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04 - Creative Ideas Magazine (Jul-Aug 2007)

04 - Creative Ideas Magazine (Jul-Aug 2007)

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Published by: Erah Apriyanti on Nov 18, 2010
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Easy Outdoor Games
For the whole family

The Ultimate Garage
Make it multifunctional

A High-tech Bath
In a classic house



J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7



Let’s build something

Now you can see select Creative Ideas features in action through video on demand. Our hosts and designers will guide you through the projects and introduce you to some of the homeowners. Go to LowesCreativeIdeas.com/ Videos to watch videos of the offices featured in “Home Work” on page 30.

If you’re like me, you want options—for designs that solve problems, make spaces flow better, and work within your budget. We’ve dedicated this issue to providing you with a wealth of ideas for typical spaces. In our bath makeover, we show spa-worthy items that you can try at home and include where to splurge and where to save. Packed with approachable ideas at accessible price points, our three home offices bring fresh style to functionality. And for those of you thinking about an upgrade for your kitchen, we offer you three islands that really perform. Thanks for being with us as we continue to explore ways that we can improve our lives through good design. Let us know how we’re doing—we love to hear from our readers.

We want to hear from you! CreativeIdeas@Lowes.com or P.O. Box 523, Birmingham, AL 35201



July/August 2007



Fresh colors and ideas transform this office for a growing business—as well as a growing family. Photo by Brian Francis (page 30)

On the Cover


These projects will launch you full-swing into summer.


Create mosaic tile trivets that are perfect for entertaining.

Kitchen Islands Check out these three versions, and choose one that fits your style and budget needs.

Family Fun Get the whole gang involved in making and playing these outdoor games.

Window Treatments Find helpful tips on creating window treatments that you’ll love.

Window Seat This project enhances the storage and seating space in a bedroom.

Your Home
30 Home Work

Path Lighting Select fixtures that will light up your outdoor walkways.

Three professionals tackle office redos that give them more efficient and inspiring work areas.

42 The Best of Both Worlds



Where does style meet innovation? In this bath makeover. SHOP SMART: Learn about advancements in toilet design.


48 A Place To Spread Out

These projects demonstrate that the garage can do more than just store your car. SHOP SMART: Discover the secret to choosing a garage door for your home.




TREND.99%. and observe all standard safety precautions. APR tier will be assigned after Account is opened based on your credit qualifications. Alisa Hyde. Copyright 2007 SPC Custom Publishing. LOWE’S INSTALLATION AVAILABLE: This symbol indicates that Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of products.A. as will the conditions at your project site. Box 523-G.99%. Gain confidence in your building skills Get out those tools. LOWE’S Sandy Culver COMMUNICATION MANAGER. Look for a bench featured in our home office makeover. LOWE’S April Pandolfi EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Leslie Dunne Sadler ART DIRECTOR Paul Carstensen EDITOR AND PROJECTS MANAGER Kelly M. 9. No annual fee. LOWE’S Pamela Hayes SENIOR MARKETING SPECIALIST. no finance charges assessed and no payments required on purchases made during that Project Window. 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Inc. neither Lowe’s nor the publisher will assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your home improvement or repair project or in the course of your use of the item you create or repair.99% if first purchase is made within 60 days after account is opened. Dawn Russell PRODUCTION MANAGER Sheryl Jones PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Courtney Gleysteen. check and follow your local building codes. be sure to view the how-to demos for our Unwind & Design projects. 11. ADVERTISING. including mosaic tile trivets and an outdoor tablecloth. and construct something you’ll be proud to show everyone you know. Minimum Finance Charge is $1. Apply online at Lowes.49%.O. a variable APR will apply: 9.000. SPC CUSTOM PUBLISHING Stephanie Patton MANAGING EDITOR Rebecca Benton ACCOUNT DIRECTOR Catherine Hall PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Carol Chambless MARKETING COORDINATOR Shane Jordan Find these helpful icons on our pages. Allison R.com/Credit. 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Lauren Allums CONTRIBUTORS More exclusive content from Lowe’s publications Lowe’s Garden Club You will love this monthly gardening e-newsletter.49%. Sign up online to get your free subscription. This online college edition of Creative Ideas is full of easy and inexpensive projects that are a perfect fit for a dorm room or small apartment. Lisa Frederick. Lowe’s® and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF. Tiffany Burgess PROJECTS COORDINATOR Melanie Medley ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR Steve Smith SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Kate Weaver PHOTO COORDINATOR Paden Reich COPY CHIEF Shelley DeLuca Kolankiewicz COPY EDITORS Molly J. All rights reserved. Add style to a dorm room Find organization and décor ideas for the collegebound kid in your life at LowesCreativeIdeas. Attn. Elmore. Lisa Wheeler INTERNS Woodpost Sign up online for your free subscription to this monthly e-newsletter filled with detailed instructions. Address all correspondence to Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden. or apply online at Lowes. Smith SENIOR PROJECTS EDITOR Melissa Bissell VIDEO ON DEMAND D E C O R AT I N G ON CAMPUS ASSISTANT PROJECTS EDITORS Watch and learn with our online videos Want to see a makeover take shape right before your eyes? Check out the video versions of the three office makeovers featured in this issue. Your tools.com/Credit. AFFINITIES AND EDUCATION.

