I General
Particulars A Permanent Information Name of Auditee Organisation Type Period under Audit Unit Head Audit Team B Documentation 1 Proper filing of all documents 2 Proper coding of all files 3 Proper indexation of all documents in each file 4 Original documents related to land, building, fixed asset and vehicle etc are kept in the custody of the Unit Head. 5 Unit head ensures proper security and safety measures for original and important documents to avoid theft, fire, rain or any other peril of whatsoever nature. 6 All important documents and correspondence are stored in soft format (PDFScanned Format) with proper listing C Secretarial 1 All the secretarial documents and the documents related to Registrar of Companies (ROC) are kept at the registered office of the Company. 2 All types of resolutions to be passed are drafted by the Secretarial department only. 3 The original signed copy of the resolutions passed are kept by the secretarial department at the registered office and the copy of the same are sent to the Unit Head for his records. 4 It is the responsibility of the Unit Head to intimate all the concerned departments about the change in designations or change in directorship /signing authorities or any other relevant change that need to be informed time to time on behalf of the company. 5 Minutes book and statutory registers to be kept and updated by the Secretarial staff. at the registered office. Checked By Remarks

D Safety And Security Measures 1 Fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sign boards for “NO SMOKING” zone are kept 2 Doctor, Fire brigade, Police, bus and railway inquiry and higher management contact numbers are displayed at each desk. 3 A list of phone numbers of all the employees is displayed at each desk. 4 First aid kit is kept at easily accessible places 5 All the drawers are properly locked and a bunch of duplicate keys is kept with the unit head. 6 Safety training to labour and official persons. 7 Emergency medical training to staff by doctors. 8 Detail of Work stations is displayed at each desk in a proper format so that the complete information about the employees' name & designation can be shown. 9 Hardware security- no person is allowed to carry the system or take files from the system with prior permission of Immediate Boss. 10 All the important files/documents kept in soft copy is secured through unique file password. E Legal 1 All the original documents related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) i.e. Trademarks, copyrights, patents, ISO certificates. are kept with the Unit Head. 2 The original documents, notices etc filed by the legal advisor / advocate are kept by the Unit Head. 3 The proceedings of the same are summarized by the Unit Head with proper attachments and account statements. 4 Listing and documentation of legal and IPRs files is done as per points mentioned under Heading- DOCUMENTATION. F Outdoor & Vehicle 1 Any employee leaving the office during the official hours shall fill the duty pass and get it signed by the authorised person 2 The duty pass duly signed is listed and documented in a separate file 3 Separate log book is maintained for each vehicle, which is timely updated 4 The log book is checked, verified and signed by the Unit Head on daily basis

5 Any employee using his/her own vehicle for official purpose is provided with the conveyance allowance as per the limits decided by the Unit Head.

B Interview 1 Check that interview is taken by a committee appointed for the purpose. 4 Complete code of conduct is provided to the candidate who thoroughly reads it 5 Code of Conduct shall be updated timely .INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST II Human Resource Particulars A REQUIREMENT ASSESSMENT Check that details relating to manpower requirement is informed to the management “1month” well in advance.• No. of Executive required • Kind of Executive required • Qualification required • Experience • Salary Slab. 2 Personal data form/Service book is filled within 3 days of joining. • One Higher official – Unit Head • One HR Manager /Executive 2 A proper form provided by the HR Executive is duly filled by the candidates. comprised of minimum three members• One Functional Head – Respective departmental head. 3 Terms and conditions associated with appointment presents a clear picture. 3 The interview is conducted at Unit level for first phase and the short listed candidates are interviewed by the higher management for final phase. C Letter Of Offer Offer letter is given to the selected candidates within 2 days for their acceptance Checked By Remarks D Appointment Check that 1 Appointment letter is given within 3 days of joining.

