Pam Sheppard Author of Non-Fiction Christian Books Chapters 1 and 2 of “THE NEW IDOLATRY.

DEFINING THE TERM Taken separately, the word ‘charisma’ in the thesaurus and the dictionary use synonyms such as charm, allure and dynamic glamour. Once attached to the word ‘witchcraft,” at the highest point on the spectrum, religious charisma embodies a hypnotic magnetism akin to a form of magical suggestion which can be abusive if practiced by people with a self aggrandizing motivation. In his book “Christian Counseling and Occultism,” the author quotes German Professor Paul Diepgin in his definition of magic. Magic from a religious or spiritual

2 perspective is classified as the true meaning of witchcraft. Witchcraft is manifested according to two distinct types: black magic and white magic.1 Black magic is Luciferian worship, obviously practiced in the invocation of Satan, devils and demons for the purpose of persecution, vengeance and death spells. White magic uses the names of the Trinity, bible verses,---particularly the psalms---and other religious symbols to invoke, prosperity, health and healing, protection, destiny and purpose, romance, finances and fertility.2 In a nutshell, like New Age mysticism, charismatic witchcraft is the practice of white magic. For the sake of comparison, consider how both a new age practitioner and a Charismatic Christian would approach a typical problem, namely, a woman seeking to stop the infidelity of a lover or husband. From the occultist, the woman might be required to purchase a defense enchantment like burying her man’s shirt at full moon, while pronouncing a curse or a magic formula seven times. As the shirt wears out and disintegrates in the ground overtime, so also will the man’s love for the other woman fade and dissolve.


Kurt E. Koch,, c 1972, Christian Counseling and Occultism, Krigel Publications, 1994, pg 145 Ibid

3 Both the occultists and those deceived by charismatic teachings rely on the credulity and readiness of those they counsel and advise. In like manner, charismatic witchcraft might approach this classic problem from a variety of religious perspectives, with the twist that God is made amenable to the woman’s plans. Supernatural dreams and visions labeled the discerning of spirits, a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge and prophecy, intercessory prayers of “binding and loosing” and the taking of scripture out of their natural context and applying them to the woman’s personal agenda are the primary methods of choice. In this instance, the woman might be advised to pray over her man’s side of the bed, anoint it with oil or holy water, name it and claim it by sending forth evil prayers against her man’s lover, in unsavory ways un-befitting to Jesus Christ, and pray controlling, manipulative prayers to change the man’s behavior. Rather than deal openly with the issues of infidelity, sin and spousal abuse, Charismatics are infamous for seeking “the supernatural solution.” Charismatic Witchcraft Parallels To the Occult Success, prosperity, self actualization, man as a god with a small “g”, altered states of consciousness, and various

4 associated esoteric techniques embraced by new age occultists also serve as the foundation of the charismatic movement. “If a witch doctor came dancing down the aisle with his paint, feathers, fetishes, and rattles, most evangelical churches would have enough discernment to attempt to convert him, and if that didn’t happen, to put him out. But the same witchdoctor, minus the outward adornments of his occultism, dressed in a clerical collar or a business suit, with a Phd in psychology and teaching ‘success principles’ allegedly from the Bible, would we welcomed and listened to intently.”3 Anthropologist Michael Harner, one of the world’s leading authorities on shamanism (a modern word for witchcraft), lists the new names under which the basic elements of ancient witchcraft are now widely accepted in today’s world and church: visualization, hypnosis, psychological counseling, positive thinking, positive speaking, (confession) and Eastern medication techniques.4

D. Hunt, Countdown to the Second Coming, pg. 64 Michael J. Harner, The Ways of the Shaman: A Guide to



In the early 70’s, as an atheist psychic medium and astrologer, once I became born again, it is not surprising that I would be magnetized to and seduced by the charismatic movement simply because of its familiarity to white magic. So from a personal perspective, I know better than most that the tools of charismatic witchcraft have an esoteric source. Even a congregate worship service professing to be Christian church is very similar to tribal worship of ancient deities. Pentecostal Witchcraft Influences of Charismatic

Uplifting, often energetic, rhythmic music with lots of percussion instruments, led by dynamic, “charismatic” personalities who prance, shout, run, strut, slide and even dance across stages and platforms are elements of a “worship in the flesh.” Charismatic, Pentecostal worship provokes an emotional, sometimes demonstrative response, an outburst of some kind. Extremely skilled at manipulating a crowd by stirring up the emotions, once sufficiently stirred, the characteristic outbursts are shouts, screams and similar outcries that will ignite an entire congregation.

Healing and Power (Harper and Row, 1980 pg 36

6 Demons use these kinds of outbursts to counterfeit the Holy Ghost with nonsensical laughter, shouting, falling slain, rolling on the floor, running up and down aisles, and even throwing money at the feet of a prominent evangelist, and other forms of emotional frenzy. Most of the demonically tormented people that I have counseled in the last ten years were active members charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Some of them were set free but others remain tormented. So it no longer comes as a surprise to me that some of them will never find relief from demonic torment. In pastoral counseling, it is an empirical fact that white magic practitioners who attend Christian churches are so shackled to the sin of idolatry, that release from demonic captivity is unobtainable without a thorough confession and renunciation of charismatic witchcraft. As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted in the charismatic movement remains the stumbling block as “God resists the proud.” The Baptism in the Holy Ghost Charismatic witchcraft practitioners have identified the speaking in tongues as the evidence that someone is born again. Yet I have found that those who are demonically tormented spoke in tongues, but under further examination, it as

7 discovered that they were not saved because they never repented and they did not understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One hundred years ago, Jessie Penn Lewis warned the believers of her day not to seek after signs: “Again, in connection with the seeking of ‘manifestations’ as an evidence of a believer having received the baptism of the Spirit, methods have been used to bring these about, that synchronize with the methods of mesmerism, and thus counterfeits have broken into the true church of Christ. In other cases, believers have had a true influx of the Holy Spirit into their human spirit, and through ignorance they have developed the psychic power latent in the human frame, and brought about mixture in their own life and service for God, eg. If a chorus is sung over and over again, they can bring a meeting into a psychic condition, when those present become incapable of intelligent thinking, or any decisive action of will. Thus on a floodtide of psychic force in the world today the demons

8 are carrying out their plans and purposes.”5 In a lecture concerning demonism and psychotherapy, German psychiatrist Alfred Lechler shed a somber light on demonic captivity: “What then must we regard as the cause of demonic enslavement or possession? If we enquire closely from such people as bear the marks we have just mentioned, we very often find in their background the use of magic means such as are employed in black magic---acts of charming or being charmed, the sin of fortune telling or visits to fortune tellers and card layers, and participation in spiritist sessions. Black magic is much more prevalent than is ordinarily assumed…When we look into the Bible, we note that it too is well acquainted with enchantment. It is in Acts 19 described as a ‘prying art.’ (here we also find mention of magic books.”


