Traps Deluxe Collection

This is a collection of traps categorized by location.

Chest +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

NAME: Double Vision LOCATION TYPE: Chest TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: failing to pick lock EFFECT TYPE: mechanical/magical EFFECT: A blade chops off a piece of the player's finger, teleporting it to a highlevel mage's tower, where the mage will create a duplicate (clone) of the character. NAME: The "Juvenile" Chest LOCATION TYPE: Chest TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: opening lock EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: Within the lock of the chest are poison needles. If the character fails to save against the poison, he/she loses 3 wisdom points, 4 strength points, and 5


intelligence points. The character will also turn into a juvenile (13 to 15 human years.) The "aging" poison can be cured with a Remove Curse by a high level mage. NAME : Blue Box LOCATION TYPE: Chest CONTEXT: You see a goblin about 20 feet down a corridor. The goblin keeps screaming "Don't take my treasure! Don't take my treasure!" When the characters get close enough the goblin runs off. When the treasure box is opened a blue force field goes around the opener of the box. There is a blue knife inside of the box (Which has nothing to do with the trap.) The blue force keeps getting smaller and smaller. It keeps closing in on the person until they get crushed. The only way out of the trap is to close the box. Kind of obvious but in a situation like that it is hard to think of. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: opening chest EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: Pick a bone LOCATION TYPE: Chest CONTEXT: A chest made out of every bone in the human body. It cannot be forced open. If a person breaks a bone then that bone is broken in them. I.E. a thief attempts to pick the lock (the mouth) he could end up with a broken jaw bone. Hide the treasure under the chest. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magic
NAME : Dud Money LOCATION TYPE: Chest CONTEXT : Treasure chest full of copper coins. An illusion has been cast on the coins to make them look like gold coins; it will fade within a few hours. EFFECT TYPE: magical


2.Door +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++
NAME: Familiar Faces LOCATION TYPE: Door CONTEXT: 20' x 20' room, with 4 kobolds (originally). TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: Any party member touches door to enter room. EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: A bright flash of light blinds the players and when their vision clears each player is in a room with many kobolds. Each player in the party is teleported to a different location in the room and an illusion spell is cast on each party member. Each party member sees the other members of his party as kobolds but none of his/her companions are anywhere in sight. Plus the extra four kobolds, of course. NAME: Musical door LOCATION TYPE: Door CONTEXT: A plain metal featureless door. TRIGGER TYPE: Mechanical TRIGGER: The locking mechanism is a chime. It magically or mechanically listens for the ringing sound made when two metal objects clang together (such as hitting a sword against the door). This sets up the proper vibrations in the door to create the proper pitch to automatically unlock and open the door.


Trying to open the door will reveal that the door is sentient. to open the door. This trap is of a set of double doors: | ------[ | ] | | / | | | \ | / | | | \ | / | | | \ with metal handles on the iron reinforcing of the door. salt water. copper and zinc.NAME: Shocking Surprise LOCATION TYPE: Door CONTEXT: Are you familiar with chemical cells (batteries)? If you get two different types of metal. above which is written.e. The two pools are connected underground through a pipe. with an electrolytic solution. you get a current induced. and it will solemnly inform the party that it will not open until the word has been said. with skin or conductor. The other ends of the rails end in two corroded statues (one zinc. closing circuit :) They take 2d6 each round till they let go. The thing is. The trap is sprung when someone grabs one handle in each hand. Also anyone touching rails or statue at time takes dmg too and may also become stuck. "The Word Is Cthulhu". The metal of either door is NOT touching the other but the metal hinges are connected to the iron reinforcing and to the metal handrails of the stairs leading up the door.e. one copper) in the center of a little crescent pool of salt water. **********DD*********** ___ /----\ ___ | SS SS | \ \/------\/ / /___/ \___\ /--\ TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: touch the handle EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: The Stupid Door Trap LOCATION TYPE: Door CONTEXT: The party comes to a door. between them and connect metal plates with wire to complete circuit. Saying "Cthulhu" will have no effect. i. the party must trick the door into saying "Cthulhu". i. (Asking the door what the password is *4* . plus anyone else who touches them takes 2d6 dmg and is flung back 10 feet. and stuck to them and take 2d6 each round too until released. Catch is that it is electricity (HUGE battery) so they can't let go. or if they grab.

the door will reply that if they don't know the word. the door isn't very bright). they don't deserve to be let in. 1) Tell it a knock-knock joke: "Knock-knock" "Who's there?" "Cthul" "Cthul who? Damn!" 2) Start cheering: "Who's the eater of the world that's made of you and me? C-TH! U-L-U! Cthulhu! Cthulhu! Yeahhhhh. If. Cthulhu!!" The door will join in on the third "Cthulhu." 3) Blatantly mispronounce the word until the door. Oil runs out of a trough through the flame of the torch and onto the party. TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: magic word EFFECT: magical NAME: Who forgot to put out the light? LOCATION TYPE: Door CONTEXT: This is a fairly simple trap. The ceiling to this room rises high into darkness and hanging out of the darkness to the floor are three ropes. It isn't usually deadly. the door will (successfully) pretend to be non-sentient. I usually use it as a second layer. Usually. *5* . of course. As soon as the last PC enters the room. however. When they successfully open the lock it triggers the real trap in the wall. Cthulhu hears his name.) I have come up with three ways to trick the door (assuming. but it is a good nuisance trap.will not work. Place a torch or lantern near a trapped door. corrects their pronounciation. and sends someone to investigate. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: open lock EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: the key is the…key LOCATION TYPE: door/room CONTEXT: There's a large room about 20'x20' with two doors opposite each other. and allow the delvers to take the blame for the blasphemy and loose tongues. in exasperation. the PCs forget the light and concentrate on the door.

There are three keys by the door. the rope pops free from the ceiling. There is an A. another a stinking cloud. Both door are very difficult to force. One drops a delayed blast fireball. I would say good damage would be 3d6 if they miss a DC check. Now to make this musical just make the only key to open the door the C key. The C music key has no sharps so that is why it opens the door. Once a force greater than fifty pounds is applied. The object here is to get the PCs to try to climb the ropes.the door slams shut and magically locks behind them. C. The A key in music would have two sharps so it would let out two spinning blades while the D key would let out three since it is three sharps. I hope other gamers out there find this one as fun to use as I did. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical 3.Hallway *6* . The other keys will let out spinning blades to hit the party. dropping the contents of a small secret compartment to the floor below. or pick open as there are no visible key holes. and the third releases the key to get out of here. and D key. I used it in a higher level campaign to prevent actually killing the PCs but to teach them not to yank things that they are clueless to where they lead! TRIGGER TYPE: magical/alarm TRIGGER: entering the room EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME : Musical Key LOCATION TYPE: door CONTEXT: When the players come to a locked door it can only be opened by a key. Placing the key near the door will allow it's magic to show the key hole that earlier was non-existent.

becoming a pit trap with spikes at the bottom. the springs will compress and the panel will give way. NAME: Spiked Tunnel LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: A dead-end hallway. EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The "hallway" pivots 90 degrees. will impale him/herself on the spikes. the more forcefully the spikes go in). at the end of the hall. NAME: The Infinite Hallway LOCATION TYPE: Hallway *7* . Behind the panel is a set of spikes. The damage done is adjustable by the number of spikes that were behind the panel and their depth. If the party tries to force the door open. but should follow something like (for AD&D): 3d4 + strength damage bonus of the person trying to knock the door down (since the harder they push the door. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Trying to force open the door EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The door is a thin panel of wood attached to springs. with spikes on the wall. It should look like it opens inward and is locked (unpickable). which usually means that the person forcing the door open.+++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: A Different Kind of Spiked Door LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: A false door that looks important to the party. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Party crosses fulcrum point of hallway.

Warning: The characters will begin to feel very disoriented and have a lack of energy. This may warn them that there is something afoot. Also, any character carefully studying the wall may notice that the patterns of stone are exactly the same every ten feet. TRIGGER TYPE: Magical TRIGGER: By some magical enchantment not known to any, including the vile Dungeon Master, the electrical impulses from a character's body striking the first teleportation field are channeled back and activate the second teleportation field. Any contact with the second teleportation field provides energy to it by the same use of human (or elven or dwarven...) vital energy. EFFECT TYPE: Magical EFFECT: As a party of characters walks down a hallway, they contact a (permanent) teleportation field, instantaneously teleporting them back ten feet and creating a second teleportation field just behind them. The teleportation is of a such a nature that it is too fast to be noticed, except for a slight feeling of disorientation. Thus, the party would walk, contact the field, be teleported back, and continue walking without any stop. After about ten minutes of walking, the characters may begin to get worried. If, however, they turn and go back the other way down the hall, they will encounter the second field and be teleported just before the first field, and much the same thing will happen. DISARM: The only way to disarm this trap that I can see, other then digging around it, is that the second teleportation field times out after twenty minutes of the characters not contacting either of the fields, thus not providing the field with any energy. The first field, as stated before, is permanent. NAME: The Rolling Hallway CONTEXT: This trap is a long corridor trap. As the PCs are walking down the hall, some of them may notice that there are grooves in the floor in the corridor in front of them. The ground is also somewhat rounded (you'll see why.) Actually, the grooves are fairly obvious to anyone paying attention, with about 1" of solid stone, upraised slightly, between each groove. Each groove is about 1' long, followed by another 1" of stone. The walls are smooth however, without any apparent cracks (it helps if this corridor was constructed by dwarfs.) The first


few grooves don't have any kind of pressure plate, but about 5' in, each groove after that has a pressure plate, until the last 5' of the corridor (this trap works best in a corridor at least 30' long, preferably longer, but that might be WAY too obvious... but...). When a character steps on a pressure plate, it causes every bit of that hallway, even the 5' without pressure plates, to open a hole in one side of each part (alternating each side -- one left, next right, etc.) Immediately upon opening outward, a HUGE stone wheel will come out, roll in the groove, roll up the inclined opposite wall, then roll back into the hole, shutting completely and undetectably. This can, of course, be quite messy and unpleasant for anyone caught BETWEEN the stone and the wall, or the floor, or halfway between stones (yuck.) TRIGGER TYPE: Mechanical TRIGGER: Pressure plate NAME: Fake Treasures LOCATION TYPE: hallway/door CONTEXT : When entering the area (generally a series of rooms and halls) the players see valuable treasures scattered along the halls. These range from silver and platinum figurines to gold brooches (very, very valuable). The players will follow along, picking up the treasure (don't let them stop because of encumbrance). When reaching the end, they will enter a room through a door. When all the players bearing the treasure they picked up get through, a stone wall will drop over the door, sealing them in. Then a powerful monster(s) will be teleported into the room, and the treasures will turn to tin and lead. When the monster is defeated, and only then, the stone wall covering the door they entered through will disappear, thus letting them out. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: entering a room EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: Spiked Stair Trap LOCATION TYPE: Hallway TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical


TRIGGER: on a set of stairs - somewhere near the middle is a false stair - when a character of a minimum certain weight treads on the stair, the stair cover breaks - the characters foot falls into a group of angled spikes - the spikes are angled 45% downwards - so no damage is taken when the character steps on the trap the weight of the character and the force of the fall will force the foot to the bottom of the trap - If the character does not try to remove his/her foot very carefully and take their time doing so - they will impale their foot on the spikes. (great one for catching thieves - they are unlikely to be wearing metal footing!! :-) EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Between a Troll and a Sharp Place LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: As the delvers (good old Tunnels and Trolls term) walk down a long corridor, they step on a flagstone that sinks a bit. Behind them a large panel in one wall opens up and caltrops fall out. Suddenly, a large troll (or something too tough for the characters to fight, anyway) rushes from around the corner ahead. Run! p.s. this one was my revenge on players who liked to scatter caltrops around liberally. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: stepping on a flagstone EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Is this a blessing or a curse? (Fountain) LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : A pool of water is located at the intersection of two hallways:
| | ___| |___ \ 0 <------------ pool ___ ____ | | | |

