Brlitish Broadcastilng C'olr1p'Ollr'ation ,an1d Pielngulliln BOIOks



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'Tlhlli,s,-" b: 0-,,0-: Iii<: h!!;lliiC!' baAn" m'c"a.' Id', e· b','y.·. f~ -e ;-'f ~- 0',"

_ " _ _ _ _ ~ Q _ VV_ _ _ , _, , . ~ ~v 0 us. U II'


.9tart,iinl poin't. w'as soml8 of the iideals, contained in 'th,e te:I'evilsion

s,erie,.s W'rdYS of Sl®ie'~nlgi We' have triedi 't)OI e~te!ndl ,8lndl elalb,o,r,al'te tties,e! idleas., The', h,.va liinfluen,ced not onll,¥ what 'we' say but a~·so 1I0'w we h·av·le set, alb!olut 't,rying 'to ,say iit .. The, form of: the b100k is, ,as, much to do witlh, QUII' purp'o,s'e as t:h,e 81"'gum'ents cOlnltaiined wi·t:hin iti

'The boolk consis'ts of sev'e'n numbe,re,d e'ssays,.

Thery can be read in ,any' ,o'rder~ 1E:0lur 0' ,t,he essays use 'w~nts_ Olliid iimagI8S',t; thr.e~e~ ,AI the:m use 'only' liomges,,, Thes1e purel.·' Ipic,toriial, essays (on ·w,.lrs ,of seeingl 'womelD and Din vallF'i,ous contradlictory aspects 0" th,e, tlr'aditioln of 'thiS o:i~ Ipaii.t,ing) ,Dire iIRnt)endedl,to r,ai·se as many qlu3st,i'o'n,s as t:he' v'e'rball essays, ..

~ -

S,qmetimeHs in ·,tlile pi'c,to1Iriall essays, no iilnlf',ormatiion ,at all lis gliven

about the images relproduced be,caus,e it seemed 'to us thait S~(:.Il iln'formatlion miight dis,tr,ac·t frem ,the poilnts being madle ..

In a'IIII,eases,t' hlowev,e'F" 'thE.s infOlr'matlonl cain bel 'found in tlhe Liist

0' ~W· .' iI"l,wlll ... S R· 0, p -- n d - n - dl - - -h" eh .. - - ,}~ - t - d at t L.. - - d - f' t- h b k

~i~lull'II';";,'!Q:lfu,,IIIUl!..;,e·- 'WII~'I IS, plrlDne :'_ ',lie en,~_ '0' '_:: - !eoo' ,~.


NOlde ,of t:ItI,e ie.sai,s prettelnds ,to derail with m'Q,re t:haln ce'rtaiin iClls,p,ects, of ealch sub,ject: paniculallrlly those ,a,sp,ects thr'own in'to relie·f iby a Imlodlelf'lil hi,st,or'ical GOlns,cious,lnles,s,~,

O'llr p'lriin,cipal 8lim has Ibeen 't"o start: ,8 Iprooe'$,s of.ques:til,onlng.

lin tlhe citl,ss iln whi,c:h WI.' live\p all of U,S, ,see Ihundre~d& ofpalbli;city imIBg'a~s, ev'e~ry dalY of our _.Ivas ..

No ot:her kind 'of imag:81 conflfOnts IllS $0 freq'u,ently' ..

Illn nlD, ,otlhler fo:rm Df sociaty' in history h',as t11er\e~ be!8:n su,c'h a cOll!1cenltrati"o:1l1 lof ilR1ages" B,u'chl III delnsit,,' o,f 'vi'Bu,BI me(!Ulages,.

Q'nie may' relmember a,r 'forget: these messagl8rs IbIDt; br!i,efly onel takes t:helm iiio'l and fOir a momsfnt thiel' ,stilR1ldlate, the ilmagliOIlBrtio'n 'bly' 'Willy- o,f uitlhe1r me1m,ory Q'r le(Xlpectarti:on~1 Th;e, publicity' im'sg'8' be'lo,og,s, t,o th,e:m,o,ment.: Wlel sla., it as; we turn

a pa'gs', as w'e turn a ,corne!r., as ,81 'v[e,hi[cl'e' Ipass'eos u,s' .. 'Or w'e see ".It n n a tiD I -'011·1 II!! ·.on ~creen 'wh=llst wa,ii'·t·iinn f-:- Ar t L.e ,fll! m' n -c"al

u' ,- . v_[v['_' ig, .', , Gi' '- ,II ',' r ,"-'[11 ' ": 'I li~1 'I \U' '!,II •.• ~ "I' . - [!Ii;;,r _..el' I

b"iiI!:Iii'!!!lliik to- and I I . PII.LI"I~ilt, ;m:N'1le;e al;il!!;o -be-on" ·to t"-he mome - t· '~, - IIQly. ,,-.- 'Q1_1_;~iIi '1!!Il;!dJ I~:II "',,-'11 '1~;:;,,"r,;;:I"'_' ,ii:I!I' - .•. _ .'. ·····,",'I~,'-,I_nl: lin

the slen,se t:hat th,e,y must be Go,nrt ii 1111 IIl.I 0 II Iy' rene;wed an,d mad,e, UPliiitoiiidlatle~, 'Yet the;y' n,RV • .I' ue,ak 'of ,t,h'e pre'selnt .. Often ,th!ey refelr to t,he p'ast 81nd 81_'w,ay',s the'v speak of ,the future ..


'WOe alf1e n,o,w se ,8lCculstom,ed to be!ing adldlre's,sed by 't,ll1ese ilmagles 't,hat 'we scarcely notice tiheilll" totall 'iim'pa,ct .. A pe"s,on'lmaIY notiiice a palrticul,ar ;Image or 'piieice of in'f'ormat:ii,o,n baciI'use ii't co[rrespo'nds to somle p-8Irth:ular intelre,st he hlas .. IBut we ,accept the tOrtal1 s':'steml of p,ubilicity ilmages ,as w[e' ,aooelpt oln el,e'me'nt of Ic,~iimateil FOlr exalmpilielf 'th,o' fact that 't,hiese iiilma'O,es belonlgl'tD thle mlomenrt, b'ut speolk Gff the' fUltur,e' plroduce's a stro'nge effect w!hiich has becomle 50' fa m'iiII'il81r' thl8rt W'18 scarce,ly

- ot"';;iI!!,e "'t UI ,e - - i!!i Ii -1- - ~'t ,,;~, WoO 'Ii·"Jho pas~' the ' .• '1 m" 'age w'alllk"ll ng

n ~." -1"-' ' I I. "..i,U,IU~ Y II [ lao /1[1!;r".11 ' •• I· :. 'g 'I I [._, ...•.. ' ~ __ ' ~.,

trav~!lling. tlurning ,al page; Din the tv sereea it is somewhat di"'fereI1i11t b,ut even 'theln we alr1e theo!ret,.ealll~y ,the ac,ti've' agen't:-

we can look, away, tU'lr'n d,own lillie soundlF malke so'me coffee[ .. 'Yeti d!8spiitel tlhi'S .. , Dine Ih~s ,t:he iim'p[res,s,i,o'n tlhat publicit" iimag,es ar'e contilnulallilly pOlssinl us" like e:x,p,ress, tr,ains on tlhei'lr 'waiY to :s:o·-·,-m'--e· " d·.·-I'!i!s,··>t· -al-nt·- te·,·m~-n--s" I.e.· :~;r'6 S", ,tl a t:I'"'~,.·, t:hay"_' >B, r.mi, Id'y.n,~mi~' - untlil

oiiiIo .. II •.. I .. II I u. . 'ULV ... ~jj!_Q.!, ._~ _ .. __ ""' 'I!r _

th1e newspa'p1er i,s tlhlr10wn ,i)'W,iliV, tlhle 'tellevision plr',ogramme

, .

