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Finding the News You Want

Finding the News You Want

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Published by: jg70115 on Nov 18, 2010
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To view news headlines in one of your own Reuters Kobra-based screens, double-click in an empty pane, then select News. Type a news code (for example, C) in the command line and press Enter.

Key Words
As well as codes, you can also view news on any key word or name. Type the key word or name in the command line then press Enter for stories with this word in the headline, or Shift+F9 for stories with this word in the story text. For example, Berlusconi displays any news relevant to that name. Note that if you use Shift+F9, the news headlines will not be updated automatically. Click on the Refresh News button to refresh the display.

All news is controlled by codes. Whenever news is displayed in a pre-built screen, you can change the news that is shown by typing a different code. There are also pull-down menus that offer relevant alternatives. If you are building your own display, double-click on an empty display pane then select News. Click in the command line near the top of the screen, type a news code (for example, MEAL for animal feeds) then press Enter. News codes cover subjects, regions (such as ASIA for Asia), countries (such as MY for Malaysia) and sectors (such as SUG for Sugar). There are also codes for regularly updated reports, such as SUM/COM (Grains, Oilseeds and Livestock summary). You can also display news on a currency by typing its code; for example, THB= gives you news on the Thai Bhat.

Refresh news button

You can also use an asterisk after an incomplete key word or name. For example, INTER* displays news where words including International, Interest or Internal are relevant.

Anything on screen that you need to click on is printed in blue bold. RICs and other codes you use in a quote frame are printed in blue bold. News codes, report codes and keywords you use in a news frame are printed in orange bold.


Temporary Filter button News Expression Builder Another easy way to find the news you want is to use the News Expression Builder. You can also use parentheses in news expressions. To build a news expression. click in a quote pane. To find stories from a particular date or time.REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT NOTES: More Advanced Searches You can combine codes to achieve either wider or narrower coverage of news. click in a quote pane. double-click on a description and code item in the list. Type RICE and press Enter. if you are viewing news on grains. For example. there may be interesting news about rice. For example. ASIA NOT (JP KR) displays news on all Asia except for Japan and South Korea. click on the Save As button. with that word highlighted. oilseeds and livestock (GRO). To switch the filter off again and view all the headlines. REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT . HARVEST @01/09/02 finds all headlines containing the word “harvest” and shows the headline nearest to that date at the top of the pane. For example. type NEWS/TIPS1 then press Enter. The News Expression Builder displays a list of news by code and description. For a general index of news and report codes. Speed Guide to news To view the Speed Guide to news codes on commodities. CAN GRA displays news that is relevant to Canada OR Grains. Select the tab you require: Subject. type COMMOD/NEWS1 then press Enter. 1. click on the Temporary Filter button again. Now only headlines that include rice are shown. To search for a description or code in the list. To save the news expression. click on a quote pane. Right-click on a news pane and select News Expression Builder or click on the News Expression Builder button on the News toolbar. Click on the Temporary Filter button to display a small entry field. type the code or key word followed by the @ symbol. whereas CAN AND GRA displays news only if it is relevant to both Canada AND Grains. type one or more characters in the Description/Code Contains field. 3. OR or NOT to the news expression. For tips on how to find news and report codes. type NEWS then press Enter. click on the relevant button. News Expression Builder button 2. For example. Temporary Filters A temporary filter is a useful way of finding something in your currently displayed headlines. Report or Both. To add AND. or select the item and click on the Add to News Expression button. It is then easily available for further use via the Custom News button.

Oilseeds. Livestock & Related News Grains Oilseeds and Edible Oils Meals and Feeds Livestock Cotton Timber.REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT NOTES: Key Commodities News Codes Top Commodities Markets News All Commodities News All Metals and Related News Base Metals Precious Metals Gold Mining All Grains. Pulp and Paper Wool All Soft Commodities and Related News Orange Juice Sugar Coffee Cocoa Rubber Tea Steel Shipping Weather Latest LME Report Latest London Precious Metals Report CBOT Reports USDA Reports TOP/C C MTL MET GOL GDM GRO GRA OILS MEAL LIV COT TIM WOO SOF ORJ SUG COF COC RUB TEA STL SHP WEA MET/L GOL/ CBOT USDA Key Energy News Codes Top Energy Stories All Energy News Crude Oil News Products News Natural Gas News North Sea News OPEC News European Power News North American Power News Utility News Shipping News Weather London Energy Futures New York Energy Futures Singapore Energy Futures Daily Oil Market Wrap Latest Crude Report European Crude Report US Cash Crude US Imported Crude Crude Trades Asian Crude Report European Swaps Report Asian Product Swaps Report Energy Diary Today in the Energy Markets Platts News (chargeable) Iraq News Saudi News Iran News Venezuela News TOP/O O CRU PROD NGS NSEA OPEC ELE ELN ELG SHP WEA O/L O/N O/S O/R CRU/ CRU/E CRU/C CRU/FC CRU/T CRU/M O/CS PS/A O/DIARY OI/DIARY PGA IQ SA IR VE REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT .

REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT . type COUNTRY/NEWS1 in a quote pane in Reuters Kobra.REUTERS TRADER FOR COMMODITIES QUICK START FINDING THE NEWS YOU WANT NOTES: General News Codes All Reuters News Alerts Top Political News Press Digest Overview of Top News Interviews Market and Country Diaries 2 Year G7 Economic Forecasts Fast Analysis of Economic Data Derivatives News Emerging Markets Economic Indicator News Political News Labour News Human Interest Stories Sport News AA TOP/G PRESS TOP INTERVIEW DIARY SURVEY/ INSTANT DRV EMRG ECI POL JOB ODD SPO News by Region Europe Western Europe Eastern Europe Asia Latin America Emerging Markets EUROPE WEU EEU ASIA LATAM EMRG For news country codes.

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