Synonym & Antonym Questions

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions

Synonym & Antonym Questions

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Contents Introduction 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms and Antonyms Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms Antonyms Synonyms and Antonyms ix 1 9 17 25 33 41 49 57 65 73 81 89 97 103 .


There are two sections that include questions asking for either the synonym or the antonym. the SAT. and the GRE—use synonym and antonym questions to test verbal skills. The questions in this book. By completing the exercises in this book you will also increase your vocabulary and refine your knowledge of words. civil service exams.Introduction W elcome to 501 Synonym and Antonym Questions! This book is designed to help you prepare for the verbal sections of many assessment and entrance exams. for the most part. Most standardized tests—including high school entrance exams. are grouped into sections of questions that ask you to select a word’s synonym and sections that ask you to select a word’s antonym. Because this book is designed for many levels . effectively testing their knowledge of two words. The questions increase in difficulty as you move through the exercises of each chapter. These questions ask test takers to identify the word that is most similar or dissimilar to another word.

your performance on these questions will help you assess your vocabulary level. For x . If you are using this book to study for a high school entrance exam. completing these practice exercises will make you familiar with the question format. you may find that some of the more advanced questions are beyond your ability. First. Second. you may discover that you do not know the word’s precise meaning. This means that you may be asked to pick between degrees of meaning. Third. By memorizing their definitions. The question may ask you to identify the synonym for a secondary definition of a common word—for example. and on assessment exams. a word may be familiar to you— you may have seen it in print and have a general sense of what it means—but when tested. you are probably in good shape for your test. many of the questions in this book. you can add these words to your vocabulary and call upon them at test time to improve your score.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions of test takers. In addition. The questions in this book can help you prepare for your test in many ways. completing these exercises will make these mental gymnastics more comfortable. Don’t worry! If you are getting the earlier questions correct. “inclination or natural ability’’ is a secondary definition of the word “bent. These exercises will help you pinpoint those familiar words for which you need to learn the exact definition. test your ability to discern nuance of meaning.’’ Also. They will also get you thinking of words in terms of other words with similar or opposite meanings. For example. In the test-taking environment it can be difficult to switch gears from synonym questions to antonym questions. you may get a number of questions that appear later in a section wrong. the full range of questions presented is appropriate for your level. the direction for these exercises usually ask you to identify the word that is “most similar’’ or “most dissimilar’’ in meaning to the word in the question. you will probably encounter words that are totally unfamiliar. if you are studying for a graduate level exam such as the GRE. However.

You have shown your commitment by purchasing this book. and watch your vocabulary increase. For example. you will also benefit from looking up the definitions of the words that you selected incorrectly to ensure that you know the precise meaning of these words.’’ Each question is fully explained at the end of the chapter. The answer keys give you not only the right answer but also the definitions of the word in the question and the correct answer. Then study this list as a quick and concentrated method to improve your vocabulary. in this case. make a list of all the words that you missed and their definitions. “revolting’’ would be a more accurate synonym than “unpleasant. Use your performance to create a study guide. Good luck! xi . In some cases. “atrocious’’ means “utterly revolting’’.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions example. You have already taken an important step toward improving your vocabulary and your score. Now all you need to do is to complete each 35 to 40 question exercise. You can even work in pencil and do the exercises again to reinforce what you have learned. study the answers. Then add these words to your study list as well.


b.1 Synonyms Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided? 1. b. c. c. argue hate discover reveal a. d. b. pretty clever pleasant present a. d. c. remote 4. c. pensive a. d. foretell decide prevent discover 2. b. automatic distant savage mean a. c. exult twist friend relative 3. d. gracious 6. d. b. detest 5. d. c. oppressed caged thoughtful happy . kin a. b. predict a.

jovial 17. b. c. b. b. general cheap fresh elderly 11. c. d. b. divide decide cut squabble 10. neutral unkind precious mean a. c. apportion a. d. distress impunity persevere scruple 12.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 7. c. excite imitate trick apelike 8. leave sweet arid quit a. d. d. ghost force charm courage 9. c. b. charisma a. malcontent argument imposter clown a. indifferent 18. c. c. d. exile hate fade clean a. d. b. b. c. fraud 14. b. d. d. d. b. banish 13. generic a. c. b. drag 16. sleepy crush proud pull a. d. simulate a. c. saccharine 15. b. b. wary a. d. qualm a. c. c. calm curved confused cautious 2 . d. incredulous merry revolting dizzy a.

d. educe a. b. wrong evil deform harm a. c. c. palimpsest phantom daydream curio 20. b. destruction waste spoils cavort 21. d. b. c. reverie a. b. d. c. d. b. c. delirious gorgeous perilous luxurious a. d. upright 30. b. c. c. c. d. chimera a. d. b. delirious covered dismay confuse a. inscrutable 28. b. whirl fish hit mistake a. b. d. d. c. c. demand elicit ideal unlawful 3 . b. b. c. d. d. loot a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 19. b. chimney protest illusion panache 23. sumptuous 26. audacity fearfulness shyness stupidity 24. talkative thirsty beautiful complicated 22. reel 27. c. honorable horizontal humble supine a. loquacious a. difficult mysterious inflexible wary a. distort 25. appall 29. d. temerity a.

b. bigwig doubter frolic converse a. b. gauche fine brilliant indecent 32. d. stentorian a. sacrosanct a. b. light satiate carry horror a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 31. c. d. d. d. prayer sanctuary pious sacred 4 . c. c. c. b. d. nabob 34. c. pall 35. b. louche a. violent misbegotten loud stealthy 33.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 1. to detest means to feel intense or violent dislike. or to cause movement in a direction with applied force 11. to predict means to declare in advance or to foretell 5. generic means having the characteristic of a whole group. b. a. a fraud is someone who is not what he or she pretends to be. c. b. or to imitate 14. saccharine means overly sweet 10. or distant 2. c. c. to apportion is to divide and share out 16. to be indifferent is to be marked by impartiality or to be neutral 13. to drag is to pull. to banish means to drive out from home or country. a. b. to simulate is to assume the outward appearance of. d. charisma is magnetic charm or appeal 15. jovial means good humored or merry 12. kin means people with common ancestors. c. or to exile 8. d. a. remote means faraway. pensive means moodily or dreamily thoughtful 7. b. or relatives 6. gracious means to be pleasant or considerate in social interactions 4. or to hate 3. or an imposter 9. a. a. or general 5 . b.

or to dismay 24. or to deform 20. or luxurious 21. d. sumptuous means excessively costly. a. d. a chimera is a fabrication of the mind. a. to elicit means to draw out something hidden or latent 31. or a scruple 18.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 17. c. upright can mean either honorable or vertical. rich. a. to distort means to twist out of a normal state. loot means goods seized in war. a reverie means the state of being lost in thought. b. inscrutable means not easily interpreted or understood. b. or to whirl 22. to pall can mean to deprive of pleasure in something by satiating 6 . or an illusion 29. a. or a bigwig 32. or spoils 27. or to be cautious 19. a qualm is a feeling of uneasiness about a moral issue. temerity means unreasonable contempt for danger or recklessness. or audacity 30. a. c. wary means to be attentive especially to danger. or a daydream 26. to appall is to overcome with shock. c. d. horizontal and supine are both antonyms of upright 25. or mysterious 23. a nabob is a person of great wealth or importance. or garrulous 28. to educe means to develop something potential or latent. b. loquacious means excessively talkative. one meaning of reel is to move round and round. c. c.

or indecent 35. d. d. c. louche means not reputable. stentorian means loud and is usually used to imply a voice of great power and range 7 . or holy 34. sacrosanct means the most sacred.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 33.


b. b. d. b. d. d. d. b. b. c. d. c. c. borrow shallow low contempt . c. hostile biased dislike worried 37. c. reduce need advance want a. impartial a. awe a.2 Antonyms Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided? 36. secret 40. friendly covert hidden overt a. luminous a. clear dim brittle clever 38. loving insincere unhealthy humorous a. b. withdraw 39. c. d. heartfelt 41.

value gully smooth soothe 45. c. b. round unimportant thin dull a. d. c. d. talent 50. peaked a. d. group peak select marry a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 42. expect 53. abate a. d. c. b. b. b. d. c. d. brazen 52. ungrateful silent show inability a. c. tired arrogant pointy ruddy 10 . b. malodorous a. b. rotund 49. expound a. acrid pungent fragrant delicious 43. pit 48. c. b. b. d. d. d. d. c. common 51. b. c. b. c. c. free augment provoke wane 46. c. d. besmirch confuse confine condemn 44. b. pique a. c. b. lack poverty abundance foreign 47. bashful boisterous noisy heated a. dearth a. attend regret despair loathe a. strange uneasy quick fast a. d.

d. c. smother detest enemy discourage a. irrelevant indifferent impartial improvident a. b. meager 62. philistine 63. d. determined placid reasonable pliant 55. c. b. d. c. b. approbate a. supercilious a. fatuous a. d. b. d. cautious fortunate proven intelligent 58. c. zenith 64. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 54. d. c. c. demur a. abridge 60. worst apex nadir past a. novice intellectual pious debutante a. embrace crude boisterous falter 59. b. c. crafty frugal sensible inane 11 . d. b. c. c. d. shorten extend stress easy a. germane 65. c. d. improvident a. b. d. ingratitude condemn dissatisfaction master 56. kind generous thoughtful copious a. b. c. irascible a. b. d. b. d. unimportant relevant serious meek 57. c. kindle 61. b.