COIAt'inules or ,the poste[r iis pos,ted over~,

~, .._

P'ublic:ity is u6u,all,' '9xIPiailn'ed alnd jUlstiifiiedl as a

com' pe' ·"t· it.VA m li!:li;d '"'I U Im- w'hilC11... Ullt'"'lm'!!:lit- Ally ben a'· I t" s t- [he- plUllbII "I'IC' ("th- e~'-

, ! •.. I ',ll. [1,_ '!Iiio1' _1_'!I1ii!I' -_, __ , I . __ -_~ • .,11" •... _I ,. _LI_'iIi!! ",,;_ _'~ __ I'!I!i!O' t·,_:. "I::. _: .~_II . :-, _:_ I I" ,

'co'ns:um'8'r'), ,and tlhe lmost effi,c;ieJnt manu,fa,Qturelr's - alnd thuis the nati'olnall econlo,my'~ It 'hl ,cla,seilly lreli.le,d to ca'rts,in idleas ,abo,ut flreedo,m: freedoml of ch,oicE!! for' tlhe pUllf\c,haser:: 'freledom of lenlte'rp'l'is,e' for tlhe maln'lIf,ac111Ir,erLii Tlhe gJeat hoardinlg.s ,au,d t'hle 'p'u'blii(dty ,neons of 'th'8 cii:t:'i,e',s; of cil'pita.i'sim 8'lr\e, th'e imllme.dliate 'vi,sibl,e' sign of '·'T!hie Free! 'W'arld if.

Fo'r manjy ;'n Easter. E:urope sluch .,mages, in tlhe W'es,t SIUlm UIP wha,t th,e!y' ii'n the E,ast Ilaiok. Public1j'ty', 'it Ii,s th'DU'g:ht, off'e,rs 31 f re'e cJlllo"i,ce,.,

If i,s tlrlUG th,at i'n pu1bli'ciity one br'Rlnd ,of 'maiIllUlfl.,C'Iu'r,e, oln'a! firml" cD'm,pet,esi 'with ,o'notili1er,i, b:ut i't: is a'l,so trule that rev,ery pUllb'l'i'Ctiity iim'ag'e' 'clo,nfir'm,s, 'B'nd enhaneee e,ve'IfY' ol:h,er", P1ublie.:iity is, not mle'r,e1Iy ,an ,iJssemb'ly of colmlpeting' mles,sag!es: i't: is a ~ang'u,age 'iin iitsJ9,llf wihiilcih i's allways bei'llIg 'osied to make the SlImlre glenelrall'proposilIllii Wiitbi,nl pubU'c'ity,. cho:ices; 8'lf\e lof'f:erred' betwo9ln this 'creaml and tlhat c:realm,1r 'th,at' ca:r ,and ,t:his ,car, but, plublici't:y as a s,,'stle:m ,olnll" makes ,8: 's,in,gl1e IP',o'posal~

It prolposes, to leachl of IU; that: WI. tr,ans,fo'r'm ,ou'rse.ives,,~·orr D'ur' ~'~v'eslr by' buyllngl so'methingl ImO'f'8' ..

This mOire" i,t, p,rGposes,. wUI ma~ke IUS in some

way ri!chie r' - ,ev'e:nl tlhoiugh w',e wiilll be po,o,reIF' by' h,a'v'~ng a,pent OIOlr mOine, ..

[Publicity' 'pe,rSiu,o,d,es' 'liS of such a'tr,(I,n,sfo'rm,atioln by showi~'ng us 'peop!le 'whiG 'have ,iI,PP'iI,reftt,lly 'b1ololl1 tra'nslo,rmedl ,and ,are., as a 're"Slu'lt. enfvi,8,b,le'lIl 'Thre s'-' te - 'baingl enviied ii:s what co:nstit1utes-glamiour", Andl p'l!lb,nG~t, 'i,s the process of ~,anufalctlurin,gi gllamour ..

lilt i'.!1 impo:rt8lnt 'heir. ,not 'to cQ,nf:u,Si,e public;ity

wi,th ,t,h,e pleaslU"re ,o.r benefits to be slnjo,v'ed 'fr1orm tlhe ,things it ad'vert'ises. P,ublieii'ty h;, effect:lve prects'el', becauise i:t feeds,

ulp!on tlhe ~e\al .. Clothes" food.J' cars:,t: cDsmeti,cs. bath,s", sunslhii'ne are real thli,ngs 10 be ,e!nj,o'yed in thems,e!lv'!es" Publht:ity begilns 'by' workinlg onl a Inaliural appeti't1e' tor' p'lleasure,. IB'ut it ca'nnot, o,flfe:r 't'ile r,sall ob,lje,ct of: p:leasu,re andl ,th:ere i,s n,o, lConvi'nicdn,ig

s,u'bls,ti"tillt'8! for ,8: p,les:s'ure in, that phaasurel',s aw·n term,s._ Thei mor,e co:n¥liilncii:ng;~y' ,pub,li,city conveys 'flhs Iplleasulllr\e, lot bat:hing

iin a 'w,orm,j1 distant B,ellif the rrnOIFe thle S:1I8c,tato'r .... buy.r' wiiill beclome awar:e that, he' iiS hun,dr"ed,s, of mil,s., aw.', 'f:roml Ihat

s,eB ailldl 'l:h!8' m,orelle,m,ot,e 'th,e chanllce olf bat:hin'l inl i,t wi I s'e,eim to hi'm'iI' 'T'his iis why pulbU,c:dty can ne:v'err reali,' aff'ord 'to, bre' olbiOU:t: thel pr'oduct: 'Girl oppo,rt; nit, it is P'l'lopos,id;g: to the buyer' wh,ol is n!ot "st enjoying! it, .. Publ~ilc;'ty, is Ineve!r a cele;b,ralt:i!o'Q ofl a pll:eas;u'lreiiilin-,its1slfOi PUlb,lliici,ty i;s talwa,s ,8Ibout: 'the' flUltur'e Ib'uyer ..

It offers Ihii1m Bin im,8'ge, ,of hli'mls'elf: Imade gl,amOII!'IO'U,S, b,,' tlhe produ'ct: or oppo,rlunity it, is 'trying 'to selnl,~ Th'ifJ' im,Dge' then makes hli'm envious 0'1 'h;ims,e,lf as, he' might be, IY,et wlhat makes !hi,s ,se.f~w'h!ilch.,he,.,m'ight,·,be, en¥i~able''l'T,he envy ,of ID,thier~Sii' pubn,ciiity i,s, .ibod'l: ,sa,(dal re,lati,ons\f n.ot lo,bjlects .. I'ts Ipromli;se' is

'"tit ~f ~Ieas_ure. br~ ,of ~ap~~~ess: hap~iness a~ ju~ged fro;m the o,utslldle by ot,h,ors, .. T,he ,happ'~IFlles·s of be.oill enivled, liS; 'glam01ulr.

