Well, I went to lunch with Kaylin and Ashli.

They kind of left me behind trying to get the total. THEY got 60 dollars flat total, but I got 60 dollars and 7 cents. They really wouldn’t listen to me and I had to get my oboe so we kind of have 2 different answers. I am going to tell you what I got. Kaylin got a 60 wing pack for $29.99. Ashli got a 12 wing pack for $7.59. I got a Georgia chicken pork sandwich for $7.69. We didn’t get dessert because we were too full from Kaylin’s 60 wing pack. We added that together and got $45.27. We then did the 7% tax getting $3.17. We added that to the food total and got $48.44. We either got different answers after we found the tax or when we added the tax to get the grand total. Anyway, we gave a 24% tax because we had a good waitress. I multiplied the tip and added it getting the grand total $60.07. It was over 60 bucks, but I didn’t have enough time to change it and I was confused with my friends’ answers. My waitress cut me some slack and gave 7 cents since we gave her a big tip. Now that I’ve had a big lunch, I am all full!!!!!!!

What I Had for Lunch

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