seal the entire Track your child’s growth with this painted board. and allow to dry. Apply two coats of paint using a small roller. and then spraypaint mending plates (found in the hardware department). and let dry. When dry. spray-paint the railing. You’ll be able to take it with you if you move to a new home. 6. lightly mark each foot and the half and quarter points. cut gripper pads (#54359) to fit the bottoms of the vertical rails. 2. *Availability varies by market. Select a 4-foot length of iron railing (#14153*). Write the date or the child’s age on each plate using a permanent marker. Measuring Up 1. Remove the stencil. 5. Sand and wipe clean a (6-foot-long) 1 x 6. 3.D D whatagre reatidea! Close at Hand Reinterpret a stair railing by turning it into a smart linen rack. Secure the rail on the hooks. Allow to dry. Secure each plate to the board using upholstery nails (#58201). 4. Hang the growth chart on your wall by attaching a self-leveling picture hanger (#52716) to the back.com 7 . Using a pencil and a tape measure. 2. 4. If desired. and stencil using black paint. Prime with spray primer (#165953). Use this project instead of marking up your door casing. Apply black spray paint to brass cup hooks (#61015). Allow each coat to dry. Good To Know 1. 6 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS LowesCreativeIdeas. Secure a number stencil (#106943) next to each foot mark. Attach the hooks to the wall using plastic anchors (#43792) corresponding to the height of the top rail. Allow to dry. and touch up as needed. board with clear Polycrylic spray (#164683). 3. Lean the railing against the wall. Then attach the pads. Drape bath linens over the balusters of the railing. To protect your floor. Paint the marks using a small brush and black paint in a flat finish.

Spray-paint the dowel. or you to the center. Tailgate inStyle 1. Insert a drawstring piece into each outside slit. Reinsert the cloth liner with the drawstring hole at the back of the basket.com/Aug071. Use utility scissors to cut a 1⁄2-inch-long slit at each of the four marks. Repeat to form an X. Using heavy-duty garden shears. Place one end of the dowel into a cup holding 1 inch of water to soften the tip for a thumbtack.com 9 . Pull one corner of 90 pinwheels with one roll the wallpaper piece of wallpaper. Remove the cloth liner. At the back of the basket. Good To Know 8 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. (A Lowe’s employee can cut the board for you. and secure it by pulling the drawstrings through the drilled holes. 4. Mark these two points on the liner.D W H AT A G R E AT I D E A ! D web FOR MORE To see an additional version of this project oject that would make a nice wedding gift. Repeat with the three remaining corners. Patriotic Pinwheels Surprise fellow sports fans with a pregame picnic basket.) 5. Show your colors with a bevy of these festive pinwheels. Then drill a 1⁄4-inchdiameter hole at each of these two marks. Cut a piece of 1⁄4-inch plywood to fit. 6. this basket can go with you anywhere—from the big game to a small gathering. measure 1 inch below the rim and 31⁄2 inches from each side. and allow to dry. Let dry. cut a 16-inch piece of a 1⁄4-inch-diameter dowel. and then could use the leftovers secure with masking tape. visit LowesCreativeIdeas. and pull out the drawstring. and secure it to the center of the pinwheel with a thumbtack. 3. Stain the board as desired. (You also could use a pushpin. 5. Cut along these lines with utility scissors. Measure and mark 31⁄2 inches in from each short edge of the board and 1⁄2 inch in from each long edge. Apply a coat of clear gloss polyurethane. and then through the inside slit. Tie in a bow to secure. 3. With slots for handles. Embellish both sides with paint. and let dry. both inside and outside the basket. Place the wooden lid on top of the basket. and allow to dry. Lightly mark a straight line from one corner of the wallpaper piece to the opposite corner. 1. Go online to see this basket used for a second version of the project. 2. You also could choose a basket (#211164) that has tall handles on the sides. leaving space for the pinwheel to spin. Cut a 1-inch-diameter circle from the wallpaper. Avoid pressing it in completely. to line drawers. through the basket. 2. To make each pinwheel. You can create more than 4. Determine the length and width of the top of the basket (#201836) from the outside edges.) Sand rough edges. Attach the pinwheel to the dowel by pushing the thumbtack into the softened dowel end. cut an 8-inch-square piece of paintable wallpaper (#101440). Cut the string in half. stopping 1⁄2 inch from the center (each of the four cuts will be about 41⁄2 inches long).