Jessie Penn Lewis, “Soul and Spirit,” Overcomer Puublications, Printed in Great Britain by Gospel Press, South Molton, Devon, pg.

9 “together with spiritist activities, magic stands in a class of its own in relation to other sins, when it includes an appeal to Satan’s services or even a formal pact with Satan. The Bible speaks of this too (Isaiah 28:15-18). For by invoking Satan, man yields himself unequivocally to powers of darkness, in that he attempts by magic and the help of Satanic power to gain something that God has forbidden or withheld.”6 I must concur with the late Dr. Lechler, a German who practiced psychiatry before I was born. Five or more decades later, what I have found astounding is that in practically every case of demonic torment among my own Christian clients, a common factor is that 95 percent of them were not demon possessed BEFORE they went to a charismatic, “word of faith, nondenominational church. Fetishes Within the history of religion in general, fetishism is a form of magic, wherein an artificial object is revered and regarded as powerful enough to ensure protection.

Dr. Alfred Lechler, “Demonism and Psychotherapy” Lecture given to the conference of doctors and pastors at Hohe Mark on 7/5/1949.

10 Likewise an amulet is a power-charged fetish for protection against magic and demons.7 Those who revere and depend on fetishes and amulets are in danger of transgressing the second commandment, namely, not to make any graven images. Even a cross suspended from a necklace has a magical meaning. Written in 1972, the passing of three decades reveals that the problem has progressively worsened: “Many a Christian worker thinks so. It is evident here that Christianity has become infected with magic influences. According to the New Testament this intrusion of magic elements turns the Christian faith into a matter of materialism and idolatry. Pastoral experience shows in many cases how this superstition captivates men and subjects them to magical influences. It is not seldom that houses protected by fire charms and other fetishes and amulets become haunted. 8 Prayer and Charismatic Witchcraft Even prayer can be dangerous because it descends into charismatic witchcraft
7 8

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11 when the one who prays seeks to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energizes psychic power by projecting one’s thought on to the persons that they are praying for, by saying that such and such a person ‘shall’ do this or that. Such prayers make demands upon God to “make something happen. According to Jessie Penn Lewis, “Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telly the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct them what to do, but we ought not to say that they ‘must’ do what WE THINK is God’s will they should do, or even that they ‘shall not’ do what we know is wrong.”9 I observed in a video clip a vivid depiction of a charismatic witchcraft prayer offered by well known evangelist and associate of charismatic mega prophetess Juanita Bynum, Rev. Cindy Trimm. Before a congregation of at least a few thousand, Trimm walked up and down the platform, supposedly praying, bellowing loudly: “I decree this and I proclaim that.” With this esoteric, occultic prayer, rather than God the Father of the

Jessie Penn Lewis, “Soul and Spirit,” Overcomer Puublications, Printed in Great Britain by Gospel Press, South Molton, Devon, pg. 75

12 trinity, she really was addressing fallen angels. Once Trimm loudly proclaimed, “ Father, I decree that the spirit of the Ashtar shall fall upon all the people, from one end of the congregation to another, the people fell slain in the spirit in what looked like ocean waves. Ashtar is one of the gods who calls himself an ascended master who channels message through New Age mediums. Ashtar claims to be the military general of the fallen angel known as Jesus Sananda Emmanuel, the one I call “the Fake Jesus.” In fact, when Charismatics praise and give thanks to Jesus, Sananda is the one who receives the worshiped and the adoration because the fake Jesus is the invisible god behind the practice of charismatic witchcraft.

HISTORIC OVERVIEW Unfortunately, the Pentecostals and Charismatics who claim that they are word people rarely ever study history. A part of rightly dividing the word is to interpret its meaning in accordant with the most relevant historical perspective. Nevertheless, those who submit to charismatic witchcraft preachers are taught to randomly select scriptures out of context. To discern the signs of the times,

13 we need to understand what went on yesterday, particularly about a century ago. It was a century ago that the seeds of charismatic witchcraft as manifested today were originally planted in the early 20th century. No different in the early 1900’s, the movement emphasized supernatural manifestations, spectacular crowds in the midst of deception, delusion and confusion. The speaking in tongues came to the forefront through the ministries of two men, considered the fathers of Caucasian and African American Pentecostalism: Charles Parham of Topeka, Kansas, and Parham’s black student, William Seymore. Seymore is credited as the leader of the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles while Parham is the first to teach that tongues is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost, a dangerous false doctrine that has filtered through the charismatic/Pentecostal religion for more than a century.10 A contemporary of both Parham and Seymore, Jessie Penn Lewis, a prominent leader of the Welsh revival, warned about this false doctrine in her book, “Soul and Spirit”, ---a warning that was clearly ignored both yesterday and today:”


P. Sheppard, The Fake Jesus, pg. 134

14 “Again, in connection with the seeking of ‘manifestations’ as an evidence of a believer having received the ‘baptism of the Spirit,’ methods have been used to bring these about, that synchronize with methods of mesmerism, and thus counterfeits have broken into the true Church of Christ. In other cases, believers have had a true influx of the Holy Spirit into their human spirit, and then through ignorance, they have developed the psychic power latent in the human frame, and brought about mixture in their own life and service for God, eg. If a chorus is sung over and over again, they can bring a meeting into a psychic condition, when those present become incapable of intelligent thinking, or any decisive action of will. Thus, on a floodtide of psychic force in the world today, the demons are carrying out their plans and purposes.11” Other charismatic leaders passed the baton from one decade to another, introducing an ever-increasing plethora of

Jessie Penn Lewis, “Soul and Spirit, A Glimpse Into Bible Psychology, pg. 72

15 esoteric teachings in what is labeled as “moves of God”. By the 1970’s, authoritarianism was widespread through the predominant influence of what is referred to as the Shepherding/Discipleship Movement. The domination and control of the sheep for the hidden motive of self aggrandizement of various church leaders paved the way to the suppression of God’s people through the teaching called “spiritual covering” and the rise of what is called the Apostolic Movement. Connected to the “fivefold ministry” teaching which dictates the ultimate power of the apostles, over the other ministry gifts and the church at large, charismatic witchcraft presupposes that apostles and bishops have the power to provide what is referred to as “spiritual covering” to all ministers and all church members. Implicit to spiritual covering is the false teaching that God’s people cannot trust their own spiritual discernment or judgment for even the most mundane issues of life, defying the scripture where the Apostle John wrote that we all have an unction from the Holy Ghost, and as such, we need no man to teach us. (I John 1927) Consequently, domination, manipulation and control are intrinsically built into charismatic oversight---an open door for the sheep to be spiritually abused in their dependent reliance upon obtaining