1 :32


~ In:f'f! ~ l~~" o;J/oti1; [(~6Ih

IBiB,in .... '9'nvii:ed is, ,8 solitary 'f,o!rm of IreaS,SlIralnC9JJ It

%II =:

depo'nds preci'.a_y' llpon not, s[hliaril:ng y.our Blx,plo·rii.tJlnC81 wi,t:h those

w.h,o 8'n'vy you .. 'y'ou sire obseirved with inte~rest b,u:t ylou Ido, not obselrve 'wi,th iinteres,t~· iif you' diu .. ,D'U 'will becaime II.elss enviialble,~ In t;hii:s fes'p,' IBet t:he elnlvield are .ik:e, bureauc,rats,; the' mora

I _

'imlge,r,soln'al tlhey' arel" ,the g,rester 'the! illu,si,on (.'or thu'm'Slulves,

___. ~- ,

an,d fo'r othe!rs) of thail.r pow,e, .. 'Tille plower of tl1~e_g'I,amol'\ous,

rl!!sildlf!s 'i,ln thldr iSH ' - ,8" h ppineS\9: t:he power lof t,hle'

-- .

blUJre18usra ,11_ hlis su.pposedl ,Rutho,ri,tY'1I1 It 'is 'I,hi,s, which, explains,

the absen't", unfOCUS8'd look of ,80 ,many glamlour ilmagesi,!! T'h'e', I'ook QUit O'~l,~r t:h,e I,o,oks, 01' enlvy whi,c;h s,us,lein th.em'.


The ,spectatolf'-bu','e'f is, m,e;snt tID, ,e;,nvy lI1e,r,self as, ,slhe· willi becolm. if she IblUIYS, ,t,he Iproduct,. ,ahle ;'8 ,m'ea'nt 't,O ,i:magline ,he'r,s'e~f tran,s,fo'rmed Iby th,e' p'roduct, into ,81n objlec,t of envy "or Q,th,ers, min en'vy 'w'hi,clh wil I t!hlelnl 1,lLIst,ilfy he!r loving h,ers,e:lf,. One co'uld pu't this, an.tiher way ~ thel pUlb'I'icity' Imall,e,


s:tealls he:r :I,ove of h,elr'self"us she! i,slt ,an,d 'uff:'er,s, i't, back to her

'f:or'l.'he price Or' t:h,e p'lrod,u,c,t:

D,oes ,th,e, langlulage of plubllicity hlaiV"8 ,anytbi:ng ,in common wit,h tihlarl, ,of oi~ palin'l'ing whi'c,h~ IInti:ll 'I:h'e' in'v'lention! of t,ll1e camlelr'a~, do'm;il'nat'8,d tlhe Europls,an 'way of selsing ,dulr'in'g f'aul'f ce,ntu"r'i,e,s?

lit is one of th,G.,e! q:u,e"s,tion,s, 'which s,imp~y nleeds to Ibe ask'e:d f:,o,r 'the answer' to beco,me! ,cleal". There is a d'ilrect contihlul~ty .. Only iinte!res,tsi of Iculltu'ral pre,still,e' h,ilVB olbsclured!

_t .. ,At the s,a,me! time'lt despi,t.e th,s; continui't"',, the;r'o is a proolUlndl di:ffere,nce 'wll!1ii,ch i,' i,s, n,o, le"s:s i1'mpo,rtanlt: to eXlillimine',.

~ Thlere alre many d~i,elc,t r'efe'l",e,nces inl plUlbllic:iity t,g

works, of: 8'Ft from ,th'e pI8:9t •• ,ome1'ilmes OJ 'who,~e image .:5 a fr,onk, pals,~ihl!hie of: a welllll .... knowIII p.alinting ..

11 !'Jt,\'l

p' -b- II· - '-t .1 f-t II • ,....-

lUI ...• I'Clli'y ~mag[es 0 ' elMI us,e .SC,UlptU.flO,S o'r palll'Mi' .. :lln:9lS

to Ilennd al~iUr,e, [o,r aU.t,h,ori·ty ·to th,eilr' ,o'wn rriles's,alg[e~, Fram[ed oil

., . ,. ft-' ['h • h ., d .- f h iI d'" II

p'alntllngs 0'1: en '181n19 11101 ,5,,'_011l WIn,., ,B'WS as Ipar-1 o· r 't_elr : IS'P'lI8iY ..

Any work 01': 81rt JI qlu ote dl ,11' by publlicity s,erves, ,t,w'O - nUlrno' SAS A" rt' ~s ,~, D-.'Rln 0- f ~H:llue'n'ce' ~ ~t·'·g- ~ ,t' '"' t' .... ,>iI'!I; #llJood

r --' "I ... :.:..··V~ 'Ii <_ ,', -1,1 It·, g ii:I, • ~_l '~.-_r 'U,_. i __ I., _ .. _ I .', Il n .: '.' I I •. _.i . :.' ;~i _:~u _!!!(~LI~I;

I: ~ fill., III .a, f t h f ,. h ,. II.. iii hi h- lid" hi

~,I., ·e; .t IS p'art 10, '1:- ,e ; 'urrU's __ • Migi W'1l lIi 1'1::' I . t "re 'WOlrll~_ g.v'es to' 'I Ie

rich and the !beautiflul.

But 81 w·ork ,of art also .sugJge,sts, a 'G·llIllt~~i!L Bu'thori't,y, II fiarm of digni,t,y., e _, en of wisdom .. which· i,ll, s,uperiolr to alny vu'llgalr' materi'al in'terest; aln o;ill pailnting be ongs tOI't,hle c:ulltura~ h[eritagle~ ~t iSI ,8 reminder of wlhat, it m·e·an·s to be a cultlivalted IE.uro:pean. And se tho! qUlote~d wo!r'k. o:f: art I(alnd 't,his Is w'hy it is, ·510 USII!!fu'_ 'tiO publi'city] says, tw'O ailimost: COlnt:radictory thin'gs ,at '1:he same time'::' i't de'note,s, w,e\a~th ,au,d· slpir.i'tua'litv= it, ilm:plies t:h,at 'tile .pllJrcha:se be;il'ng P'l1o,pols,eld i,s both '& lu.x,ury and II Icu~tlur·a[1 vOI.ue. PUlb •• ci't,y .has ilnl fa,ct unde~rstiood t;he t[rad,ilion of


the OIU :pa'ii- inSI mOte tholr'Dlighly' thanl Imost ,art 'hi,stor:i:an,S~1 'It has gl raspedl th'E! i m pll i cali O~II1S ofl ·the, relartt:il!(Ul,9 II i Pi beJt,'Wee FI t:he wor'k of alrt anid its ,spectato,r-'Olwne'r and with these lit t:rile's t,o plers; alndl f:latter the splelctator, .. lblllyer'~

The 'co,ntiaul'ly.. howeveJr ,-b,'etween-eril-p'amting. aUld IPubI11ici't,y goes fa'r' deepler tha.n the :il quotill11,g ~ of speci,f'ilc paint,inlg,s., Publli;cit,y rel.i,ea 'tOI 3! v'ary h!lrge e!.x.tent loil t!he,ge, of oil pil'intinlg,. lit sipeak.:s :in thl8 salm,o' 'voilee albout 't:h'e :same! tlhin,gs. ,Some~timeSi tih[e· vis,ual corresp'ondencesr are so Cll'osilel that it iiis pos,sible to Ip~ay' a "ame of "Snalp'!1f =. putting allmost, 'ildentical image,s lo,r dlet.i·lls of imta,g'eos ,Sildul b!y' ,side·,~



~ -

..... ..

