IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE of: Halleck G. Richardson And Claudine Dombrowski Case No.


December 13, 2007 Judge Johnson, I am replying to the GAL M. Jill Dykes letter dated Nov. 12, 2007 in which she verified that a “Court Evaluation” is not obtainable through Ms. Turnbull or ‘other’ and asks this Court for your direction. As there has been no direction as of this date, one month since the GAL filed the above. I am writing this Court also requesting and awaiting your further direction. There exists in the courts file ample evaluations and documentation addressing that I mother-Respondent has never been deemed to be a threat nor harm to my daughter. Minor child is now age thirteen and is not at risk of any harm by being allowed ‘visitation’ under the current family law guidelines. Respondent requests any further direction from this Court as soon as possible. Respectfully submitted, _________________________________ Claudine Dombrowski, dated 12-13-2007 Mother/Respondent CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE FOLLOWS


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