†Add these items to your Unwind & Design hostess tool kit. Using a piece of wood. Dip a trowel or margin float into the premixed sanded grout. which vary by market. garden-print FOR MORE tablecloths. Check out a video demonstration of this trivet project at LowesCreativeIdeas. and wrap it with a drop cloth.com/ UnwindAndDesign. Gather your friends to make these colorful trivets fit for entertaining. and simple tools. and smear a thick layer across your design. Once you are satisfied with the design. Use a towel or rag to remove any remaining grout. use a glue gun to attach the tiles to the wood. cut the plywood into four equal squares. #75473) plastic or latex gloves trowel or margin float sponge terry towels or household rags 1 2 3 Then. web Step 2: Use the broken tile pieces to create a pattern on your piece of wood. Use a hammer to break the tiles into pieces. Step 3: Wear gloves to work with the grout. you can make a work of art that will add flair to your kitchen and protect the countertops from heat and spills.com/ UnwindAndDesign in August. For next month’s Unwind & Design project.x 6-inch oak board** assortment of 4-inch-square tiles Premixed Adhesive and Grout (sanded. attach felt pads to the underside to protect your countertops. Go online to print your invitations. white) felt pads (#67032) TOOLS & REUSABLE SUPPLIES † canvas drop cloth (#126334) hammer glue gun (ColdHeat Freestyle Cordless. and wait 10 minutes. STEP-BY-STEP General: To create four 12inch-square trivets. so your guests may need to place their new trivet on a piece of newspaper or cardboard for the trip home. It will take the grout approximately 24 hours to fully set. 10 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS *Based on a four-person party. cut the 1⁄2. Step 4: Once the trivet is completely dry. Be careful of sharp edges. video O N L I N E Lowe’s List I I I Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $7* (per trivet) Rough time estimate: 45 minutes (does not include drying time) MATERIALS 1 1 (24-inch-square) sheet of ⁄4-inch-thick pine plywood** 1 (6-foot-long) 1⁄2. Step 1: Place your tiles in a plastic bag. go to LowesCreativeIdeas. Wipe off excess. and much more. tiles from the flooring department.D UNWIND & DESIGN THIS MONTH’S P R O J E C T: Mosaic Tile Trivets We hope your Unwind & Design group is having fun and eager for this month’s project. LowesCreativeIdeas.com 11 . or the cost of tools and reusable supplies. gently run a damp sponge in one direction over the top of the trivet to clean it. A Lowe’s employee can cut the wood for you. Does not include applicable taxes. **Availability varies by market. there’s no charge for the first two cuts. Run the trowel over the top of the tiles to remove any excess grout. make a shopping list.x 6-inch board into four equal squares. For four 6-inch-square trivets.