E Training & Development 1 Probation period of 0-3 months is taken into consideration depending upon the work requirements.1961 • The Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act.e. 1946 • Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act..1948 • The Payment of Bonus Act.2000 • The Personal Injuries (Compensation Insurance ) Act. 1936 • The Trade Union Act. 2 Lock-in-period of one year on completion of probation period. 1974 • The Environment (Protection) Act. F Legal Compliances Relating To Hr1 Check for Applicability of various acts and its due compliance by HR Executive• The Apprentices Act. 1986 • Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules. 3 Various challans are paid on time (i.1948 • The Factories Act. 1963 2 All the required registers and documents as per above applicable acts is maintained.1926 • The Workmen’s Compensation Act. 1970 • The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act. 1947 • Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act.1965 • The Payment of Gratuity Act.1923 • Factory and Boilers Act • The Industrial Disputes Act. Challan for PF has to be paid by 15th of next month and Challan for ESI has to be paid by 20th of next month) .1952 • The Employee State Insurance Act. 3 Performance appraisal during probation period and thereafter is done by the immediate boss and HR Executive and then the same is reported to the higher management.1972 • The Payment of Wages Act. 1981 • Water ( Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act.1948 • The Minimum Wages Act.

Sick and are allowed as per the HR Policy K TERMINATION/RESIGNATION Proper notice or salary in lie thereof before resignation/termination as per HR Policy L GRIEVANCE HANDLING . 3 Overtime & Idle time workings 4 Salary payment by 10th of next month. 3 Facility of free medical check-ups is provided to the employees at regular intervals. H Attendance 1 Daily attendance is taken either in morning or evening in Attendance Register 2 Separate register is maintained for daily workers & staff on probation 2 This register is checked and signed by two Executive (i. Casual. by HR Executive and Unit head) 3 Gate pass register is maintained. 5 Proper workings of salary sheet and its authorisation thereon J Leave Procedure Various leaves taken by employees are classified in Paid.e. perquisites etc according to the provisions. G Accidents & Causalities 1 Report of the accident is prepared on the same day in the prescribed format 2 Legal Provisions applicable are complied with. Entries relating to visitors is made in the register and at the end of the day it is verified by one authority. deductions. 2 Calculations relating to allowances. I Salary And Wages Procedure Check for1 Pay-scale and salary structure of the labour & staff.4 Consolidated HR records are sent to the HR head for the group including details about all the compliances made by the Company by 25th of next month in the prescribed format.

1 Any grievance relating to workplace is informed to immediate bosses or the concerned unit head who further reports it to the higher management. . 2 Reporting is done both in verbal and written format.

3 Employees should submit Self Appraisal Performance Report on quarterly basis. 4 Employee birthdays and anniversaries is given due consideration one Greeting card should is sent on behalf of the Company. 5 A suggestion or a compliant box is kept and it is the responsibility of the HR Department to check the same and reporting of the same to the unit head. 2 Bonus amount would be calculated/decided depending upon the employee performance and at the discretion of management.M EMPLOYEE RECREATIONAL POLICY 1 After completion of 18 months of service. N REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES Expenses are reimbursed to the employees incurred for official purposes as per the decision of management committee. promotion or hike in salary on the basis of performance appraisal and as per management decision. .

INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST III Purchase & Inventory Management Particulars Concerned Person Checked By A Material Control Check proper records for1 Availability of materials 2 Control over the investment in material 3 Reasonable Prices 4 Wastage Control 5 Control over the spoilage and obsolescence JB JB JB MS/JB MS/JB B Purchase 1 There should be at least two personnel for the purchase department with rights AM/JB and duties as per the Purchase Policy 2 All the purchases are properly authorised as per the policy Upto Rs 5000/Purchase Manager Revenue purchase > Rs 5000/Unit Head Capital purchase > Rs 25000/BOD C Requirements 1 Requirement of the Stores Department is in accordance with the production schedule and on the basis of need of the particular item whether it is capital or revenue item is forwarded through Purchase Indent in 2 copies D Vendor Registration 1 The Purchase department registers the potential suppliers according to the required items in the prescribed format.) • Transportation Cost • Discount • Credit Facilities . 2 Check proper maintenance by Purchase manager of master list of the suppliers E Selection / Assessment of the suppliers 1 Check for following aspects while selection of suppliers• Quality • Price • Terms / Conditions (availability etc.