It li:s Inlot" hIO'Wie~V'e:r., jUls't, at tlhe h)'v',e~ of e!lt8,c:t ,p'iGtOI ,"ia'il Icolr're.spo'nd'en:ce, thet, 'th,e cIB,ntinuI.,ty' hI iimportalnlt::: i't I,s ,at tille h~v',el,of ,t:h,s, .sets ,of, signs; us'e,d.

C10mpare tlbe ilmagesi of' Ipu:b,liciity Sirid IP8'intinlgs lin 't,h'is book, lor take a p,io,ture mag,ilziin8iF, or 'walk. ,1i'D'wn ,a, ,SM,aIFt, shloppiing str,e,et .:ook'ing ,at 'tille' ~[indow' dlsIP'~a,s .. , an:di ,t,h!e'n tUlrn ,olver 't,hle pages of 8'n :nI1bst'rated mll,SIOllim cartollloglule;II" andl 'nlo,tice h:o'w s,imilolrlly' IRlesS,8,g'es are! ,co'nv'e'ye,d by tlhe two m'edia., A s:y.,t,em'orti:c s,t,udy ,d,eeds·'to be' m,ade·ofl thlis .. HI e re! 'we can diD n'D, m'Olr'8 ,th,a,n' il1ldica,te! ,a, few' areas; where 'te simill'alriity of: the d,e,v'ices, ,a,nd' illimls: is, 'palrti'll'ularl,' :st .. illtiilng~

'The g;es,t1ur'e;,s, of mlodlels ('rmUl1ln,e'Qluinls:) and myth 01 ogli cid f~igu're~9.

Th,e' romal'nti,c; D,se' of n'atulr\e (leaves:,1f 'trees" 'w,ateIF',) tOI create ,ill p.;slfoe wh,erUI inn,oce'n,ce, canl be IllefoUlli1d., 'The e(Ko,tic 'illnd' nlostal!gliiG ,at,tractii:o~n of t,he IMI,e,dit,err,anean ..

'T'h'8' IPOB8S "ok,le!n up la denote! sill:reot,ypes ,of WOMan,:: sare'ne miother (lI1:ad0.ln'8)I'

'f'!lIlieiiiiwhlsaling ,sl8cretary (a,c:tress,I" tidingit's Inlist,r8Is,s]. perfect: h,o,sta&& C:slpleclator"!!!Jown,e!rlirs wi,"e),r

s,e(X, ... obj:ect (V'en,us, Inymlph sur'pri:sed')" etc.

'Tlhie ,s,peciall $:e'xua~ emphashs, 'gi'wen to women,!!'s II,e918,,,

'T'he, 'ftlate'ri,81Is, 'part i'CJUI lalrly' used ,to indicate, IUXUI~Y: en'glraved lmet·alll .. furs~ polliish'edl _,eathI8!r', letc ..

The g:estlUll"le,s and ,o!mbr,aces of 'liDver,s, arlf'a'ngedl f'rontalli, 'fo'r 'tlhe benef~it of th,e ,s'pecta,t,or' ..

The, sea., ofl'e'riing a ne:w'III.ltll., '.

Th;e phiy,si,oa:11 stoln'Ge of me'n eo,'nve'V'ilng w'ealth ,;I,nd Vi'IFli Uty.

Tille t1rsalmleld, of Idli,s,QIRCe by perspect1ive ,~, ofle;riag myste'ry.

'Tlh:e ,e'quartion of drilnlkiiing and SH'OGeSS,,,,

Th,e main ',a,s Ikn'ight ('ho'rs'emo'n) become motori:st~

Why id'oe,s 'public:ity ,d~eplend ,so heavily UlpO'1!1 the! 'vis,uis I 181 ng Urm~lle' of oi I, paint'ing 1

Pulb,lh':ity i,s title CUI.ture of the 'CO'RS,UJI'I,'e,r 50ci,e1:y',.

II't prop.gat~,,[s thre,ulg:h im'ail'e~s that: soeiiety,r's beUio' tin itse~f!!1 There eire ,sev'e~'r,811 reaSOlns 'wh', "'helsa imagles u,se, the II'alngllLlage' ,orf' oi: II' pa'i nti!!ng.,

Dill IP~ailntin'g',. bef:Olfe' 'it 'was ,anytblilng elise,., was a celeb'ration of ,plriv,ate p'raperty., As .mln ,.Irt ... ,form iilt derilved 'rom tlhe priiinlciip'le thart ,V'O'II 811e wh'8,t :vo u ha'v(!}l~

I ,. ,.,. k . . h'·' k t- b 11'·' ,,,. I t'"

,~t II!S ,a mlista ,.:e t)O t .' Illn' ;', ,Or p.-' 1110ilty' ,SIUIP-:P ,an·, -1111091

the, 'vi,slua~ art of post ... R,enahl:sa:nce IE,urope;, it iiis the, I,ast mOlribund 'form of th,art art,

lP'ub,licit,,' .is,[I'' in eSSen,C8,. nlostal'glic!! I't hairS: tD $\011 tJhl!

Ipast, to !,'he' future .. I't eannet i'tae./f s:u'ppl', the. sta:nda'rd~s, '0" ~ts 'o,wn c;lalims~; Andl so ,a.ll~ .'is, ',ef:erelll1ces to quality ,ar'!e bO'll.Ind to, bel rel:rospect:iiv'e anld tr,afdi'liona'l .. 1'1: would .a,ck Ibothl co'nfidfenrCe: 811:dl c!rediElb'il'ity ii" iit IIIBed 81 s,tr;ietl', cOlntempo'ra'ry l,anrgIU'8gie ..

Pu'b •• :oity' Dlueds 'to 'tu'lriA 'to; its own advantag'• tlhe 'tr,.dilt.onal edu'C8tiG:D of title 8Jv:e:,ralle s,pa,e,tator' ... b.u""e,r,. Wh~at. hie h',D,S Ilealr'nt ai, sch'ool! 'of his,to'ry'~ m',thologY,jf 'poetlry' lcan be' used ,in thel tmliln,uf:acturing o,f igla,m'O'UIII"'!! C:i'llairs cain be siulld 'inl the In!illime of a K]n,g\, lunder.'lear ihil: conne:ctiolli1 w~th tl118 Sphhj)x,~ a 'new' Cal" Iby ',ef'er1o:ncq to th,el statlus o,f a cQ'unrt,ry' h'ou,se.