and paint for a snazzy look. Step 4: Using sandpaper. and enjoy a friendly face-off of X’s and O’s. Spray with metal primer (#130950). web Step 1: In the center of a drop cloth. begin P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y C O U RT L A N D W I L L I A M R I C H A R D S Good To Know You can store and carry this portable game board and pieces in a galvanized can (#195272). lightly roughen the PVC pieces that will be used as X’s and O’s. Eddie Bauer Home. Snapdragon EB17-2. paint the nine squares and the square’s border between the pieces of painter’s tape. Allow each coat to dry. Allow to dry. Prime and then spray-paint the pieces. each one measuring 11 inches. measure and then lightly mark a 33-inch square using a pencil. They are easy to make and can be stored away in a snap. using additional coats as needed. Measure 11⁄2 inches from the tape on the square’s outer edges. which vary by market. Lowe’s List I I I Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $65* Rough time estimate: 1 day MATERIALS canvas drop cloth (6. A dabbing motion works best. #57601) light green spray paint (#244138) TOOLS foam paintbrush yardstick sandpaper pencil *Does not include applicable taxes. Step 3: Using a foam brush. #22729) PVC plugs (4-inch-diameter. #23308) plastic primer (American Tradition by Valspar. FOR MORE a colorful limbo game. let the Create these classic games made for outdoor play.x 9-foot. Lightly draw lines to create nine equal interior squares. Step 2: Place pieces of painter’s tape along the outer edges of the square and centered on the interiorsquare lines (leaving 3⁄4 inch of tape on each side of the lines). LowesCreativeIdeas. check out LowesCreativeIdeas. or the cost of tools.D OUTDOOR LIVING Family Fun D 1 games 12 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 Tic-tac-toe D Bring out this drop-cloth game board. #126317) painter’s tape (11⁄2-inch. Paint additional coats as needed. #39896) paint (Valspar Signature Colors. and remove the tape when paint is completely dry. semi-gloss) PVC cross tees (11⁄2-inchdiameter. and then apply another border of tape.com/Jul071. To find instructions for a third project.com 13 .

these three designs squeeze maximum space and function from your kitchen. Step 4: Sand any rough wooden edges. such as Cutter Advanced Sport (#232416). through the wood at each mark. Insert a dowel piece into each hole. and remove the tape when paint is dry. Cover the dowels completely with painter’s tape. The mending plates will stabilize the project and secure the outside dowels. and sand the PVC to lightly roughen the surface. Culinary Delight Cabinetry and countertops accommodate splurge appliances and create a second-level bar. 16 18 20 All Dressed Up A mobile cart with added hardware brings versatility to every task. Secure each ring with construction adhesive. which vary by market. **Availability varies by market. Step 5: Using heavy-duty pruners. Step 2: Using a pencil. 14 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. and then spray-paint the X shape. or the cost of tools. Prime and then spray-paint the dowel pieces. keep bugs at bay safely with DEETfree mosquito repellent.com 15 . Cottage Classic This custom-built unit provides storage and features a butcher-block top. that can be used by the entire family. making sure one screw is fastened through each dowel piece. D E C O R AT I N G Kitchen Islands D 2 Ring Toss D With different looks and price points. #57601) yellow spray paint (#166362) blue spray paint (#244148) red spray paint (#244157) yellow poly rope (3⁄4-inch-thick. and allow to dry. cut six 20-inch-long pieces of rope. poplar ** 1 package (2-inch) galvanized flat corner braces (#196125†) 1 (1-inch-diameter) 48-inch-long dowel ** drill/driver with a 1-inch bit heavy-duty pruners painter’s tape tape measure sandpaper utility lighter pencil *Does not include applicable taxes. Step 1: Cut the 1 x 2 into one 32-inch-long piece and two 151⁄4-inch-long pieces. Drill a 1-inchdiameter hole. #66425) copper couplings (3⁄4-inch-diameter.D OUTDOOR LIVING Family Fun Good To Know When playing outdoors. Place a piece of scrap wood underneath the project. Burn the ends with a utility lighter to prevent fraying. everyone can take a turn. Allow adhesive to dry. D With this crowd pleaser crafted from simple materials. allowing each coat to dry. and join them from the underside using flat corner braces and the included hardware. Secure the four outside dowels from the underside with a mending plate and the included hardware. #21720) TOOLS PA G E MATERIALS 1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 2. construction adhesive for small projects (#53254) 1 package (3-inch) galvanized mending plates (#196157†) 5 (1-inch-diameter) PVC caps (#23897) handsaw †Selection varies by market. Step 3: Cut five 8-inch-long pieces from the dowel. Attach a PVC cap to the top of each dowel using adhesive. mark 2 inches from each end of the X and at the center of the long board. Insert the rope ends into copper couplings. Apply additional coats as needed. The braces will support the center dowel to be added later. Let dry. Allow to dry. Eye on Islands PA G E PA G E Lowe’s List I I I Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate: $50* Rough time estimate: 1 day plastic primer (American Tradition by Valspar. Arrange the pieces in an X shape. sanding the end as needed to fit. centered widthwise. Apply a small amount of construction adhesive inside the drilled holes.