Taxation etc. 3 Inspection of material 4 Proper delivery of goods to the concerned department / store. shortage. 2 Check against Purchase Orders. respective departmental head. 2 Finalised by a Committee comprising of• Purchase Officer • Finance / Accounts Officer • Respective Department Head G Purchase Order 1 PO is prepared in 2 copies in the prescribed manner and is duly authorised 2 Regular follow up of PO for timely receipt of materials H Master List for Purchase Check proper maintenance by Purchase manager of following master list of the suppliers I Receiving and Inspection of the Material : 1 All supplies at receiving department.2 Final selection is vetted by a Team consisting of Purchase Manager. 6 All returns. finance / accounts person and if required the technical person of the company. 5 Proper authorization by the receiving authority. Transportation. 3 Tender is raised in the specified format for specific purchases along with terms & conditions of the company If any other method is followed. mention it4 Proper analysis of the quotations invited in the prescribed format 5 Proper explanatory note is prepared to state the reason for selection of particular supplier by the selection committee 6 Documentation of the analysis summary sheet with the PO F Execution of Emergency Purchase 1 Check for following points• Reasons / Conditions • Time Basis • Price • Dealers • Others – Credit Terms. rejection must be informed to the purchase as well as to the accounts department so that the payment to / debit notes on the suppliers should be made / raised accordingly. .

K Classification & Coding of Material 1 Proper classification as construction material. 7 Shortage/excess of the material is reported to the purchase as well as the production department. stock taking & supervision of the material received should be done on periodic basis (Monthly / fortnightly / weekly). 10 Checking quality of the material received by the Quality control department.7 Goods Receipts Notes (GRN) should be endorsed to accounts and sent to purchase department. 8 Purchase orders file should be maintained properly. 6 Continuous stock verification. 2 After receiving of the required material the invoice should be supported with the Material Inspection Report and sent to the accounts department. quantity i. 9 Receiving. 9 There should be a proper control over the Scrap / Wastages / Damages/ Defectives etc. 4 Control measures i. 3 Proper authorization and verification of the MIR by the purchase manager as well as the higher authority. the material transfer note will be prepared in 2 copies 5 Scrap / wastage should be recorded and reported in a proper format . tools etc. spare parts. is allotted for proper distinction / description L Material Control System : Analysis of Material / inventory according to their value. 5 Separate authority for purchase and stock taking.e. issues and balances 3 Issue of material from stores in proper format 4 In case of material transfer from one job to another job. movement.e. unloading and unpacking the material delivered by the suppliers under delivery challans/ Invoices. 2 Authentic code no. 8 Any discrepancies / damages must be recorded and reported to the concerned authority. J Stores/Inventory Management 1 Proper counting of the material received and recording and classification of the same. recording material receipts. consumable stores. · · ABC ( High : Medium : Low value ) FSN ( Fast : Slow : Non moving ) M Inventory Records: 1 Daily Updation of Stores Ledger 2 Check Stores Ledger for proper stock keeping.

T CHECKLIST Remarks To be followed from 01-01-10 .

>5000.PO to be made from 01-01-10 .


Checked By Remarks . 6 The total area covered by the production floor with its utility including storage for raw and finished goods is recorded in prescribed format.INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST IV Production Particulars A General Check that 1 Proper reporting is done by assistants to respective division in charge & further reporting by in charge to immediate boss 2 Proper listing of products with their respective codes and brand names 3 The record for no. of labour required to work at each machine for standard production is maintained as per given format 4 Calculation of idle time is done on percentage basis and in case the idle time exceeds 25% the reporting of the same to the higher management on daily/weekly basis with proper reasons 5 Calculation of overtime and recording of the same is done by the Production Manger and he further reports it monthly to the Unit head and the HR coordinator of the unit. B Machinery Check that 1 Fixed Assets Register is maintained & updated in the prescribed format 2 Proper coding for each capital asset 3 New Machinerya The requirement of new machines can arise due to following reasons: • Increase in demand • Change in technology • Change in product line • Increase in production b Proper assessment is done by Production Manager/In charge approved by the Unit Head c Requisition to the purchase department is sent for further processing as per purchase and inventory policy of the Company based on Quotation Analysis.