16 permission from appointed elders about practically every aspect of their lives. “The abuse and exploitation occurring in groups where these hyperauthoritarian systems of governance are instituted come in various shapes and shades. In a nutshell, the ‘dumb sheep’ are taught they cannot trust their own judgment or ability to receive direction from the Lord for even the most mundane decisions of their lives, but rely instead upon the supposed transcendent wisdom and superior spirituality of their human ‘shepherds’’. Typically, submitants must obtain the approval of their group gurus for virtually all domestic matters and decisions; matters of romance, such as who members date and marry; health and insurance matters, employment and career matters, and most of all, regarding every detail of members’ personal finances, which requires their leaders’

17 approval for practically every significant expenditure.” 12 Passivity and Charismatic Witchcraft The passive condition of a churchgoer is when he or she becomes like a puppet, a robot, even a machine. Passivity can be obtained by a wrong interpretation of scripture. For example, consider a Christian woman who takes the scriptures that say she must “submit to her husband” which lead her to passively accepts persistent battery from her husband’s fists because she believes also that because the bible says that God hates divorce, she has no other choice but to submit to her husbands every wish and demand, regardless of how demoralizing or revolting. Some passive Christians are like helpless zombies, unable to take corrective action where necessary. On the charismatic side, good people have been deceived into accepting all things supernatural as “of the Lord’ and consequently, they have made “a voce from God’ as the deciding factor in every matter, both trivial and important. Passive believers have also suppressed their personalities to such an extent that they can’t distinguish their own persona


18 from the demonic influences that bind them.13 Dominion Theology Yet another heresy crucial to the emergence of spiritual humanism component of Charismatic Witchcraft is “Dominion Theology.” Crossing several lines with diversified applications, one central endtimes related issue is dominion theology’s supposition that Jesus Christ cannot or will not come back to earth until the organized charismatic church has taken control of the earth’s political and social institutions. Strongly connected to New Age thought, Charismatics teach that man’s self actualization is his personal pursuit of freedom in his progressive attainment of how own personal state of Christ like divinity. In other words, if we all develop our “Christ Consciousness” within, we will become “gods” with a small “g.” Dave Hunt, a best selling Christian author lays it on the line: “Peale, Schuller, Robertson, Hagin, Copeland and others have brought into the church ancient occultism as part of the ‘signs and wonders’ and

P. Sheppard, “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” 2010, pg. 198

19 ‘prosperity’ movement foretold in Scripture. Many Christians now assume that our thought and words, not God, control our destiny---that we are little gods capable of creating our own world.”14 Along these same lines, there is very little difference between dominion theology and new age occultism, as demonstrated by the words of leading proponent Earl Paulk, the pastor of Chapel Hill Harvest Church in Atlanta, as compared to a message channeled through a new age medium. Note the similarities in the two statements:15 “Christ in us must take over the dominion over the earth. The next move of God cannot occur until Christ in us take dominion.” (Paulk) “One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own mighty, inherent God Power and such as these will be placed in all official positions of government.” (This is psychic medium’s message from a fallen angel) POWER EVANGELISM AND CHARISMATIC WITCHCRAFT


Dave Hunt, Countdown to the Second Coming, The Berean Call, 2005, 62-63 P. Sheppard, The Fake Jesus, pg. 80-81


Also in the 1980's, yet another movement appeared on the religious scene which made the Pentecostal/ charismatic false teachings even more appealing and dangerous. Why? Because this movement promoted the same, basic unscriptural doctrines held by Pentecostals and Charismatics while, in its inception, disclaiming any relationship to either of these groups, thus making it especially attractive to evangelicals and fundamentalists who did not want to wear the charismatic label. The impetus for this new movement came largely from several widely circulated books and many lectures to evangelical groups around the world by Dr. John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship [now deceased, Wimber was never healed of his cancer, despite his supposed healing miracles ministry], and Dr. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary Institute of Church Growth. Both men greatly influenced each other and, as they experimented with various teachings and practices related to "healing, miracles, signs and wonders," they soon augmented the Pentecostal and charismatic errors. They claimed that the exorcising of so-called "territorial spirits" was essential to complete the task of world evangelization; and, that God had re-established the offices of prophet and

21 apostle with those supposedly holding these offices receiving direct messages from God for the church, and exercising divine authority over the church. The “territorial spirits” teaching also combined with the false teachings inherent in deliverance ministry, exposed in the next chapter. This newest movement is often referred to as "Power Evangelism or the "Third Wave of the Holy Spirit." Ecumenical in scope and decidedly worldly in practice, the three so-called "waves of the Holy Spirit" (Pentecostals, Charismatics and Power Evangelism teachers) have now blended into a powerful coalition which has rapidly spread and become a political force to reckon with. These are the present day “Tea Party” antagonist to President Obama’s administration. Even more destructive from a biblical perspective, “the Third Wave” is a huge part of the religious monstrosity predicted by Paul to Timothy when he warned that in the last days, some would depart from the faith because they gave heed to doctrines of devils through the ministry of seducing spirits..16 The “Slain in the Spirit” Phenomena A universally accepted experience to all Charismatics, after what I witnessed in

Taken from an Internet articled called

22 the Cindy Trimm video clip, I suspect that the slain in the spirit experience falls under the domain of the fallen angel known as Ashtar. Christians have fallen under the power since the 1760’s. It was a common expression among the Shakers and also one of the signis of the ministry of Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924), known as “the trance evangelist.” About 15 years before the Azusa Street Revival that started the Pentecostal Church, Etter began manifesting the phenomena in her meetings in 1885.17 The practice was not widespread in Pentecostal circles after Etter’s death, until the advent of another woman evangelist named Aimee Semple McPherson. (1890-1944). Founder of the charismatic church called Foursquare Gospel, McPherson died of a barbiturate overdose. The next major figure to manifest the falling of multitudes in her meetings was not Benny Hinn, but Kathryn Khulman, one of Hinn’s mentors. In fact, I’ve hearn Hinn testify that it was at Khulman’s gravesite that he received “the power.” In the 90’s, John and Carol Arnott of the Toronto Airport Church laid hands on people and they fell. The first time I witnessed the phenomena on a “mega” scale was at the Kenneth Copeland Believers Convention held in Atlanta Ga in October, 1983. However the first time was at my home