and knobs gives this affordable cart a customized look. Inspirations. Garden of Paradise 6002-4B. Vintage Copper. †Selection varies by market. semi-gloss) metal accent spray paint (Hammered Satin Finish. oil-rubbed bronze. 2 Aged-bronze pulls on the drawers complement the rest of the hardware. **Availability varies by market. #33609) single robe hooks (#232768†) strap pulls (aged bronze. Good To Know 1 This cart’s casters increase its flexibility. #121695) bath-paper holder (Moen. #227052) mushroom knobs (aged bronze. Inspirations. oil-rubbed bronze. including robe hooks on one end of the cart and a bath-paper holder on the other end. BEFORE Painting the cart a fresh color adds new life to this traditionalstyle kitchen.D D E C O R AT I N G Kitchen Islands D Dressed Up All The addition of paint. The semi-gloss finish makes the cart easier to clean. natural wood. #33804) double robe hook (Moen. The cart also is embellished with a row of knobs on the front side. Eastlake Collection. Adding casters to furniture and other items makes them more functional and user-friendly. #202450**) paint (Valspar Ultra Premium. which vary by market. #226913) *Does not include applicable taxes. Lowe’s List D UP FOR THE TASK 1 Basic hardware. provides space for hanging cooking tools and towels.com 17 . 2 I I I Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $255* Rough time estimate: 3 days cart (Powell. Eastlake Collection. hooks. 16 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS LowesCreativeIdeas.

A butcher-block top makes for a sturdy. . poplar 1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 8. . poplar 1 (2-foot-long) 2 x 2. . resilient prep surface for chopping vegetables or slicing bread. Just wipe it on. #45553) polyurethane (used inside the drawers) HARDWARE AND SUPPLIES knobs (#212415) 1 package (11⁄4-inch) pocket hole screws.D D E C O R AT I N G Kitchen Islands D Cottage With so much functional storage. . . LUMBER AND MOULDING† 2 (4-foot-long) 1⁄2. . 2 3 1 (48. . and allow to dry.com/Jul072. .x 11⁄8-inch base cap moulding 11 Find instructions.340* Lumber and moulding . #41217) stainable wood filler *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. 1 1 Classic Drawers with different depths are tailored for small and large utensils and cookware. . this custom-made island has a simple face that belies its hardworking features. . .x 96-inch) sheet of beaded-board paneling COUNTERTOP butcher-block top (special order) PAINT white (Valspar Ultra Premium. fine thread 1 box 6d finishing nails Lowe’s List I I 5 packages (22-inch) drawer slides 1 package (#18 x 3⁄4-inch) wire brads 1 box 4d finishing nails 1 package (#8 x 1-inch) pan-head screws I Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate . $170 Rough time estimate: 1 week** nail-on furniture glides (#246570) 1 package shelf pins (#198930) Good To Know Protect your butcher-block countertops with a food-safe oil and finish (Watco. $365 Countertop.x 96-inch) sheet of ⁄4-inch plywood 1 (48. . semi-gloss) spray primer (Kilz.x 3-inch safe-release masking tape wood glue (Titebond II. poplar boards 4 (4-foot-long) 1⁄2. $1. . or the cost of tools. . . †Availability varies by market. .com 19 . web 18 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas.x 6-inch poplar boards 6 (8-foot-long) 1 x 6s. $755 Paint . which vary by market. . . .x 96-inch) sheet of ⁄4-inch plywood 1 (24. poplar 5 (12-foot-long) pieces of ⁄16. . . 2 Open shelving on both ends of the island creates a home for cookbooks and decorative accents. . Bistro White 7006-4.x 48-inch) sheet of ⁄4-inch plywood 3 D BUILT TO SUIT 1 Created from economical paint-grade poplar. . this is like having a great piece of furniture for the kitchen. . . 2 (8-foot-long) pieces of ⁄2-inch quarter-round moulding 1 1 (48. . an illustration. . . . . White paint and beaded-board paneling lend cheerful cottage style.x 4-inch poplar boards 4 (4-foot-long) 1⁄2. . and a list of tools for FOR MORE building this island at LowesCreativeIdeas. . . #43860) found in the paint department. $50 Hardware and supplies. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

