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Headlines in Advt

Headlines in Advt

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Published by: Ankit Samaiya on Nov 18, 2010
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A headline must be written well in order to be effective and draw the reader into the ad. Bold. An advertising headline is designed to be the first copy the potential customer reads. . large font size and various colors are some of the methods used to make the headline stand out from copy.A headline in advertising grabs the attention much like a newspaper's headline.

FUNCTIONS Gives news about the brand Emphasizes brand claims Gives advice to the reader Selects targeted prospects Stimulates curiosity Establishes tone & emotion Identifies the brand .

Guidelines for writing headlines Be persuasive Appeal to self-interest Inject maximum information Limit to five-eight words Include the brand name Entice to read body copy Entice to examine visuals Never change typeface Never rely upon body copy Keep it simple & familiar .

Headline Philosophy from David Ogilvy in his book ³Ogilvy on Advertising´ Promise Benefits Contain News (about 22% more effective) Offer Helpful Information Include Brand Name Length depends on objective Specifics better than generalities Place headline below illustration .

How To Headline Benefit Headline. Testimonial Headline. Command Headline. . Reason Why Headline.Different Types Of Headlines The The The The The The The The News Headline. Question Headline. Guarantee Headline.

when the advertiser wants to say a lot at the beginning but the headline cannot do the job. .Subheadlines This is not always used in ads. The headline and subheading together can contain a longer message. The subheading usually spells out or elaborates the promise made in the headline or it stresses on the product¶s unique features. then the subheading is used. However.

Stimulate more complete reading of the whole ad.FUNCTION OF SUB HEAD Reinforce the headline. The longer the body copy. Include important information not communicated in the headline. . the more appropriate is the use of subheads. Communicate key selling points or information quickly.

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