P. Sheppard, “The Fake Jesus,”pg 144

23 church when a Pentecostal woman evangelist from Buffalo NY laid out our entire congregation on the floor, all except me.18 Even though I didn’t fall myself at that time, in the first 10 years of my ministry I longed for that same power, until I finally obtained it in the 90’s. For at least a decade, I not only laid my hands on people and most of them fell, I also could wave at a few, or look at them intensely and they would fall slain to the ground or slump in their seats, practically unconscious. What caused me eventually question the phenomena was that as a pastor, I noticed that the members who passed out slain the most were the ones who also backslid the most. For example, I could wave my hand or blow a breath at one of them and he’d fall to the ground like a limp dishrag. Yet, before the day was over, he was drunk--and I don’t mean by the Holy Ghost. And there were several others that I observed who did not really abide in Jesus. So I humbled myself to the fact that from a personal perspective, this thing could not be godly. Searching for how the slain in the spirit practice might possibly fulfill Satan’s agenda, I have connected it to the importance of the altered state of consciousness. An altered state provides
18, 10/7/2002 “Pentecostal ‘Slain in the Spirit is occult, non-Christian and unbiblical”

24 demons and devils the opportunity to “walk in” to our souls. Like yoga, hypnosis, TM, chanting, and other practices that induce an ASC, falling slain falls into this category. Fallen angels are on stand-by, patiently waiting for a charismatic to fall slain. Once these entities spot an opening, they seize the opportunity to enter one’s soul.

Charismatic Divination New age divination is a branch of white magic whose primary goal is to obtain secret knowledge, particularly supernatural insights into the future. Likewise, religious divination is the art of producing results beyond human ability and claiming that God Almighty is the source, when in reality, invisible superhuman entities manifested the results. The difference between charismatic divination and occultism lies in the fact that generally the dreams, visions and prophetic messages of charismatic practitioners are usually spontaneous experiences, which “come over” or “overtake” the professing Christian without apparent preparation or mental volition on his or her part. For this reason, the gullible and unsuspecting assume that the supernatural information must be from

25 God. On the other hand, psychics make use of omens, potions, amulets, tarot cards, the I Ching, tea leaves, crystal balls, Ouija boards and a plethora of other tools to interpret the signs believed to be in them to predict the future. Charismatic diviners have the same purpose. They simply use tools that they claim are the nine biblical gifts of the Holy Ghost, particularly those labeled “the revelation gifts:” a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom and the discerning of spirits. What charismatic teachers fail to understand is that Paul wrote the Corinthian letter about these gifts without defining them or explaining any specifics as to how they operate. In fact, no texts in the bible actually define these gifts. Yet charismatic ministers like the late Kenneth Hagin and Oral Roberts have defined the gifts according to 3 categories. Beside the revelation gifts, Charismatics teach that the other 6 gifts fall under the categories of power ----healing, miracles and faith--- and the utterance gifts of prophecy, tongues and interpretation of tongues. It bares repeating that Paul provided no specifics in any of his letters on how these gifts manifest, other than to indicate that they do not operate by the will of man but of God only. As occultists obtain supernatural information according to their own wills, Charismatics believe that

26 their power to predict the future only operates according to the will of God. Nevertheless, the acceptable presupposition underlying all methods of divination is that certain superhuman spiritual beings exist, are approachable by man, possess knowledge which man doe not have, and are willing upon certain conditions known to diviners to communicate this information to man. The word, in its etymological significance, carries with it the assumption that the source of the information is obtained from supernatural beings.19 THE HIDDEN MOTIVE The demonic hidden agenda of both New Age divination and charismatic witchcraft is simple, once experienced. Without a doubt, the disappointment one endured by one who has received a prophetic message that obviously did not come to pass can be catastrophic. A case of occultism is a shocking example from a post World War Two period: “A young woman whose husband was missing went to a card layer to find out whether he was still alive. The

Merrill Unger, pg. 121

27 fortuneteller replied, ‘your husband is dead.’ The wife waited three months and again visited a card layer to find out about the uncertain fate of her husband. Again, the answer was ‘your husband will not return.’ She went home in despair, and turning on the gas killed herself and her two children. The next day, the husband returned from a Russian prison camp, and found the dead bodies of this three loved ones.” 20 Divination within the organized church community is also aimed at controlling the lives and destinies of gullible people. Pulpits are filled with diviners and soothsayers---“charismatic hype masters”---that have no other message but one that caters to our flesh. Like the occult card layers, the divination of old has progressively worsened in our time because the “church community” is flooded with countless pseudo-profits as it sweeps across worldwide Christiandom, it leaves some devastated people in its path. As they prophesy presumptuously in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declaring things that He has NOT spoken to them is comparable to New Age divination. As they boldly and confidently

Koch, Christian Counseling and Occultism, pg 82-83

28 declare, “thus saith the Lord,” fallen religious angels are leading God’s people away from the truth. Any power or influence that seeks to control the future of others is unquestionably demonic.21 The Lord declared, “I will bring such evil upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whosoever heareth it both his ears shall tingle. And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab; and I will wipe Jesusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down.” (II Kings 21:12,13)

The vast majority of my clients for deliverance counseling have not only been wiped and turned over like a dish. Those severely tormented have disclosed that their ears tingled. At first, I assumed the ear tingling was a demonic sign. Perhaps in His great disdain for charismatic occultism, the tingling of the ears is God Himself, reacting to present day idolatry. The primary strategy of religious fallen angels is to build a solid, seemingly impregnable bridge between its target’s propensity toward supernatural signs and wonders and a rather intricate, intersecting freeway of clever counterfeits
2 21, 8/10/10

29 of the divine presence and operations of God. With subtle suggestions, frequent, almost constant dreams and visions, with outstanding predictions of the future, particularly ministry, the goal is to cause the target to renounce God and the Christian faith. With clever counterfeits of the Holy Ghost, religious demons had me in a spiritual noose. Since I believe that God has released strong delusion in the 70’s, I simply got swept into the trap along with other Christians, too numerous to fathom a count. As Paul warned the Thessalonians, strong delusion will cause even God’s elect to believe a lie. Since I was a psychic prior to my salvation, believing a lie was made easy. What is virtually impossible is to become “undeceived” once ensnared. Yet, I am living proof that with God, “all things are possible” After almost 3 decades, I successfully escaped, with my faith in Jesus Christ stronger than ever. I believe that I have been victorious because of my love for the truth and the fact that I do not judge success and failure by the standards of the world. Once saved in 1977, my charismatic deception began in the early 80’s when I was introduced to the ministries of the two Kenneths: Hagin and Copeland. These two men provided what seemed to be biblical explanations to some of the strange

