n the ma gave me the ne cent, an, he can not fford to _g lYe m thae. i, I II_; perc IJS, with is su pply pou r & in - tt

id not him s th is

brought it, If (I ne ha ust be rom a good one, .d nd ta ke ilffl" n. mr a d open u p n.s eha nne Is

'\...,tf. 7'1
~ ~.
eceive he
mp it is I have ofte., ee n asked why one ma r .and sick.

he lord IOrJ th a ch ~e rhJ I rece ive r, a

c use; the re I no

o-w.e'Ve r. bi h a nd d eath are rna n-m de 1.3 or 1: e "W.ag s of

in I~ deat h": the Ada ml c fa II in cons u sne s rc u tu he b lief i two po 1"5i- The real man, spi( ual m n !!nh I~I H neve r wa'50 bo rn .a nd h s r1lil~'It r ied

the begin ing" he- i-s now, and eve r hall b I"

is an §;w~ red th rough the- la ugh rna ny b Intl s an d eaths, u s him free.

n@ rna n bo rich an d hE!:althy has h d P icr r 'OU'i mind, n h i'i past life. of hea tt .3 nd c

nd s lck rna J of d isease an d pove . Ma

Ia ne, t ne S IJ tota I of "is su beense i

threugh t nd de itth , Ilren ess, II M n 's fre p::!d om com es th

ringing into rna n lfe~atlo n d1 e 0 Iv In

mada in "H is i 1'I\iI&!! a nd

lling h i-s d il1V.




d will say nto hi t thou ha t been


one t hou good .d nd fait bfu I r a few th ings, I will rna ke i1S@ If); !!! nter thou into the


sha It al'SO d eerse a th I ng. a thee,

L l the good th at is to b!!: alreadv an accomplis hed rei eased th rougn rna n 's re ., e m st be ca refu I to deere e that st, for often, hs decrees, t h rtune,

d 5 corre 0 lv, as stated in i3I


It sha I be esta blished

if@"5t in rna n 's I I\line m ~nd. a d is 8 nft 10 or ",poke., wo ,'10 nly the DNjrH! ldea be de u.gt1 hi I'idle word5r~ fa I r@

port ee, to word hapter,

desi res a home, hi en d, pos 0 n CI r ny ot he r good t rna ke the de rna nd for t he Id wi ns s lec:tiol" II

FOr a mp le: ·Infin lte Sp Irlt. ope my ri ht frie nd, my right P'O",jti on. u nde grate i n a perfect w~y. II

er pa rt of the stateme Itt ls a woman who demand r wa~ injured and they inde nity. so rt did ., ot come in she u I h;iJve been worde d j n t nj th an that the one thousand do right i~ now re leased, and reac he way. I

he wa for mv right h -\Ie ttl n ~ it no W mil n·

orta nt. For exa usa nd dolla rs, a t house nd d



80 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

As ne gro th tha enor rna h him un

It i lmpossl pes Ible, for '5iU b onsei ous,


rna n to re lea e mo re t han he th ink i!; ou nd by ttl e I mited eKp nctes of he st en la rge h i eJl!pecta"t ie s ln erde

ant ia I consei

ms of money r id1 ;jJ rl! h is

r in perfect w VS'

limi de man es. Fe eKa mp

the d rna nd for six h "dred dollars, bV a ce in

@ ive • but haa rd rw.a rds, that ry

nea ree~l'IIIn a th usa nd dolla 1"5, but he was en ju ~ !;iJC

hu cree. as t e resu of hi-s. spoken rd.

(;.01'1 dcu snes thi A poor tra lerr whe are poo r. Tdi yo~ d.3~,·

ty One of lsr @I." We.a It., is a matte of nd'l have .a I gend giving a exa mp I

s walking ale a road wh n he m t a

him and said liMy good hie d, I see u

it, a nd you'll be ric .a II

'fed at his g od forty ne, a d took he mad iatE!:1y to nd wo rk an d ba ram@ so not se lithe get. Ve ars p ssed, a n he e met ill poor man on he good friend, I ill give 0 U -II ma ke yo u i ch for Ii ."

it valued, and tou nd it s

ca me rl ch th ough fee i.,g

at, W ch, if you sell, took he nugget. ha the flr5t man


nugget; it is ls co Me' uslngs ridle s in hls Ii In

It would n

"the dese s nan re - I c:e a whicn is wav tor rei

and dema ourdeb't"-'

new r rea I i atlo is; ma

ugh a de very beau ul pink ena ~I p towa res It. he ttl 0 ht

So 0:; he bou ht th~ p petc er.

tl ~ called a n extra .aga ce. W

j ou r"ey' s e.,d. th at is, he 'Bel r!!! ye. calli shall an SWf! r."

affirmation more ttl an uld not p Ie ad or su pplihas r@oreiv@d.

s the rcse." This reloicing nseieus ness) ope ns the n tI1!! form of comma nd ilV bread. a nd to rgive us; ers," and ends in pralse, "For owe a"d the Glory, foreve r,

my and s, command ~ me. ~ and, pra lse an d than k~g iving. im If be lieve that ·w tth God

e a stract, but a little more

pro m. For e:..:a mple: It w.a s

stra e a I a rge s urn of me ney @ m 5t do somath ing to g@t .a esta ion). a nd she dema nd ed

me t store, wn@ n '5.he saw .a

ere r. She felt the ·'pull-

, hav n't a pa pe r cutte r good la rg chequ as, II

e reason ing mind would tl eld it in he r tl an d, she

02010 ~~~


pictur€ rnequ@, an percuner

ie~ are totd of the p


ha d sm sh ed the g lass of a closad udng the se If with xygen, si ply by his

@ she uld n@v@ r tu rn hat he s all receive

nt, ~Wh n I ask the nd I o;ay: Father. I'll re I" So an os;hould metirnes

n come t I"" stops r .a rk.

hour ause man

Infin ite I teUige nee

(I- (11 0 F~~ B-o-ob


: A wo ma n a~ked me hy' w.a s s he w.a s consta 11'1 a king her glasses,

ry des ires .iJre :iI nswe e:il rilv • a nd h is impat nt

delayed or viole"tly f Ifill d."

