November 2, 2010 9:02 pm A well-begun fight is a half-won endeavor.

All Souls Day marks the beginning of another journey of formation. There are so many things to accomplish, both personally and communally. Although seminary formation causes me dandruffs, I still believe that it is beautiful. And no further explanation for that. It is painful yet beautiful. Do you know what is so joyful about going back to the seminary after semestral break? Well, I d rather be deep in my observation. I can hear fresh laughter of seminarians who are so filled with much aspirations or ambitions. Their (Our) laughter is like an emblem of fire ready to burn conventional or mechanical stupidities. Their (Our) laughter is a hopeful testimonial promise that This semester, I ll be better. Tonight, I promise myself that I will never extinguish the fire of zealousness and idealism. I am going to raise my standard as a seminarian. This time, less self-made distractions, less worthless worries and fears, less fake forms of happiness. I am going to reflect all the more, write all the more and share all the more. At the last day of the semester, I am going to see whether my present aspirations will be tied up with good results or bad results. Today, I am half a winner. Tomorrow, I will wade in success. Time, watch out for me because I m coming!