b. lackadaisical active dull prescient a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 66. cheerful sincere inelegant homespun a. d. wealthy cautious hungry tardy 68. c. hunched strong simple simian 12 . c. sapient a. paternal crepuscular maritime marsupial 67. d. impecunious a. d. b. d. c. sartorial 70. b. c. b. matutinal a. quiescent 69. d. c. b.

or glowing. heartfelt means expressing genuine feeling. to despair is to lose all hope 48. or disdain 42. awe means a sense of deep respect or veneration. therefore inability is the opposite 45. b. or confound. malodorous means to have a bad smell. or sincere. therefore biased is the opposite 40. a talent is a special creative or artistic ability. to advance is the opposite of retreat 37. c. is the opposite of expound 13 .501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 36. c. strange means unfamiliar 46. secret means hidden or covert. a. a. d. a pit is a hole and a peak is the top of a hill or mountain 43. b. to withdraw means to remove or retreat. to expound means to explain. brazen means to be defiant or insolent. dim means dark or dull 41. b. so insincere is its opposite 39. bashful means to be shy or timid 47. b. b. to confuse. fragrant means smelling sweet or delicate 49. contempt means a lack of respect. impartial means to be without prejudice or bias. c. common means ordinary or familiar. d. luminous means radiating or reflecting light. d. to expect is to wait for or to look forward to. rotund means rounded or plump. c. overt means open to view 38. therefore thin is the opposite 44.

or abundant 57. d. irascible means easily angered. red complexion 54. philistine is used disparagingly to describe a person guided by material rather than intellectual values. abundance means an ample quantity. to kindle means to start burning or ignite. or careless. copious means present in large quantity. to approbate means to approve or sanction. a. therefore irrelevant is the opposite 60. to condemn means to declare wrong or to convict 62. a. b. a. d. improvident means lacking prudent foresight. nadir means the lowest point 59. to abate means to reduce in degree or intensity. b. c. meek means enduring injury with patience and without resentment 63. to be ruddy is to have a healthy. b. or wealth 53. to soothe means to calm 51. to be peaked is to appear pale or wan. to abridge means to shorten and to extend means to lengthen 55. an intellectual is a person who engages in creative use of his or her intellect 58. meager means lacking in quality or quantity. supercilious means coolly or patronizingly haughty. zenith means the highest point or the apex. to augment means to increase 52.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 50. a. germane means to be appropriate or relevant. d. to smother means to stifle or suppress 56. cautious means to be wary or to exercise forethought 14 . placid means calm or serene 61. b. b. dearth means an inadequate supply or lack of something. to pique means to excite or irritate. d.

quiescent means marked by inactivity or repose. sartorial means of or relating to tailored clothes.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 64. sapient means possessing great wisdom. crepuscular means relating to or resembling twilight 70. sensible is its nearest opposite 66. b. a. demure means coy 65. c. b. c. impecunious means having little or no money. fatuous means inanely foolish. therefore active is the opposite 67. to demur means to delay or hesitate. or sage. to embrace means to accept readily or gladly. a. one meaning of simple is deficient in intelligence 69. homespun means homemade 68. matutinal means of or relating to the morning. therefore wealthy is the opposite 15 . a.


dance hurry busy clean 72. b. suggest stab thick destroy . prolong most nearly means 76. c. imply most nearly means a. d. c. b. d. b. b. attractive clever current humble a. custom most nearly means 75. c.3 Synonyms Select the word that most nearly means the word provided. d. 71. c. d. solemn most nearly means a. dessert habit ethic deliver a. c. c. extend inquire relax wait a. d. modest most nearly means 74. b. b. d. hustle most nearly means a. amusing harmful speech serious 73.

d. thin scoundrel gentleman shovel 18 . congregate most nearly a. disturb d. c. c. pajamas morbid careless dark 86. c. c. ramble most nearly means 83. beneficial most nearly means a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 77. fearless most nearly means a. turn puzzle decide want 88. b. negligent most nearly means a. b. careless d. b. judicial temper style blaze 85. b. rake most nearly means a. d. calm lazy solemn devious a. b. d. c. dark 87. b. c. express defer borrow laugh 79. d. powerful cowardly brave careful 80. knot confuse wander wonder means a. worship b. resolve most nearly means a. d. help advantageous charity wise a. c. b. c. utter most nearly means 78. placid most nearly means a. aloof most nearly means means a. hurry 84. c. arguable c. gather c. negligible most nearly 81. d. d. b. b. d. d. c. insignificant b. b. above tidy clever reserved 82. d. flare most nearly means a.

d. b. intractable mean astute intelligent a. rancher trick simpleton drug a. rail most nearly means a. mitigate most nearly means a. b. d. d. d. c. d. b. d. d. d. rally most nearly means a. demonstrate muster course truly 19 . c. fetter most nearly means a. abide most nearly means 99. b. stigma most nearly means 96. scold push try punish 93. c. b. c. meld most nearly means a. c. d. c. shrewd most nearly means 100. flagrant most nearly means a. b. b. covetous most nearly means 98. c. c. b. dupe most nearly means 95. endure hate attendance live a. d. stain trial difficulty holiness a. d. relieve blend defend confuse 92. reside most nearly means 97. b. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 89. vibrant glaring vicious pleasant 91. b. d. remain home dwell sediment a. c. c. character distinction blend firmness 94. c. b. quiet sneaky lurking greedy a. rancid praise hamper persist 90. b.

churlish most nearly means a. d. picayune most nearly means 103. antediluvian most nearly a. antiquated b. b. d. d. c. d. b. gentle quiet tailored handsome means a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 101. mendicant wastrel predict tender 109. nonsectarian d. carve wind weed carry 20 . c. proffer most nearly means a. c. c. bespoke most nearly means 107. b. mordant most nearly means a. b. diffident most nearly means a. d. b. flee speck dirt strike 105. apathetic shy arrogant quarrelsome a. b. b. c. indigent desire despondent extreme a. d. abject most nearly means 106. c. c. c. b. childish boorish tempestuous disorderly 102. smite most nearly means a. parched c. nonsensical 108. petty spicy paltry southern 104. c. d. b. dead gruesome fetid caustic 110. winnow most nearly means a. d. d.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions

71. d. modest means to be free of conceit or pretension, or humble 72. b. a custom means a long-established practice, or a habit 73. a. to prolong means to lengthen in time, or to extend 74. b. to hustle means to hurry 75. d. solemn means marked by grave sobriety, or serious 76. a. to imply means to express indirectly, or to suggest 77. c. to ramble means to move aimlessly from place to place, or to

78. b. beneficial means causing benefit, or advantageous 79. d. flare means a fire or blaze used to signal; flair means talent or

80. c. negligent means marked by neglect, or careless 81. d. aloof means distant in feeling, or reserved 82. c. one meaning of resolve is to decide, often to stop from doing

83. b. to congregate means to gather in a group 84. a. to utter means to express in words 85. c. fearless means lacking fear, or brave 86. a. negligible means so small or insignificant as to deserve little

87. a. placid means free of disturbance, or calm


501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 88. b. a rake is a dissolute person, or a scoundrel 89. b. to dupe means to deceive or to trick 90. a. stigma means a mark of shame or discredit, or a stain 91. c. to reside means to occupy a place as one’s home, or to dwell 92. d. covetous means having an inordinate desire for wealth, or

93. a. to abide means to endure without yielding, or to withstand 94. c. shrewd means marked by clever awareness, or astute 95. c. to fetter means to hamper, or to restrain 96. b. flagrant means obviously wrong or immoral; glaring means

painfully obvious
97. a. mitigate means to make less severe or painful, or to relieve 98. a. to rail means to scold in harsh, abusive language 99. c. to meld means to merge or to blend 100. b. to rally means to arouse for action, or to muster 101. c. abject means cast down in spirit, or utterly hopeless;

despondent means having lost all hope
102. c. bespoke means custom-made; tailored also means custom-

103. b. diffident means shy or lacking in confidence 104. d. to proffer means to put something forward for acceptance, or to



501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 105. d. mordant means biting or caustic in means or speech 106. b. churlish means resembling an ill-bred or vulgar person, or

107. a. antediluvian means so ancient that it could have come before

the time of the flood and Noah’s ark, or antiquated
108. c. picayune means trivial or of little value; paltry means trivial or

109. d. smite means to strike heavily especially with the hand 110. c. to winnow means to sift or get rid of, like weed, it is often used

with “out’’



d. c. d. b. detain is most opposite to 114. b. c. d. easy tiny graceful roof a. b. d. d. famous is most opposite to 115. colossal is most opposite to 116. continue is most opposite to a. b. c. b. amuse cat rest strive . c. boring poor obscure untalented a. labor is most opposite to a. release silence forget prosper a. 111. c. curve argue carry pause 113. d. b. c. solid liquid afraid decent 112. fluid is most opposite to a.4 Antonyms Select the word that is most opposite to the word provided.