6 The issue of raw material for production is on the basis of production plan which is based on demand & availability.The whole lot of raw material is stored separately and Material Return Form is filled by the Store keeper. the reporting of the same is done to the Unit Head and higher Management . duly verified by the Quality Controller. 9 Proper reporting of machine breakdown/shout down is done by production in charge to unit head with valid reasons 10 Shut down for more than 3 hours is reported to Unit Head which further reports to higher management C Raw material Check that 1 Need assessment is done by the Store-keeper and the authorization is done by the Production Manager/In charge. D PROCESS Method of production followed by Company• Job Method • Batch Method • Flow/Process Method .d The new machines is properly installed in supervision of the Technical person and the Unit Head and the reporting of the same is done to the higher management after installation. 6 Separate machine log book is maintained and updated 7 User manual/instruction kit of machines is displayed through charts and hoardings at various places of factory. The production in-charge give its receiving through its initials on the issue slip after properly weighing the material issued. 5 The raw material to the production is issued by the storekeeper/store in-charge after signing the issue slip. 4 Capacity Analysis of machines is done in the prescribed format 5 The upkeep and maintenance of machine is done on regular basis so as to increase their life and proper track of the machine overhauling is maintained in the prescribed format. 8 Machine maintenance chart is displayed and updated for each machine near by the machine itself. 2 Purchase of raw material is done as per the Purchase Policy 3 The Quality Controller properly verifies the quality of the raw material by taking samples and records the same in prescribed format. 4 In case the quality of the raw material is not of good quality.

• Uniform Method .

of samples taken per lot of production. 3 The finished goods inventory is maintained as per the Purchase and Inventory Policy of the Company. . 2 Classification as abnormal is done if wastage is occurred due to the following: • Error in machine • Raw material quality issues • Power cut with prior information • Labour mistake • All other wastage which is not normal 2 The wastage is properly recorded in the wastage register/sheet on daily basis along with proper reasons and it is shown in the production MIS in the prescribed format. b Quality Analysis is done by the Quality Controller for the finished goods. Verify the no.E Finished Goods Check that 1 The production Manager verifies the final product according to the standard production plan and records the same with deviations. a Quantity Analysis is done by the Production Manager as set out in master chart of the particular product. F Wastage Check that 1 Proper classification of wastage is done into Normal & Abnormal. The Master Card for the quality check is pasted at each such place where the production process is carried on. 2 Samples taken for above purpose are recorded in the quality check register. if any in respect of quality and quantity both. 3 The monthly average wastage is properly calculated and if the wastage exceeds the standard wastage than necessary steps to reduce the wastage are taken.

INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST V Sales Coordination Particulars A Recording Sales Order 1 All the orders received are recorded in Sales Order Register in the prescribed format 2 Check for hard copy of orders received through email B Price List 1 Complete & updated price list for each product is kept with Sales Coordinator 2 The revision of price list is authorized and verified by the Unit Head and informed to the higher management. • Gate pass / Outward note prepared. 3 Revision of the prices is. VAT/CST etc. as per industry & market factors. • The duties and taxes are properly paid / charged. • The transportation cost is accounted • Proper weight / measurement done. 2 Also check Sales coordinator's responsibility that• The goods are properly checked as per sales order received. Checked By . 3 Credit terms & interest thereon & maximum & minimum credit period 4 Discount schemes 5 Check for any changes in the invoicing software and its reporting to higher management D Dispatch 1 Check that goods are removed as per applicable Excise Rules. and informed to the Sales Coordinator and Dealers/Distributors by the Unit Head C Invoicing 1 Check that invoice is as per latest price list 2 Also check that it is according to the provisions of Excise.

