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MNUDL Debate Manual - 2009-2010

MNUDL Debate Manual - 2009-2010

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Published by Kate Baxter-Kauf

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Published by: Kate Baxter-Kauf on Nov 18, 2010
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  • 2009 - 2010 Retention and Advancement Plan
  • 2009-2010 Recruitment Plan
  • What is Debate?
  • Speech Cheat Sheet
  • The Constructive Speeches
  • The Rebuttals
  • Flowing Tips
  • Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Other strategies for abbreviation
  • This Is What It Sounds Like In a Speech
  • Arguing About Change
  • Judges and Winning
  • Introduction to Speaking Style
  • Delivery and Staying "In Shape" for Debate
  • Cross-Examination
  • Speech-By-Speech Cross-Examination Tips
  • Case Attacks
  • Disadvantages
  • Answers to Disadvantages
  • Running Counterplans
  • Answering Counterplans
  • How to Give Good Rebuttals
  • The First Negative Rebuttal
  • The First Affirmative Rebuttal
  • The Second Negative Rebuttal
  • The Second Affirmative Rebuttal
  • Strategic Considerations for Rebuttals
  • Checklist for Winning and Losing
  • Cutting Cards and Citing Evidence
  • Guidelines for Frontlining
  • A Sample Frontline
  • Glossary: Boring Words You Need to Know
  • Informal Argument
  • Light Classroom Debate Topics
  • Debate Preparation Worksheet
  • Argument Checklist Exercise
  • Tips for Flowing
  • Words of Wisdom For Novice Debaters
  • Suggestions for Promoting Participation
  • Exercises in Argument Construction
  • Exercises in the Social Role of Debate
  • Exercises in Preparation and Analysis
  • Exercises in Format
  • Exercises in Affirmative Case Construction
  • Exercises in Cross-Examination
  • Exercises in Negative Case Construction
  • Exercises in Refutation and Rebuttal
  • Exercises in Concluding Arguments
  • Exercises in Style and Delivery
  • Exercises in Developing the Debate Club
  • Exercises in Logic and Reasoning
  • Exercises in Judging

Assignment: Draw a case written by a team of classmates and work with your partner to attack that
case. You will have 15 minutes to prepare arguments against the affirmative case. One person should
be prepared to attack the case arguments and the other should attack the affirmative plan. You will
each have two minutes to present arguments.

Initial argument checklist:

1. Is the evidence believable, representative, and appropriate?

2. Is the reasoning fully explained and logical?

3. Are important issues omitted or misinterpreted?

4. What is the core or foundation of the argument?

5. Can you offer counter evidence or analysis that denied or minimizes affirmative claims?

6. Is the advantage claimed or harm solved significant?

7. Is the advantage unique to the affirmative proposal?

8. Will the plan proposed bring about the advantages claimed?

9. Will there be disadvantages to the plan that outweigh the advantages?

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