Laying on the bottom of the pool are various pieces of treasure. If anyone takes any item from the pool four walls of force seal off the exits instaneously. The fountain starts to overflow the pool immediately, filling the


etc. Putting the item back will cause plates in the floor to slide back and the water to drain through the holes. they will shoot arrows at the monster. A section of a long corridor changes over to having a tiled floor. at the bottom of each shaft is an iron spike. It takes 1 turn for all the water to drain. they will kill themselves. Right in front of the bars is a teleporter that teleports only size T or smaller items to behind the PCs. regain 1d4 hit pts. where pain cannot be in three rounds. like something has gone wrong. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical/magical TRIGGER: removing item from pool EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Kill Yourself Trap LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : A long corridor. out of the area or make any items actually removed become cursed. It is not especially nice. Given enough time. with an illusionary (fill in creature that is too tough for the players to handle) behind the bars. What has actually happened is the pit beneath the glass is being filled with *11* . Roll some dice and wince. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME : Wizards are not nice trap builders LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: Author's Note: I ran this in the dungeon of a wizard's castle. Half of the hexagonal tiles are white. Every other black tile is actually a glass plate over a deep shaft. but it is cool to watch. but then nothing else. at the end of which are illusionary bars. In between the two teleporters is a numbing zone. After all the water is gone the walls of force disappear. they feel the floor shift slightly. As the PCs walk onto the area. Placing a new item in the pool will cause some beneficial effect (bless.)To make this nastier you could disallow teleporting. If the PCs are smart (and standard players). the other half are black. Tell the PCs that they hear a squeal of metal on metal. etc.

When the PC grabs the chain. The spikes embed themselves in the ceiling. popping all of the spikes back into the bottom of the shafts. This sudden removal of the spikes one round after the detonation causes the ceiling to collapse. After three turns. but that was for 18th level players. To avoid the trap.some explosively flamable liquid from a large storage tank. this trap did more damage. he sinks into *12* . ready to use again. *Boom* The ignited gas drives the spikes up through the glass plates. causing all of the glass plates to reassemble. The trap triggers a variant of the Mend spell. Dangling above the pit is a chain that a PC must jump to in order to grab. or just plain H2O). This takes about 10 seconds. green slime. This version is a little less deadly. thus not releasing the flammable liquid. each doing 2d6 damage. and what the wizard does. Then a teleport is triggered. a panel in the side wall will slide open. it triggers a Wall of Stone across the ceiling. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pressure plate EFFECT TYPE: mechanical/magical NAME: the All-Is-Not-What-It-Seems Trap LOCATION TRAP: Hallway CONTEXT: The PCs are walking down a hallway and see an open pit (10' wide. When it does. The chain is made of a non-corrosive metal. all the players need to do. Stepping on this strikes steel on flint in the pit below. as it doesn't do fire damage and damage from the breaking glass. restoring the trap to pristine condition. It is connected to a rope that goes around a pulley and is connected to a weight that is 20 pounds heavier than the chain. Towards the middle of the corridor is a second pressure plate. It is filled with any liquid the DM wants (ie. and the panel will slide shut. It will then return to its cubicle. sulfuric acid. Originally. ten feet wide. PCs still on the trap suffer an additional 6d6 of damage. is jump over the first pressure plate. 20' across) in the floor. Now here's why it's a wizard's castle. Each PC will be hit by 1-6 spikes. and a charmed gelatinous cube will slink up and down the hallway removing the rubble from the floor.

however. Those who try to climb the vines. vine-covered holes in the ceiling where a carniverous plant waits to make their aquaintance. the weight pulls it up. The only way out besides swimming (if he/she doesn't die) is pulling hand over hand out of the liquid.the trap. and will be drawn up though the hidden. Then he/she can swing back and forth to land on either side of the trap. Suddenly. will find their hands stuck. ceiling. Actually. * = the weight to counter-balance the chain. these are illusions. The trap is then reset.= floor. They will then be able to swing across to the other side. hidden panels open up on each end of the hall and 10' diameter boulders begin rolling at the party.! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / ! / * --------\ \ \ \ \ \ \_______\ # = pulleys ! = rope or chain / = walls above pit \ = walls below pit --. If the PC lets go of the chain. Smart PC's will find a way to get the chain and pull it until it's at it's end. including a few stout ones in the middle of the hallway. *13* . #-----# ----!---. A few vines trail down from the ceiling 20' above. and those who remain below will not be harmed. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pulling chain EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Vines and Boulders LOCATIONE TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: The delvers are walking along a hallway whose walls and ceilings are covered with vines. and part of the rope.

any one of which would be valued at least 10. The walls will automatically reset themselves after a single such strike. The walls are encrusted with huge gemstones.000gp. At the bottom of the pond is a circle of 13 stone pillars each 13' tall and their circle is 13' across.TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical/magical EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: TRAP 'O' GREED LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: The characters enter a hallway 5'wide. as each has a POWERFUL spring device which will be triggered by the removal of any one of the gems thus slamming the walls together like two giant hands clapping! Any character caught between the walls when they slam shut will take 3d20 points of damage. and N . TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical (3d20 damage) NAME: Whirlpool Entrance LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : A bowl shaped pond about 50' across and 50' deep is the entrance to an underground crypt. On the bottom of the pond in the center of the pillars is a large iron 'cork'.M on the top row. The characters are in possession of a scroll with a riddle on it. which is unlocked. 10'high. Written on each pillar are 2 letters : A . the walls will slam together. nothing will happen to them. however. Each letter is depressable like a button. A stone 'dome' covers the pillars and enough air is trapped there that the characters could breathe it as they investigate the pillars. and untrapped. crushing blow. and ALL breakable items must save vs. If the characters pass through the hall without touching any of the gems. *14* . with a door at the far end. with so much water pressure no amount of strength could actually pull this plug. 50'long. if the DM is feeling generous.Z on the bottom row of letters. If any character tries in any way to remove one of the gems (they can easily be pried loose with a dagger). By depressing the letters to spell this word suddenly the 'cork' becomes ethereal for 5 rounds. and they can go through the door.

There is an opposing lever on the other side of the wall that can be lowered (which raises the lever on the corridor side) and turning the trap 'off' thus returning the three sections back to material state. Pulling this lever down causes three areas to go ethereal : the demon face's mouth. hitting the southern wall and falling into the pit that has been uncovered by the ethereal floor. Half-way down the corridor to the south on the eastern side there is a 1' lever angling 'up'. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pulling lever EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: Don't let the dog out! LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: The PCs come across a 10' long hallway. the 5' square section of the wall next to the lever and the 10' square section of the floor at the southern end of the dead end. Its mouth is wet. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: 5 rounds NAME : It Isn't Always Nice When Demons Leave LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : A corridor goes east and then south to a dead end. At the end there is an angry looking monster or impossible-to-beat beast securely tied to a strong yet thin *15* . On the north end where the corridor branches there is a large 6' tall red face of a demon who looks like it is yawning. The person pulling the lever has a chance to jump through the ethereal hole in the wall. Any characters standing in the middle of the corridor will be washed into the wall and then down the pit. Any characters standing next to the walls will be fine as long as they keep flat against the wall or floor.during which time the characters and all the water are washed into the crypt/lair below. A powerful stream of water will spew from the demon's mouth down the center of the corridor.

if they had hit the trip wire a secret passageway would have opened up in the right side of the wall. The PC go a few more steps. not all. They discover without much observation that there is a tripwire near the bottom of the floor. I find 20 in all works well to wear them down. It is much thicker than most trip wires. Once they fall over from damage. the hallway turns right. or whatever. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Bones. have walls spring up on all sides. so as the PC in the front steps on the tile it will cut the rope letting the monster free to tear the PCs apart. However. Bones Everywhere! LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: As the PC's walk down a hall. dungeon. It is a normal skeleton except turning it is treated as "special" and it regenerates as follows: fire and acid have no effect. passageway. so it can be seen very easily. a solid blow (20) smashes it into a pile of bones but it reforms! The only way to dispose of it is blasting it into the next plane. pit. Now have two panels in the ceiling open and bones drop out in massive numbers.rope that goes into a hole in the wall behind the monster. If not. make a special regenerating skeleton appear from all the leftover bones. The point is the PC's can't win. room. As the PCs walk down the hall to the exit there is a weak tile that has a razor under it with the rope running under the razor. etc. exhaustion. and then the entire floor will crumble to dust.) TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical/magical *16* . Have some of the bones become skeletons. watery grave. though or it will simply be too much for the PC's to fight off. About 5' down. etc. Once it is seen the PC will most likely avoid the trip wire. If they go down it they will have avoided the collapsing floor. Depending on the DM's mood you could have the tile also trigger a trap that makes two doors close (and maybe lock) off both exits! NAME: Its So Simple You're Sure To Die LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT: The PC are walking down a hallway. the lich shows up and he reveals his evil plans (insert demonic plan here. The PC will then end up in a torture chamber.

The safe way to get around it is climb carefully over top of it! Extremely heavy characters may pop it anyway. like Yellow Mold (see M. pocked with small bumps. • Spores are similar to Russet Mold (see Monstrous Compendium). use chart for easiness: *17* . TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Corridor of Chains LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : Within the labyrinth is a corridor about 50' long.a 10' spherical object. Throwing something like an axe at it from further than 15' away will avoid the spores.). it will pop quite loudly (50% chance of attracting a wandering monster or guard) and fill an area 10-15 feet in front and behind it with spores. a giant puffball! Anchored to a small plot of earth at its base. it blocks the hallway! Fighter-types will probably want to slice it open.EFFECT TYPE: mechanical/magical NAME : Having a Ball CONTEXT : The party comes across an obstacle in a 10' wide hallway. Many different things could happen. leathery in texture.C. What the PC's need to do is get across the pit without falling in.C. Sounds easy enough. just a pit of spikes about 20' deep. • Spores are poisonous. • Spores have individual effects like Myconid spores (see M. alcohol or fire. • Characters are blinded for 1-6 turns. or at least stab it. grayish-brown in color. A small puncture may release only a jet of spores. Possible spore effects: • Coated characters are itchy for 2-8 turns. which would affect only a single character. There is no floor. Striking the object will let the players know what it is. -2 on attacks and AC. with a roof a few feet higher. and smell really bad. • Spores eat into organic material. but still get the noise. or it may be accidentally punctured. Slightly springy to the touch. unless killed by salt. From the ceiling hangs chains of differing lengths and sizes. except that a few chains are attached to triggers.

it raises the spikes up as fast as the PC's weight pulls the chain. a PC can impale himself on a spike because his weight pushed it up as fast as he fell. A mage heavy party (like mine) should just cast more spells at them bringing more statues to life. The space from the bottom of the pit to the ceiling is 40'. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical 1. • 81-90: Triggers fireball trap. So in effect. • 31-40: Chain falls 10'. when a chain falls a certain amount of feet. make strength check. • 51-60: Triggers dart trap. so the space from where a PC is to the top of a spike will have to be left to the DM. OUCH! TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Hall of statues LOCATION TYPE: Hallway CONTEXT : There's a long wide corridor that the PCs have to cross. The chains can hang all the way down to the bottom. This is fine but it ends at a locked door. • 41-50: Triggers fireball trap. spikes raise 5'. make dexterity check to grab another • 21-30: Triggers dart trap. • 91-100: Chain pulls out of ceiling. and squuuiiishhhhh. Any magic causes this affect. • 61-70: Chain falls 5'. Should they bash it down or pick the lock that's also fine but if they cast any spells in this room a statue comes to life. spikes raise 10'. make strength check. make dexterity and strength check. however the spells/whatever do not have any effect except bringing statues to life. Also. Every ten feet in an alcove is a statue of a warrior (about first level).Lock *18* . make dexterity check to grab another.• 01-20: Chain pulls out of ceiling. • 71-80: Chain is wet(slippery).

the characters will find a keyhole that the Crystal Key will fit perfectly into. The floor will drop out from under the person in *19* . EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: Keyhole swallows Key as characters continue through maze. Key will be there. the characters will find a large (2') Crystal Key. 2. no ill-effect) that acts as an extremely effective lubricant. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical or magical TRIGGER: 1-4 rounds after entering pit EFFECT TYPE: mechanical effect.+++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: The Pointless Trap LOCATION TYPE: Lock TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Early in the adventure. After some time (hours?) of wandering. if place where Key was found originally is crossed again. It contains a waist high pool of slime (non-toxic.Pit +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: Slime Slide LOCATION TYPE: Pit CONTEXT: Any pit big enough for one individual (human) is perfect.

