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CorelDRAW 11 and Corel RAVE 2 User Guide

CorelDRAW 11 and Corel RAVE 2 User Guide

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Published by Eko Triyanto

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Published by: Eko Triyanto on Nov 18, 2010
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You can change the view of a drawing by zooming in to get a closer look or by
zooming out to see more of the drawing. You can experiment with a variety of zoom
options to determine the amount of detail you want.

Another way in which you can view specific areas of a drawing is by panning. When
you work at high magnification levels or with large drawings, you may not be able to
see the whole drawing. Panning lets you view areas that aren’t displayed by moving
the page around in the drawing window.

While you are panning, you can zoom in and out. While you are zooming, you can
pan. This saves you from having to alternate between the two tools.

You can specify zooming and panning settings to zoom in quickly to detailed parts of
a drawing and zoom out to the larger context.

Getting started in CorelDRAW


To zoom

1 Open the Zoom flyout, and click the Zoom tool .

2 On the property bar, click one of the following buttons:


Zoom in


Zoom out


Zoom to selected


Zoom to all objects


Zoom to page


Zoom to page width


Zoom to page height

The Zoom to selected button is available only when you select one or more

objects before you open the Zoom flyout.

When you are not editing text, you can also access the Zoom tool by

pressing the Z key.

You can also zoom in by double-clicking or dragging anywhere in the

drawing window using the Hand tool. To zoom out, double right-click

(Windows) or Control + double-click (Mac OS) in the drawing window.


CorelDRAW: Chapter 2

You can use the Hand tool to pan around a large image and view
particular areas.

To pan in the drawing window

1 Open the Zoom flyout, and click the Hand tool .

2 Drag in the drawing window until the area you want to view displays.

When you are not editing text, you can also access the Hand tool by

pressing the H key.

If you want to pan in the drawing window while zoomed in on the

drawing, click the Navigator button in the bottom-right (Windows) or

bottom-left (Mac OS) corner of the drawing window or the N key. Drag
the cross-haired pointer around in the Navigator pop-up window.

To establish default settings for zooming and panning

1 Do one of the following:

Ÿ (Windows) Click Tools } Options.

Ÿ (Mac OS) Click CorelDRAW 11 } Preferences.

2 In the list of categories, double-click Toolbox, and click Zoom, Hand tool.

3 To specify what you want the Zoom or Hand tool to do when you right-click
(Windows) or Control + click (Mac OS) it in the drawing window, enable one of
the following options:


Zoom out — zooms out by a factor of two


Context menu — displays a menu of commands that you can choose from to
zoom to a specific level

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