In ,the lalng'H'agle of o,i p'a,inl'ingl these v,aglue, hist.oric!Ed

or p,oetiic Oil" Imo,rai. r\eferelf1IClStS' are' ,always; plreseni'., The falet t:hat ,thley are i1mpreois;D alndl uilltim,atelly me\oningl'Eu;s :ils ani

- . -

aldv,antslgo': theiV Sh'DUld not, Ibe IUn,derstanlda,ble, thei, '![IhOlild

'me!f'ely be re.m'illi1iscelnrt ('Irf cu~t,ural .'8,ssons, h~d'f ... learnlt,., PUlbUic,ity Imak:e,s 31111 hlstOlry Imyt.hh:a~" but: to dlO so effe,ct;iively it, ne:e,d,g a visuall Iisingluat[g'e 'withl hl,i'stJDriic(l11 dim,ensi-llns'lIl

Ilas,tiIIY,1f 81 t)e1chllnieall,deve'llro'pmlsnt made ,it ala .• , to tria n,stato! th e! .,.ngUDrge' of' ali I painrt ii ng 'ii'nto p1ulblliicity c:li,c1his, .. Thi's 'was th.e lin'ventioln, about f~ftele!n y'eolr\s: ago[l" of cbe'ap co.,our photo'g,r'aplhi¥lil :SIIIChl phot'og,raplhy can replfOldlulce thle! co,l,o'll r 8ln,d textluro' an,d' t'anlglii'biiJ:i:ty' of obi'eets, ilf& 'Din I', a,i I p21Jilnit had beenl .blle to do before,~~;o'lo'~r phot,ograplh', is, to th~ spectart'or .. [b:ll.lyelr' w',hat oil paint, w'os 't\OI thle s:p!e·clator'-own,ef",

Broth m,e,di;8 US'. ,simi.,ar" Ihiiigih;lly ta'ctilu' me,Ci!n& to pll'ay ulpo'n trhe srp~ec,tarto'r~'Sr SIiB'n',SrD of al~quirli"ng" the rest 'tl-'h-."n'g: W,' h,II·C- h t"h,e, :', '~'-m" ~--,-;,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ !I!o!l' _, _ _ III _ _" , _ _ _ IV' _~' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ II _ ,_ I arl IE!

s:ho'ws,,, I'n bo,t~h Icases his feeling 't:hat !he can almost tOluch w,hiat: i,a in the iim,slg,e re'miinrd"s him ho'w' he 'might or' does poss,e!s-s the 1'180:1: th'i1nrg,.)'

W '--II r r'

r"'"ill PT!


-=I :Ii:

0' ,:;IiJ


J'\ z Q



fJj lin r!'j'"J'

rm -< n II'


m ifJ' N-

L - !II. I"I"I"I"'I'.....-::::E.

l'o!n I!!- ~..,.. 'Po'" ~ .J.


R - • • L • ~ ..,.. r}"1.3111

y'etOl" dles,pi,t:e this, co,ntiIRu:iity' Orf lalnlgluage" trhe f U li1;c,ti on of' :pu,b,llrc'i1ty i,s: ve"y d,.'ffe!ren't from tlhlalt lo'f t:h IS' 0 LIi _ paintilnlgl,., The, ,spe,ctat,olr' ... b'u·ye!r stands ,iln !a VIU·y d'iffrQ'reflit, rOlhlti,oli'll 1:01 ,t:h,e 'wiorrld fro,m th,e ,spee,tato,Ir'liiow·'l1ler.

Title o'ii~ pa:intingl showe,d wlha't: i'ta own,er was ,alreo,dy e,nj,o'yhlg ,8!mon,gl hiirs pDss;erssiiro,ns andl hli:s \V'ay of life,~ It ic,oruiolidate,d h!is, own Sed'SlGJ! of Ihi!s OW1111 value. lit ,e:n'h,anced' his,

,., f h'" -If-' I-h I d 'I'" b ,. h f --'h

Vlie'w 0'" 'Ims;e as; :-e a Irea:.!y '.a,s .. t ~,ega'n WI.,t "1"'8CtSlf tl::'e

f,alds, of: h'i,s life .. TIllie pai'fttin,gs, (!'m'bellis:hed 'l:h'8 interior' ii,o whic'h Ihle alctlUla.II', lived III

The, p,ur'p'o,slli of p,ub,lic:ity is, to make 't:he' spec1art'or 'msJ'rginall', di,s,sati,sfii~ed 'wlith his, p'rese:nt 'way of' 11"iife'~ N'D,t w:ith the! 'w,ai,' '€I,f n,t,e, of ,society" bu.t witlhl Ihlis; o'wln within it:., I"t: ,s'uggIQsts' th'iflit ;if he, bu',s, wh:a,t it, ii,s offe'rin'g. bls life will bec·ome be't1:elf. It offer,s; him an :improwed ,alter'nati'va 10' 'wh:at: he' is,,.

T'hink , ool~

Tlhlei olil pahi1rting' 'w,as ,u,ddrelss,edl 'tUI tlhiD"se wh'ol maid., money Iglut of thle Imlialrk,et", PUlb,lli,ci,ty iis addre,ssed t,o,'"t'hO,S8 whiG 'cod:sti,tu,te th:e m,ar'k,et!to th'8 ,s'pelctat'or'~buye'r who is also the Icon,sllil'meIFI""p'IiOduc1i!,r froml 'wlho:m Iprof'iits are m,ade~ tW'i,ce, ov'e'r - 8:S 'w'o'rk,e'r 811nld 't:ho,n as b'UY'flr .. Thiel unill', p.ace,s re!I;Dtiivel', 'f:r,e'E!' of plub1lhlity arie the, qUQ!rte'FS Oi': the 'v'ery ri:ch; thleir' m,o,n,e" i,s theilrs, to keep",

AI'' tlhe a:nx,i'e,ty on w'hich publl~city p~,ays, is thle 'flealr tlha,t haviolg o,o,tlhing you wi~1 be notlhi'n'g.

Derek died, breke. ADd,tba't. broke,

h;!;' I,&.


MOdte', is Ilif:,_". Not in, the S'- Dse 'thDrt 'wilt'hout, P1ro,ney you sta,rve. Nat i. ,the sen,se that, capillaillgiv',e's 'ona class paiwerr o'ver 'the' IB'ntire I'ilves. 0" a'noth_'" ci.cllS'SI!I\But: :iinl the ae'nse t.hat mloneiY is !,h'll' toke. of. and thl8 Ik,e, 'tal" every hum. c--apa,c'ity~ he pow'er to .paRd morn ~:y is ,the pow-: r to live>!! A,ceor. in!g tlOI tl ~e Illegends olf pi b,lh)ity,., these who .,Hlck tlh power to, spend mo'nreiy' b come Illiterall'y faceless!! Tlho',S8 who have ,th,e' rpOiW'81r _,:,eCDlme lo'vlabll,Bt>!

P'ulbl:icity inc:re'il,s'ingl, uses s,e1xuali'ty' to sEd. rainy produ'ct, 0" sJervi,ce~ 'B,g,'t this, s~e'xua.ii:ty 'is Ineve" free inl ~,tsellf= i,t is: ,ill si'ym,bio,l "orr ,so'm,eth,irngr pll"Ie,s[lImed to be I,argle!t' th',a'n it: the


good Infs! In which y,ou ca:n b,uy wh,ateve~'r ','D[U w.a,n" To, be, a'bl,o,

't'D' ,bu',' i,s th~e s,ame 'thlilng as being, ,se'xlua'lly ,d'esir'ah'le·; o'ccasiionalll~IIY 'this 'is the ,ex'p ... i,cit mes,sage, Qf publicit" as in' t,he' larcllaycardl ad'v,erti'se,m,ent a'bove,~ IUsulall', it is; 't,he, iim',;li,cit ,m'fljSsagr8,j' i.~8[ .. If you :are: ,ab1le' to ibuy 'this produ'ct yo'u w'i II II be ~[ovla,bh!~, I" yo III canrnlot bu'" it·" yOU! wii'll Ibe lies,s hl):v'a b ~ e,