d. c. c. perfect truthful accidental disarming 26 . d. heal is most opposite to a. b. sew foot good maim 119. fallacious is most opposite to a. sullen is most opposite to a. b. pacify is most opposite to a. b. c. d. dirty cheerful clean risen 121. d. swift weak strong pale a. turning wavy unimportant clear a. cursed is most opposite to 127. d. d. brawny is most opposite to 123. c. unkind blunt valid dishonest a. steady kind please finagle a. flaunt is most opposite to a. c. b. c. c. c. inept is most opposite to 125. b. c. d. c. regard sink hide propose 118. b. swore pious unfortunate lucky a. b. b. candid is most opposite to 128. d. d. b. alarm reassure quiet unsure 122. d. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 117. pivotal is most opposite to 126. excite land coddle unhand 120. assure is most opposite to a. b. c. fickle is most opposite to 124. c. b. d. clumsy infer competent foolish a. b.

astute is most opposite to a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 129. c. quick b. b. slim acute opaque thick 130. droll is most opposite to a. c. b. b. b. b. c. forget charm sedate absurd 139. hate agony languor fatigue opposite to a. lugubrious is most opposite to a. clever c. domineering d. merciful repast brilliant vicious 133. c. seriousness apathy levity despair a. clear b. d. distraught careful generous gullible a. ecstasy is most opposite to 136. b. c. healthy watchful disastrous obvious 140. dandified 137. b. c. b. b. c. sincere wealthy extraordinary trustworthy 134. d. obsequious is most a. c. d. empty rich witty vivacious 132. d. wanton is most opposite to a. enigmatic is most opposite to a. c. winsome is most opposite to a. dour attractive mysterious clever 138. doleful is most opposite to 131. d. c. d. dry 27 . b. obtuse is most opposite to a. d. d. cheerful c. salubrious d. banal is most opposite to a. d. gumption is most opposite to 135. d.

b. recondite is most opposite to a. disingenuous thoughtless placid genuine 149. c. d. winsome 142. b. perspicacious is most 146. d. d. easy c. d. b. generosity sinfulness verbosity tenderness 147. b. b. b. calm b. faltering gentle facile submissive 148. eclat is most opposite to 145. d. b. inelegance stupidity obscure despair a. c. manifest flexible provident sociable a. c. parsimony is most opposite to opposite to a. effluvium is most opposite to a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 141. d. land essential fragrance solid a. dull d. b. c. d. truculent is most opposite to a. b. spurious is most opposite to 143. d. c. c. gainsay is most opposite to a. elan is most opposite to a. order freeze patron sustain 150. c. welter is most opposite to 144. d. c. apathy dullness silence disinterest 28 . regret own prudent prude a. c.

colossal means incredibly large. or honest. candid means to be frank. famous means widely known. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 111. d. therefore unimportant is the opposite 121. a. c. d. therefore weak is the opposite 118. therefore lucky is the opposite 122. a fluid is a substance that flows. or crucial. a. cursed means to be the subject of misfortune. b. c. brawny means muscled or strong. to continue means to act without interruption. therefore tiny is the opposite 114. or calm. fickle means to lack steadiness. or to show off. therefore steady is the opposite 119. to pacify means to soothe. therefore competent is the opposite 120. obscure means little known 113. to release means to let go 112. d. therefore hide is the opposite 124. to flaunt means to display showily. or to be unlucky. to maim means to injure 125. to heal means to restore to health. a. c. d. a solid does not flow 115. c. to rest means to cease working 117. therefore dishonest is the opposite 123. c. to pause means to stop temporarily 116. therefore excite is the opposite 29 . pivotal means very important. a. inept means to lack competence. to detain means to hold or keep back. to labor means to work.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 126. b. sullen means showing a disagreeable mood, or lacking cheer,

therefore cheerful is the opposite
127. a. to assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry;

alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear
128. b. fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to

tell the truth
129. b. gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of

interest or concern
130. b. ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense

pain of mind or body
131. d. astute means shrewd or showing acute mental vision; gullible

means easily duped or cheated
132. a. winsome means cheerful and engaging; dour means gloomy or

133. c. droll means to have a humorous or odd quality; sedate means

unruffled or serious
134. d. enigmatic means mysterious or obscure, therefore obvious is

the opposite
135. b. obtuse means insensitive or stupid; acute means marked by

keen perception or shrewd
136. c. obsequious means subservient or fawning; domineering means

exercising overbearing control
137. d. doleful means full of grief or cheerless; vivacious means full of

life and spirit
138. a. one meaning of wanton is malicious or merciless, therefore

merciful is the opposite


501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 139. c. banal means trite or commonplace, therefore extraordinary is

the opposite
140. b. lugubrious means mournful, or dismal, therefore cheerful is the

141. c. perspicacious means keen or astute, therefore dull is the

142. d. elan means vigorous spirit or enthusiasm; despair means an

utter loss of hope
143. a. recondite means difficult for one of ordinary understanding to

comprehend; manifest means easily understood or recognized
144. b. to gainsay means to deny; one meaning of to own is to admit 145. c. effluvium means an offensive smell; fragrance means a sweet or

delicate odor
146. a. parsimony means thrift or stinginess, therefore generosity is

the opposite
147. b. truculent means cruel or savage, therefore gentle is the

148. d. spurious means lacking genuine qualities, or false, therefore

genuine is the opposite
149. a. welter means a state of wild disorder, or turmoil, therefore

order is the opposite
150. b. eclat means a dazzling effect, or brilliance, therefore dullness is

the opposite


b. cruel wrong unhappy miss 153. c. stingy argue freckle defraud 152.5 Synonyms Which of these words most nearly means the word provided? 151. b. refute 156. d. d. c. c. classic alcoholic disease spoiled . cheat a. b. b. b. vintage a. d. voluntary 155. decorate beg exhaust hurry a. willing charity prisoner careless a. miserable a. d. garbage deny offer difficult a. c. c. c. b. d. d. deplete 154.

c. b. c. latent a. d. wretched a. zest 165. hinder a. b. b. bratty oppressive regal beautiful 158. throng 168. d. diffuse a. c. b. d. difficult scatter incomprehensible unplug 159. c. c. c. c. c. d. garment bell mass weight a. b. dormant recent effeminate desirable 161. impel 167. c. d. lose loose despair check 160. b. gusto cram worry trial a. force block hinder discredit a. c. outrageous fearsome impoverished annoying 34 . b. imperial a. c. display trap paint hurry a. tired climb decrease bargain a. d. haggle 166. d. d. d. d. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 157. tart 163. b. b. irksome a. twisted forced miserable increased 162. b. b. law acid angry desirable a. b. d. corner 164. c.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 169. austerity rope fix excess a. supervene a. urgent treatise miser expedient 174. protract 177. despise devalue erroneous covet 171. d. c. even police flow position a. lissome a. warrant 176. d. b. b. slow honest supple dull 170. d. c. intervene overreach displace follow 173. d. c. b. justify burrow hide integrity a. c. regulate 175. d. b. c. d. b. lax hire fold delay corner a. impugn a. b. c. exigent a. delightful difficult obstinate ardent 35 . 172. ensure slack servant strive a. d. c. misprize a. d. b. b. d. imply fret assail recalcitrant 178. c. b. c. discrete 180. c. leave diminish squander distinct a. c. c. rigor 179. d. b. d. b. fervid a. b. d.

numerous bountiful strident garrulous 183.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 181. c. chaotic artificial impromptu vague a. vociferous a. habit nearness capacity tendency 182. d. turpitude a. b. c. d. b. c. ersatz 184. redolent 185. ubiquitous odorous shy bellicose a. d. c. propinquity a. c. b. d. d. b. lethargy honor belligerence depravity 36 . b.

tart means pleasantly sharp or acid to the taste 158. or gusto 160. or to bargain 161. one meaning of zest is keen enjoyment. a. or willing 153. or to deny the truth of 154. a. imperial means befitting or suggesting an emperor. to corner means to drive into a corner. to impel means to drive forward using strong moral pressure. vintage means of old and enduring interest. or to scatter 37 . to refute means to prove wrong. to haggle means to negotiate over terms or price. c. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 151. or classic 157. or to defraud 155. a. d. d. b. or to force 162. b. to cheat means to influence by means of trickery. a. or a mass 163. c. c. b. miserable means in a state of distress or unhappiness 156. a throng is a large number of assembled people. or to trap 159. deplete means to reduce or deprive or something essential. to diffuse means to break up or spread out. b. exhaust means to empty completely 152. regal means befitting or suggesting a king 164. voluntary means done by one’s own will.

b. or austerity 174. or to delay 172.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 165. or dormant 167. wretched means extremely distressed. c. exigent means demanding immediate attention. c. irksome means tedious or annoying 169. b. to warrant means to serve as adequate ground or reason. d. to misprize means to hold in contempt. to impugn means to attack verbally as false or lacking integrity. a. c. ersatz means a usually artificial or inferior substitute 38 . rigor means severity of life. lissome means supple or flexible 176. d. d. lax means in a relaxed state. to supervene means to follow as an unexpected development 179. a. to protract means to prolong in time or space. to hinder means to hold back. or to despise 177. b. a. c. or slack 173. d. to police means to control or keep order 170. or urgent 180. a. one meaning of to check means to slow or bring to a stop 166. or miserable 168. latent means capable of becoming but not currently visible. discrete means individually distinct 175. to assail means to attack 178. a. d. or to justify 171. to regulate means to bring under the control of law. fervid means ardent or passionate 181.