Model 332H. countertops. . . Chocolate. which vary by market. special order) Good To Know A dual-fuel range combines the best of both worlds: the immediate heat of gas burners and the even cooking of an electric oven. . This oasis was created for the top-notch gas range and hood. . ACCESSORIES cutting board (12. Caldwell. 2 Quartz countertops are more durable than unimproved stone—they resist both heat and scratches.D D E C O R AT I N G Kitchen Islands D Culinary Delight This deluxe island features a stainless steel range hood that whisks away odors and smoke from cooking. special order) range hood (Broan. . 3 The cabinets accommodate a dual-fuel slide-in stainless steel range. Model PLCS389EC. . . Rangemaster. Smokey Topaz. . . Now it’s a dream kitchen.com 21 . . 1 D CRÉME DE LA CRÉME 1 Custom cherry cabinets with classic raised-panel doors wear a rich chocolate brown finish. $3. . . . . The two levels of countertops allow family members or guests to join you while you cook without getting splashed or sprayed. which includes a black porcelain cooktop and cast-iron grates. #227260) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. Model 637004EX. $4.x 18-inch.040 Appliances. stainless steel. . . . . . .895 Accessories. $7. 2 Lowe’s List I I I Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate . . . bamboo two-tone. . Cherry. 900 CFM. . satin chrome. . . . . special order) external blower (Broan. . $20 Rough time estimate: 5 days** CABINETRY AND COUNTERTOPS cabinets (Diamond. special order) knobs (Amerock.955* Cabinetry and countertops . #17985) countertops (Zodiaq. Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of cabinetry. . special order) APPLIANCES 3 gas range (Frigidaire. 20 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials. . stainless steel. and appliances. .

I Paint a design on cotton panels. I Hem panels to the length of café curtains. I Create a pretty and functional tieback out of ribbon. Tab-top panels (#170175) are embellished with a leaf design using a stencil and fabric paint. I Position a rod just above the window. For a romantic touch. Good To Know Layering window treatments can help with energy costs. to make a room with high ceilings feel more intimate. The panels hang on a wooden rod (#42772) with finials (#27969*) and overlay a shade (#120398) made of sustainable bamboo. or a piece of fabric. as shown here. A variety of stencils can be found in the paint department at Lowe’s. which only cover the lower half of the window. rope. A heavier fabric can insulate the window better. How high do I hang the rod? » Consider these pointers when choosing rod height: I Hang a rod as high as possible to make a low ceiling seem higher. 22 Lowe’s Creative Ideas PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS 23 . this dreamy sheer (#241565) adds softness and volume to a striped panel (#213443). I Add decorative trim to the edges of panels. but need a bit of inspiration? Consider these helpful hints to spark your own creative approach. as shown here. D How can I get a custom look? » There are many ways to do this without the high cost or hassle: I Mix patterns and fabrics. Look for new options in drapery hardware at your local Lowe’s.D D E C O R AT I N G Window Treatments D D Curtains1O1 Do you want window treatments that wow. as shown on the opposite page. I Raise the eye a bit by hanging the rod halfway between the window and the ceiling. The two panels hang on a decorative rod (#169309) and are swept to one side with a strip of drop cloth material serving as a tieback. *Availability varies by market.

but you don’t want them to be overpowering. I hide a basic rod that holds the curtains. as shown here. This playful look is perfect for a child’s bedroom. could help you: I add an architectural element to a plain wall. try these options: I Choose a patterned valance or café curtain (shorter pieces of fabric instead of long panels). I create a slightly more formal appearance.com 25 . first clean it with mineral spirits to help the paint adhere. Tape off the stripes. Good To Know To create a striped roller shade. How can I add subtle pattern? » If you want to add interest using patterns. The lightweight white plastic cornice (#87589*) was first coated with plastic primer (#57601) and then painted brilliant blue (#244148) to complement a pair of striped curtains (#242109) on a wooden rod. 24 Lowe’s Creative Ideas LowesCreativeIdeas. which crowns a window and imparts horizontal dimension. and then apply interior latex paint or spray paint. or any other design. spray with plastic primer (#57601). *Availability varies by market.D D E C O R AT I N G Window Treatments D D D Why would I use a cornice? » Think about how a cornice. A Country French toile valance (#25944) tops a white roller shade (#43231) painted with black stripes. I Paint a simple shade with stripes. I Add a patterned ribbon for trim on a plain panel.