For' p'lIlb I i c:lty' tlhe p'r-e,aetnt i,s bry' definitii:on, in,sufl1h! .. Tthe oi. Ipni:ntin!' 'wo,s thlOUlglht [o,f' as, 10 'p1erlmalnenlt 'ree!ordl,~ Olll'el olf' t:he 'Rleaslur,es a p·a:"'nt"'nlf'l gaivle tOr iiits o~-;-~ner ~ :-:,89

. - - - - - . . - .- - v - . - .. -.. . ~. I :::I'.. . . ... I... w. w

the th,ough,t thart i,t: 'w,o,uld GOln:v',e" ·the, ima,ge' of hiis; p,r'esenrt: to

the future of hi,s de··scelnld,ant:s~ Thus, th,e oil pa,intiin'g was n',iI,tur,iI,lly' p\aintedl inl th,e' 'pres:llI,nt: t~'nse'ii T'he paintlsr pa'intl'adl wihat 'was beforehiiim" 'B'iith,err :iln re,ality olr' lii,1!1 'imagti'lnat'ilon., The piu1b'I'iidity' 'im,age, wh,ich is. B!p1h'8,m'B'riilil U,S'BS o'n'lly th,e fU.t,llrel t:e'nse,~ 'Wi't:h this ,o:u 'will be·come desilr'ab~e,. In t,hesesurrou·ndinl'si

0111 ·your I\e~!ationslh_ips will becOIMle! h,ap·piy a·n,d rald'iiallnit:.,

\. '1"hing.5': h'ol!Prpgn ~ra. b~~das ~I

',riJ.,.",,.... I"A_I).""~"" ,1)

Pub.ici't.y prin'cipa,II,' ,ilI,d,dres,s'ed to the w\olrkiing ,cllass, 'Iend:s 'to pr'o,mis'8 a pa'r.s'onal tr'ansl\o'rm,artion tih'rou'g'h ,the f'lIn,ction of tlltle parti!cul'aif' produet it is; s'sliling fCindere'U'a) ,; m'i,d,dle'-clarsus p1ublicity p'lT"lolmi.sJss it 't:ransf'orm:atio'n iof rldatii"o'II1Sh'ilps 'thiro'ulgh a ge,'ne'ra,1 8Itmlo\s)lpJhe'Ir',e c,r,eate!d by an .'n,s8Imb'liu of plrDlducts: (Thle~ ''anted Pa'la!ce)~1

P'ubli,c:"'ty 5ip1e1aks in tlhle fUlture t)enlSlel ,aln'd 'ye!t the

,3,C,_ lievemlenit: af f:hi,s, futlure! is le,nd_le'ssl'y dlefelr'red .. Hlo,w thenl does pubncity re'm,.in cred1ible _. Olr' c'r-e"dli:ble enoulglh to " ,K,ert thel inrfluelnc it does? It, fe'main,. 'cre,dibll'l!, becau:se tthe t'f;utn'ess, of pub,.,icity is, ju,dlgIOd!,I' Inot by' the r~· al fulfi ment, of its Iprolmises,. brut: by 't:h1e r,ele,vanice of its "'anta,si-s ''110 thiDS. of' t _8' ,S,p'8Ictato", ... bUYler .. II'ts eSS,8:n ~iall '. pp:lliicat~ion Is ~ lot to reality' ,but to daydlre·'mSIii

To U!ndO'F,sto'n,d tlhliis bettelr we IMust !go b'De!k. t,o, t:he' notioln olf ,g:l'am,()lur ..

IGlamlolur i,s a ,mlodiBrn invent.olnl,. I ,tlhe hey'd,IIY' 0': thle olil palin1tii,lIlg it d;id n!ot exi,st~ I'dea,s 0 _ gr,u,ce, e,leglanlce~, a1utholrity ,8,mo!untedl to ,somle' 'hinll' alppar'en1tly' silm\ll~al'r blu't funldolmenta,lll, Idifferent,,,

Mlrs ,Sidld[olns as se ~n by G'ilrinsborou'glhl is not·


gllalmo[rolU's,.,e~ sh( " iis ino't pr'esent,.,d as en[v,il bllel [and

the!refore hIBIPP'. Sihe 'may' be sa·en, as 'weal"llly" beaulif'ulrr tal,e'nte,d" luc_ y ... Bu" hler q'u8,llities iara! h[er OWlnl anld have been Ir'ecoglnl;zed a,s srUlch." What ,sllle :i,s d:oes not entirely dlslpe!ndl uipo:n ,othe!- S w8'ntin,g, tiD be l"iikle, h[e'~lI! S;hu hi; nlot: Ip'urely' the erea u'r'e of othe!rsli' enlvy = 'whli'ch Is, ho'w, for Qx .. amplle, AIDdy Warhlo!l, ,p're\sent.s, Mar'i.y" 'onroul ..

r GI:am~ur canna,t exist wltho,u't Ipe:r,son,. ,s,oe,i'.tl'

eniVY be,'"ng a oommoln' 811i1d wides,pireald'em,ot1on~Tlho inldustrii,all sGei'.t,y' whi,c:h h,ij,S m,ov'ledl t:,o,waIIF'd:s, de,molcrac" Dlnd 'th,e" stolPlpiod h,alf W,IIIY i,a the id'e,all so'cie1y f'o'r ,gene,r,Blt,iing ,sgch an 'e,motioin,~ The purSIldt of' i,ndivjiid'uldi happ'inless has; been iBlclknlowledg'ed a,s a Iuni've'rsall Ir'i,ght,. 'Y'let 'the exis,ti'ng 900.'18'11 condl'ti'ons, m,ake t'he . ill1di'vidlu:311 'feel pow',erls's,9 .. IHe liv,es, ,in t!h": conrtra,dictio'n b,etween what he is an,d wha,t' he w'o'uld like, to b_ Eiithe'r Ihe ,the'n

b· comles· fulilly consci:ouis 0" thle c~nltra:dlicti'oln 81nld "'ts 'C,-Iuse:si' and so l'oli'DIS; 'th,., p,olliticall strug'gille 'for a f'uIII de'mocr,Rlc,,' whii,c'h antai:ls,II" amongst: 'otlher' things, 't:h'9' g,ve'rth'row of' cap"!talism;: or


e!l,s,o hie I,ive.", continually ,su'bjelct to an enrvy whic _,

co'mpoun,d,ed with his s'onse D'if 'pDw,erle"s,snloss" dhJ.o~ves in'to reCUFlr' Inl!: ,day· ... dlrealms ..

It is; tlh,is wihiiic!h mak,es it pos,silb'II.' , to und'erstland wby 'p'ublic:ity r'8lmaiilns o'l"Iedible.' he'lga'li betw818,n what Ip:ublliciity a&tu'BII 'y offers Dln,d' the futU!re, it plramises,1!

oOlr:III1'&'PO ,ds witlh thel 'I,a:p ble!ween Wh~8rt, the ,spectat1olr'-buyer f'eels, hlm's,e,lf' ,tlo be, ,an,d 'what lhie w'ou1ld llii:lke 'to be,.,,·T :-e, ,'W'O Igaps

becolme on:8'; an'd' inst:ead of the sin,gll~e galp bei g -~ri'd!ged b'y

. .. II~' d " -t· f-II d '!!I - Ill.. II d

act,.,o'n Dir' Iv'e~_ exp!erI181n1C81,j I' - liS - I ee w-ticil g:_amlolr'ous '_ ,a,y ...