strident also means loud and insistent 39 . c. b. redolent means aromatic or full of a specific scent. turpitude means wickedness. propinquity means nearness in place or time 185. or odorous 183. vociferous means loud and insistent. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 182. or depravity 184. often in presentation of demands or requests. d.


c. b. imaginative a. d. cordial rude furious tactile a. b. b. b. love plantlike barren tiny . c. severe 191. knowing a. valor 190. wasteful dense clumsy fast 188. cowardice false drop heavy a. d. d. animosity a. lenient cautious join one a. c.6 Antonyms Which word is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided? 186. c. d. c. gracious 189. playful written small dull 187. d. d. b. c. b.

d. exact 198. tumble sleek fast distant a. c. unknown homebody punctual moderate a. c. d. c. c. concede a. thrifty secondary distant squalid a. rough 201. c. c. d. unravel mar squander tarnish a. empty uncommon famous feisty 42 .501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 192. stamina 200. extravagant 199. d. d. c. argue soften slander admit 194. c. c. d. free sullied wide thorough 195. c. b. b. tacit a. sit withstand dismiss elaborate 196. b. placate a. popular a. join sympathetic incorrect whole a. pristine a. repudiate a. d. b. b. grand dictated illicit messy 193. d. b. c. d. b. garner 202. d. d. b. d. prodigal 203. b. b. b. c. appease strip tremendous enrage 197. b. weakness clear decisive calmness a.

adroit a. specious a. b. felicitous 210. d. d. cold brave exciting bashful a. d. b. b. c. morbid boorish inopportune delightful a. genuine logical common deliberate 209. c. c. b. clumsy left diplomatic unpersuasive 205. d. c. c. sober spendthrift mute miser a. c. c. d. b. d. d. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 204. b. temperate 214. nebulous 215. d. b. austere 211. mite a. b. c. b. nocturnal special despicable hellish 207. c. supernal a. d. c. conquer proper prosperous civilized 43 . weakness tend bulk drive 206. Celsius inordinate lukewarm safely a. wastrel 213. sage elevated possess dismiss 208. b. b. lavish unfavorable light devout a. cloudy dim distinct desirable a. d. d. c. c. reprobate a. effete a. insipid 212. d.

b. c. c. d. horizontal litigious constant lowly 44 . vertiginous a. d. d. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 216. b. protean 220. b. c. square secular pasture inelegant 218. lapidarian a. order clear open union a. rabble 219. c. d. parvenu a. c. unformed unchanging elaborate selective a. d. wallflower highway melody plan 217. b.

stamina means strength or endurance. b. dense means dull or stupid 191. lenient means mild or indulgent 189. d. to squander means to cause to disperse or to scatter 197. to garner means to gather or to store. prodigal means wasteful or extravagant. coarse surface. therefore weakness is the opposite 195. one meaning of severe is strict. imaginative means having imagination. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 186. extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation. sleek means having a smooth. bright surface 196. c. therefore love is the opposite 192. tacit means unspoken. or implied. knowing means having information or knowledge. b. exact means in complete accordance with fact. therefore moderate is the opposite 194. b. rude means to be unpleasant 187. a. thrifty means thriving by industry and frugality 198. cowardice means lack of courage 188. dull means lacking imagination 190. a. gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation. a. a. rough means having an uneven. animosity means resentment or hostility. dictated means spoken 45 . c. therefore incorrect is the opposite 193. b. or cordial. or courage. a. valor means strength of mind or spirit. or correct.

to enrage means to anger 203.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 199. nebulous means vague or indistinct. pristine means unspoiled or pure. b. c. inopportune means inconvenient or not well-suited 205. austere means simple and unadorned. therefore distinct is the opposite 210. b. d. c. to placate means to soothe or calm. felicitous means very well-suited or apt. temperate means moderate. d. popular means frequently encountered or accepted. b. sullied means spoiled or tarnished 201. b. mite means a very small or insignificant part. insipid means lacking in qualities that interest or excite. a miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth 208. therefore uncommon is the opposite 204. to withstand means to successfully resist 202. therefore to admit is the opposite 200. adroit means skillful in the use of the hands. therefore clumsy is the opposite 211. c. bulk means the main or greater part 46 . lavish means produced or expended in abundance 206. d. inordinate means excessive or immoderate 209. c. a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently. a. to repudiate means to reject or deny. therefore exciting is the opposite 207. to concede means to yield. or common. a.

b. or heavenly. therefore unchanging is the opposite 218. reprobate means morally debased or depraved. d. a parvenu is an upstart or a social climber. protean means showing great diversity or variability. one meaning of proper is virtuous or respectable 216. therefore genuine is the opposite 215. or versatile. c. or inconstant. effete means weak or decadent. lapidarian means having elegance or precision and comes from the word lapidary. therefore inelegant is the opposite 47 . therefore constant is the opposite 219. one meaning of elevated is to be on a moral or intellectual high plane 214. a wallflower is someone who refrains from socializing 220. a. a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 212. which means a cutter or engraver of precious stones. specious means having a false look of truth or genuineness. a union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner 217. b. infernal is a synonym for hellish 213. supernal means coming from on high. b. vertiginous means inclined to frequent change. a. d. d.


manic calm tasty suspicious a. 221. b. d. b. d. d. c. d. perilous is most dissimilar to a. disciplined similar safe honest 223. delirious is most similar to 224. isolation is most similar to a. c. hospital weak short fortitude a. c. tickle decoy resist suspect 222. d. b. c. fear plentitude solitude disease . cautious is most dissimilar to 226. c. c. b. d. reasonable careful illogical reckless a. b. infirm is most similar to 225. lure is most similar to 7 a.Synonyms and Antonyms Read each question carefully and select the word that is most similar or dissimilar in meaning to the word provided. b.

c. b. evil malicious slander grandiose 50 . c. stubborn careless substantial flimsy a. d. lightheartedness gravity diligence sleepiness 231. d. d. b. d. b. drought clever enlighten enrage a. b. recluse neglect mistake destroy a. b. d. indoors strong special furnish a. b. wasteful democratic spiteful liberal 232. d. c. c. c. d. c. pause noise boring mark a. c. d. punctual is most dissimilar to 235. c. stingy is most dissimilar to a. resilient is most dissimilar to 238. rural secular unsophisticated sultry 229. c. b. solemnity is most similar to a. b. c. delude is most dissimilar to 236. mutiny is most similar to a. d. lull is most similar to 233. d. malign is most similar to a. close tardy sloppy precious a. naive is most similar to a. b. b. piece repulse attract repeat 230. omit is most similar to 237. d. outfit is most similar to 234. d. entice is most dissimilar to a. rebellion currency sailor hassle 228. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 227. b. b. c.

cold static lewd foolish a. succor is most dissimilar to similar to a. b. undone retracted heated lovely 240. b. c. d. largesse is most similar to a. d. repellant pure charming delicious 243. deliberate d. lambaste is most similar to 248. c. insidious is most dissimilar to a. kinetic is most dissimilar to 247. tepid is most dissimilar to a. b. c. d. snub pull fawn forage a. cautious haphazard gleeful insolent a. dispassionate scalding crisp clever 241.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 239. b. b. genius abet injure deciduous 51 . c. b. c. c. decorum is most similar to a. rudimentary is most 250. c. d. d. vacillate is most dissimilar to 246. b. b. crass b. impudent is most similar to 245. etiquette merit parliament slipshod 244. b. d. d. c. d. greatness generosity miniscule clumsiness 242. pitched is most similar to a. marinade commotion censure tickle a. b. gracious c. d. d. d. kowtow is most dissimilar to 249. primitive a. b. decide teeter dilate please a. c. c. c.

c. ecumenical is most dissimilar to a. cakewalk serpentine evil dishonest a. give obscure patent hardy 260. swollen fetid aggressive despondent dissimilar to a. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 251. b. c. obloquy is most similar to 253. querulous is most similar to a. d. disassemble c. distance d. b. d. c. parochial 255. disregard 258. disarm b. d. secular d. b. tumid is most similar to 257. d. b. d. b. c. b. sinecure is most similar to 259. c. b. c. neuter punish banish celebrate 252. d. tirade dependence oval circumlocution 254. jejune is most similar to a. recondite is most dissimilar to a. enjoin is most dissimilar to 256. d. b. sever dislike permit divorce a. nauseous fretful curious dizzy 52 . reconnoiter is most a. c. castigate is most similar to a. youthful insipid charming quick a. d. humanistic c. spiritual b.

or unsophisticated 235. isolation means the state of being alone or withdrawn. tardy means late 230. resilient means capable of withstanding shock. therefore safe is the opposite 226. a. d. or weak 223. d. or to trick. like a decoy 225. or to neglect 232. to delude means to mislead the judgment of someone. infirm means feeble from age. delirious means marked by frenzied excitement. punctual means on time. or rebellion 234. c. c. b. a lull is a temporary pause 228. b. cautious means careful. b. to repulse means to cause aversion to. c. a. naive means unaffectedly simple. to fail to perform. or seriousness. a. reckless means lacking caution 224. to enlighten means to give knowledge to someone 231. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 221. or seriousness 53 . b. a lure is used to attract animals into a trap. gravity means dignity of bearing. to outfit means to supply or to furnish 229. solemnity means formal or ceremonious observance. mutiny means resistance to lawful authority. c. or manic 222. or solitude 227. b. to entice means attract seductively. or to lure. to omit means to leave out. perilous means dangerous. d. flimsy means lacking in physical strength or substance 233. or to disgust 236.