then the same shall be properly recognized and recorded. bifurcated as per the moveability and the value of the same . 4 Check for • Proper utilization of the space. FSN. 2 After sales queries shall be handled by the sales coordinator. ABC analysis. G General Verify age-wise analysis of debtors done by the Manager Commercial on monthly basis .E Verification of Finished Stock 1 Inventory of Finished Goods kept by Sales Coordinator 2 Physical Verification of Finished Goods on monthly basis by Manager (Commercial) with proper recording of same in hard copy 3 Further. F After Sales Service 1 If any after sales services are given by the unit.i. 3 If action is taken for solving the query then it shall be as per the rules of the unit and shall be informed to the Unit Head.e. • Proper coding • Precautionary measures • Arrangement on the basis of moveability.



quality etc 2 Verify the approval of higher management for introduction/exit of any brand/product 3 Proper market research before launching new product 4 Market survey to find potential market/product 5 Competitors analysis to know market position 6 Packing .unit head 7 Verify the Costing method used by Unit Head 8 Sanction of discount by unit head D Marketing Mix Decision Check that following procedure is properly followed 1 Proper classification of present brands as per size.seasonal demand 4 Authorisation of extra discount 5 Prospective buyers.INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST VI Marketing Policy Particulars A Marketing Process Verify that the company is following prescribed marketing procedure • Situation Analysis • Market Strategy • Market Mix Decision • Implementation B Situation Analysis Check that following procedure is properly followed 1 Identifying customer needs & company's resources to fulfill those needs 2 SWOT Analysis as per the prescribed format 3 Market research conducted by Marketing Manager and reporting same to Production Manager/ Higher Management 4 The budget for market research decided by Unit Head with prior approval of Higher Management C Marketing Strategy Check that following procedure is properly followed 1 Product Life Cycle .stage 2 Pricing Decision 3 Market study of product .Packing Standards & its inclusion in cost 7 Pricing .identified by proper coordination from dealers 6 Prospective marketing territory analysis.Revision after considering Market Analysis. Raw Material Price by Pricing Committee as per Marketing Policy Checked By Remarks .

Sales Representative 2 Sales Controli Check weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual sales targets set product wise in the prescribed format ii Reporting of the SRs to Marketing Manager directly on weekly basis. iii Monthly sales appraisal shall be done by the Marketing Manager for all the SRs working under him in MSA (Monthly Sales Appraisal Form) iv Check Turnover & Cash discounts as per applicable slabs . iii Appointment after proper application in the prescribed format iv Security / indemnity bond / guarantee signed by the dealer. having complete reporting of each SR separately for every product individually. iv Regular follow up through marketing personnel v Margin of distributor approved by Unit Head vi Reason for Sales Return. comprising of daily detail in the form of DSR (Daily Sales Report).Marketing Manager .Managerial Personnel .8 Distribution Channel (Place)/Placement: i ChannelSuper Stockiest .Unit Head .Distributor .Wholesaler/Retailer ii Verify the selection procedure as per respective policy• The Financial Position of the dealer • Goodwill in the market • Credit Worthiness • Past Relations / records • Market Accessibility etc.Payment or Quality sent to higher management 9 Product Promotion i Verify the approval of budget by the higher management after it is set by Finance Manager & Unit Head ii Also verify various schemes given to traders & consumers. set by marketing manager for its authorisation E Implementation & Control Check that following procedure is properly followed 1 Proper hierarchy for Marketing ControlBOD .

Checked By Remarks .Functional Manager/Marketing Executive B Reimbursement of Expenses 1 Verify that reimbursement is as per Tour & Travel Policy.Regional Manager/Marketing Manager Grade I . and claims are submitted with Tour Progamme approved by the Immediate Boss/Unit Head 2 Other reimbursement are as per discretion of Unit Head with proper justification 3 Verify the correctness & authorisation of claims 4 Verify limit for advance against tour at Rs 5000 and its adjustment later 5 Verify proper supportings i. travel tickets. hotel bills etc with the travel expense reimbursement bill.INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST VII Tour & Travel Allowance Particulars A Reimbursement Grades1 For Cities A .Unit Head & Higher Management Grade I .Cities with population > Rs 3Lakhs 2 For Employees Special Grade .e.Cities with population < Rs 3Lakhs C .All metropolitan & Capital cities B .