You could keep him in this loop forever. *20* .say. NAME: Just When Ya Thought it Was Safe LOCATION TYPE: Pit CONTEXT: Build two pitfalls directly after each other. You then project the image of a monster in front of the 'porter. Since there is no way around the pit. The victim falls down. who will fall onto a slightly tilted slide. which has been decorated with stakes and other nasty stuff. suspended a few feet off the ground. NAME: Is something there? CONTEXT: A really simple trap: an illusionary pit. with the destination point at the other end. but an alternative is. a teleport device/spell sends him back up to the top. more often by being very careful). When the PCs try to jump or swing over it. they hit a tripwire . (say. concealed somehow. the same place. It would be best to use the Slime Ball trap as the destination of this slide. just before he hits the bottom.. Another one is to put the teleporter at the end of a corridor. and wait for the party to shoot it (and so shoot themselves in the back).. when he reaches *terminal* velocity :-). but the opposite direction (ie up into the air . TRIGGER: Mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: The (In)Complete Teleporting Pit LOCATION TYPE: Pit CONTEXT: Okay. after a while. facing it. here's a good one.see if you can reach escape velocity!). That is when they jump right into the second pit. with the same velocity. The PCs will discover the first pit (sometimes the hard way.the pit. Have a deep pit. then. to change the destination of the teleport. they will attempt to jump over it. This will trigger poison darts or whatever other type of trap you want.

This drops a volume of water. anyone within 20' makes a normal dex check (30' total). Anyone who goes in in heavy armor is gonna have trouble when they hit the water. 15'x10'x10' into a 10'x10'x10' volume of green slime. it doesn't matter if it is open or closed. up to within 4' of the top. First. with a skeleton at the bottom. *21* . For purposes of this trap. and if they succeed. At the 11' mark. waterlogged green slime does NOT burn. Further. The effect is of an empty-looking 30' deep pit. The mirror is capable of supporting the weight of the water on it. Possibly with some sort of door at the bottom. What does this mean? It means that the pit looks like a 30' deep pit filled with water. open is far more dramatic. shatter. The bottom 10' of the shaft is filled with green slime. The water drops. To make matters worse. at a right angle. and probably anyone nearby as well. second the slime could eat you. you could drown. But that isn't the worst part. Anyone within 10' makes a half dex check to avoid the slime. Also at that point is an angled mirror. Anyone in the pit dies. This will make it just a 30' deep pit. is pure. From the mirror. and has an illusion of a water filled pit over it. and third. the water is invisible. and the wet slime fountains up and onto the party around the top of the pit. as seen from the top. dispel magic. cast dispel illusion. A clever party will try to disbelieve the pit trap. you could die in the fall. Entering the pit causes the mirror to break. and fireball. It's a killer in 3 ways. 10' wide square pit trap. there is a side passage off of the main shaft. clear water. DISARM: To disarm the trap.TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: Deadly Pit of Doom LOCATION TYPE: Pit CONTEXT: This trap is for when the PCS venture into a truly lethal dungeon (drow shrines and illithid strongholds for example). closed is more lethal. transmute water to dust. Place a skeleton in the side passage of the pit for aesthetics. will see a dry 30' deep pit with or without a skeleton at the bottom. It is going to kill the guy who trips it. The trap is a 30' deep. but NOTHING else.

The people left out of the pit or the trigger'er can also be caught as the brown mold can grow to epic proportions Also. crying in the hole. and/or illusionary. they simply won't get off. When they reach the edge. as by the time they are able to work on getting out. they can't move a muscle anymore. make the next 2 or 3 pits water filled. (By the way. The chandelier is rigged to fall in when the pit trap is sprung. and a bright light. but otherwise fairly safe. The walls of the pit trap a covered with brown mold. Its a paralytic poison to. BUT when they touch the baby. (it doesn't wear a metal diaper or something) but when there are PCs on. NAME : SMILE LOCATION TYPE: large hole CONTEXT : The PCs walk down a long corridor. with in the end a deep hole. they hear crying. (100 xp) NAME : THE LIQUID FLOOR TRAP LOCATION TYPE: pit CONTEXT: Have the characters open a door into a metal corridor with a paneled floor. they are frozen.If someone falls in. It's far better to scare the players with the possibility of character death than it is to actually kill them all off. the baby has got AC 10. There is a cold wind blowing from the end of it. A chandelier with various amounts of oil burn above a pit trap. NAME: Cold Feet LOCATION TYPE: Pit TRIGGER TYPE: Mechanical/magical EFFECT: mechanical CONTEXT: A room of various dimensions can be used. not *22* . do not forget the flame damage of those in the pit from the fire. they'll see a little baby. When they close in on the hole (about 50 feet). Most characters that fall in the pit will die. the PCs hands are stuck on the baby. dry and empty. The baby starts laughing and slowly begins to eat them. that's completely visible. it gains the combined AC of all of them.

NAME: Trick Pit Trap LOCATION TYPE: Pit CONTEXT : This trap is works great on thieves and mages. This isn't the good part. the pit is an illusion. but many a party is quick enough to let down a rope or other way of climbing up. This gives the illusion of an exit and gets rid of the heat from the pit. After going down to the next level. When in its molten form. which now perceives the hapless PC as its mortal enemy. You *23* . Falling into the trap usually means instant death. aluminum looks just about the same as it usually does with just a hint of silver. The light is from a LIGHT spell cast on the wall at the end of the corridor. and it's a relatively small hole. TRIGGER TYPE: magical EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME : Pit Guardian LOCATION TYPE: Pit/Room CONTEXT: A trap lies hidden in the floor. The trap in this room is a pit in the paneled floor.unlike sunlight. The wind they feel is actually a NORTH WIND spell (found in DRAGON MAGAZINE ANNUAL #1) with permanency cast on it. It quickly attacks. This pit is about 8' deep and is filled with molten aluminum. First have the party be chased by a monster(s) and make them arrive at a pit that cannot be crossed by a teleport spell (It is dark and they can`t see the opposite side. The stone golem simply waits beneath the hole. This pit has a permanent HEAT METAL spell cast on its bottom. is emanating from the end. which lands the PC right on a spot which triggers a Contingency spell which activates the nearby stone golem (or any other sort of animated monster(s)). The only way to cross is to climb the walls. the PC finds him(or her)self right in front of the golem. This makes it look no different from the rest of the floor panels. Preferably.) Actually. but you can apply whatever damage you want. It is impossible to levitate because there is an anti-magic barrier. the characters have been in a dungeon for a while and are looking for a way out. But in the ceiling there are many holes where crossbowmen can fire bolts at the PCs without being harmed.

and the players will notice that the web is quite flammable. Stepping on the trigger spot again at ANY time will cause the stone golem to reform again. the trigger spot grows (DM/GM's discretion towards the speed of growth and size of the room) until it fills the room.and attack. Ouch. They can then smash the door down and all the *24* . unless they stand on the trigger spot. in which case it refocuses its attacks on that PC. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME : Fill the Room with Water LOCATION TYPEE: Room CONTEXT: The PCs come into a room that has two levers in it. The worst part is that if the monster is destroyed. a bomb. it is simply clinging to a huge web. It will not attack any other players. in fact. The doors lock behind the players.. There is a torch in the wall. It does not move.Room +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: The Spider LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: As the players enter a room. The spider is. One starts filling the room with water the other drains it of water. it also detonates the bomb. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical 3.. a huge spider is waiting for them. the pit leads down to the next level. Lighting the webs not only sets everything aflame.see. so there's the stone golem (or whatever) after his blood. The only way out is to fill the room with water (the pressure on the doors almost breaks them open.

LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The PCs enter a room which has a gargoyle on a pedestal.hehehe) TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pull lever EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME : I am Rubber. Any detection reveals that the entire room radiates magic. yet!) The gargoyle seems to miss on all its attacks on the PC.more like the lack of it. Eventually. since the golden light appears to be some sort of magical force field. subtract one from his own total. one of the PCs gets fed up with this. and the gargoyle recompiles and taunts them even more. dies. jeers at them. they aren't there. Now this is the best part: For every point of damage the hero does. After the hero has done enough damage to bring his own life total to 0. the statue becomes inanimate. After the person leaves the room. It continually looks at the heroes. that requires a wisdom check every round (-1 cumulative per round times the number of allies fallen to this trap) or else the person(s) failing engage in combat. *25* ... a gem-encrusted crown floats in a sparkling column of golden light. They were made out of silver (aren't I a nice DM .. he or she takes all the damage immediately. Neither he nor his compatriots notice the wounds (in fact. The levers were knocked out of the wall by the retreating water. someone is probably going to try to dispel that glowing column to get the crown.. I gave the party a suitable reward for this trap. Sooner or later..water comes flooding out. and maybe even crumbles. You are Glue. and occasionally swipes (but never hits) one if he or she gets too close. only to fall to the same trap.. however. There's a particularly nasty variant I've created on this one: a special taunting spell. NAME: Some magic you got there! LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: In the center of an otherwise empty.... and attacks. middle-sized room.. totally ordinary. But it's not the magic that's going to harm the hapless adventurers.

myself) The floor was a magical wall of stone. A dispel magic disintegrates the floor.(This works best in a system like AD&D where "Dispel Magic" is an area-affect spell) As soon as that spell goes off. So does the pillar of light. is a pit built to your specs. but nobody is going to be worried about the fact that the crown is fake. the *floor* vanishes. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: weight of players EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Sword in the Falls LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: This is an item trap. under the floor. deliberately cast to be "magically brittle" and with no defense against any attempt at dispelling it. When you open the door you see shelves on the walls which contain gold and platinum ingots and various large magical items. of course. The shelves are on all sides of the room except for the door's side. It consists of a room behind a waterfall. but the players will plummet to their death. The same occurs when the items are removed from the shelf. the magic items may be obtained by flight spells or other whatever. Solution: Tie a rope to the stalagmite and pull yourself up. When the greedy PC's step into the room it sinks 1 inch for every 4 pounds the players are carrying. The walls are slippery to the touch and not climbable. TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: dispel magic EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: fall into pit NAME: Sinking floor LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: As you are walking through a dungeon you come to a door with a stalagmite which can be hopped over. It's their own magic that does them in. (I like about a 20' drop to a thicket of spikes. The doorway to this room has a magical field to *26* . The bigger the waterfall the better.

TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: removal of sword EFFECT TYPE: mechanical/magical NAME : Cool off Time LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT : The PCs enter a square room. If they look the party will notice that spray from the falls now enters through the doorway. but it did not earlier. it will spontaneously ignite and do lots ( 6d10 ) of damage to whomever is carrying it. without taking extreme precautions. (Think of Arthur's test. There is an illusion to make the glass look like the ceiling. all the spells against water in the room vanish. This trap works *27* . there is a 10% chance per ten minutes that it will ignite. There is no sheath for the sword and it is silver of very high workmanship and obviously enchanted. The entrance and the exit both seal up. If the crystal or stone is broken or the sword somehow removed from the stone. (Note this will do no harm to typical adventurers. The room would even make a good place to camp since everything but the adventurers ignores the place entirely. If they carry the sword from the room. for more than one hour after the protective spells fall. If the adventurers leave the sword and the crystal dome alone. The ceiling is really a glass panel with a horde of water just sitting on top of it.) If the party has the sword in the air in the room for more than 2 hours they will notice that it has tarnished.) The crystal dome is fairly easy to break and any warrior worth the name should be able to pull the sword from the stone without difficulty.) A crystal dome covers the hilt and the portion of the blade which extends from the sword. (The sword is soft enough that you could cut it with a butter knife. but it will exclude water elementals and the like. Upon further examination it will be noted that the sword is actually made of two very soft silvery metals--sodium and potassium. There are tubes in the walls about 1" in diameter and plugged with stone stoppers. (Again this will not harm the typical adventurer. The stone and the crystal are enchanted with a spell to destroy water. If the sword is left exposed in the room.keep water out. nothing happens.) The room is lit by a glowing sword set in a large white (marble) stone in the center of the room.

breaks the glass. they will be either caught inside or outside the room. At this point.good if you have done one where water has poured through similar holes. They can pry (with swords that might bend! Or anything else they may have) the door off and then leave. It works. that is. Of course the ball drops through the water. what ever it may be) and a layer of clay is washed off the walls. The water drains out to a point (at the level.being killed instantly if caught within the wall. The PCs hopefully realize that getting the stoppers out will allow the water to drain out (the water leaves about 1' at the top for breathing. Any attempt to cast spells will not only result in the requirement of a dex check to maintain balance. ANY! movements by characters within the room result in the character losing his/her balance. as there is a magical darkness in the room which can not be dispelled. this boiling liquid is water with a device which agitates it causing the bubbling. *** Optional *** Be nasty and have some kind of monster in the water. a pressure plate activates the release of the holding clamps. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: enter the room EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME :BUBBLE-BUBBLE-TOIL-IN-TROUBLE LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: When characters enter this room. but will result in automatic spell failure. The characters will notice a bubbling sound below them as of liquid boiling. which withdraw into the walls. if the PCs can get the stoppers out (make it easy). When a character nears the center of the room. The PCs can then see a seam around the exit door. or trapped in the wall where the door used to be (determined by how far through the door they were). The floor is now a disc upon a pivot. the door to this room will disappear. In actuality. and water pours out onto the PCs. The water is actually *28* . The floor is held steady by clamps in the walls. and if any characters are in the doorway when this happens. The walls have to be very clay like here. they will be unable to see using ANY means. The PCs trigger a pressure plate that sends a lead ball from above the glass ceiling down into the water. air will get lousy but there will be air because of any reason you want). unless a dex check is made successfully.

but ensures that all PCs within the room are struck. my players got a real kick out of it. there are 1000 darts found lying about the room. taking 2d20 hits. above the floor.about room temperature. There are none. very thin thread is suspended from wall to wall about 3 feet beyond the doorway. It the PC's collect the darts. If the PCs open the door. They are about an inch long and the fletching is skewed. they cannot see anything beyond the doorway. The darts can be retrieved by surviving PC's. The grate can be removed with a successful strength check. The only way out of this room is to dive into the water. which wafts up through small vents from below. which makes them useless for any weapon. causing a very irregular flight path. ten seconds after it is broken. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: The Dart Room LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The PC's come to a door at the end of a corridor. Each dart causes 1d2 points of damage. It is dark. several small blind flying creatures will make swooping attacks upon the characters doing 1d4 damage per attack. In the room. the PC may not even feel it. something there: a very. in fact. and the players get a feeling of vastness. and one foot above the floor. but for some masochistic reason. A PC within 2 feet of the thread has a chance see it (1/3 Wisdom score). Also hidden within the walls below are small furnaces which create a heat & burning smell. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical *29* . However. They will likely search it for traps. depending on clothes worn on the shins. When it is broken. where they will find a grate at the bottom. all PC's are struck by a shower of whizzing darts. the front few players feel a slight puff of air on exposed skin. There is. which leads out to a small tunnel. The tunnel will take them to another room and from there they can get to the rest of the dungeon and more of the DM's nasty toys and devices. creating the illusion of a boiling death waiting below. Half a round later. This trap doesn't sound like much.

. use your imagination. Very clever! On the third step many small holes will be opened on floor level and water level will begin to go down slowly (and make it real slow.) -. Sand makes is harder for the PC's to move. not a very easy choice to make. After the party enters the room will be locked and water level will rise as usual. *30* . Any sensible player will take a deep breath and dive. Nothing will open the door! Let the water reach about throat-high. One last bonus about sand. Once the door locks I begin to fill the room with sand. and there is an alcove 1' by 1' and 2' deep in a wall with flames burning in it and a switch in the back. burning by oil. or being boiled alive. (now would be a good time to remind your PCs that fire uses oxygen and people kind of die without it) Any item weapon. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical/magical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: The Torch of Incineration LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: As the PCs enter the room magical stone doors seal the room making it air tight. you don't have to worry about inconveniences like water breathing magic! NAME: Water Filled Hot Spot LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT :This is a variation of the water-filled room.. snakes. there's plenty of oil up there.they have a choice between drowning. which is useful because there are usually creatures in the sand. Then the water stops and a fine quantity of oil will be spilled from above followed by a jet of flame (ever seen burning oil at sea?). Any small room with one door will do. not water. scorpions.NAME: Sand Filled Room LOCATION TYPE: Room TRIGGER: mechanical/magical EFFECT: Variation of the water room. Add a nice fountain (a marble kid pissing into a pool maybe) and some burnt-down and wet bones.

rock. If they investigate closer.stick. amulet. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: torch EFFECT TYPE: mechanical *31* . etc. We all know that when you put an electrical charge in water. This forces the party to stop them from entering the room and preventing the big *BOOM*. they notice the object is covered in very small bubbles as if it were immersed in soda water. (The object should most likely be made of metal. Assuming the party is carrying torches.. Observant characters will note a 'funny' smell in the air and a small object of value lying in the pool. they will most likely never make it to the point where they investigate this room! The hydrogen will ignite at the slightest flame source. (this explains the fizzing and funny smell!). Magical Fire or explode causing 1D8 points of fire damage to anyone within 2 feet. If a person puts a hand in the flame it will be slightly warm but not hot enough to hurt them and they can easily flip the switch and raise the doors. The amount of time it takes to run out of air depends on the size of the room. Really nasty DMs are encouraged to consider sending a bunch of torch-wielding kobolds up the tunnel if the party has figured out this trap and are using magical light sources. TRIGGER TYPE: magical EFFECT TYPE: magical NAME: They're in for Quite a Shock! LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The party is wandering a corridor that slopes upwards and comes across a room containing a round pool of water. that enters the flame must save vs. sword. rod. etc). it splits the H2O into oxygen and Hydrogen. The trick to this trap is that the object has been charged with a _Shocking Grasp_ spell or otherwise permanently electrified.

g |b|w|b|w|b| ----------------.NAME: Ogre Fist LOCATION TYPE: Room TRIGGER: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical CONTEXT: The Ogre Fist trap is a pretty basic. the doors are made to be break at the sudden jolt at wide-open. the trigger stone for a rockslide etc. it contains more than enough energy to throw anybody struck by it several meters back. To prevent the log from stopping halfway. it is almost impossible to disarm. Normally. an Ogre Fist is made to throw anybody opening the door into a new trap . w|b|w| OUT -------| |------| | ----------------. Normally the log is pulled back a meter. the rope tied to the door and the door closed (using considerable force) pulling the log even further back.opening inwards. through a couple of well-greased rings and to the door . Goblins are especially found of revolving walls that locks after being used. a room that has no other function than being a trap. The already battered adventurer may find himself in a dark room.h |w|b|w|b|w|b|w|b| ----------------. else you might give the trap away. A rope goes from the back of the log. and because of the simplicity of the trap. is not to stand right in front of the door when it is opened.e |b|w|b|w|b|w|b|w| ----------------.a spiked pit. When the door is unlocked it will spring open and the heavy log will come swimming through it. and a chess set to run the trap.f |w|b|w|b|w|b|w|b| ----------------. NAME: Chess Is the Best LOCATION TYPE: Room TRIGGER: mechanical EFFECT: magical CONTEXT: You need a chessboard. In addition to the considerable damage from the log itself. Then the door is locked.d |w|b|w|b| *32* . low-tech trap for a dead room (i. separated from his companions and surrounded by dark-seeing and armed goblins.e. Do not show the PC's the chessboard and pieces until the first player steps on a square.) A large timber log is hung in the middle of the room. And since we are talking about a decoy-door here. keeping the log in place. The only safe way to deal with it.

If you step on a4 you are a Queen and a Queen will appear at h5. thus giving the DM an advantage. (ouch for the PC's :-)) to just the King can die. you become a rook and a rook appears at square h1.a |b|w|b| w|b|w|b|w| ----------------| | -------| |------IN 12345678 Essentially you find a room with a chess board for a floor with a space at each end. heh heh heh! If a PC steps onto the same square as a PC's piece that is already in the game. You are white and thus move first. thus you can immediately move 8 spaces forwards and take your opponent. The PC's cannot afford to swap pieces to gain an advantage whereas the DM can. crossing isn't difficult. I usually described a pretty horrific scene of the PC being suitably killed by the chess *33* . Or teleporting across. Also a corresponding piece appears at the other end of the chess board. King similarly. At a2. This of course is how the owner of this little trap uses this room. What happens when one side loses the King is also variable. Usually you end up having 3 or more PC's on the board. then the player may leave the chess board. If a player reaches the DM's back row and is safe at that position. etc. etc. you essentially become the chess piece for the relevant square you stood on. Only the 8 back row pieces are available. in which case another DM piece arrives.c |b|w|b|w|b|w|b|w| ----------------. you are a Knight and a Knight appears at h2. The DM controlled piece. The player characters of course don't even know it is a chess game and will thus most likely not do this. from all pieces of that side then die. The fastest way across is to become a rook.b |w|b|w|b|w|b|w|b| ----------------.w|b|w|b| ----------------. you can either allow 2 (or more) of the same piece. no pawns. Some force prevents you from flying across or climbing the walls. A rook up/down/sideways. Thus if you step on square a1. At a3 a Bishop and a Bishop appears at h6. (Obviously if the PC takes the DM's piece he can safely stand at the DM's side of the chessboard) The DM's opposing piece also disappears. 1 on 1. What happens if a PC loses his piece is up to the individual DM. or not allow this. Multiple pieces makes it more interesting. A force also stops you from being able to stand across or between squares. You can only move as that piece can move. swap the second PC for the first and the first exits back to the PC side of the board. Once you step on a square. a bishop diagonally only. you get to move first.

