Sergey Turzhanskiy Proposed Program of Study (transfer applicants only).

Please describe your academic interests and goals in one to three paragraphs. I am interested in proposing and documenting live situations through film and video. Movies have long been interpreted as necessarily being fully orchestrated and then passively consumed by a silent audience. There is more value when the entire process of documentation is open to public alteration and commentary at all levels of production. Due to the intrinsic complexity of all social and environmental exchanges it is deceptive to present situations alienated from potential interference. I believe that relevancy arises from rejecting classical narratives and conceptions of difference. My most recent work has been in video-oriented installations as well as painting, sculpture, and interior design. The creation of altered environments and their effect on facets of mood, conversation, and social communication allow us to explore the reasoning behind our world’s syntax. The purpose of creating visual, aural or tactile dialogue in a space is to lead actors through the material’s proposed use. Objects outside the expectations of the audience thus produce wonder and promote the immediacy of experimentation. Documentation further gives the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the situation as well as to be utilized in new experiments. By arranging spaces into social experiments it is my goal to answer vital questions in the goal of ending violence and domination. Faith in pre-existing arrangements prevents people from finding harmonious living conditions due to the misguidance of previous oppressive cultural norms. My desired outcome of media production and consumption is the creation of sustained spaces and communities that allow people to not only question but to reconstitute their daily environment.

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