or stationary 242. or relieve. c. or to waver. c. or to censure 243. largesse means liberal giving or generosity 248. or dynamic. to lambaste means to attack verbally. d. or etiquette 250. a. insidious means harmful but enticing or seductive. repellant means arousing aversion or disgust 249. d. a. or to slander 239. c. d. b. to succor means go to the aid of. to kowtow means to show fawning deference.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 237. tepid means lukewarm. one meaning of heated is marked by anger 246. c. kinetic means relating to motion. a. static means at rest. to injure means to harm 251. to snub means to treat with contempt 244. b. b. therefore permit is the opposite 54 . c. decide means to choose 241. to malign means to speak false or harmful things of. one meaning of liberal is giving freely. or generous. a. vacillate means to hesitate among choices. rudimentary means crude or primitive 245. impudent means contemptuously bold or cocky. pitched means intensely fought. enjoin means to forbid or prohibit. scalding means boiling hot 247. stingy means lacking generosity 238. or insolent 240. decorum means conduct required in social life.

reconnoiter means to gain information or to explore. d. b. querulous means habitually complaining. patent means readily visible or intelligible 260. recondite means hidden from sight or obscure. disregard means to pay no attention to 258. b. insipid means lacking in qualities to excite or interest 254. a. ecumenical means of or relating to the whole body of churches.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 252. or fretful 55 . a sinecure is a job for which little or no work is expected. jejune means lacking in substance or interest. a. a. or limited in scope or range 255. parochial means of or relating to a parish. b. tumid means puffy or swollen 253. tirade means harshly censorious language 259. a cakewalk is a one-sided competition 256. d. to castigate means to subject to severe punishment 257. c. or universal. obloquy means abusive language.


d. c. d. d. flinch cheer crush solitary . c. wind servile widespread rare 263. b. 261. wince a. knot anger crime smoke a. wrath 264. b. pompous a. potion silence shellfish disaster a. calamity 266. c. prevalent a.8 Synonyms Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word provided. b. b. d. d. c. c. b. d. c. plethora 265. arrogant supportive busy gaudy 262. b. trouble foolish wealth love a.

b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 267. d. b. d. gorgeous shallow intelligent rich a. spite 277. b. c. rhythmic poetic systematic disrespectful a. b. scale 278. d. gloat residue blur celebrate 268. d. curly sprinkle sear drench 269. c. smudge a. joy beverage wonder malice a. d. c. d. b. b. tangle 274. d. insignia postpone hail regal 58 . d. c. affect a. c. c. pretension a. superficial 273. drizzle a. reform 275. methodical 276. c. mundane a. herald a. stress ambition waste strife 271. b. d. climb sail swim skate a. c. d. dirty commonplace confused extraordinary 270. b. d. punish destroy display correct a. b. outcome share pompous cultivate 272. b. snarl growl dance shiver a. c. c. b. b. c. d. c.

d. d. b. b. dire 289. venerate a. c. b. d. d. anger glee sarcasm mistrust a. c. ordain breathe polish revere 282. sundry a. appease disagree revive separate 283. conciliate a. faculty 285. grapple 290. c. supplant a. d. struggle trap laugh intend a. defective school gift desire a. surreptitious a. questionable forthright traitor urgent a. b. d. b. silliness labor evil investigation a. afraid jubilant expectant demanding 284. prerequisite 288. necessary course difficult tar a. c. c. b. d. overbearing clandestine indirect impious 59 . d. drudgery 287. c. b. d. b. b. d. d. d. c. grow replace undo question 281. c. b. b. aged supply various tremendous 280. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 279. exultant a. mirth 286. c. c. c. c.

various flirtation club socialize a. d. pernicious a. reprisal a. d. c. d. d. hesitant subdued unruly subtract a. d. coterie 298.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 291. nefarious 299. immature extraordinary removed unearned 292. b. b. evident contemporary diverse willing 295. c. curry 300. c. preternatural a. b. noxious illicit open undecided 293. manifold a. plain confusing ugly terrible a. infamous macabre evil distinguished a. b. c. factious a. d. c. c. accusation loathe retaliation insinuation 294. flatter spicy squander game a. b. c. d. d. b. d. c. b. b. b. c. sham unreliable seditious argumentative 60 . recalcitrant 296. d. pretty 297. c. b.

a. or malice 272. superficial means to be concerned only with the surface or appearance. b. pompous means self-important. c. c. a. abundance means an ample quantity. or arrogant 265. one meaning of scale is to climb 273. b. b. or to sprinkle 275. or to cultivate 61 . spite means petty ill will or hatred. to affect means to make a display of using or liking something. methodical means proceeding according to an order or system.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 261. a. or shallow 268. one meaning of to drizzle is to rain in very small drops. b. or a snarl 269. knotted mass. a. b. to wince means to shrink back involuntarily. or to correct 270. d. wrath means strong. vengeful anger 262. to reform means to change for the better. c. or to flinch 267. or disaster 264. a smudge is a blurry spot or streak 274. or widespread 266. or systematic 271. prevalent means generally accepted. d. or wealth 263. pretension means an effort to establish. or commonplace 276. d. c. a tangle is a twisted. mundane means ordinary. d. or ambition 277. a calamity is an extraordinarily grave event.

or unruly 292. a coterie is an intimate or exclusive group or people who share a common interest or purpose. a club is an association of people for a common purpose 294. or jubilant 290. or to struggle 285. a. one meaning of pretty is miserable or terrible. c. d. c. one meaning of faculty is an ability or gift 280. drudgery means uninspiring or menial labor 282. b. a. to herald means to greet with enthusiasm. a. mirth means gladness expressed with laughter. d. or clandestine 291. to curry means to seek to gain favor. to supplant means take the place of. or to hail 279. or to flatter 62 .501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 278. exultant means filled with or expressing great joy. c. to venerate means to treat with reverential respect. a. b. recalcitrant means defiant of authority. or glee 281. to conciliate means to gain goodwill with pleasing acts. nefarious means flagrantly wicked. prerequisite means necessary for carrying out a function 283. surreptitious means done or acquired in stealth. as in the expression “a pretty pickle’’ 293. or various 286. d. b. or evil 295. c. or to replace 287. or to revere 288. or to appease 289. b. b. sundry means an indeterminate number. c. c. to grapple means to come to grips with. dire means desperately urgent 284.

c. pernicious means highly injurious or deadly. or extraordinary 297.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 296. factious means inclined to form factions. c. seditious means disposed to insurrection 63 . manifold means marked by variety. a. or a retaliation 299. or diverse 300. c. b. a reprisal is an act of vengeance. preternatural means exceeding what is natural. or noxious 298.


d. haste a. c. wean a. malice a. flourish flush strengthen addict 302. b. c. b. d. b. b. goodwill bitterness coddle distress . exhausted unfailing broke driving a. delay frugal debauchery solemnity 303. d. d. b. c. boring mysterious comic incredulous a. able 305. c. tragic 304. b. c. willful inept careful feasible a. tireless 306. c. 301.9 Antonyms Select the word that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided. d. d.

d. c. taint 315. d. pious inexpensive serious contemptuous 308. b. glower a. c. b. c. contrary a. covet condemn blame deplore 310. c. cheer worry clear purify a. d. d. d. c. loose fierce fleeting unhappy a. d. b. d. frivolous a. b. c. plain detract magnify torment a. b. d. meadow ugly lovely unadorned 309. d. tedious 317.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 307. attain 314. permanent 313. c. unwavering frightening horrible pleasurable a. c. c. b. b. b. prairie smile raise throw 312. c. denounce a. d. exacting a. b. b. plain a. restriction allow join gather a. d. c. b. belittle 316. crave lose harbor credit a. upright lenient sober general 66 . c. urbane agreeable unpleasant despicable 311. b. license 318. d.

deny usurp blame renounce a. reliable pleasing rhythmic careful 320. abdicate 327. b. b. c. c. b. dishonest suspicious moldy arid 324.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 319. ductile a. b. d. d. c. indolent 328. c. d. c. b. mendacious a. d. release demure fatigue vigor 323. d. c. dubious a. continue abstain wallow sanction 321. b. eminent 326. d. d. imminent obscure retire unsure a. c. fortuitous 329. d. bashful capacious veracious quiet 322. undefended gratuitous deliberate impoverished a. d. c. curtail 325. lassitude a. c. b. b. b. d. industrious complimentary native smooth a. c. b. c. d. interdict a. b. verdant a. d. remain detain placate prolong a. unfeeling arrogant precious rigid 67 . b. c. hesitate settle trouble applaud a. disparage 330.

b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 331. b. d. c. deduce laud presuppose converge a. d. simple staid passe unpredictable 335. c. c. b. lachrymose a. b. c. bridle 339. heckle dissuade vent persist a. b. d. c. d. asperity 336. c. ascetic slovenly imprecision providential a. quick loquacious blithe plentiful 68 . d. quixotic a. epicurean 337. vituperation a. c. d. c. c. d. calm antipathy desire dearth 332. trudge hedge crone misplace 334. d. b. spare 340. b. proclivity a. d. c. moistness amenity sour generosity a. b. d. gambol a. b. b. alacrity alertness reparation acclaim 333. traduce 338. rotund pacify impolite impose a.