It also gives the space a substantial focal point and makes the bedroom not just a place for sleeping. blankets. In this bedroom. and gear. Curry. . LowesCreativeIdeas. . Lowe’s List I I 2 (7-foot-long) pieces of 3⁄8.D F O U N D S PA C E Window Seat D Sit Stow This window seat fulfills two needs—more efficient storage and a comfy place to relax. . . you can use sconces to flank a window seat. $65 Decorative accessories .com/ Jul073. #245153) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. the open area between two closets was a catchall for items such as clothes. . . . $160 Rough time estimate: 1 weekend HARDWARE AND SUPPLIES 1 box (21⁄2-inch) wood screws 1 box 6d finishing nails 1 (1⁄2. adding a safety latch can prevent access to kids and protect their fingers. The new built-in window seat provides concealed and organized storage. semi-gloss) DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Good To Know This space receives ample natural light via the windows. Caspari. Statuesque 7002-5. . Any leftover material can be used to make pillows or curtain tiebacks. which vary by market. #41217) paintable wood filler paintable latex caulk primer (Kilz. . a tools FOR MORE list. $390* Lumber and millwork . **Availability varies by market. In a home with children. or add a small chandelier above it. it also can add functional storage space. window seat can be the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. but for relaxing too. If you need additional lighting. A A hinged top allows access to the stored items inside. providing a seamless transition with the rest of the room. $165 Hardware and supplies. or the cost of tools. Sometimes. and an illustration for building this project at LowesCreativeIdeas. †Available by special order in some stores.x 11⁄4inch primed pine stop moulding† and I Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate . Earthy tweed-look drapery panels add warm color and texture to the space. web 26 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS The design of the window seat flows well with the existing base moulding. Two extra panels with a tapestry design were used to upholster a seat cushion for the project. #245171) drapery panels used for seat cushion (Designables.x 96-inch) sheets of 3⁄4-inch birch plywood** 1 (8-foot-long) piece of ⁄4-inch shelf edging** 3 curtain rod (#169456) drapery panels (Designables.com 27 . 3 (8-foot-long) 1 x 3s** 1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 8** 3 (48. a room’s existing architecture begs for such a project. Raja. You can find how-to instructions. . #45546) paint (Valspar Ultra Premium. extra chairs.x 72-inch) continuous hinge (brass. #196296) LUMBER AND MILLWORK wood glue (Titebond II. . Paprika.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS LowesCreativeIdeas. 30 Home Work OFFICES These three room redos for busy professionals create efficient spaces that help organize and inspire. 2 UNDERSTATED HOME Inspiring projects for indoors and out. They’re also a breeze to install. these solar bamboo tiki torches (#248116) mimic the look of real flames.com 29 . and make sure they don’t miss a step. 48 A Place To Spread Out G A R AG E This makeover shows several unique options for a multiuse area. 42 The Best of Both Worlds You can have a comfortable. 1 ARCHITECTURAL The distinct design and colored glass of these solar lights (#140084) will suit any Arts and Crafts lover. Here’s how. Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 4 TROPICAL With adjustable heights. these casualstyle solar lights (#111487) blend into the landscape. R E A L C R E AT I V I T Y. R E A L R E A D E R S . 3 28 WORLDLY These mushroom-shaped lights (#191256) are reminiscent of Asian décor and include halogen bulbs. Your BATH Featuring a stainless steel finish. J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 D Set the Mood Welcome friends in style. R E A L S O L U T I O N S .D TA K E Y O U R P I C K Path Lighting Good To Know Using solar lights saves energy and reduces electric bills. inviting bath that’s high-tech too.

A booming business needed a better office. T H E S PAC E : Vertical storage systems allow clients and instructors to organize their things. children. A comfy bench and a hospitality area offer the perfect spots for breaks between classes. RoomTo Grow THE PERSON: Pilates teacher and studio owner desperately seeks space that accommodates staff. clients. and the occasional pet.HOME WORK E Three creative professionals get office upgrades for organization and inspiration. The soft blue palette inspires a feeling of tranquility. while simultaneously creating room for other tasks. LowesCreativeIdeas.com 30 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS 31 .