The pr"ocess is oft,en rei'nforcedl by worki'ng conditionSm

Th,s intermiinalbte p:rese'nt of 'mealninglle!s,s 'wolli'kinlgl h,QHrs is, jjblo, aneed" b,', a Idreamt 'future 'in whic,h ,im,a,gin,ar,' ,8,c,tiv:ilty Irep~,ace!s t,he pas,::dv:ity of ,th,e' momlent. In h'i.s o,r' he'll" dla'y .. , ... dr\eamls; th'f!' n'assiva 'wo'rr'kior b1e,;iI!lIII,o' me ·s! I·he'! /,!!!ii,p;"il"iii~-e,:··' C-:jf'!jj,-,-,·- .-::'

_ _ _ _ _ I"" - - - - - - - - - - -- - 'I!io!!!I._ - _ . gllil!'III.IV _ .. nSll.lmer'lI!

Th,e wDlrjkii:ng ,se'~f e:n'vi1e:s the, c:o,n,suming :s'elfl

No 't,w"D' dr'.lam,s ,air. thle :samle~ S;iomie arle' instantan'e,ous" lutlhlfers p'rolon,gledl .. 'T:he dll"'e·illm.- is, ,alway. lper'sonlal 'to thie d'reamer~\Pub:II.;ei'ty doe's not manu:'act,ure the ,dre·am .. ,A II II t!h,art, it ,doles, "'5,'1;0 plF10'pOSle to, each one lo,t lUIS th,at 'we are n'ol yet !enviiabl1e _, ,"et could be, I

Plulbl,i,city h,as a:nloth"et ilmlporta'nt social 'fUD,ctio,n., The "act: th,at: thl.:s f:Ud,ctio!n h:8,S Riot been p.aln~n:ed ,BIS, ,iI :purplll)"se by those 'wlh,o Imlalke 8rnld UIS,B publicity in 11:10 W'O, '~essens its siJ"'--nif'i!cBfllcelli"Pulbllii'city' tU'lrn,s IconsumlPtilo;n into a :sdbstit,1I1e! for

1'democracv .. The chloii,ce!' of w"hat, !D,ne' leats 1(01'" w,ears or drives·) take.sJth,e" ~p la,ce o,f si,g:nli'fiiicant:, :poliiti'Ga~ e hloi ee, Pu bl i ci'ly helps, ,t.o R'i,iII',sik iHli1ld Ic,o:mlpensate f'Olr' 811111 th,s,! iils, un:d:e!Di,ocr'atilc 'WitJhii,t1 s,oc:i:ef:YIIl And 'it Blls"ol m,H,sk,$ what is; hap'pie!nin'l i'o,t'he re's,t O'f: thle

" _'

~ Pubillile~,ty' a[dd,$ UrIJ' t,C) a of PlblillOSlophiical ,syste!mll1 It 'e(X!p!la.i:ll1s ev,e:rythiin,g: inJ its own terms,. It .',nterprets th,e 'wor'lld ..

Th'8 e,ntiir,e 'w',orld, be'com'e,s a set,tin,g 'f'o'r thel fu.fil-,ent of 'p'u,bI ii,c:iJtyM's, plro'm'iise of' the Igoold' li'fe~ ,-hie 'w,or!ldl sm'i:lles at u;s .. I't' of' e:r\s iitself t'IO Il.I:S" A,nd biecauise ewe'fv'wnieire i,g im,agilned as off'er1ilng Itse:lf,t'D U,S.." ,~very'whe,f;f~ ls m:olre or I,e,ss thie sa,m8' ..

A,C,CIOrdIi ng t,o 'pub,lilc,ity'" ,to Ibe sophliistiilcated j,B 'to' Ih'le, ,lIie','oold eonflic,t",

IP'ub,licity cain 'traln,s,IJH,te e'vlen '.'V'D uti1o:n 'Into its ow!n) te~r'mSii

The co,n,t'r,Dst bet,w'BJ8'n publicityli's ilnte.·rpretation, of thr8, w'o!rl,d alnd ·thre wor'l,d's actuall con,d,itlr,on i·s, a "8Iry' ,stulrk onrell' aRid t,'h:is somet'im1es Ibl81CGrmes evi, dent, in, the· colloid'" maga'zilines, Wh1ilch deal wiilth. n,eiws .storriiI8,S., Q'ver'la8" i.s, the conte~nts pOrg,'e: of ,sulch, ,aJ m:a:g:Bizilneili

'Tlhe shock of sluchl conit,F,asts, hllconsii1d·er·Blble.':: not o;n,l!y beeD! set ,o,f ·t:_ ·e· ,coexi:st1e'nC8 0'" tho' tW'G wlorldls, s· 'own" blurt alls'u beoause of thel cy'n'icism ,of' the ICUllllture' 'whliich ShlOWS thu'm o,ne albov'e t:he' othelr .... ,It can be ,a!rglilled 't:~at the ,juxtapos'iitioln of i'Mages, 'was, ll'I'ot pla,nned .. NI,eve:rtlhe:les:s thle 'ex't', tihe phiotographsi take " 1·"1 P,ukistan" thle Plh:otogra,pl& takelnl 'for ,the, adver-tis,e.m.u'nts,1!' t'hle e - :iting of 'he m'og,azilne,. 't,he liayout of'the plulbl:ilc,iity'l' tlb:8 plr'i1ntilng IDf b,o,th" the falct, that l.dv,srtiis1erils p1o:ge',s ,and n,eiW,s, palgles COlnnlot be, Go-or'diinatied - ,·-11. t:he"si8 'are prod.ced b'y t:hle saml. cultulre·_

lIt Is not" ,ho'w'l)vier. t:he :m'Dral ,S,hOICik o,fthe: Clolnt,rast w'h~ch naiads, e'm,p,h,ilS,izii'ng,., A,d'vert:i:sers, tll1e:mselv,e\s ,c'aln ,tolke ,8Iccoul'nl: 'of thel .,hock .. T!hle Advertisers Weekiy' (3, March 1197',2) r,ep'o'rts 't'h,at Go,me p,ub,licity fi'rm,s,If' f110W aW8'I'\S' of' 'th,u comm,e,rei,m,11 d,an'g,er of S,UChi ullnf:,o,rt,unate, ,jux,t8Ipos:i,tillo'n,s in new',.

magaz,ine',s", are diecidi'nlg: tiO u,se Iless: blra:s,h~ mOire somb'r1e

ilmages, G,flen in Ibilaclk Bind white rath,ef thaln co'I'o,ur,,, Wh!Rl w,e neied 'to real.z,e i,1S wh,a! such 'Cio'nt'ra,sts, ravelal. ,a,bu,u! the nature of IPu,b II i:ci'ty'~,

IPublicity is, e s,sen:tially' evemiess. .I't E!!xten ds j'lust as far as 'no,thi'nlg elsie: is, hlaippeningl,. For pub "!city alill reol. events alre ex:ce!plti'lona~ ,and Ilappe!n only' to str,a,nll'~,r,s~ lin the IB,a,nlila D'e"sih 'p'hlo,tographs,,, 't:he eVt8!nts, 'we're 'tragi,e amid diista!nt~Bu't thle ,contr'as:t w'o'llJld ha'v',e beu'n n,D I,e'rss sto'rk, if the,',' h',i1,d be'o'D ,eV'le,nts n,eOlf' at han,d iin D'e,fry' 101' B,irlmi'ngll1am~, :No:r i,s the' C'Oldrtralst n,ecessia'ri~'y dlepeln.dleint, upoln the eve!nts bei'lng t.-aglie .. If: tillie", arle tro,gic ... tlhel'F' tll",iI'gedy a'l,eirts oUlr moriElJI sense tOI 'the co'ntralst. 'Ye't, iif t,he eV8In:t,s, 'w"ere ,jo,y'ous, ,anid ilf t:h,ey were, p,hoto!gr,H'p,hed iln 81 direct amldl un's,tereotY'p,ed w'loy ,the, 'Clo'n,t'raHs,t 'wouil,d be j:us;t a,s gr1eat.,