to taint means to contaminate or corrupt. fleeting means passing quickly or temporary 308. to magnify means to enlarge 311. delay means postponement or procrastination 306. d. one meaning of a license is permission. tragic means regrettably serious or sorrowful. a. c. tedious means boring. a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 301. to attain means to achieve or to gain. inept means lacking skill 303. d. c. to wean means to detach from a dependence. frivolous means lacking seriousness. c. b. therefore serious is the most dissimilar 69 . therefore to lose is the most dissimilar 309. goodwill means desire to see another benefit 307. c. haste means hurry. b. a. a. able means having skill or ability. pleasurable means enjoyable or delightful 312. permanent means lasting. comic means humorous 302. to belittle means to make seem little or less. exhausted means depleted of energy 304. restriction means limitation 313. malice means a desire to see another suffer. tireless means filled with energy. to addict means to make dependent 305. d. to purify means to make pure 310.

to usurp means seize power or high office 322. or voluntary 324. industrious means hardworking 323. lassitude means weariness. to covet means to wish for enviously 316. or famous. therefore smile is the most dissimilar 318. c. therefore reliable is the most dissimilar 326. to sanction means to approve 327. b. indolent means lazy. one meaning of to denounce is to speak out against. eminent means prominent. b. mendacious means dishonest. b. c. to abdicate means to renounce power or high office. contrary means unwilling to accept control or advice. a. obscure means not prominent. dubious means questionable or unreliable. d. d. or unknown 321. lenient means indulgent 319. b. to disparage means to speak slightingly about. glower means a sullen brooding look. veracious means truthful or honest 328. a. deliberate means resulting from careful consideration. agreeable means ready or willing to agree 317. to applaud means to express approval 325. b. vigor means strength or force 70 . plain means lacking in beauty. to curtail means to cut short. d. exacting means severe. to interdict means to forbid. or accidental. c. fortuitous means occurring by chance.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 314. to prolong means to lengthen or extend 320. a. d. lovely means beautiful 315.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 329. staid means sedate and marked by prim self-restraint 340. amenity means pleasantness or smoothness of manner 332. ascetic means practicing self-denial and austerity 333. to trudge means to march steadily and laboriously 339. b. to bridle means to restrain or keep under control. to gambol means to skip about in play. c. epicurean means having sensitive and self-indulgent taste especially in food and wine. vituperation means bitter condemnation. especially with plant life. b. one meaning of spare is lean. asperity means roughness of surface or manner. one meaning of verdant is green. proclivity means inclination or predisposition. or lacking enough rainfall for agriculture 330. one meaning of ductile is easily led or influenced. a. to laud means to praise or extol 334. set in opinion 331. or morose. d. antipathy means settled aversion or dislike 337. blithe means of a happy or lighthearted character. d. to traduce means to expose to shame or blame. d. c. a. b. one meaning of rigid is inflexible. a. acclaim means praise 338. quixotic means foolishly impractical and marked by extravagantly romantic ideals. or merry 71 . lachrymose means given to weeping. rotund means round or fleshy 336. b. arid means dry. to vent means to relieve by means of an outlet 335.


civil is most similar to 346. c. fiasco is most similar to a. glare is most similar to 344. 341. unkind trite public questionable a. c. peer is most similar to a. scowl hide display summon a.10 Synonyms Select the word that is closest in meaning to the word provided. festival disaster happenstance ceremony 343. d. b. gorge charm bridle criticize . b. c. c. b. b. b. d. d. d. erratic is most similar to 345. enticing frequent difficult irregular a. apple connote fellow recluse 342. d. c. d. b. chasm is most similar to a. c.

ability section vindictive glib 351. ravenous violent voluble rambunctious 350. facile is most similar to a. c. d. rob obscure flee absolve 74 . c. b. d. c. d. b. c. c. d. c. outlandish is most similar to 354. b. d. deceitful foreboding favorable dangerous 348. c. exploit is most similar to 356. b. abscond is most similar to a. b. d. activity courage mastery effort a. c. c. voracious is most similar to a. d. c. answer feat accident persuade a. b. distant absurd pastoral belligerent a. b. gambit is most similar to a. d. revert accompany admire abstain 352. b. c. b. c. pine is most similar to 355. frolic ploy testimony sentence 349. d. auspicious is most similar to a. expertise is most similar to 353. d. clean hate resolve crave a. b. jab swoon pretend dread a. b. d. eschew is most similar to a. d. culmination is most similar to 357. realization disaster serendipity persuasion a. b. feign is most similar to 358.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 347.

b. soporific is most similar to a. unmitigated is most similar to 368. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 359. c. d. epitome is most similar to 369. false disgusting pending novice 361. b. c. c. d. b. extol is most similar to a. unsettled repeat impoverish announce 364. d. apropos is most similar to 366. deep authentic ancient irascible a. c. b. c. juvenile drunken delightful hypnotic 363. edict is most similar to 370. c. b. d. b. b. decree vacate correction destiny a. c. d. b. opportune unexpected misspoken idea a. b. bulwark is most similar to a. copse hill toll rattle 362. d. c. praise tax burden berate 360. knack is most similar to 365. d. conundrum festival rampart confuse 75 . b. audacious unpersuasive utter dense a. d. c. iterate is most similar to a. d. d. abeyant is most similar to a. bruise ability keepsake scoundrel a. d. veritable is most similar to 367. b. c. c. c. b. volume essence summit deliverance a. knell is most similar to a.

inveigle is most similar to a. d. c. d. breathing immigration divergence atonement 76 . d. expiation is most similar to a. c. b. c. flagitious is most similar to a. d. cajole complexity hoodwink distress 373. d. deliberate fatiguing villainous habitual 372. c. backward arrogant clumsy rugged a. b. b. pedantic is most similar to 374. bumptious is most similar to 375. c. b. pedestrian arduous fickle consequential a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 371. b.

absurd means ridiculously unreasonable 349. culmination means the act of reaching the highest point. one meaning of civil is involving the general public 344. d. realization means the act of bringing into concrete existence 352. b. or to pretend 353. c. one meaning of gambit is a calculated move. a ploy is a tactic 355. to pine means to long for. erratic means lacking regularity. a fiasco is a complete failure. or decisive action. a feat is a courageous deed 351. an exploit is a notable or heroic act.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 341. c. or irregular 343. a fellow is an equal in rank. outlandish means extremely out of the ordinary. d. glib means marked by ease and lacking depth and substance 77 . expertise and mastery both mean special skills or knowledge 348. or to crave 350. a chasm is a deep split in the earth. c. b. or a disaster 346. a. b. auspicious means marked by favorable signs 354. or a member of the same group 345. a peer is a person belonging to the same group. d. a. c. a. facile means easily achieved and often lacking sincerity. to feign means to assert as if true. a. to glare means to stare angrily. voracious and ravenous mean having a huge appetite 356. or a gorge 347. c. b. to scowl means to have an angry expression 342.

a. opportune means occurring at an appropriate time 361. or a rampart 371. one meaning of pedestrian is commonplace or unimaginative 78 . to toll means to sound in long measured strokes. a knack is a special ability 360. soporific means causing sleep. or pending 367. a. to flee means to run away 359. or unimaginative. an edict is an official proclamation. or to repeat 370. b. b. a. d. b. d. unmitigated means offering little chance of change or relief. or absolute. c. to iterate means to say or do again. to extol means to praise highly 366. c. hypnotic means tending to produce sleep 369. utter means total or absolute 363. to knell means to sound in an ominous manner. or authentic 362. c. c. c. a decree is an order with the force of the law 365. abeyant means in a period of temporary inactivity. a. to abscond means to depart secretly. veritable means not false or imagined.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 357. an epitome is a typical or ideal example. essence is the real or very basic nature of something 364. pedantic means ostentatiously or narrowly learned. b. or to abstain 358. apropos means being both relevant and appropriate. a bulwark is a solid wall-like structure raised for defense. both words are used to describe the ringing of bells 368. to eschew means to avoid habitually.

b. c. villainous means having the characteristics of a deliberate criminal or scoundrel 375. to cajole means to persuade with flattery 79 . a. flagitious means marked by outrageous crime or vice. atonement means reparation for an offense or injury 374. expiation means the act of making atonement. bumptious means noisily self-assertive. to inveigle means to win over with flattery. d. arrogant means disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth 373.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 372.


benign is most dissimilar to a. foster is most dissimilar to a. discourage believe heal brag . c. b. d. c. b. quick solid trusting natural a. b. d. d. b. prudent is most dissimilar to 379. b. c. acquaint is most dissimilar to 381. d. d. b. malignant converse cautious malicious 378. c.11 Antonyms Select the word that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided. d. generous honest narrow troublesome 377. c. 376. alienate luxurious bleach stall a. simple rapid foolish verbose a. c. forced is most dissimilar to 380. expansive is most dissimilar to a.