30 supernatural manifestations that I had already experienced, particularly travailing in the spirit. A power often gripped my spirit, brought me to my knees, where I wailed, moaned, groaned and sobbed out a river of tears while my mind was totally unaware of how or why these strange happenings occurred. Once I began to seriously study the audio taped messages of Hagin and Copeland and several others along the way, these teachers provided the confirmation that I believed I was looking for. I met both men face to face at their meetings. In the Hagin meeting of 1982 in Albany NY, I began to speak in tongues. It is difficult to describe what I experienced. Inside my body, in the chest area, I felt like something inside of me flipped, twisted and turned. When the manifestations were particularly strong, water flowed from my eyes. Sometimes the feeling was so intense that I could not speak or even stand. Most of the time, I was bent over. For too many years, I was led to believe that this inner turmoil was God’s way of saying “Yes! Go for it. I’m with you, Pam. This is God. Don’t resist, but just experience this flow of My Spirit.” I accepted every chill and goose bump as a sign of what I believed to be “a quickening of the Spirit.” As I point out elsewhere in this chapter, I also believed that I had a healing

31 anointing because my hands often tingled and burned. Other times, it felt like I was electrified, as if struck by a bolt of lightening. For example, any time I stood in a circle holding hands on each side of me, I’d feel pain in my hands. The feelings in the hands caused me to function like a barometer, able to tell by touching if a person was demonized. Through charismatic teachings, I believed that “the feeling” was simply a manifestation of the gift of “discerning of spirits.” When I laid hands on people to be released from their affliction, their pain left their bodies and I could feel it enter my hands. When I declared such persons healed, most of the time, they were. There were also other times when I predicted the future and I was correct. This is the classic trick of the enemy to trap a Charismatic by the truth so that he or she will continue to ignorantly practice divination. My eyes began to open in 2003 when one of my predictions did not come to pass. To make a long story short, I was hoping to reconcile with my husband even though his behavior was an obvious fact that he no longer loved me. One day, while sitting at the computer, the quickening of chills, goose bumps, eyes pouring out water, inner flips and tightness began, regarding my husband’s

32 love for me. With this experience came a sentence: “ Your husband’s love for you is so strong, that you can have faith in it, as you have faith that the sun will also rise tomorrow. So trust in him.” By 2004, my husband was deeply in love with another woman. Consequently, for the first time, I began to question the source of the supernatural manifestations upon my flesh. With each question, the Lord answered me and I was finally completely un-deceived, fully released from demonic deception. In fact, I rarely hear from demons and devils these days. My autobiographical work, “Come Out of Her, God’s People” provides the details of how I escaped charismatic witchcraft and New Age occultism. In retrospect, what I believe kept me stuck in charismatic witchcraft were various incidents where I predicted events and situations that actually transpired. The most outstanding tool of my deliverance was the book “War on the Saints” by Jessie Penn Lewis. Unfortunately, countless of God’s elect have not yet escaped. It concerns me that too many have even died, still deceived. In this very hour, Christian women and some men continue to bombard heaven’s gates with prayers and fastings focused on a particular person as the “God sent one” to be their future spouses. It’s a trap of the enemy.

33 In every single case that I am aware of, every little coincidence about the “intended” served as a flashing sign from heaven that a casual acquaintance would culminate in a happy marriage, where the couple would serve the Lord together in ministry. Moreover, divination in the form of dreams and prophetic words received from charismatic Christians were accepted and believed to be confirming signs. In most cases, those who anchored their faith in these kinds of predictions experienced devastating disappointment that shipwrecked their faith in Jesus Christ. In fact, demonic mockery is evident in several cases where “the intended” actually married someone else. Most of the emotional outcomes are tragically the same, including and not limited to severe depression, anger at God, and blasphemous thoughts and utterances. So I know from personal experience that Charismatic practitioners are skilled at minimizing the similarities between divination and divine biblical prophecy, either intentionally or ignorantly blinded by the essential and radical differences between the two. Once born again, I came out of the New Age Movement in a few short years. Quite the reverse, it took me a few decades to realize that my former lust for supernatural information detrimentally served as a hindrance to my personal faith in God’s care and provision. Whether from God or from a religious devil

34 assigned to me, I did not actually ask or seek supernatural knowledge, but once it was obtained, I most definitely savored it. From personal experience, I know without a doubt that those who desire such power are susceptible to demonic deception. With supernatural experience as an overall charismatic expectation, it is predictable that counterfeits will continue to flourish. God’s displeasure with both black and white magic is graphically set forth in the old testament. As one who loved secret knowledge, nothing but the grace of God protected me from the plagues of both my occult activity prior to being saved and decades of charismatic teaching. As Charismatics perceive themselves as a spiritual army who are taking the kingdom of God by force, intelligent thought and “common sense” no longer play any part in the way they consider their situation. Objectivity and rationalism have been discarded and replaced by a dependence on emotion, sensation and even hysteria. Like those who seek psychics, astrologers and other occult prognosticators, Charismatics have become prophecy addicts who live in anticipation of the next word. In the midst of crowds of gatherers, people come to be led by shamanistic men and women who know how to “turn them on” with just a wave of a hand. On

35 more than one occasion, I watched in amazement as a well known TV evangelists ordered apparently sensible people to turn to their neighbor and with a wave of their hand, shake their neighbor’s problems away. To watch the people immediately obey without thinking at all was a scary thing indeed. Any one with a sound mind would know that problems do not “fly away” by a wave of the hand. The scary part is that mega-evangelists Kenneth Copeland and the late Kenneth Hagin have told congregations to bark like dogs and cluck like chickens, and I have seen youtube video clips of these services, where bedlam broke out with barking and clucking. I’ve seen some women in these clips, curl up in their seats like pythons or cobras. What I perceived when I used to watch Christian television was a strange epidemic that I did not perceive to be in control among the denominations - a kind of contagious disease - spreading itself among gullible people and rendering them incapable of commonsense, objectivity and intelligent thought. Those who have embraced this delusion seem totally unaware of the irrationalism that grips them. They are mesmerized by what I also call “charismania”---a counterfeit, false power. What do I say about such people? Well, I perceive that through the practice of “a