Every time a PC takes a step in this room. or 10'x10' section of floor. roll 1d6. failure means they fall. archways. explained below. Or. It is a very 'open' trap. for simplicity. or other large surface is considered to be a room 'feature'. for every 10' fallen. To make the check. success means they grabbed something. pillar to statue. taking normal damage. there is a chance that the direction of gravity will shift (maybe just 1 degree. The point halfway between the two results is the new direction of down. Whenever the down direction changes. statue. 3 = down is behind you. etc). or otherwise stopped their fall. 6 = down is straight above you. Whatever equipment/clothes the DM was nice enough to return to the PC could be found elsewhere. Use a variant reverse gravity to make gravity highly relative. (see the PC game battle chess for ideas) but was actually transported to some prison cell less his equipment/clothes/etc. and 80' tall. at least 100' long.piece. hit something. The cells could be found by the other PC's at a later time in the dungeon. statues holding assorted sharp objects. or whenever the PC steps onto a new room feature (stepping from stairs to floor. the second is horizontal. they will fall. 5 = down is to the right. You could also do this with draughts. same way. Take a room. wall. unless a PC can grab something. roll under their dexterity. 80' wide. Each stairway. perhaps another cell in the same room. just like an ability check. and take damage. NAME: Follow the Bouncing Boob TRIGGER: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: This trap is one of my sure-fire killers. ceiling. they stop falling. 1 = gravity stays normal. 4 = down is to the left. pillar. Success means they grabbed onto something before they fell. rather than chess pieces. Now fill the room with pillars stairways that don't go anywhere. or maybe as much as 180). Roll two grenade scatters for every 10'x10' section traversed. etc. Another check is made. 2 = down is now straight ahead. *34* . it can be modified as the trap progresses. If they hit something. Check every 10' of fall to see if they hit something. The first scatter is vertical. or walking 11' in a straight line.

you walk in. but the exit door is securely locked and barred. anyway. At first. only this one is actually fairly pleasant. Basically. it is almost 100% guaranteed to kill one PC (but the others won't be harmed at all. plummet. you can make a dex check to change your angle. The exit door. Finally. objects moving in a straight line do not necessarily keep moving in a straight line. and down. 3 = back. The trap is a spherical room. which is a spot opposite the one you just bounced off of.Unfortunately. Anyone who lands in the exit doorway (after the door has been *35* . polished to glassy smoothness. with a pair of doors on the equator.. bounce off the floor. Second. and gravity is towards the wall you fall towards. First.. In all cases. 1 = right. you just keep accelerating. and if they have more than 20d6 of falling damage accumulated. Make a dex check. and cannot be forced open in the normal ways (even knock or Bigby's clenched fist spells won't touch it. The entrance door opens easily. and that is the direction of down. When you hit. The trap has several fundamental laws of physics disabled. or friction. and probably dying instantly in the process). there is no terminal velocity. which is now the ceiling as far as you are concerned. and fall towards the floor. and the exit door opposite it. and down. it's too strong). iron-banded. so you bounce off at a totally new (and random) angle.. but still. except for their pride). Both doors are made of solid oak.. they do not bounce. TRIGGER: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: This one is one of my more humorous traps. NAME : All fall down. you don't lose any momentum from hitting things. And with no terminal velocity. they smash through it (destroying the door. The entrance door. 2 = left. from the other side. This is another variant reverse gravity trap. 4 = ahead. If someone hits that. success means roll 1d4. hitting something else is moving to a new feature. There is one exception here. down is the direction opposite the wall you just hit (and bounced off of). so roll another d6 to see which direction is now down (with all associated dex checks to avoid falling). And down.

and make the entrance door a one-way teleporter (or a one-way secret door). Great way to get them to another world. If they decide to pull the lever for reasons such as "To leave no stone unturned" then pulling the lever opens a secret door.smashed). TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: tripwire or pressure plate *36* . TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pulling lever EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The DM should listen to the characters' debate about what to do. then teleport them somewhere else. but no damage). anyone with the Spelljammer skills of ZeroG combat or space fighting will be able to control their bounces. NAME: Deadly Spikes LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The floor is covered with 2 inches of dust. Then. Final note. or in the entrance doorway lands unharmed on the floor (painful. velocity will effectively double each time they fall across the room). there is miscellaneous broken furniture around the room. Overhead. wait for falling PC's to hit light speed (remember. Special option: Eliminate the exit door. and take full damage themselves (for example. so as to bounce where they want to go (on a successful dex check). hitting the door and taking 15d6 damage means that the next impact only takes 5d6 to shatter the door). crushing all in the room. NAME: A Role-playing Trap LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: A rusty lever protrudes from the far wall. eliminating the 1d4 roll for new direction. a tremendous block of iron hangs from a cable. Anyone who hits the closed exit door and takes less than 20d6 damage will weaken the door. anybody?). for some special adventuring (Athas. If they decide to pull the lever "Just for the hell of it" then pulling the lever will drop the block.

An impaled character can't get off the spikes unless helped by another character. causing the shards to jingle together. WARNING: Touching the object causes a wind to blow through the room. NAME: Floating Rug and Table LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: In the center of the room is a pit (spikes optional). or unless s/he can fly or levitate off. doing 1d10+10 damage each. skeletons in the furniture come to life and attack them. VARIANTS: If there are other characters. TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: taking the object EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: A constant wind storm causes all the crystal shards to fly about the room striking the party. A pillar in the center of the room. TRIGGER TYPE: Mechanical TRIGGER: Stepping on the rug EFFECT TYPE: Mechanical EFFECT: Falling into the pit. Thousands of glass shards (like broken window panes) lying about the entire room. on which is a small object of the DM's choice. Each party member in the room will take damage (3d6) per round until the object is put back or the party can leave the room.EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: 1d12 spikes. In the center of the rug is a small table. NAME: Glass Storm LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Any large circular room. *37* . strike and impale the character automatically (no dodge or parry). taking damage. also levitated. with some valuable object sitting upon it. Covering the pit is a rug or tapestry with a levitation spell on it.

The purpose of this trick is to see how long the characters will pursue a completely irrelevant track. A large hole is cut in the floor of this room. On the far side of the hole is a shelf on which is sitting a valuable object. everyone in the room feels an electrical jolt. The hole is actually a pane of glass thick enough to hold up a person. but suffers minimal damage (1 point). Through the hole. so they will hope the hole is an illusion). If any level is pulled. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical or magical TRIGGER: picking up the object EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The illusion on the object is dispelled. (Have characters find this out on their own. it's false. TRIGGER TYPE: magical or mechanical *38* . the floor below can be seen. Large boulders fall from the ceiling directly onto the window pane. NAME: Slime Ball LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Spherical room. shattering it. NAME: Pointless Trap (Part II) LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Machine with 24 levers next to a door and lots of pretty Lights TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: pulling lever EFFECT TYPE: magical or electrical EFFECT: The door cannot be broken through or opened. Lights change color. and the person who took the object will fall through to the floor below taking damage (2d6) from the fall. it's really a small rock.NAME: Hole in Two LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Any room not on the lowest floor. A spell has been cast upon the window pane to give it the look and feel of stone.

near the top. the door will close. When the character tries to move one way.TRIGGER: entering room EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The room is actually a sphere within a sphere. and a 2' diameter hole in the floor. The inner surface of the outer sphere and the outer surface of the inner sphere are lubricated with highly slippery slime (non-toxic. EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: Explosion when the Bag of Holding enters the Portable Hole. and the arms extending from it rub against the wall. EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The door swings closed. Due to Newton's Law. the bag might be subject to Feather Fall to let people have more time to do something. The floor is shiny and slick with some liquid.) When someone enters. the inner sphere will rotate and the outer sphere will rotate in the opposite direction. More of the liquid is pumped out of the *39* . In the center of the room is a metal pole with arms extending from it. NAME: The Big Bag Bang LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Circular room 20' in diameter and 15' high. and the one inside has something on it). with a catch on the ceiling with a leather bag. TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: About 5 seconds after anyone enters the room. VARIANTS: For low-level parties. NAME: The Killer Maypole LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The party walks into a room with stone walls. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Pressure plates in floor inside and outside room detect when the whole party is inside room (that is. The metal pole begins turning. the bag starts falling toward the hole. directly below the bag. pressure plate outside has nothing on it. or the ceiling might be higher. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

DISARM: Behind the holes are large fans run by magical means. The liquid is oil. many holes about the size of dimes and nickels (in the thousands on both) are clearly visible. If the floor fan is stopped first.) are shoved into the holes. you can guess what happens next. Moving the statue causes it to fall down and block the door through which the party entered. If the character is in the trap more than 5 rounds. EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The holes on the floor will lift the character into the air with a constant blast of air (up to 350 pounds).. the walls are flint. The pole is made of steel.. the fan is jammed. If a staff of considerable strength (magical. otherwise. Ouch? NAME: Topsy Turvy LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Any large cave (at least 20 x 20'). and a strength roll is successful. etc. The holes in the ceiling will also blast air of the same force downward. suffering damage and vice-versa for the floor fan. NAME: Water Water Everywhere LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: A 40' circular chamber with exits on opposite sides. below it appears to be a tunnel down to a passage parallel to the line between this room's *40* .. The statue looks loose. the character in the trap will be forced to the floor. Upon close examination of the floor and ceiling. Contains a 30' circular pool with a 7' diameter base for a 20' high statue of a minotaur in the center of the pool. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: The first player to step over the holes will set off the trap. The character caught in the trap will get sick and suffer 1 point of damage after his constitution score divided by 4 (rounding down) number of rounds have of the pole. he will black out. A large amount of treasure on the opposite end of the room is piled against a wall. sending the character spinning and tumbling in mid-air. the character attempting to disarm it will suffer 1d4 of damage.

When another character tries to poke at the force field. NAME: The Greedy Party EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: Now.) The first character to quaff a potion.e.entrances. the force fields will be broken. A Water Weird (see Monster Manual) will attack the party. really) -. so that he can brag about it so that the other players try it. or whatever. (whatever. I'm sure. etc. In a room. Maybe even have a good effect at random after the first (like a 5% chance or something. DM's decision. scrolls. poisoned badly. blinded by scroll. electrocuted in chair. has some kind of beneficial effect (temporary or permanent. etc. A force field goes up covering the top of the pit. As long as the water weird is alive.maybe even an electric chair (he he. what party is there out there. here is a trap to make them all wary of easy outs. that doesn't want to increase their ability scores? Not very many. read a scroll.. It is very fun to help the first player understand that there was a beneficial effect. Rather than pouring kobolds on the problem until it went away. The players had stopped thinking about scenarios.) NAME: The Golden Chamber This trap is one I once used to take the collective egos of a group of players down a few notches. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Entering "tunnel" EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: The character that entered the tunnel will see that s/he is in a concave 6' deep pit.) Anyone else doing the exact same thing will have a malignant effect happen (i. I decided to let the PLAYERS divest their characters *41* . When the Water Weird is dead. s/he will be pushed into the center of where the statue used to be by a rising wall of water. the force field covering the pit will drop 4 inches every round. Well. they will find various potions. most players will want to try it for them to try to duplicate the effect on the first player. This is actually an illusion. merely using magic to batter their way through.) Of course. too. sit in the chair.