d. c. c. c. b. constant c. invisible stubborn unadvisable special 392. ritual argument collect accord 385. clumsy b. d. impervious b. c. infirm 390. rancor is most dissimilar to 384. forsake is most dissimilar to a. d. d. d. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 382. tractable is most dissimilar to a. c. aerate is most dissimilar to a. b. b. b. b. b. d. excess certainty timidity beauty 387. ample is most dissimilar to 388. d. dexterous is most dissimilar to a. abolish is most dissimilar to a. b. d. cunning d. b. b. argue placate suffocate destroy 383. d. vote punish avoid establish a. daunt is most dissimilar to a. c. winding careful normal sad dissimilar to a. complete insufficient quiet supple a. sophomoric d. precious 393. heedless is most dissimilar to a. venerable is most a. d. calm believe inspirit dispel 386. c. deviant is most dissimilar to 389. c. saline c. c. heartless attentive speedy unaware 82 . b. craft embrace shun infer 391. paucity is most dissimilar to a.

onerous is most dissimilar to a. unalloyed is most a. calculated measured inclined shod 403. d. illuminated b. rest discourage bless dwindle dissimilar to a. b. c. incredulity belligerence stupidity tolerance dissimilar to a. banner is most dissimilar to 395. b. c. confederate is most dissimilar to a. enemy b. c. c. resplendent is most a. impure c. dyspeptic is most dissimilar to 399. b. scurrilous is most a. pulchritudinous is most 398. permissive easy unforgiving public dissimilar to a. peaceful d. unsightly 405. dismayed b. disastrous 401. disarming c. c. rare c. d. d. honest b. circumspect d. dowdy d. confuse c. forgettable casual unrestrained unwitting 402. d. delightful 397. trusting functional euphoric talented 83 . b. pacifist b. b. decent c. cluster 396.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 394. dilettante is most dissimilar to a. d. satisfactory 404. b. b. wander d. sagacity is most dissimilar to a. abound is most dissimilar to 400. d. c. d. smooth d. discalced is most dissimilar to dissimilar to a. c. puritan professional aesthete conniver a.

nobility lineage directness dullness a. d. b. reliction is most dissimilar to 409. b. villenage is most dissimilar to 410. brief exquisite reasonable distinct 407. b. c. c. b. prolix is most dissimilar to a. d. d. lambent is most dissimilar to a. c. dedication demolition flood problem a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 406. c. b. craven is most dissimilar to a. c. praise present dull rough 408. d. d. stalwart release distinguished comfortable 84 .

clumsy means lacking dexterity. d. or capacity. prudent means marked by wisdom or good judgment.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 376. d. to discourage means to deprive of courage or confidence 382. one meaning of benign is of a gentle disposition. scope. insufficient is the most dissimilar 383. therefore. c. to aerate means to supply with oxygen. b. to suffocate means to deprive of oxygen 85 . malicious means marked by mischievous impulse 381. natural means uncultivated or spontaneous 378. to foster means to encourage. ample means more than adequate in size. one meaning of to embrace is to welcome or include 386. therefore normal is the most dissimilar 384. c. c. a. to establish means to bring into existence 385. or abnormal. deviant means departing from the established norm. stubborn means difficult to handle or manage 387. nimbleness. foolish means marked by a lack of good sense or prudence 377. to acquaint means to get to know or to become friendly. forced means produced with effort. or grace 388. narrow means restricted 380. a. tractable means easily handled or managed. dexterous means skillful with the hands. to forsake means to renounce. c. d. to alienate means to cause unfriendliness or hostility 379. expansive means sizeable or extensive. b. or sufficient. a. to abolish means to do away with entirely. b.

sophomoric means poorly informed and immature 390. to inspirit means to give vigor or courage 392. a. a professional is a person who engages in a pursuit as a profession 400. sagacity means wisdom. or harmony 391. discalced means barefoot. shod means wearing shoes 86 . b. paucity means smallness of number. to daunt means to lessen the courage of. one meaning of accord is balanced interrelationship. therefore easy is the most dissimilar 398. d. excess means ample quantity 393. dowdy means not neat or attractive in appearance. to abound means to be present in great numbers. b. attentive means heedful or mindful of the comfort of others 394. b. rancor means bitter ill-will. venerable means impressive by reason of age. onerous means burdensome or troublesome. unalloyed means pure. c. an enemy is an opponent 396. b. a confederate is an ally or accomplice. c. therefore forgettable is the most dissimilar 402.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 389. banner means distinguished from all others in excellence. d. a dilettante is a person having a superficial interest in an art or branch or knowledge. c. stupidity means a lack of wisdom 399. or unforgettable. resplendent means characterized by glowing splendor. therefore impure is the most dissimilar 401. or shabby 397. a. heedless means inconsiderate or thoughtless. a. c. to dwindle means to become steadily less 395. d.

reliction means the gradual recession of water leaving the land dry. villenage means the peasant or commoner class. a. pulchritudinous means marked by physical beauty. flood means the rising and overflow of a body of water onto dry land 407. euphoric means marked by feeling or well-being 406. or gentry 408. b. prolix means unduly prolonged. decent means conforming to standards of propriety 404. a. a. or crass. nobility means the noble class. scurrilous means given to using foul language. d. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 403. unsightly means not pleasing to the sight. therefore brief is the most dissimilar 410. craven means cowardly. or ugly 405. stalwart means marked by outstanding strength or vigor 409. dull means lacking in brightness or shine 87 . dyspeptic means showing a sour disposition. lambent means softly bright or radiant. c. c.


d. 411. c. score discuss nominate ensure 412. hoard a. heed 414. b. stockpile burrow mine dessert 413.12 Synonyms Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word provided. c. c. diffuse point force dissuade a. trek consider consolidate bound a. elevate 416. c. b. d. homogeneous a. lessen mention affix hoist a. appoint a. b. d. edge 415. b. c. c. b. b. alike strange polite alkaline . d. d. d.

disappear cut surface teach a. b. 419. c. hub 423. b. dastardly a. erratic angry tired pronounced a. gaudy 428. c. devastating cowardly clever munificent 421. d. c. d. aficionado a. d. b. d. tantalize a. flaunt a. b. d. flex a. loom 426. c. d. c. shrug irritate devour avoid a. d. d. d. b. c. b. pronounce reign equal flirt 420. d. b. b. catching divided adjoining circumstantial 90 . conceal parade trust fray 418. c. massive mindful tasteful flashy a. contiguous a. b. tame 424. c. bend binge rid consume 425. c. counsel elder center extension a. c. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 417. irk lost evasive pushy submissive a. novice trickster devotee agent 422. c. fitful 427. d. b. b. c. b.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 429. d. mien a. c. b. c. d. aver a. admonish a. b. aloof seethe wave doubt 430. c. dissipate create hate state 434. carriage average vicious disguise 91 . b. b. confusion mockery disaster speculation a. swindler 435. d. b. c. protect barricade armoire strike a. c. knave wander buffoon color a. spasm closeness delegate court a. b. wheedle a. rogue 436. charlatan expert divinity debonair a. travesty 440. proxy 438. d. laud decorate caution admire 431. d. d. buffet 439. c. b. bristle a. c. mine clumsiness complication poise 433. c. d. c. d. b. b. aplomb a. c. b. b. liar defender failure admirer a. d. c. c. retreat deceive plead question 432. apologist 437. d. b. d. d.

d. c. plutocrat a. c. aegis 447. d.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 441. d. paroxysm 446. conundrum fit contraction spite a. b. explosion recession achievement blessing 443. sepulture 448. d. b. medicine adage speculation resistance a. pococurante a. c. superstition reference sponsorship archive a. warning cliff campsite tomb 445. d. c. grandiloquence a. d. apothegm 450. b. c. c. c. b. fulmination a. b. native hot blasé hidden 444. burial parasite verse sermon a. c. escarpment a. d. d. harridan 449. b. b. banker priest judge astronomer 92 . governor vessel witch lawyer a. c. d. b. b. d. c. respect bluster denial solemnity 442. b.

to hoard means to gather a hidden supply. fitful means having intermittent or irregular character. erratic means lacking regularity 422. c. d. a. to flex means to bend 93 . or alike 417. to appoint means to name officially. c. to hoist means to raise into position 414. to flaunt means to display ostentatiously or impudently. to nominate means to appoint or propose for office 415. a. a. flashy means ostentatious or showy 423. to stockpile means accumulate a reserve of something 416. to elevate means to lift up. to surface means to come to the surface or into view 421. a. or submissive 419. gaudy means ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented. to parade means to exhibit ostentatiously 424. c. or raise. to loom means to come into sight in enlarged or distorted form. b. to irk means to annoy or irritate 420. or to consider 412. a. to edge means to force or move gradually (as in to edge off the road) 413. a hub is a center of activity 418. d. b. tame means deficient in spirit or courage. to heed means to pay attention to. d. homogeneous means descended from the same ancestral type.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 411. b. often to a position.