36 new idolatry,” they are like drunkards “under the influence” of a STRONG DELUSION, that they should believe a LIE ...” (2 Thessalonians. 2:11) I personally am acquainted with Charismatic followers who are so deluded that they are practically possessed. Consequently, they are being tormented n one way or another —ie, poverty, panic attacks, hearing voices, obsessions and compulsions. The Lord has revealed o me that the torment that professing Christians are enduring today is a kind of blessing, for if they were not tormented by demons, they would not know that something is sp assuredly wrong. cause of the arrogance of this present day Laodicean church, they would not know that they are poor, blind and naked. These are the “word” folk for whom the word is not working. In churches that were only a few years old in the early 80's , unlearned pastors trained by audio cassette tapes and minibooks of mega-ministers like Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin were establishing the foundation for charismatic witchcraft. They formed little elitist networks among themselves as the unchurched folk started to flock in. At that time, the preaching centered on faith, name it and claim it, believe and receive, speaking in tongues, healing and miracles. In the late 80's early 90's, the prosperity message rose to a prominence that

37 became even more popular than the other doctrines and teachings. As a ministerial member of a denomination for twenty-five years, I personally watched and experienced how the sin of legalistic traditionalism and religious hypocrisy have desecrated main line denominations, permeating like leaven from top leadership in a circular, downward, then in an upward spiral. As the root of the denomination is rotten, there is no genuine fruit. Notwithstanding, the deception in the charismatic movement spreads far beyond just a few pastors or a handful of local congregations. Ministers and laypersons who have never seen each other are mimicking the same key people. Leaders watch and imitate leaders who in turn learn from other leaders and pass on the same false doctrines. Consequently, from personal experience I have come to believe that the sin of deception can be even more destructive to the Body of Christ than some of the more obvious sins of the flesh. The cure for sin is to simply repent, receive forgiveness and cleansing in the blood of Jesus and then to practice righteousness. This is the formula prescribed in the word of God that denominational preachers can follow to be delivered of sins like lust and fornication. At least one can repent of personal sin.


Yet much more complicated than the sins of the flesh, I have personally witnessed a spiritual snobbery among the charismatic movement that is extremely difficult to penetrate, not just among the ministers but among the members as well. I call it a charismatic witchcraft but the bible calls it strong delusion, the spirit of error and worst yet, the spirit of the antiChrist. The spirit of the anti-Christ is the unseen force behind charismatic witchcraft and I am afraid that the only way to wipe it out is through a spiritual earthquake. Also known as “word of faith,” It’s almost as if charismatic believers are acting under the influence of a delirium; that they are in a state of intoxication and, as a result, are incapable of telling the difference between truth and lies, or understanding the danger that they face. The root cause of this delirium is that its doctrines and practices are rooted in fostering a state of spiritual intensity of shouting, stomping, wailing, screaming in a form of intercession where “the violent take the kingdom by force.” Therefore, force is the catalyst for the intense energy that is thought to be evidence of the Holy Ghost. At that time, most of the first members of these new, non traditional churches either came from the streets

39 themselves or they left one word of faith church to join another. There was a lot of "sheep stealing" in those days. In the 90’s, traditional, denominational church folk wanted "in" on all the excitement and started to leave their stagnant, dry denominational churches to become a part of the word of faith, charismatic movement. As frequented worship services in various charismatic churches, I witnessed several people respond to the altar calls, appearing as though they got saved. More than 20 years later, I am now meeting some of these people again. Today they are contacting me to be set free because they are infested with tormenting demons. One particular case in point is a microcosmic example of a globally endemic infestation. Back in the early 80’s, there was always a great deal of gleeful buzzing whenever the charismatic community released news that Pastor Mason Romano was coming to town. Word spread like wildfire because Pastor Mason was an exciting, extremely handsome young man with a professional sounding singing voice. In fact, it was well known that Pastor Mason had obtained a degree of personal success in the secular music industry prior to pulpit preaching. His claim to “Christian fame” was that he had been the right hand of a well known and renowned evangelist of radio and television prominence, a name always

40 repeated in Mason’s bio. His connection to a famous ministry was instrumental in Mason’s ability to establish 5 small denominational churches in the northeast of New York State. Mason himself founded and continues to pastor a church in a New England. On several evenings, I attended Mason’s revivals. I never was quickened in my spirit when he preached, but he truly ministered to my spirit when he sang. He was a guy with a lot of “ham”, a true performer---a real showstopper. Even though I found Mason to be a bit cocky, there was nothing boring about him and I enjoyed him. In fact, Mason reminded me of a Christianized Frank Sinatra. “Ole Blue Eyes” had always been one of my favorite actors and singers, with a flair for stand up comedy. Since the subject of most of Mason’s messages were about “come and get your miracle”, I thought to myself, ”well, who knows! Maybe this will be my night.” It was also in Mason’s ministry that I sat “up close and personal” as I watched intently the phenomena of being “slain in the spirit.” Its been more than 20 years since I sat in one of Mason’s worship services. Recently, I received an email request for deliverance from a woman who, on the surface, seemed well rooted in the word of God. Since no one can stand his ground in spiritual warfare unless he be saved, I

41 began to enquire into this particular client’s salvation experience as a prelude to deliverance counseling. One thing led to another and as I listened to the client’s story intently, I interrupted her “with, what is the name of the church where you ‘got saved?’.” When she told me the name, I knew who the pastor was. She was a member of Pastor Mason’s church. This tormented woman had arrived at the altar ten years ago at the invitation of Pastor Mason in his home church. Today, she tearfully admits that she has never experienced the fruit of her salvation. She confessed that as she listened to a radio broadcast a few years ago, for the first time, she realized that something was wrong with her spirituality. However she did not know what to do to make things right. I revealed to her that at no fault of her own, she was not saved. I remembered that Pastor Mason always assumed that everyone assembled at his meetings was saved. To the lost, it was simply “come on down to the altar and receive without preaching about sin, the cross and repentance. Since she did not respond to the Savior through conviction for sin, I suggested to her that she probably picked up a religious demon at the altar. Yet another one of my clients came to an altar at a Charismatic church 15 years ago. Carol has been slain in the spirit

42 countless times, yet she wakes up everyday afraid to take a shower, believing that the shadows she sees over her food is human excrement. This particular client responded to an invitation after a sermon was preached, was led to recite the sinner's prayer, given the right hand of fellowship and declared to be saved,--- once in a Catholic Charismatic Church---and then once again in a word of faith church---and then once again in a holiness Pentecostal church. Notwithstanding, she too has been tormented since the first day of her alleged salvation. In this case, Carol refuses to consider the possibility that she is not saved, even though there are countless signs that serve as evidence that her spiritual life has been unfruitful. Each day as I now enter into predeliverance counseling with people whose minds have been similarly oppressed, thanking the Lord each morning for awaking in my "right mind" takes on new meaning. Why? Because my caseload continues to include Charismatic Christians who profess to be saved yet who are afflicted with OCD---Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-- dissociative identity disorder (DID), Paranoia, Depersonalization, even disorders that don't even have a name yet. I have discovered is that the underlying root of the problem is that unsaved persons were prey to the religious demon while

