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November 16,2010 Assemblymember Deborah Glick

LOB 717 Albany, NY 12248
Dear Assemblymember Glick: Thank you for your November 12letter defending the Speaker's responsiveness on U82020 and SLrI\ry Empowerment. Since I have yet to receive a response from the Speaker himself, I would assume you are responding on his behalf.
ooclose attention" to cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, having U82020 and SUNY Despite your Empowerment "very thoroughly discussed" in conference has yet to yield any results whatsoever. Perhaps you were correct in asserting that these initiatives were not ignored. It is, after all, awfully difficult to strangle the life out of something unless you pay it at least some attention.

Although I disagree with your claim that I acted unprofessionally, it is difficult to argue with someone who has obviously demonstrated such an expertise in unprofessional behavior. This was especially on display when you dismissed and discounted the Chancellor and the SIINY Board of Trustees support for UF.2020 and SIINY Empowerment. After all, how can they be trusted if the Speaker does not control them the way he controls the Board of Regents?


am also interested in learning more about the "compromises that were offered but not accepted" regarding U82020 and SUNY Empowerment. In my opinion, the only thing that was compromised in this process was the economic viability of Upstate and the quality of higher education in New York State.

As the cities of Upstate continue to decay, and our higher education system continues to fall behind its competitors, I am sure it will be very reassuring to my constituents that you will be paying "close attention."

tfued;O,fr^-/'-Mark J.F. Schroeder
Cc: Assembly Colleagues
Representing South Buffalo, The Old First Ward, Kaisertown, Lovejoy, The Valley, Hickory Woods, Seneca-Babcock. Clinton-Bailev. Lackawanna, West Seneca, and Orchard Park.

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