for the object removed from the shelf. explained below. as do charged magic items. ceiling. but with a NASTY side effect. there is a shelf on the far wall.. At the same time. and floor.of magic items. replacing the object on the shelf WILL set off the trap. This trap only works properly with groups that use magic to solve EVERYTHING. Adding more weight to the floor won't do any harm. This should certainly draw in most PC's. putting 1000 lbs. but nothing else happens. Now for the good part. Permanent magic items function normally. Attackers must strike AC 6 and do 10 points of damage to make a big enough hole to get air through. A human-sized hole requires inflicting 100 points of damage. with a glowing wand/sword/gem/statuette/whatever on it. opposite the entrance. the floor is now a precisely balanced scale. However. Most magic-heavy PC's won't think of using a non-magical object to force the walls. Calculate how much each PC weighs. for example).The trap is a 40' long. TRIGGER: The trap functions fairly simply. and 20' tall chamber. 20' wide. including both body and equipment weight. and can actually disarm the trap. Removing 5 or more pounds from the floor sets off the trap. Yes. some groups don't HAVE non-magical objects. a multi-ton slab seals the only entrance. to ordering food and paying for services (why pay when you can charm. When the object is lifted off of the shelf. For example. of gold in the room after the trap was armed. and for those who are less greedy than normal. all non-permanent spells and spell-like magical abilities within the room (and within 20' of the outside of the door) are permanently negated. as far as the PC's can see or hear. with enough weight. there is a loud *CLICK* noise. more or less voluntarily. Finally. all magical effects of the trap (magic negation and that side effect listed below) are permanently and irrevocably dispelled. and floor are all made of pure. The object *42* . glowing runes appear on the walls. ceiling. The walls. means that they can now leave the room safely. As soon as any part of the trap is breached. and add 5 lbs. ANY reduction in weight will trigger the trap. Any person who strikes a surface of the trap with a magical object SUFFERS. Permanent spells simply cease to function while in the room. and the chamber is now airtight. from locked doors and monsters. solid gold. at the end of a side-passage. EFFECT: When it goes off. Attacking any surface of the trap with a non-magical item will easily cause a hole. while the PC's collectively (including equipment) only weight 900 lbs.

used to add pluses to a weapon is a 4th level spell. spell-protected PC's are NOT). running from east to west is a row of 1" thick iron poles which run from ceiling to floor. crushing blow. Touching a pole sets off a wall of lightning along the entire wall (anyone touching the pole saves vs magic at -4). Treat each point of strength above the wearer's normal strength as a separate strength spell for damage purposes. and any metal surface can reflect it. The wielder gets a save for half damage vs breath weapon. are covered with rusted spikes. Only magic used to influence the wall is affected. Each special power of the weapon is treated as a separate spell (FEAR striking the wall with a sword that has 3 wish spells in it. half if failed. In the southern half of the chamber there is a ruby red light shining in a narrow beam from the ceiling to the floor. Efreeti are protected. In the middle of the chamber. If the wielder is resistant to magical fire (innate resistance only. If both eyes are depressed and the ruby light is not being shined onto the face a *43* . with NO bonuses at all. The entire northern wall of this chamber. nor does the weapon strike itself do any damage to the trap. 60' long and 10' tall chamber. Any object that is destroyed inflicts 1d4 damage on the wielder per level enchanted into the object (enchanted weapon. The wall of lightning does 12d6 damage. So a 16 strength fighter takes less damage from an exploding girdle of hill giant strength than a 14 strength fighter would.must make a save vs. NAME: A Trick of the Light LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: A corridor runs west and then turns south 20' before entering a 30' wide. The explosive destruction of magic items does no damage to the wall. So a warmth ring won't explode. The face in the southern wall is 6' diameter and made completely of obsidian and it appears to be a distorted human face in the act of laughing. and the northern section of the corridor where it turns south to enter this chamber. or be totally destroyed. This beam is 10' in front of the large face which is in the middle of the southern wall. the save is for no damage. Both eyes are bulging and can be depressed. *OUCH*). so a +2 dagger does 8d4 damage). There is no apparent source for the light. but a girdle of giant strength or a mattock of the titans will. A special case occurs with items such as girdles of giant strength.

TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical/ magical TRIGGER: touch of iron pole EFFECT TYPE: magical/mechanical NAME : KNOCK. with that end dropping quickly to a 60 degree angle. *44* . If the two eyes of the face are depressed when the ruby light is being shined upon it the face can be easily moved south and then it slides east revealing the passageway continuing to the south. & Staffs become fully charged then overload as in a retributive strike (see DMG on damage) other Items gain power then overload as above. Anyone falling into the rusted spikes (which of course still seem to line the entire northern wall) will impale themselves on 3-6 spikes doing 1-6 damage each with a 25% chance for each spike (not cumulative) of contracting a disease. When the door is opened the Ring no longer contains the sphere's perfect integrity. wands. The DM could be "Nice" and subtract charges from the total used in "CHARGING ITEMS" to reduce damage. The room appears to tilt very quickly to the north. KNOCK **BOOM** LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Room is a perfect cube (10'+ cubed) with one or two doors (not locked!) The trap is magical: inside the room is a sphere of pure magical energy (see Note 1) held in place by 6 RINGS of Spell Turning (see Note 2) place in the exact center of each wall. charge in room is size of room cubed (eg 10' room =1000 charges [10*10*10] a 5'room = 125 charges [5*5*5]. the each PC will take damage in the form of 1d12 / charge in room save vs magic for half damage (except for the person who opens door [no save]) Note 1.complicated illusion will occur. the door(s) just happen to be in the center of the wall(s). TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: ALL rods. floor and ceiling. Unless characters state that they disbelieve they will stagger and slide to the north as anyone would if a room tilted so suddenly on them! Anyone staggering into the poles will set off the lightning. The magical energy shoots out of the room like soda pop from a shaken bottle.

southern most section.) Once the PCs enter. and the 15' high ceiling begins to descend.Note 2. too!) LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: PCs enter a circular room. filling the hole at 5' per turn. Water. with a 10' diameter pit (30' deep) in the center. the door locks behind them. A 1' wide passage leads from the northern door to the southern door. Once the ceiling touches the floor. and a door on the southern wall. When Door is Opened all The RINGS of SPELL TURNING become nonmagical. If the grate is still there. water weirds. and a door in the middle of the northern wall. and climb down the pit to escape the ceiling. they may float up unless armored heavily.. though the trip to the western door might be more difficult. including up to 1' above the level of the passage. PCs must tie a rope to the rod. From the 1' wide passage the floor drops to a depth of 30' below the level of the doors. 30' diameter.) Opposite the door from the pit is a 6' tall rod.. fixed into the floor (hole in the ceiling above. This is all filled with water. but if removed without destroying the can be re-enchanted GP value of rings : 1000 gp each NAME: Out For A Swim LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: A 30' square room has a door on the western wall. There is a watertight trapdoor in the bottom of the pit if the PCs are fast enough. If it was removed (as is likely). of weight before falling. a stream of water starts to pour down from above. PCs may drown. crystal oozes or any other kind of nasty creature in there. or perhaps the floor has a slime coating? NAME : The Lowering Ceiling (and if that weren't enough. You can place water elementals. Maybe the characters would want to investiate it to see if there was another passage or anything hidden down there. The trip is easy between the northern and southern doors. making the water even with the bottom of the doors. eastern most section. Directly over the pit is a hole in the ceiling covered with a rusty grate (it can support 25 lbs. *45* . Where either exit goes is up to the DM. The water below the 5' deep mark might be very murky just to add to the drama.

and there is another slope on the opposite side.TRIGGER TYPE: magical/alarm TRIGGER: entering the room EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: The One Way Easy. The 2nd room is enchanted in the same way. Round Trip Painful LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The corridor leads to a 45-degree downward slope to a pit of water (5' wide). Once a player gets trough the trap. they would freeze to death before the time period expired) Therefore. they have to REALLY think (or get really lucky on their saving throw. Most players that I throw this trap up against make themselves resistant to cold to get through the 1st room. and since they are in the extreme cold room. A venus fly trap. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Hot n' Cold LOCATION TYPE: Room CONEXT: This trap involves 2 rooms in a dungeon (or castle or whatever) that are joined to each other by a single doorway (no door. so you can go down. but not up. then they can't make themselves resist fire for the 2nd one (there is a time period to prepare. The first room of the trap is enchanted to make it very cold (I run Palladium FRPG so I use hundreds of wards on the walls that are permanent) and the doorway (or door) to the other side is a good 100 feet away. but once they do that. The party must pass through this room in order to get to their goal. unless you want to make it REALLY hard on your players). possibly with something in the water. except that it is to the HEAT extreme. The slopes are covered with downward pointing blades. the rest can follow easy enough provided there is a mage in the group that can Teleport each *46* . that is at -10 if they go through the heat room while resisting cold) in order to get past the Heat room.

failure to make the saving through when passing from the Cold to Heat room (if the player is resisting cold) means death. ____________________________________ o o o ---> o o o ----> ______ o o o o ________ | | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| TRIGGER TYPE: none EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: CHEMISTRY KABOOM! LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT : Have the adventurers walk through a room that negates all magical light sources. Ashes. The second is 5' from the ground. and there would be acid all over them in the first place.member to the one that got past it all. The Third is doubled up. and one 5' from the ceiling. Tall ceiling. The First Bar is 2' from the ground. No hope of reincarnation NAME: Bars on Acid LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The PCs reach a room with metals bars going across the room. to tell the truth. Then the fourth is 4' from the floor and 4' from the ceiling (10 ft. The acid is any contact acid you chose. A side view of the room follows: ---\ /----\ /----\ /----\ IN-> \--/ \--/ \--/ \________ --\ OUT-> \____/ /--\ \____/ /--\ \____/ /--\ \_________ *47* . a rock with continual light and/or magical weapons. then the characters are forced to use torches. ground refers to hall level). The acid is only like 1 1/2' deep. one 2' from the ground. The floor drops 20ft from the hall level and then there is a pool of acid. BTW. You might not want it to do much damage cause it would really be hard to rescue the PC in the first place (acid on there hands when they grab the rope to pull them selves out.

glass flows LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: Any large circular room. causing the shards to jingle together. Each "square" is a pressure plate which has four holes it. there is a lever which opens a door.. the next rise in the floor. without thinking. with some valuable object sitting upon it. TRIGGER TYPE: magical *48* .KABOOM! Add in the amount of damage you feel is adequate.Each dip in the gradually sloping floor is filled with chlorine gas. NAME: Watch your step! LOCATION TYPE: Room CONTEXT: The PC's fall down a chute into a large "checker board" room. The sound from the explosion will cause deafness for 2d6 rounds. This is great for spellcasters! Of course all flammable materials will catch on fire (this a nice way to burn the clothes right off the back of the pc's). stepping on tile 5 causes spikes to shoot from tile 12. Thousands off glass shards (like broken window panes) lying about the entire room. See if the pc's figure it out by the third ceiling. and watch what happens. add another trapped room that is extremely cold. The problem is. A pillar in the center of the room. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Wind blows. This trap caused the demise of 3 out of 4 PC's in my last campaign.. In each of the vaulted ceilings there is hydrogen gas. You can have as many tiles as you like. just enough to make the adventurers gag and run to higher ground. No pattern is required. every pressure plate stepped on causes 4 spikes to shoot from the ground on another tile! For example. just make sure the PC's aren't allowed to stand on the same tiles. and when hydrogen comes in contact with fire. At the other end of the room. WARNING: Touching the object causes a wind to blow through the room. If a couple of the pc's continue naked.

or clever magic to remove the leg from the hole now that it is pinned. or water. Each party member in the room will take damage (3D6) per round until the object is put back or the party can leave the room. hacksaw. triggers a crossbow firing into the leg *under the floor*.TRIGGER: taking the object EFFECT TYPE: magical EFFECT: A constant wind storm causes all the crystal shards to fly about the room striking the party. This is a bitch to remove. or whatever. Or simply a spring blade that leaves a stump looking for a pegleg. Or c) it can trigger a Magic Mouth that growls like something hungry down in the hole. 4. Then the spike. Good for panic. VARIANTS: The firing of the crossbow can a) ring the dinner bell in the room of the monster next door. one of the flagstones pivots on edge and drops the leg into a hole. breaking the knee on the pivoted stone and piercing the foot with the spike down in the hole. it takes a bolt cutter. trapping the pierced leg. b) can start flooding the room with burning oil. when stepped on. It is also longer than the hole is wide. NAME: The Ghostly Mother-In-Law LOCATION TYPE: Any *49* . with flange for feathers that stops its progress. or sewage. The bolt is barbed along its length.Any +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: Leg Trap LOCATION TYPE: Stone floor TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: Stepping on a pivoted stone EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: When stepped on.

