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2nd Lesson-My Trip to Rome Lesson Plan

2nd Lesson-My Trip to Rome Lesson Plan

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Published by: Amanda Burkhart on Nov 17, 2010
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My Trip to Rome Date: Oct.

7, 2010 Subject: English or ESL Unit (title): My Trip to Rome Lesson Time: 45 min.. Objectives: Teach students to converse about travel. Assumed Knowledge: Students are familiar with basic English grammar and conversation skills learned at the elementary level. Anticipated Problems: This lesson might be a little easy for the 3rd grade students grammar and vocabulary wise. Solution: Push the students outside of their comfort zone for conversation. Use the familiar and easier material to encourage them to start speaking more freely. Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language: Did I _______ when I was in __________? No. You ________ when you were in __________. Vocabulary about travel: To take a plane (bus, boat, car, train, etc.) To stay in (sleep at) a hotel (motel, hostel, villa, a friend’s house, etc.) Travel activities: Hiking, swimming, sight seeing, shopping, eating at restaurants, etc. Teaching Aids/Materials: Power Point Presentation, chart paper for students to plan the vacation on. Candy for the winning group. Steps and Procedures Phase 1. Where in the world am I?


Begin with a game. Put a collage of pictures up on Power Point and ask, “Where in the world am I?” The correct answer is, “Teacher, you are in Rome, Italy.”

Timin g t-s 3 min

2. Read aloud Put up a slide with a short story

t-s-s 5

Co-Teacher Role: Explain instructions in Korean. Help with classroom management . Help with

Each group presents their vacation plans and the group with the “best” plan gets a treat.) Now elicit vocabulary of travel. Have each group plan a vacation for the teachers. Did I eat kimchi when I was in Rome? No you ate pasta when you were in Rome. t-s-s 4 min t-s 3 min s-s 30 min Go around the room and help groups that get stuck. Elicit 5. you visited the coliseum when you were in Rome. . (Draw names from the bag to elicit answers. Write the list on the board in a chart Split students into groups of 5. Have the students read it with me. activities. accommodations.Practice 4. Did I visit the pyramids when I was in Rome? No. They have to decide where the teachers will go. 3.. etc.about my trip to Rome. Etc. min instructions and classroom management . how they will get there. where they will stay and two or three activities they will do during their stay. Help “judge” the presentations . Come up with a list of modes of transportation. Production Now drill facts about the story with the class.

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