43 attending either a word of faith or a Charismatic/Pentecostal church. A few years ago, a professing Christian for 13 years made a four hour drive to Troy New York to seek deliverance from demons. An intelligent woman with a masters degree in her field of endeavor, Ann is clearly demonized. Her body is so taken over by demons, that as I drove her to my office from the motel, the demons in her caused Ann to reach across from the passenger's side of the car and grab the steering wheel. I was on a three lane highway in rush hour traffic, driving at about 65 miles an hour. While I maintained control of the steering wheel, I rebuked the demon. Insisting that she is saved---- Ann casually looked at me as she sat back in her seat, composed and aloof ----declaring "the demons are just showing off. They want you to know that they are going to put on a show for you when you try to cast them out." It was clear to me that Ann had no regard for the danger that we had just narrowly escaped. Once at my office, even though I cast out several demons from her, she traveled back home with her demons. Why? Because she refuses to admit that she is not saved. This is the power of charismatic witchcraft. In this particular case, Ann had been a nominal Christian in a dry,

44 denominational church for 20 years. All of that time, even though she was an active member from her childhood, an usher even, she had the presence of mind to KNOW that she was not saved. However, it is equally important to point out that while Ann actively attended a dry, denominational church, she was also not demonized. However upon visiting a Charismatic/Pentecostal church 13 years ago, Ann was taken to the altar to "seek the Holy Ghost" by chanting Jesus, Jesus, Halleluiah, Halleluiah. She was told that since she spoke in tongues at the close of this tarrying session, she was saved. Shortly thereafter, the demonic oppression began and then proceeded to increase in intensity until now the demons are almost incomplete control of her mind and her body. Ann is a woman possessed yet she STILL insists that she is saved. Experience has taught me that anyone who seeks the Holy Ghost by tarrying and chanting at a church altar has not received the Lord Jesus Christ. As you were waiting for the Holy Ghost, a religious demon was at that altar, waiting for YOU! Anyway, for 13 years, Ann continues to be tormented by demons. I want to warn you, the reader, that if you have had a similar experience, chances are that not only did you not get saved, but you may have opened the door to receiving a religious demon. It is shocking

45 to me that each week I am brought into contact with demonized people who believe that they are born again---people who came to the Lord years ago through either the charismatic movement or the Pentecostal church The most damnable plague of the Charismatic movement is that countless millions, perhaps billions of seekers have responded at the altars of a "believe, confess and receive" gospel, based upon Romans 10:8-10 If you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved." Beginning with the old line Pentecostal denominations, multitudes have come to the altar seeking the Holy Ghost and the speaking in tongues without having repented for sin and they too are in a mess today. Not to suggest that there are not countless people in the traditional denominations that are not saved. Since the unsaved in denominational churches are not open to the invisible world of the spirit, they generally do not have the added problem of becoming practitioners of charismatic witchcraft. Those who sincerely yet prematurely seek the Holy

46 Spirit without having experienced repentance are the ones who are the most vulnerable to the deception and subsequent infestation of the religious demon. Not all, but several Charismatic churchgoers are now being tormented by demons, even though they have been sincere believers in Jesus Christ. How can this be? The hidden root of the problem is that they have unknowingly been worshipping the Fake Jesus, the imposter occultist god, Jesus Sananda Emmanuel. Morever, they never got saved because they merely repeated a sinner’s prayer or responded to an invitation to Christian discipleship without being drawn by he Holy Ghost to repent. Consequently, the primary danger of charismatic witchcraft is that it produces counterfeit spiritual births that mimic the true born again experience. Too many charismatic idolaters did not approach the Lord with a contrite heart. Nor did they come "poor in spirit." Oh, they repeated a sinner's prayer, yet without "feeling what a sinner must feel" to be saved. A sinner must feel the godly sorrow of repentance. A sinner should FEEL that he is standing on the edge, about to slip off into hell, but that he has grabbed a lifeline, and that lifeline is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one can be saved unless the preaching they responded to

47 emphasized the wretchedness of the lost soul that can do nothing for itself accept receive what the Lord has already done. Defying the scripture which states that salvation is a gift from God, to prevent human boasting, those under the influence of Charismatic witchcraft generally boast that they "“accepted Jesus." We don't accept Jesus. He accepts us!!!! Consider a person who is drowning declaring after he has been saved that "I accepted the lifeguard who came to save me." When you knew that you were drowning and you knew that you wanted to live, did you really have any other choice????" A salvation that brings forth a new birth includes a recognition of what you have narrowly escaped. What we need to preach to the unsaved is their need to fall on their faces in the fear of the Lord. Repentance in the spirit of meekness and in humble gratitude for what the Lord has already accomplished is essential to a true conversion. The unsaved should tremble first and then feel the unspeakable joy that comes with knowing that at the cross they have escaped the wrath of God that is to come. Then and only then can the lost believe and receive their free gift of salvation. Even the demons believe and tremble, yet there is no salvation for them either. Therefore, it stands to reason that

48 we have experience more than just believing. Certainly, faith is essential to salvation. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. However, where salvation is concerned, God is the actual supplier of the faith. Besides faith, repentance is essential to salvation---a godly sorrow that is also “God’s doing” as the Holy Spirit draws each sinner to the cross. Therefore, how can we escape if we submit to the word of faith teaching that defines repentance as a mere change of mind or heart that is within the volition of the sinner, who is taught that he must turn around in another direction??? As the demons have sense enough to tremble, we also need "to tremble." True repentance will cause us to tremble. When we tremble, we realize that if it were not for the blood sacrifice of Jesus, if Jesus did not pay the price for us, we are separated from God for eternity. We receive our salvation by faith in the Lord's finished work. Now that is something to tremble about!!!! On the contrary, many come to Jesus in charismatic congregations for peace and joy. Others come for prosperity, miracles, signs, wonders and healing. Without a doubt, there is no other faith that offers as much to the lost as does Christianity and so some come in on this "good deal" of the good news. Jesus lifted up John the