if a PC attempts to climb down on the rope. or to jump. like those in mines. with the shaft ending into a room maybe 20 feet down. a click is heard. no damage.TRIGGER TYPE: Magical TRIGGER: Stepping on a certain location by any sentient non-undead creature. with no ladder. No attacks. they see sharp spikes sticking out of a dead end. and a *50* . Another variant is that if the PCs try to climb down the rope. they land on the spikes. there is no reverse gravity. looking up it. EFFECT: The victim is beset by a Ghost that is a Mother-In-Law with a vengeance. it is tied to the spikes. They hate these! NAME: The Painful Foot Dart LOCATION TYPE: floor TRIGGER: mechanical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: This trap is triggered by weight on a part of the floor. but life will be a misery. You can't turn her with anything but a court order. The walls are plated with wood. so it appears that the rope falls down as it should. When someone steps on the trigger.end of shaft Rope--->| ________________________ The shaft has a reverse gravity spell on it. Must Come Down LOCATION TYPE: Shaft TRIGGER TYPE: magical EFFECT TYPE: mechanical EFFECT: The PC's see a shaft. vvvvv<--spikes __________I | I_________<----ceiling | __________ | _________<---floor PCs are on I | I I | I <-----shaft __________I | I_________<---roof of lower floor. Looking down. they see a floor. and take damage depending on the DM. and the rope also does. NAME: What Goes Up. but the spikes fall on them instead.

one a bit behind.. so he will go unharmed unless he tries to jump away. mushroom. and dirt are all possible. again a pressure plate will cause the click. If this diadem comes within 20' of any statue in the crypt.. The wrong items will cause damage to the players in the form of a lightning bolt or some other nasty spell.. collected in the adventure up to the taste of the individual DMs. a big creature with whom they should not have too much trouble defeating. To proceed further into the adventure... The correct items are: • One particular item. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical NAME: Are Magic Items Always Nice? LOCATION TYPE: Any CONTEXT: The party finds a magical diadem. they would need to place one item in each bowl. A few yards after that. NAME: The Altar Riddle Trap LOCATION TYPE: Any CONTEXT: Send the players to a point in the game where they have to face a GUARDIAN. and one of the pair in front of the passing character. but this time. • The Silver Dagger of the Guardian. Nasty DM's could have the Guardian carry more than one dagger. TRIGGER TYPE: magical TRIGGER: 20 feet around the statue EFFECT TYPE: magical *51* . so things like a ring. The darts shoot out at the height of one's hips. the players will encounter an altar with three bowls on it.. determined before-hand..dart shoots out from the wall on each side.. the statue immediately animates and attacks the possessor unless the deactivation word is spoken. • One Gold Piece or any type of currency used in the particular world. leaving the wooden panels ripped off. the dart pairs come at foot level.. After its destruction.

It seems that the evil dude we're chasing had given all 20+ kobolds a single bead from a necklace of *52* . The best part of this trap is it is based on natural phenomena and therefore really isn't a trap . After 1/2 a round. creates a very high vacuum towards the door sweeping a character into the lava pool unless they can react quickly with an appropriate spell or potion or grab onto a handhold. There are many ( > 20 ) kobolds on the other side. with a wide-and-sturdy stone bridge leading across to the continuation of our passage. The trick is that the door leads into the volcano shaft ABOVE the lava pool. one of the kobolds on the other side pulls something off a chain around his neck. steps onto the bridge and beckons to our overgrown barbarian (who's at the head of our march). fixed furnishings.NAME: The Volcano (Convection) Trap LOCATION TYPE: volcano room CONTEXT: Best trap I ever saw was built into the side of an active volcano. The room had a natural corridor leading into it (no door!). the air in the volcano is constantly moving upward. We come to an opening that reveals a deep fissure in the cavern. Since heat it doesn't show up with detect trap magic. we've taken out a handful of over-anxious kobolds. merrily traipsing through some tunnel in an underground cavern in pursuit of some holier-than-thou objective. There was a door at the far end. We scoff at this and begin to engage. taunting us!! The leader. Suddenly. we suppose. and throws it at the melee crowd. we're a group of 5 PC's of levels 7 to 9. or mobile furnishings. Opening the door. Depending on how good a mood you're in the room can have nothing in it. TRIGGER TYPE: mechanical TRIGGER: open door in room EFFECT TYPE: mechanical NAME: Spontaneous Kobold Combustion LOCATION TYPE: cavern CONTEXT: o. like he's gonna kick his ass.

We suffered much fire damage. There are 10 ropes hanging from the players' cliff each numbered. NAME: Big Boom! LOCATION TYPE: ANY CONTEXT: This takes place in a very powerful wizards lair.missiles. A chain reaction of Spontaneously Combusting Kobolds. Or you could have a Stirge hit the Gas Spores and do the same thing. if things looked grim. and those miserable Kamikaze Kobolds Kicked our Keysters. The player needs to step on an element to get a *53* . the Gas Spore will explode and not only hurt the party but cause the other two Gas Spores to explode doing a lot of damage to the party.Puzzle +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ NAME: To be or not to be an…elemental? Give the players a set of miscellaneous arranged numbers: 1-5 right side up then 5-1 upside down (written on a wall in magical writing or something. On the left side is an object the players are to retrieve and on the right side are 3 stone golems. one of us missed a dex-check and fell off. Everything except the players overhang is surrounded in lighting. When the party is pretty strong and think they are just the best. 1. Also. The players eventually walk out to a rock overhang and a door appears on the other side of another overhang. throw a bead. suffering falling damage. They were instructed to defend their position. But they are really Gas Spores polymorphed. This had the obvious domino effect of setting off every bead around the head of every kobold in melee. in front of each rope is a symbol of one of the elements. have them face three weak creatures like goblins.) It is a combination. When they hit one of the fake creatures.

missed a str. elementals disappear and the lighting around the golems also. have something really bad happen like the floor turning into spikes. Then they will attack. Then the green light will start flashing. Once the combination is complete the floor raises. players have to make several checks for dex. from that rope to a pillar of the right number. IF you choose the wrong rope and it fell (or if the pillars lower) then it would reattach itself and the pc's would have to start all over again. The players need to grab onto the right rope to swing to a rope not numbered. On the ground is an elemental corresponding to one of the symbols on the cliff. They will not bother any one unless they are actually on the ground. (If you have ever played the game Red light.rope.) NAME : Red light. and dex to hold on to the rope swinging from) then a strength to hold on. If a player falls to the floor he has to run to the nearest "neutral" rope and make it back to the original cliff. Any other time they move when the red light is flashing. for the swing.) Well for starters send out an enemy to show what happens when you move when the red light is flashing. each also numbered. Green light. a big flash of red occurs. (if that rope is missed. To make things more complicated in between each of the pillars are more ropes barley within reach of the pillars or outcropping. you should know that the party must stop or something will happen. Green light When the party enters the room. If the player lands on the wrong pillar it will start to lower to the ground. and attack on an AC of 4 to grab the other rope. *54* . the rope will detach itself from the wall dropping the player to the ground. There is always the same number of elemental as pc's. When swinging on the ropes. This is the time to move. and from that pillar swing from the right numbered rope and so on until the combination is complete. They will probably wonder what is going on. If a player choses the wrong rope. In the center of the room are 10 pillars. The players now fight to defeat the golems and when they are defeated then the lighting around the door and the object disappears and they can grab the object (which will be needed to solve another puzzle. with 10 ropes.

as the attack of X on Y' is exactly the same as X' on Y (after the initial attack made by *55* . with a nice huge stone eye with a hole for center engraved on the wall behind. The room is circular and has eight doors all around. the DM should spend his time running from one player to the other. but it adds a nice touch. Then. as they can enter it only one by one). There is also a hole in the ceiling (2 inch radius) that is shining light onto the well(also the reflection of a gold key). I'd say. The well has 3d10 water weirds in it that will attack whenever anything gets close enough. Have a clone of another character coming at the same time from this second corridor. the PC's see a gold key (which is really a reflection from above) in the bottom of the well. Whenever a PC touches any part of the door. As the attack goes on. they are teleported back to the center of the room.. Then have your creature use the very first opportunity to attack the real PC. Let's call X the real character and X' the mimicked one. The gold key will let the one holding it get out. The well is in the center. The corridor runs a few meters before meeting with a side passage connecting (in an 'H' shape) with another parallel corridor (supposedly the appearing site for another PC). and so on with every couple of PCs. It is not necessary. Have each of them appear at the end of a corridor. but then it disappears and appears back where it was. the intentions of which was to test the trust of the characters in their companions. NAME: You Again! COMNTEXT: A magical networks of rooms. First separate the party members by a teleportation device (a narrow portal should do just fine.. and acting exactly as if it was the second PC. as well as their general good intentions. Now it gets tricky for both the DM and the players: have the same thing happen to the real character impersonated above. they have to go on advancing along either corridor (they should not feel like splitting again after finding themselves together again).NAME: It's Weird CONTEXT: The PC's open a door and are immediately teleported to the center of a room right next to a well filled with water. In the well.

it really is the connection between the two corridors. On touching it they will discover it is a powerful acid causing extreme damage *56* ... but this time. Of course the DM should still talk to the players separately if they are to believe they face another clone.. The two REAL PCs should meet. leading to a parallel got it right.. and then both clones be sucked up with their possessions by the stone eye (we wouldn't want some clever-minded party end up with double their items -magical included.would we? Now the corridor goes on for a long time (say 100') before meeting a perpendicular passage. On the very moment one of the player should die (one of the clones too).. so. The players should feel something is wrong as they are not allowed to talk to each other (the clones doesn't talk anymore once combat is engaged). while aggressive players will either strike or run. one next to death and the other in a bad shape if you thought to balance the powers.: means a great distance (possibly an unremarked teleportation) | | | (2) | | | (1)_______ | | | | |__/\__ | NAME : AN ICE LITTLE PROBLEM CONTEXT: The party arrive at a room with what seems like water on the floor.. the same situation. have only the clone die..both X' and Y' -don't choose a character so disgustingly caring and good that s/he will let him/herself be beaten to death). | | | | | | | | |______| | | | _______ (2) | | | | | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | | |______| | | | (1) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | (0) | | (0) | |__/\__ | _/\_ : stone eye (0) : arrival site of X and Y (1) : encounter with the clone (2) : encounter with the real character ------.. but they will guess that it really is the other player's attacks that damages him. Good-natured players will talk first and discover what really happened (but can they really be sure the other is what he says he is ?).

In the room is a skeleton. chisel. if they cast a fireball at the appendage used to sample it. however it will freeze creating an ice bridge to the door on the other side. DOUBLE DAMAGE (double with magic attacks only). if you attack yourself. Whatever it is. Maybe a NPC told the PC's to attack it. When thrown over the acid. The door doesn't budge. they must figure out what goes into the blank (_). In other words.. Also. The letter that they must *57* . they can only scrape it into the door using the silver dagger. double. If you heal the wall you heal yourself double. It behaves like a creature with all the same bonuses as the attacker. or object can even mark the door. On the door is seen the markings below: TNESSFFTT_ In order to open the door. NAME : The Wall CONTEXT: It's a wall that throws back whatever you threw at it. You see if you attack the wall it attacks back automatically. maybe by growing an arm or throwing a brick. and in the skeleton's hand is a silver dagger. the wall throws it right back. NAME: Can you count? CONTEXT : Have the PCs see a very likable artifact in a room. have the door close. No other weapon. maybe the wall throws at the characters something that had been thrown at it before. etc. regular if normal).. One of these is poison which will do (not too much to kill) quite a bit of damage to anyone drinking it. say 100ft. Of course all this only works within a certain range of the wall. In alcoves in the wall of the corridor leading to the room there are several bottles containing various liquids. when a PC's hits it physically the wall hit him back with the SAME DAMAGE. the door opens. or the wall speaks. Get it (double if magic. When they enter the room. the wall will take damage. it somehow provokes the PC's. like attacking yourself. Another cool thing is that if they heal themselves they actually heal the wall. The cool thing is that it can't be destroyed unless a clever idea is used. If they take the dagger and scratch in the correct letter with it. The artifact (which they find to be an illusion) disappears. and they find themselves trapped.