3 The Unit Head intimates the Asst Taxation Manager about the statutory payments through mail/hard copy before 3 days of the due date. Taxation Manager before filing and confirmation Checked By Remarks sent 3 All legal compliances are fulfilled by Unit Head and the same is informed to ATM 4 The following returns are timely filed i e TDS Return ii Excise Return: iii VAT Return: iv Service tax Return: v ESI & PF Return: . 2 The same is verified by Asst. 4 Copy of challans is sent to Asst Taxation Manager by 10th of next month 5 Monthly consolidated report in prescribed format for all statutory payments is forwarded to Asst Taxation Manager 6 All the financials are certified by Unit Head C Filing & Checking of Returns Check that 1 All the challans and returns are submitted directly by the unit.INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST VIII Taxation Particulars A Check for applicability of various Acts 1 Income Tax 2 VAT 3 CST 4 Excise Duty 5 Service Tax B Payment Check that 1 Payment is made before due date by Authorised person 2 Proper due date chart is maintained and displayed.

) is sent to the Asst Taxation Manager by the Unit Head. iv Rate of TDS/ VAT/ CST/ Excise Duty / Service tax / PF / ESI v Statement of VAT-7. vii Ledger of VAT / Excise / Service Tax viii Return shall be Certified / verified by Unit head. taxation manager. Department Check that 1 The information of the notice received by the unit from the department (i.D Scrutiny/ Audit objection / Query from Govt. Asst Taxation Manager checks the status of scrutiny/ audit objection/ query etc. iii Account statement of party / Purchase / sales etc. x Return shall be filed on due date . Income Tax. when informed by the Asst. Govt. ix Return shall be authorized by taxation Dept.e. 2 Unit Head follows the Notification / circular (Direct & Indirect tax) issued by 3 The following certified details are provided by Unit Head to ATM i Challan of tax payment ii Ledger of the account. Sales Tax etc. 2 3 Asst Taxation Manager prepares the reply of the order / query received by gathering information requirements from Unit Head and send a copy to Unit Head E General Check that 1 Any amendment in the applicable act is informed by the Asst Taxation Manager to the Unit Head with the due date of applicability.VAT-8 & VAT-9 vi Details of statutory forms (VAT forms) used during the period.

done at-least twice a month 6 Cash Withdrawal Note for withdrawal of cash from bank which is authorised by Unit Head C Bank Check that 1 Minimum bank balance at any time is Rs 5000 2 Balance above a specified limit is invested in FD by approval of AFM 3 Monthly BRS is prepared by Mang. which further reports it to Finance Officer B Cash Check 1 Physical cash in custody of Accounts assistant at least once a month. 1 Lac respectively 3 That physical cash is verified by person other than the person in who's custody cash is kept.INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST IX Finance Particulars A Stock Check that 1 Age wise analysis of FG is done on monthly basis by the stores keeper and authorised by Manager Commercial 2 Physical verification is done monthly by unit staff 3 Proper classification of Non Moving Stock is done by unit 4 Above records are verified by Manager Commercial and reported to Unit Head.10.000 and Checked By Remarks Rs. Comm and is sent to AFM after Unit Head's authorisation 4 The Cheque Details Register maintained by Ass. A/cs and vetted by Unit Head 5 The acknowledgement of the cheque received from the third party and the cheque issued to the third party 6 Proper recording of Bank Charges on monthly basis and informing the same to Unit Head and AFM . which is further approved by unit Head 4 Payments > 20000 are made through cheque 5 That Assistant finance manager's surprise physical verification of the cash. prefer surprise checks 2 The minimum & maximum cash balance at any point of time is Rs.