49 Baptist as the greatest of the prophets. Unlike Moses and Elijah, John did not perform any miracles. His entire ministry was to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord by simply preaching repentance. For the call to repentance from sin, John the Baptist was beheaded. It stands to reason that if Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the greatest prophet born of a woman, then repentance must be the major focus of the message preached by the present day prophet to prepare us for the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance is the dark night of the soul. It is when we are confronted by our inborn evil that we can do nothing about other than grab on for dear life to the One who became sin so that we could become the righteousness of God in Him. We must see our darkness before we can appreciate how Jesus has translated us out of darkness into light. After 33 years, I can remember very vividly how I myself experienced the dark night of my own soul. I was a confident, high minded person who thought very well of herself. After all, I had obtained a masters degree four years before, doubling my salary as a result. I had great ego strength when the Lord showed me my personal darkness. The poorness of spirit that I felt was indescribable. However, the Holy Ghost used my sorrow to cause me to repent. that Repentance

50 led by God to my spirit brought forth the fruit of a rebirth that was equally indescribable as the Holy Ghost entered my spirit and I experienced “the joy of the Lord.” It seems an impossible task to correct the damage that charismatic witchcraft has wrought, Primarily because most Charismatic people are convinced that they are saved. It is like putting a camel through the eye of a needle. With man, it would be impossible, but with the Lord Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible. Since the devil is responsible, the Lord is using the torment of Satan's demons to wake some of these people up. I myself would never have thought of such an idea. Only the Lord knows how to deliver those who are in danger of hearing Him say, "I never knew you.” HOW COUNTERFEIT HEALING WORKS Healing is a major element of charismatic witchcraft.. More then two decades ago, healing ministry captivated me into the charismatic movement. As I recall, something in me believed that I was called to healings and miracles. My inner knowledge was stirred by isolated instances when the devil would demonstrate his power to "keep me in the loop" with a few outstanding healings and deliverances. In one particular case that is hard to

51 describe, my mind was overpowered by what seemed to me to be both faith and knowledge that a particular client of mine would be healed of womb cancer. It happened when I was awakened at about 5am with my mind in a holding pattern that I could not shake. In other words, no other thoughts could intrude. On the morning that the client was going to the doctor's office for a medical checkup, she called to cancel our mid afternoon session. Since I was working in a substance abuse counseling agency at the time, I went out on a professional limb when I spoke to her over the phone: "I heard from the Lord about you in the middle of the night and I believe that the Lord wants me to lay hands on you for your healing today during group session. I am sorry that you are canceling the appointment.." Well, a week later, the client walked into my office beaming with a medical report in her hand. I looked down at it and glanced at its bottom line. It read "cancer of the cervix, negative." At the moment that my eyes fixed on those words, a power fell on me as I sat at my desk. Tears flowed from my eyes down my face. I went into my desk draw and pulled out the bible. It opened to Matthew 10 which reads, "heal the sick, cast out devils, freely you have received so freely give." Shortly thereafter, even

52 the medical profession was used to confirm the healing. This client was going to the doctors for tests on a regular basis. A few days to a week before my supernatural faith and knowledge manifestation, the client’s test had been seriously positive. Just hours AFTER my experience, the test was re-taken. This was why she had to cancel the group counseling appointment with me. This incident was cleverly planned to embed my soul to embrace a counterfeit healing ministry. The spreading of this incident through out the counseling center where I worked was used against me by enemies to cause me to lose a job that I loved. It was a demonic coup on all levels---a deception that encompassed things spiritual, emotional and financial. . With this counterfeit healing, I KNEW THAT I KNEW THAT I KNEW THAT SHE WOULD BE HEALED because a feeling consumed my entire body. This is the clue. Any supernatural manifestation that is focused in the body and puts the mind on hold is usually demonic. Totally deceived by it, I assumed at the time that the Holy Spirit touched her directly Himself and then fused my mind and body with the knowledge of it in what charismatic witchcraft calls “a word of knowledge.” Yet pivotal manifestation was merely one more supernatural experience that I innocently, and ignorantly, I might add--assumed was from God. Was it? I can

53 look back now and see the devil’s hand in all of it. When God really heals a person, He has no interest in proving Himself by a “medical confirmation from mere doctors He Himself molded and created. The religious devil assigned to me led me to believe that I had a special calling or “anointing” to heal cancer. So armed with faith in a word sent by a fallen angel, I layed hands on about 10 cancer victims. Each one of them significantly recovered months, even years beyond their predicted expiration date, but every one of them eventually died of cancer. In retrospect, each of the deaths was used by the enemy to mock my healing ministry. This is how these entities work. First they tell you that you have a supernatural gift to help people and then they use your failure to heal to mock you. The mockery was very clear in one particular case. Sister Perry was dying of a brain cancer when in a dream, I was shown that she would live to see the birth of her first grandchild. To encourage Sister Perry, I told her the dream just before I laid hands on her to be healed. Sister Perry smiled yet looked puzzled because all of her sons were homosexual and her one and only daughter was not pregnant. A few days after I had the dream, it became known that one of Sister Perry’s gay sons had recently slept with a woman and that he announced the day

54 before that he was going to be a father. Since my prediction was now half true, I believed the second half of the prediction---tht Sister Perry would live at least another 7 or 8 months to hold her first grandchild. Instead, she died a few weeks later. At that time, I was totally unfamiliar with the methods and tricks of demons and devils, so the demons hoped that I would lose faith and deny God. Instead. I rationalized that I had done something wrong until I learned that Sis Perry had sought the help of a witchcraft practitioner. I had perhaps one or two supernatural manifestations a year and at times every other year, but they were enough to keep me holding on to the word of healing and miracles that had been spoken to me through a 9 year old little girl in my living room on a Saturday afternoon on 1/8/83: the waters of heaven shall flow down upon the house of the minister and the minister's daughter. These waters shall HEAL the city. Great miracles shall flow from this house.” Therefore, I continued to wait for the mighty waters of heaven to heal for 25 years. Did they? It seemed so, but the healings never lasted and the people died of the same diseases that they had originally claimed to be healed of. With what I believed to be a healing anointing,

55 my hands would often tingle and burn. On some occasions, I felt like I was electrified, similar to the feeling of electric shock when by mistake one touches a live wire. When I stood in a circle with Christians holding hands on each side of me, I’d feel pain come into my hands, as if like a suction cup, I was drawing pain out of their bodies. I rationalized that the pain in my hands was a sign that the persons were demonized. So in my deliverance ministry, I often laid hands on afflicted people to be released. When the pain left them and entered my hand, I declared them healed. Most of the time they were, but the so called healings were most often temporary. Finally, a few years ago, the Lord revealed the truth: “Pam, you had the power to heal while you were ignorantly practicing witchcraft. It is not my power.. It is soul power that has been energized by demonic power. It is the kind of power that lifts up man and not Me. To really obtain MY power, you must repent and then deny the power of your own soul. “ I have denied it and I wait to see what God does with me in the 21st century.


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