Underneath each of the statues there is a lever. PC's will not be able to smell the gas. I judge it to take a little longer than that for the average group. The reason is this is that the letters stand for: Ten. the door is gone. the players should realize they're not getting anywhere. but they will not be expecting it because there will be no sign that anything has happened when the lever is pulled. a creature that can not be heard will be released into the Labyrinth somewhere near the group. Player characters will have to pull these levers in order to find the way into the next part of the Labyrinth. Five. This took my PCs about half an hour. They can only get out if they walk back up the stairs backwards. and One. The group will have to fight this creature when it arrives.scratch in is "O". It's dark and damp. See no evil.. Six. When the lever is pulled under the statue: See no evil. Four. So. After a few minutes. NAME: BACKTRACKING CONTEXT: A door is opened to a basement setting. Note: Sparks from spurs or scraping of any metal on the stone walls to a torch that is lit to magical fire will ignite the gas. one with his hands covering his eyes. Any contact with flame of any sorts will instantly ignite the gas causing an explosion that will make the group wish they had been hit with a fireball instead.and that was only because one of them vaguely remembered it from a puzzle book he had read. *58* . Three. They are really trapped in a time-teleporter trap. On the wall in front of them they will see three statues of monkeys.. One with his hands covering his ears. Seven. and one with his hands covering his mouth. When the lever is pulled under the statue: Hear no evil. Speak no evil. CONTEXT : Within a Labyrinth the PCs will come upon a dead end. Eight. but the players have to rush. So they go down the stairs. unless someone in the group has a very keen sense of smell. Two. a gas that is highly flammable will be released through small holes in the ceiling above the statue. Nine. If they turn around. NAME: Hear no evil.

Each section is the same except for one. That means that every person in the room will be hit by several darts. The table falls about 2" and poisoned darts fly out of the wall . by lines. The table is split up into sections. Now the wall is not smooth. You can make this one section stand out by any means you wish. I had mine stand out by having a crown carved into the table and having a king's throne at the seat opposite of the door. even if he and the rest of the group has already made it out of the Labyrinth. a door will open up next to the statues. The characters may find this out by looking at the markings on the table. or statue or what ever your PCs are greedy for. The table is held up by one center leg and the center piece comes straight down so there is no way you could wedge the table top to the center piece of the table.all flying towards the center of the room. *59* .) What happens is when the character leans on the table he trips the trap. The secret to disarming this trap is to turn the table 180 degrees. This room has a 17' radius and the table has a 7' radius (which keeps the item just out of the reach of the character.When the lever is pulled under the statue: Speak no evil. and only a Remove Curse spell will work on the PC. The curse will stay with the PC until a Remove Curse spell is cast upon him. After the trap has been set off. while the section in the table was at the door you entered from. it resets itself and is ready to go again. Note: A Dispel Magic spell will have no effect upon the statues. A PC may try to wedge something into the bottom of the tabletop but with no avail because of the sheer weight of the table and also because of the way the table was designed. he will be teleported away from the party into the lower levels of the Labyrinth. NAME : A Round Table Trap CONTEXT : The PC enter a round room and there in the center of this room is a round table. On top of the table is a large round cup. The character who pulled the lever will feel a slight numbness in his head and will become cursed. each block has a hole in it. The table is one solid piece of stone that is 2" thick and weighs over 2000 lbs. If he speaks anything even remotely evil.

or a baby. If they put dirt in the bottom one.NAME: Know your enemy CONTEXT: This Trap is designed to use the character's personality weaknesses against them. There is a bowl of dirt sitting beside it. where the affected sees his/her reflection in the mirror and she is either too old. then a trap door will make the character drop into a room that has the illusion of a strange place and he/she is all alone. The PC is trying to sway a huge crowd of people to his religion. Of course.)) If they set the oil on fire they have the third (fire.) The oil will evaporate the water *60* . I know the top one is full of air anyway but that is no fun. It's wonderful! NAME: The Four Elements CONTEXT: Some of you might recognize this from a MacGyver episode but hey it was full of traps (they were in some ancient temple or some such). the next is full of water and the top one is also empty. • Afraid of being to old/to young: This works with a hall of mirrors. They must complete the four elements (if your nice there's a plaque saying that). • Is doubtful that one is a Good Priest: The character can be shown his worst nightmare. this trap breaks up the party into individuals who are ultimately whimpering and hitting themselves. They are locked in the room with a limited supply of air. but they laugh at him and throw things at him. The bottom bowl is empty. They find four rings each one supporting a bowl. the next is full of oil. then they have two of the elements (Earth and water. here are some suggestions: • If one of your characters is afraid to be alone. an alternative is that one of his healing spells does not work! This is also a trap that is subject to the GM's creativity and Knowledge of his characters. Inspired by a trap that was shown on the D&D TV show. in trouble. The trap is actually a whole building and uses illusions to mislead the characters into thinking that they are alone. or impotent.

they must be defeated all over again. They must find another equal weight and put it in the other hand. releases 1d6 ogre mages. when opened. when they go through the door they are in a spherical room that has 6 doors and a mouse hole.which will rise up to the top creating the element of air (well water vapor but it is sort of air) the door will open and they're out. NAME: What time is it? *61* . and. which way is out? CONTEXT : This is a good trap to pull on your players because they can't complain about all the XP they're getting. but it's a good idea to tell that there's a door to your players. it releases 1d10 shrunken wererats who immediately form normal size and attack. The door does 1d10. the door will explode for 1d2 damage. The second door has a picture of a dagger on it. If they do the door will open. there is a door. The third door is blue. and. It releases a red dragon. If they are not. The mouse hole is locked and cannot be opened unless the other creatures are defeated in order. Once defeated. They are also locked in a room again with not much air. The door does 1d8. the mouse hole releases a cheese of shrinking with just enough for everyone. releases a Remorhaz. Sitting around is a statue with two hands. will release a horde of gibberlings.. It explodes for 1d4. when opened. and. The first door has a picture of an eye on it and. The last door has a picture of flame. when opened. NAME : Excuse Me Sir. The fifth door has a picture of a drop of blood and. It explodes for 1d6. They can enter the mouse hole and once on the other side. when opened. The fourth door has a picture of a cube of ice. If opened. If defeated. they get a cheese of growing which returns them to normal. The door is not a part of the trap. Hard DMs could have their players roll a Wisdom Check to see the mouse hole. has a beholder in it (or an argos). NAME: Waiting For Weight CONTEXT: This is from the same episode. At the end of a corridor. when opened. releases an eastern vampire. On one is a weight and lying around the room are other weights. The door does 1d20. Anyway.

Touching the field results in some bad effect (damage. such as CAMERA. and the dial resets to 10. "Oh. making it invisible. reduction to 1hp. MERACA. The words are written in some ancient language requiring either A) someone able to read ancient languages.CONTEXT: Sitting on a small stone pedestal is an object of worth (or maybe THE object of worth). There is a single bridge connecting the two sides. In my campaign. it says camera. The word in the circle should be something that could be read in a circle. there is a button on the wall.). etc. and stone doors seal the room at all entrances. ERACAM. This would be bad enough were it not for the triggering of some other nasty effect. Some bright soul presses the button." without considering different readings. The other lever makes an illusionary bridge appear nearby. Reading off the incorrect word causes the object to sink into the pedestal. Engraved into the stone is the command word that dispels the field. and somewhere nearby (on a wall or something) there are 2 levers. In fact. AMERAC. using CAMERA would be especially devious because players would likely think. The first lever makes the bridge disappear. the party spent fully 45 minutes of real time searching the room for an escape. For added realism you might want to have an illusion of a creature or something appear to fall through the real bridge and another illusion of another creature walking across the illusionary bridge.. The result is the PC's assuming the second illusionary bridge is the real one. NAME: Countdown to freedom CONTEXT: Party enters a 10x10 room. or where a ray of sunlight points to). beside a number dial (like on a gas pump) that counts down 10-9-8.. Looking about.g. while one PC stayed near the button to *62* . glowing streaks of light seem to shimmer in a field around the object.. NAME: Invisible Bridge CONTEXT : The PC's come to a large chasm.. one must start at a different point on the circle to read off the command word (e. which might be read CAMERA. ACAMER or RACAME. or B) a skilled thief (in the AD&D world). The catch to the command word is this: the letters of the word are written in the circle so that depending on the time of day. While it isn't clearly protected by a physical barrier.. level loss. depending on where the sundial points to.

As the party proceeds they encounter a room at the end of the corridor which is full of gas. Another corridor (with ice) ran next to the above mentioned corridor except there was no liquid in this corridor. The monster was slow so it could be easily outrun and it was pretty stupid. The magic resistance was supplied by a special collar (more on that later). This provided a sense of urgency to the encounter since if you just sat around and tried to figure out the puzzle the monster would be all over you. To solve the puzzle you must cool the room so the gas returns to its liquid form. The key to the whole puzzle is that the room is heated slightly and no ice is present in the room. they said forget it. A little more detail about the room might be in order here. The gas forms a fog. In this room was an extremely tough monster (basically un-killable by normal adventurer means – i. At the other end was another room. the way to kill the monster is with the gas (there are a number of ways to do this but I won't go into all that detail here. Upon entering the corridor they discover a crack in the wall of the corridor. only in the corridor. Blue liquid (or any other color you choose) flows from the crack and forms a small stream which flows over ice down the corridor away from the party. and the DM was chased from the room. The liquid then flowed out of the room *63* . The stream of liquid flows into the room. making visibility very difficult within the room. Our DM threw in a couple of twists to this basic design to spice things up a bit. In the gas room is a magical door that is un-open-able except by using the anti-magic collar (I guess there are other ways if you have the resources but our group didn't). it's not hard to figure out).). It is necessary to kill the monster (rather than just run away) because you need the collar. The gas does not enter the corridor. Finally. The gas is a powerful contact poison (save or take a good deal of damage). NAME: PHYSICS 101 CONTEXT: The party encounters a corridor that is coated with ice. The corridors met just before the gas room.continue resetting the dial. magic etc. If you haven't figured this out yet. The monster had total magic resistance (magic weapons also did not function as anything other than normal weapons) and had an incredible armor class so it was very hard to hit. The layout was a bit different first of vapor in the room. and let the dial count down to 0. In the room there was a small pool of liquid (fed by the stream).e. When the liquid is warmed it vaporizes and forms a gas. at which point the doors slid open.

An auto-refilling bucket of water sits in the corner. A good DM should be able to come up with many variations of this room to suit individual campaigns but the basics will remain the same. and master degrees . This room was run with two different groups. *64* . If you think this room is real easy to figure out after reading through this it is probably much harder (not probably . NAME : Fill Room With Water CONTEXT : A very small room with a trapdoor in the ceiling.D.give it a try. The walls cannot be climbed and it's an anti.not stupid people). Both groups solved it but it took both of them several hours each (we're talking about 5 or 6 20 to 30 year olds with Ph.IT IS!!) when you have an un-killable monster chasing you around and it's 2 in the morning.magic zone.(although slowly). The pool formed around a central rock that was warm and the rest of the floor was sand. It was a lot of fun though . Solution: Fill the room with water and swim up.

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