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Pioneer Pro CD Player

Pioneer Pro CD Player

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Published by: paragon001 on Nov 17, 2010
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Pioneer pro CD Player

The Digital Jog Break for versatile performance. The Performance CDJ Player CDJ-100S Turn the JOG DIAL like an analog turntable, & club sound resounds. You can operate the unit w/a closer-to-vinyl turntable feel. The Slot In Ideal for home DJs and aspiring professionals, the entry-level Pioneer CDJ100S CD player invites users to experiment with the audio potential and versatility of the digital format. The device is centered around a built-in digital jog dial, which approximates the action and feel of a classic vinyl turntable. Spinning the dial after depressing one of the remix buttons creates all manner of inventive and boundary-pushing sounds, including Jet, a flange-like sound wave with a short delay; Zip, which adjusts the pitch of sounds without changing the tempo; and Wah, which strengthens or weakens specific audio frequencies to create pulsating volume changes. DJs can also sustain an effect by pressing the hold button, freeing them up to play with other sounds (the effect gradually fades once the button is turned off). Another important feature for DJs is track management, and the CDJ100S excels in this area as well. The jog dial makes quick-response frame-by-frame search and point selection easy and accurate. Users can also return to the cue point at any time or rewind to the song's starting point with the push of a button. In addition, DJs can easily perform a super-fast track search by turning the jog dial and pressing the track search button. The unit also includes a Playing Address bar graph that displays the elapsed and remaining playing time of a track. When the track is almost finished playing, a flashing signal lights up. Enterprising DJs may want to add a second CD player for flexibility, which lets them cue one song on standby while another disc plays. Should you choose to stick with only one unit, however, the changing time is still minimal, with an elapsed time of about four seconds to load a new song and start playing using the Slot In mechanism--fastest in the industry. Discs that are already cued start playing within 0.01 seconds of hitting the play button, letting you match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy. The CDJ100S measures a mere 8.56 by 12.25 by 3.75 inches (W x H x D) and features Pioneer's vibration-proof construction. It also carries a one-year warranty on parts and labor. What's in the Box CD player, RCA connecting cable, forced ejection pin, power cord, warranty card, user's manual. Low Price - Click Now!

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