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Photoshop Tutorial

Brushed Metal
Skill level: Novice
Duration: 2 minutes
Requirements: Photoshop version 5 or higher
Goal: To produce a brushed metal texture

Stage 01.
Start by creating a new document any size.
For this tutorial, I have made my document
250 x 350 at 72dpi.
Fill the document with a light grey colour
using the Paint Bucket tool. The grey I
used has the hex value C3C3C3.

Now add some noise to the image by going

to the Filter menu and selecting Noise, and
then Add Noise.

Check the Gaussian button and check the

Monochromatic box. I used a value of 10%,
but you can deviate if you wish.

Click OK when you are done.

Stage 02.
Go to the Filter menu again and
select Blur, and then Motion Bur.
Set the Angle to 0 and the distance
to 20. Click OK when you are done.
Stage 03.
Go to the Filter menu again, and select Render, and then Lighting
Effects. From the Light Type selection box, select Spotlight.

Change the light colour to white (shown circled below in Green).

Drag the light source (shown

circled here in white) and
place it in the upper left
corner. You can also drag any
of the other resize handles
until it closely resembles
something close to this 
Now change the Intensity to
56, the Ambience to 21 and
the Gloss to -100

Leave all the other values set to “0”. Click OK when you are done, and
you will be left with a brushed metal finish that looks something like

Finished brushed metal effect With image and text over top

This tutorial was produced by Michael Ott