Final Paper Matrix Fill in the matrix below, in which you will select two pieces of literature from

the assigned course readings to compare and contrast in your final essay. Additionally, develop three possible topics for your paper, which your instructor will review for approval. Lastly, list and describe three to five sources that you will use to write your essay.
Title: The House on Mango Street Author: Sandra Cisneros Literature Selection OneWhy I Chose This Piece: The House on Mango Street symbolizes important emotions and I think the meaning of life. Esperanza is one of the only figures courageous enough to transcend her circumstances. Title: Everyday Uses Author: Alice Walker Literature Why I Chose This Piece: Everyday Uses like The House on Mango Selection Two street has symbolism,emphasized by the different values the characters place on some old quilts. Walker creates the sense of the narrator speaking spontaneously though the story is carefully structured. Primary Topic: Compare the symbolism of the house by Cisneros with the quilt by Walker as symbols. Topics Alternative Topic 1: Compare and contrast the tone in each story and establish the tension in each story. Alternative Topic 2: Compare and contrast the conflict in both stories and they way it is resolved. 3-5 Source 1: GalePowerSearch: Literary continuity in Sandra Secondary Cisneros's 'The House on Mango Street.' Magazine/Journal Sources  Description: Criticisms and Interpretations

cla.Source 2:http://voices.php  Description: The website does a biography of Cisneros and also .umn. Criticism from the short story 'A House on Mango  Description: Patches: Quilt And Community In Alice Walker's “Everyday Uses” criticisms of the short story .edu/artistpages/cisnerosSandra. Source 3: http://findarticles.

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