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Golden Vital Signs 2011 Minutes of August 30, 2010, 10 am, GAI Boardroom Present, Denise, Ryan, Lynne and Ron

Budget update: Denise informed group that the admin shortfall has been made up through the CBT CIA Funds as a result of more funds being made available. Basecamp: The Community Foundations of Canada, has a Vital Signs 2010 Basecamp Site that Denise and Ryan are currently following. The gives one an idea of how the process unfolds. Denise will ask CFC to allow Lynne, Ron and Holly to receive the Basecamp updates. Timelines: The group reviewed the timelines document and changes have been made, to the September October planned dates and activities. See below. Planned Date Activity Responsibili Completed Date ty September 8 Ryan and Lynne will work together to Lynne,Ryan,D Sept 8, 2010 develop a 3 minute VS 2011 enise announcement for the Not For Profit Connection Forum. Denise, Lynne will approach NFP participants at the NFP rd Connection regarding the Sept 23 Session September 23 Hold community consultations and SC, CFC September 30, 5 to 8 PM at the engage key stakeholders, along with 2010 GAI/Visitor presentation by CFC representative SC October 30, 2010 Centre @ Engage interested citizens through, Golden µopen space¶ facilitation. Debrief October 5 2-3 Debrief and set goals from Sept 23, Oct 5, 2010 PM, GAI Office meeting September 8 messaging. What is Vital Signs. Example of how it has worked for other communities. Start think about what issues/gaps are important to you. Put the date Sept 23rd on your calendar. th Lynne/Ryan to develop message for Sept 8. Denise to be there Sept 8 to chat up the message and hand out cards. Denise will produce cards with date and event, blog address and contact info. September 23rd Ideas for Agenda:Lynne and Ryan to develop agenda/format. VS 2011 Background. Open space session: What is the issue, needed outcome. How can VS 2011 help? Further opportunity for involvement in VS2011 How to stay connected. Ryan will ask CFC to do a brief presentation Denise to develop a form for written comments for anyone who will not be at the meeting. Following are the form questions. To be posted on the blog on the 23rd of September. Community issue? Rationale for issue? What does success look like? October 5th 2PM GAI/VIC: Steering Committee Meeting Debrief and Goal setting