We foun wis:h I co lliolently eye·~igh simply t e

e ofta n 'Said to .,!! rsa an others W itt1 vex.atio r 1'1 get rid of mv glasses, ' So her im pat i ent de-sire a s

illed. What she sheu ha e de manded was pe et

eli tne sobeen scieu s s

mpati@nt d@'5ir@ to ually being broken or 1

ent is able to let ,go

For e:<a her umb (311 en S wis:h to She coul


roblem (east his bu

people whom she h d n he r first .a ppe-a ra n w ot th row It away. as 1 di she axela imed i 4'Oh, G on't kn ow wh.at to do '

er, a \lO.ce be h 1 !'lid la me.,ded 1" ,., ere

·Inde~d. I do. II

ver met and she did a d il apidated u mbr

not belong to her. • you ta ke charge of his

d: ~ Lady. do you nt

., umbrella mender,



The rna n men ed e u m re 1Ia, wnj Ie stl e nt into ttl e tl

II, .i3 d n she retu rnad, s ha had a

ere s al Vf:. an umbrella nder at hand 01'11

, wh n on puts t n@ u mbrs a (0 r siwatia lin

de ntal wttn a I'll aff rmatien.

n the 'phone late ne night to r s n. He was app.a re tlv ve ry In. I ny ttl a ppea ranee of d sease, It is un

gi 5t!! r in his conselousn ; t his rna n

ivine Min d . pure su b nee expre

n the difference be..:


n v is Llali2:in,g goverl'lled by spiritual p

e conscjousnass, a nd .a n@ w of

m by he M.a~~r Arch it ,the God w' hin. tra nseends t he lim ttation of ttl e

niflg mj , wealth bu il ing for hi be ullding a

n. M.a ny a m n is wh en he sh uld


e 5 to force a de rno nstrane n (t hre U8 h the ha brings it o a sta ndstil L 1'1 will hasts n it, ~ e stl OU Id act nly t hre ugh i ntu ibon, or defi n ite Lord and w patie-ntly. Trust also in him, a nd pass."

a w work in t e JnO'5.t a'Stonjstl in.g mann er, Fo r ud nt stated tha it WdiS nece ssa ry to r ha r to h iIV@ c lla by the to II wing day. It was a debt of vital

rta n h - h nad to be et. I II spoke the word .. i, d eela ring

e-ve too late41 and tl at the su ppiv wa 5 at han d.

'phon ed me t he miracle. She ~aid th at the

her to go to r ~fety.-.deposit box at the ba nk

papers, sh looked over ttl e papers, an d at @w on!! h u ndred della r-bi II. She

ed, nd sa id 'She new s he had never pLrt i:t there, on ttl roll.J8tl the p.a P€'I"S ma ny times. It may have

b ria I ation, as Jes s Ctnist materia I ired t he loaves

a n will raach th sta:ge IN ne r@ his "word is m.a d@

ate iali2:~d. i nsta tly. "rhe fiekls, ri pe with the

I m n ife~t immed telv, as I n a II of the ml raejes of

deus powe r len e in the n.a me .J ~'Su'S Ch rlst, tt Mad e Man - ~t. He s aid, IIWhat~oe\ler ve ask ame, he will g it to you."


s the- ~ude-nt i nee the to urth

re he I~ fre from.a II astra I a nd p,~ych I c

I.U1tOn d itione-d a nd a bselote, a 5 d oil bsolute, ~

86 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

I have 'Seen many hea Ii t k~ na me of Jesus Chri 51 4'

mplis-he by uSi"g th words, II n

Ch rist was both person n d

man i~ his Redeeme r a n Sa ion.


mada in God·s imag!! .a d kenes5. Tis is t ha sa wh ich never failed, n ever k no lckness 0 r orrow, was: neve r and has never died. It· th • resu rreet on a nd the I e ~ of man I 41 No rna n comett1 0 t e Father ve by the t kat God, ths Universal. wo ki n.g on th p l.a ~ of tt.

be-come s the Chrirt in an.a nd the oty G hosr,

inacbon. So daily. man i m nife~1 ng t e Trin tty of [l"d HolV Gt1 est,

Man should make a n a of th in king. e Marte r

artist and Is ca reful to .n only the ivine d€-$ig

ea "vas of his mi nd; a nd he ai nts thes pict\.l res

51: rokas of poW!!! r .a nd d n, having @rf@ct fa ith at tI1!!

no powerto mar their p 'on and t at th~y shall m.ani

h I..., I tfu the ideal made

All pOWf:!!r is giv@n rna (t heaven upon h i-s: ea rth, an LIfe,~

May each rea der be no

him in bon dilge th rough own, and I' kn ow the Tr h i5 de-s:tiny, to bring into rna Me, 1-1 ea !ttl. Wea 1tt1. Lo a t ra "sformed by the re"e i

thinking) goal of th

ges, stan ich rna ke: him fr@!! I' ife statlc n he II Oivi ne d Pe rfect e If~E>:pre$5- of your m nd."


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