a proxy is a person who has the power to act for another. to flirt means to behave amorously without serious intent 426. c. or a fraud 430. or poise 94 . a rogue is a dishonest person. an apologist is a person who writes or speaks in defense of a cause. aplomb means complete composure or self-assurance. or a devotee 428. or to caution 437. to seethe means to experience violent internal agitation 436. c.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 425. a travesty is a distorted or grossly inferior imitation. a mockery is an insincere or contemptible imitation 435. adjoining means joining at a point or line 429. to admonish means to express warning in a gentle manner. b. to bristle is to take on an aggressive or angry appearance. c. b. a swindler is a person who takes money or property through fraud or deceit. d. a. c. c. to wheedle means to influence using soft words or flattery. or a defender 432. a knave is a tricky deceitful person 431. or a delegate 433. d. to plead means to entreat or appeal earnestly 438. contiguous means touching along a boundary or point. dastardly means despicably mean or cowardly 427. d. a. a charlatan is a person who pretends to have knowledge or ability. b. to buffet means to strike repeatedly 434. an aficionado is a fan. to tantalize means to tease by presenting something desirable. b.

or an explosion 448. pithy saying. b. a. pococurante means indifferent or nonchalant. b.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 439. or posture 441. a paroxysm is an attack or convulsion. a. grandiloquence means lofty or pompous eloquence. an apothegm is a short. mien means appearance or demeanor. an adage is a saying that embodies a common observation 446. a plutocrat is one who rules by virtue of wealth. aegis means protection. or a fit 442. or sponsorship 443. sepulture means burial 444. blasé means apathetic to pleasure 449. a. b. a banker is one who engages in the business of finance 95 . c. one meaning of bluster is loudly boastful speech 447. a fulmination is a sudden or loud noise. an escarpment is a long cliff or a steep slope 450. a. c. carriage means manner of holding one’s body. or to state 440. b. to aver means to declare positively. a harridan is a shrew. c. d. or a witch 445.


d. erode a. waive a. d. subsequent 454. b. waste silence liberal complicate a. c.13 Antonyms Select the word that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided. rebate demonstrate forget despise . conserve 456. c. d. continue laudable anticipated careless a. b. retain snub imprison display 452. abrupt 455. b. 451. aloof previous following dismissive a. b. compost clarify ignore restore 453. c. b. d. c. d. c. b. d. recall a. c.

clever active dreamy invisible a. b. b. intelligent unruly unreachable pale a. joyful inhospitable anguished rude 459. c. b. release explanation thinness ignominy 98 . force genuine deny verify 462. brusque a. curved disinclination careful lustrous a. cachet a. b. callow a. dormant 463. d. b. b. denigrate 467. b. procrastinate 464. disconsolate a. soggy confusing broke critical 458. d. solvent a. d. b. impromptu 466. blame hide query uphold a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 457. cold opulent gracious suspect 460. b. c. c. kind urbane sensitive gentle 461. d. docile 465. d. d. bent 468. b. c. c. c. c. d. d. lengthen soothe hurry demolish a. d. c. rehearsed bizarre foolish disarming a. b. d. c. d. b. c. c. c. d. countenance a.

b. c. c. virtuous complacent equal virulent a. d. b. obstreperous 478. imprimatur a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 469. b. platitudinous a. c. b. persiflage a. c. odium a. compulsory insipid pending decisive 474. b. c. b. facultative a. c. hilly exhilarating confounded advantageous 473. d. b. c. b. c. mephitic a. c. c. d. b. iniquitous 477. short tame strict distant a. d. c. coddle admiration silence clarity 99 . d. ebullient 479. horrible fierce greedy modest a. aggressive acrid unjust glum a. vainglorious 476. d. convince hallow hide interpret a. d. d. c. halcyon 480. b. obtrusive advanced tempestuous unscientific a. d. servant teacher disapproval rustic 470. d. evince 475. fragrance ease admiration trust 471. b. honest healthy simple rural 472. d. b. d.

unruly means not easily managed or disciplined 460. anticipated means expected 453. to procrastinate means to delay or put off. one meaning of solvent is able to pay all debts. to conserve means to keep safe or preserve. c. d. b. to denigrate means to deny the importance of something. impromptu means unplanned or unrehearsed. c. b. abrupt means occurring without warning. to uphold means to support or to elevate 462. which is the opposite of to forget 457. b. a. dormant means temporarily inactive. or sudden. a bent is a strong inclination or capacity. to retain means to keep 455. which is the opposite of active 458. or to belittle. a. broke means penniless 100 . c. a disinclination is a slight aversion 463. d. to recall means to remember. to erode means to wear away. to restore means to bring back to an original state 456. previous means going before in time or order 452. a. b. which is the opposite of to waste 454.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 451. subsequent means following in time or order. which is the opposite of to hurry 459. to waive means to give up voluntarily. rehearsed means trained or practiced 461. docile means easily taught. c.

gracious means marked by charm and good taste 466.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 464. odium means hatred and condemnation. admiration means a feeling of delighted approval 477. c. d. urbane means sophisticated 467. halcyon means calm or peaceful. c. obstreperous means stubbornly resistant to control or unruly. glum means dreary or gloomy 474. c. c. therefore disapproval is the most dissimilar 476. d. tame means docile or submissive 473. c. a mephitic environment would be unhealthy. d. vainglorious means boastful. so healthy is its opposite 101 . to countenance means to extend approval or sanction. mephitic means relating to a foul. b. callow means unsophisticated. virtuous means morally excellent 472. brusque means blunt in manner or speech to the point of being ungracious. tempestuous means turbulent or stormy 475. iniquitous means wicked. to evince means to display clearly or reveal. imprimatur means sanction or approval. ignominy means disgrace 469. b. a. cachet means prestige. noxious exhalation from the earth. which is the opposite of joyful 465. to deny means to refuse to grant 468. b. a. disconsolate means cheerless or dejected. c. which is the opposite of to hide 470. ebullient means lively or enthusiastic. which is the opposite of modest 471.

persiflage means frivolous talk. therefore silence is the most dissimilar 102 . b. or not optional 480. facultative means optional. compulsory means mandatory.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 478. a. platitudinous means full of or characterized by banal. exhilarating means refreshing or exciting 479. trite remarks. c.

b. c. b. c. perform decide wonder dismiss a. b. a. c. engross is most similar to a. execute is most similar to 486.Synonyms and Antonyms Read each question carefully and select the word that is the most similar or most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided. b. idiom is most similar to 14 a. accelerate is most dissimilar to a. b. earnest is most dissimilar to 485. c. light beg motion hear stupidity recipe fastener expression 482. d. fatten absorb disgust destroy . cheap frivolous release civilized delay risk monitor deny 483. d. 481. a. d. d. d. c. c. d. beckon is most similar to 484. b.

d. b. c. hector decorate establish suspect 497. d. d. depress inspire clarify desire 495. bemuse is most dissimilar to a. penurious is most a. unprepared c. d. disastrous c. balk is most similar to a. b. kind b. d. prone d. shy d. b. d. c. hubris is most similar to dissimilar to a. c. injurious d. impervious is most 493. brief malicious banal rueful 496. unctuous is most dissimilar to a. incompleteness ideal betrayal braggart 104 .501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 487. crow fight distress hamper a. faithful strict biased political dissimilar to a. b. b. perfidy is most similar to 492. c. staunch is most similar to a. b. b. c. b. d. c. d. c. contrite is most similar to 489. conversant is most dissimilar to a. b. generous b. beset is most similar to 490. c. c. earth pride humility sorrow 494. lenient c. unpretentious 491. pliant cruel sincere rubbery a. perfect 488. brood is most similar to a. inexperienced b. relaxed 498. d. wander direction progeny tribe a.

d. inveigle investigate explain praise 105 . ascription is most similar to 501. c. c. b. d. d. b. paste bread bauble pirouette 500. b. fustigate is most dissimilar to a.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 499. bagatelle is most similar to a. c. account attribution cure description a.

one meaning of to execute is to carry out fully. to motion means to gesture 482. to engross means to occupy completely. d. staunch means steadfast in loyalty or principle. d. or insincere. to beckon means to signal or summon with a wave or a nod.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 481. a. therefore inexperienced is the most dissimilar 491. one meaning of to perform is to carry out 484. impervious means to be incapable of being affected or disturbed. earnest means grave or serious. to accelerate means to cause to move faster. c. hubris means exaggerated pride or self-confidence 106 . a. or faithful 492. therefore sincere is the most dissimilar 493. unctuous means marked by a smug or false earnestness. a. one meaning of to absorb is to engage or engross wholly 487. one meaning of to balk is to check or to stop. to hamper means to impede or restrain 490. prone means having a tendency or inclination. b. an idiom is an expression that is unique either grammatically or in meaning 485. frivolous means lacking in seriousness 483. b. c. c. a brood is the young of an animal or a family of young. to delay means to move or act slowly 486. or being likely 488. progeny is the offspring of animals or plants 489. a. c. conversant means having knowledge or experience with. b.

which is the opposite of to praise 501. b. a. rueful means regretful 496.501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 494. or the act of ascribing a work to a particular author or artist 500. d. or betrayal 499. penurious means given to extreme stinginess or frugality. a bauble is a trinket or a trifle 107 . to fustigate means to criticize severely. which is the opposite of generous 498. to beset means to trouble or harass. ascription means the act of referring to a supposed cause. or author. to clarify means to make free from confusion 495. c. c. source. attribution means the act of explaining by indicating a cause. d. a bagatelle is a trifle (something of little value or importance). to hector means to intimidate or harass 497. perfidy means an act of disloyalty. a. to bemuse means to make confused. or to bewilder. c. contrite means penitent for sin or failing.

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