Publ'h:'ilty" s,itlUlat!ed irn a fu't,ure cORt,inu'iil Ily' ,d e,f'E!:rr',e,d, exc;~uld,es th,e' pr'lelselnt: ,and ,S,O 'le;limina,te's, ,all b'O'co,mingll" a:U d'evullo'pm'ont. 'E,x!p,erie!n,ee iis i'mpol9silble with i 11111 i:t., All thlot happen:s,,, hSIPlpell111S oUltsi,d,. it,;,

The falct th"at plllblicity i,s levent:lless would be


i'mlm!ediatie~y' o,brvi'ou$, if it Idild n,ot, luse a Ilangluag'e 'whl;,c'h ,mak.'e:s

f- t "'b-'iill'" - - - - t" -t IIf E h·' Ib'l· '" ,- h ..

10 '-ang u 'III, :llty' a:n eve,1l1 In II-,s,ell ,. -'v'ls'ry1, __ llng PIII~~_lnl.,ty s' -IOW:8 .8

there; ,a,w'~ditilngl ac'qlui,s'ition,. The a'c1 of a,cquiring has taken th'.

pllacA 0--"- a- '1'11 o .... J ... 'er' act"iO.'ons the C!!nDS - .- f I .... 'I§-v-nnl has olb"II';t- e-'ra-·'t'- .nd-

_-_.~' _~ . . I '.IIL'UJ'- I' I .• ' 'jl, " . !_i_, q,~: __: Ie 'U' I:llu -.1 . :::II JI:_.",". _ II!!! .~. '_I:.r,;. -. I

alii! othe!r' self:1iseS'!I'

P'ublli,city e!,xlerts aln en,ormID'IlI,S i1nfllu!e'nlC'1! B'nd 'iiSi ,8

poli't:iicallph'snIOlme'no,n 0'" gl'reat imlportancel~ B!ut its, offer i,s as [nll'r',o,w as ilts, ,raferenlces ,ar'e widle;o I t Irec-og'n~zes nrot:i1in'll ,aKee,'! t:'he IP'G.'e'r to acqulii:re,,. ,AI., othe!r hJltllminl 'f,a,culti,es, 0,' needs illr8 made ,sl'ub,sidi,iI'ry' to, this power'., AII~ hopes are, gathered

- ,

'togethe;rt; mlade Iho'm'oge!'neo'u,s" siii'mIP.'ifii:e·dl" so 'th,a,t 'thle, be~!o,me

th,e' inten's,e ,Jet v,ague" Imiaglical 'ylet Irepeata1blie p'll"omli,s,e! o"fs'lI"\sd h:1 eve:ry IPulrch'ClisJe,,_ N10 loth,er kli:nd ,0,1 Ihope 0'1" :saith;,fact'i'Qn IDr 'p~easu"re co'n alny 'l,on'l'er be en'vi,saged withlinl ,th,e IOllllture 0': ,calpi'ti8 11 is m~:

PUlb icli'ty Is 'the Illli'fe lof this c'ullture - lin so fallr as Wi,thiOU!t: pubUcity' ca· iitalil,s'm coulld not SUR'I've ~ and at title 80_",'9 tilme pubU,c:ity is, its d,ream~"

Ca'pitollism s,ulrvii'ves, by forc'ing Jhe Imaj'o:ritYr .'hom it e,x:p!lloit,s,. to define, their o,wn in't,erlests las ,na'rro'Wlly as; pOIs·siblle .. Th'i:s Will. once ,aichiI8v'edl by e,x't.nsi'v,e' de~privat:ioln., Today -iii: ,t ' e de,v'1811Io,p,ed Ico:untries it is be.ii!nlg acl1lii'eved by improsliinlg a '~allse stan'd1olrd of what is anld wlhat ~s n'al! desi'"ablleh.


M U S:fH1 d u IP'et~'t Pal ais. Pa rts

1 28 (centre) lie ,S,CI:hl;n, photooraoh

'1.29 (top) Les :1R,Olmalin:s de la D1eca,d,ence,

by Th 0 i11 as Co! ut lJ re, 1:S '1 5-7,9:

126 (bottom left) M,B,d,a,me C,slhen Id" A,nvers, by L . Bonnat 1 26 (bottom: riglht) The, Ondli';ll1e D'f IN,!iidden bV E" Doe.rstillii:n,g 12.7 (top right) The Temptatlon of St A,ntho:ny

by ,A", Moret

1:27 (top left) 'Wilt,chers, Sa,bba,th by' Lou is, Fa lero 1 .2 7 (' b ott 0 m I eft) Psvch e ~ s B"ath by Lea i 9 hto n

1 27 t( botto m r il'g ht) lla Fo rt u ne by' ,A. IM, a iii'[;l nan 129 Photoqraph by Sve'ln Biom'ber:'Q'

1 34 D ej e:u'ne,'f s,u r ~ ,f ,H er be by IE dous rd M an et, l' 8:3; 2,-83" Lo UVF'S, Paths:

'1 ,36 (top) ,Ju'pitler and Thetis by JI~ ,A,. D. i ngrle's,1 1780\....1 S.67~ M usee G ra net, Aix ,~,e n- Prove nee

1 316 (bottom left) P a In P U ,rs:u ii n 9 ,S,yr'ii nx

by Hendrick van Balen ~ and follower of' Jan Bln~"u9IhIEd I, 17th century, Nlatfon~1 Giallle!ir'l~, London

1.3'7 (bottom, lett) Bacc:hllls'lf CererS and Cupii'd by Ba rt 1~i'O I oms W S, ~);rClI n g er, 11 54'6~.'1 611

'li ,37 (to1p left) II nterior of S,t Od u lph us' 'C:h u rc:h et ,A~t;Jslende~ft,~ 1i 64'9 by Pieter Saenredam. 1 :541'- ~ 66,5 137 (top right) W,fnte' by Hokusai, 1716,0-1184,9'

139 Calrlo, Lodovico dji IBolrbo,ne Parma wli:th 'Wife" s i star a ,n Id f u tu rei Ca, r~ 0 ~ ~ II of Par ma I'

,A n 0 In ~ 1 ,SIt h ce nt u rY'~ Are: h d U ca ~ Estcnle.: Vla r1eg g 1ii'O

1 41 St:ii II L iife 'W' i th D rii nkl ngVess,e,II':s bry Pi eter C laBSZ, " :!'i9'6/7-,16,'o1 ~ Na~ional~ 1~3a!,lerYI 'London

147 M'r:s Siiddons, by Thomas G.:dn5bom'oUigh~, 17:27----88, Nlam,ional Ga~lillie':ry,~, london

1 47 MaJf'lilvn MOlnilliOle by Andy Warhol 1 5:5 O.n the T'WrEH3 h 10 I d of L'ii bert'v

by R€H1Ie ,Magri,tt1e, 1898-,' :91107

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