G Investments Check that 1 Proper Investment Register for recording of investments and its verification by UH is done 2 New investments are made only after proper approval by AFM 3 Proper investment note is prepared by the Finance Officer. 5 Insurance of Property. 4 The original documents of the investments are secured by the Unit Head H Loans & Advances Check that 1 Proper requirement assessment is made by UH 2 Comparative Rate Analysis is done by UH.D Debtors Check that 1 Age wise analysis on monthly basis is done by MC and the same is reported to Unit Head who forward it to AFM 2 Credit period & interest thereon as per Sales & Finance Policy 3 Quartly balance confirmation & turnover ratio is done by MC & reported to Unit Head E Creditors Check that 1 Payment is made through cheque only 2 Maximum credit period of 30 days or discount. as the case may be is availed 3 The Creditors Turnover Ratio is calculated on monthly basis F Real State Property Check that 1 Proper listing of documents is done in the prescribed format 2 All original & chain doc are kept in custody of Unit Head 3 Physical verification is done by person appointed by UH & Managerial Personnel and reporting of same to AFM 4 Search Report is obtained at the time of purchase.documented with Unit Head. Copy is kept with A/cs Dept. which is approved by the BOD 3 Proper documentation & A/cing is done by FO 4 Loan to Staff is as per Loan Policy .

sales (invoices) and purchases. Checker & Authoriser as per slab 4 Proper documentation of each voucher 5 Proper verification each voucher before entry B Sales 1 Following documents to be verified before invoicingi Previous Accounts status of Debtors ii Status of finished goods iii Sales Order Received iv Goods Outward Note/ Gate Pass v Sale Price as per the current price list vi Discount as per scheme vii Proper Duty / Tax Structure 2 Sales bill are to verified before dispatch by Excise personnel Checked By Remarks C Purchase 1 Following documents to be verified before revenue purchasesi Price Quotations ii Purchase Indents iii Purchase Orders iv Goods Inward Note/ Gate Pass v Raw Material Inspection Report vi Taxation/ Duty Structure 2 Authorisation as per slab .INTERNAL AUDIT CHECKLIST X Accounts Particulars A Vouching Check for 1 Separate voucher for expenses. 2 Separate vouchers for cash. 3 Signature of Maker. bank and other transactions.

3 Following documents to be verified before capital purchasesi Price Quotations ii Purchase Indents iii Purchase Orders iv Goods Inward Note/ Gate Pass v Taxation/ Duty Structure D Payment To Employees Following documents to be verified before payment i Salary Slab (As per HR Policy) ii Proper calculation of deductions /allowances/ perquisites.(As per HR Policy) E Loans & Advances Check for i Duly approved application ii Terms of Loan iii Finance Policy F Other Payments Verify for 1 Revenue Stamp for cash payment > Rs 5000 2 Payment > Rs 20000 through cheque 3 Payment to creditors i Terms of payment ii Mode of Payment iii Authorisation G Payment to Govt Authorities Check for i Due Date ii Workings by Functional Heads iii Proper Cheque/Challan details iv Authorisation v Mode of Payment . iii Calculation of PF iv Leave taken by employee (As per HR Policy) v Loans and Advances given to employees vi Signature of the preparer and verifying authority on the salary sheet.

.cross verified internally by unit staff 3 Information of the above is sent to AFM 4 Daily MIS shall be prepared on following basis :ii Per Day Production iii Per Day Sales v Daily Investment Details vi Daily Machine Breakdown vii Daily cash inflow – outflow 5 The Daily MIS (Management Information Systems) shall be sent to the FM by next day 6 Monthly Consolidated MIS to AFMi Monthly production Detail of the unit ii Monthly turnover of the unit iii Monthly bank reconciliation detail iv Monthly fund flow v Monthly details of Challan /returns submitted to the various departments.H General 1 Fixed Asset Register .Maintenance & Updation 2 Physical verification on Quarterly basis .