Tetraology of Fallot

What is it?

. Four alterations result:     Narrower right ventricle outflow region Defect in the interventricular septum An aorta that overrides directly above the septal defect The right ventricular wall hypertrophies.Definition Tetralogy of Fallot is the result of unequal division of the conus.

Treatment is typically done at age 6-12 months. . the mortality rate is 95% by age 40.Brief overview The frequency of this disorder in humans is approximately 1 in 1000. If not treated. This problem is not necessarily fatal.

Surgery must be done to correct this. If not:  Growth can be retarded (because birth weight is already low). .Disease history Cyanosis (which is also characteristic in a blue baby or any person not getting sufficient oxygen) develops in early life.

Children born to mothers with PKU are highly susceptible. . The same problem can also lead to DiGeorge syndrome.TOF causes (developmental) Not clear at this time. but it is believed to be ablation of cells at the neural crest. as are mothers who drink during birth.

What else can happen? Scoliosis Retinal engorgement Systolic murmur .

Some pictures of Tetralogy of Fallot .

emesis. Do not use with depressants such as TCAs and MAOIs. respiratory depression. hypotension. usually administered IV    Pediatric dosage Can cause hypersensitivity. urinary retention. constipation. or in patients who have experienced the above when treated with morphine sulfate .Drugs that can treat TOF Drugs that are used must be used with corrective surgery (mentioned previously) Morphine sulfate. nausea.

Drugs that can treat TOF Phenylephrine. . Usually lethal. administered by IV Pediatric dosage shown here IF NOT TREATED: the prognosis is poor.

com/congtetralogy. www. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. www.BIBLIOGRAPHY eMedicine²Tetralohy of Fallot. Langman¶s Medical Embryology. . 2000. MD.com/emerg/topic575.htm HeartPoint: Teratology of Fallot.heartpoint.html Sadler.emedicine. Article by Kurt Pflieger. W. T.

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