There’s room for us all to feel comfortable here. The boards are attached to the wall with self-fastening strips. . brushed nickel. 1 track shelving (#107717) with maple shelves† HOSPITALITY CENTER paintable wood filler wood glue (Titebond II. .” BEFORE I Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate . . . grass-cloth wallpaper was attached to plywood using wallpaper paste. #33105) PAINT rugs (5. #170170) fabric shower curtain used to make pillows (white waffle. . stainless. ††Availability varies by market. . join host Dave Sheinkopf at LowesCreativeIdeas. maple.x 72-inch) sheet of acrylic (#11289) wallpaper paste (#52892) 4'5" desk 5'9" 1 package of 2d nails Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of appliances. whether that means containing work-related items to a different room or a closet behind a curtain. 30-inch vertical shelf stackers. LowesCreativeIdeas. . . #59969) grass-cloth wallpaper (#29148) 1 (48.740* Storage units . Silver Mist. $440 Lighting . . Waverly Home Classics. . #126548) grommets used for floor pillow (#45326) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. . . Easy-to-clean jute rugs help define the spaces. #119479) LIGHTING 2 lamps (Portfolio. ClosetMaid. #103250. .com/Bench. . 2 (48. and want work areas to be as inviting as the rest of the home. .x 3⁄4-inch screen-bead moulding 1 “I juggle a family. and see her new office come alive. #88833) coffeemaker (Cuisinart. floor. . 9-cube organizer. #206171) blinds (Ambria. . $60 Desk project . . . #45553) paint (Valspar Ultra Premium.x 96-inch) sheet of 15 5'4" hospitality center ⁄32-inch plywood †† 4'6" short storage 1 (36. . To create the bulletin boards. $280 Rough time estimate: 1 week** STORAGE UNITS shelving (ClosetMaid. 25-cube stackable shoe organizer.x 48-inch) sheets of 3⁄4-inch birch plywood†† 3 (8-foot-long) pieces of ⁄4.x 8-foot. . . . . $1. Dark Kettle Black 4011-2. . $120 Accessories. . . . . and a staff of instructors. . . . You can find how-to instructions and a list of tools and materials for building this bench at LowesCreativeIdeas. black. . . cork was mounted to fiberboard squares using spray adhesive and edged with duct tape. Blanched Pine 7005-15. 2 A desk fills the space at the opposite end of the room. there’s a place for the baby’s crib and a small seating area. At this end of the room. a client base. . . . For the desktop. . . **Does not include lead time for special-order materials. . . . . the two pieces were hemmed. . #168721. #41217) primer (Kilz. wrapped around a foam insert. . . . . .or part-time. $130 Bench project . #59969. . #170152. web 1 Separating the room into zones helps create better traffic flow. khaki. . satin) 11'2" storage wall shelving walls (Valspar Signature Colors. . $465 Hospitality center . coarse thread wire baskets (ClosetMaid. . CORKBOARD WALL PROJECT 1 to two stackable shelving units and topped with a sheet of acrylic. cube door. . #66417. . desk. $105 Paint . . maple. the owner of this studio. jute with border. The board is attached bistro table and chairs baby bed vertical shelf stacker (30-inch. semi-gloss) ACCESSORIES compact refrigerator (Frigidaire. . . . †Selection varies by market. #163256. . consider establishing a separation between work and living spaces. either full. . For your office. The floor pillow was made from drapery panels cut in half crosswise. . #21337) drapery panels used to make pillows (Aspen Twill. . . 24-inch horizontal shelf stacker. . and secured with grommets and rope. #163273) 6 (4-inch) rounded taper table legs (#842) 6 straight-top mounting plates (#838) 1 box (#18 x 3⁄4-inch) brads 1 box (#17 x 11⁄4-inch) brads 1 box (11⁄4-inch) Kreg pocket hole screws. . Then. $140 Corkboard wall project. . . . Sky WV32007. . linen. Fruitwood. .com 32 Lowe’s Creative Ideas 33 . . .D HOME WORK ROOM TO GROW Lowe’s List I I cork liner (#34744††) white duct tape spray adhesive self-fastening strips (#20026) white spray paint BENCH PROJECT 3 (24.x 96-inch) pieces of ⁄2-inch fiberboard video O N L I N E » To meet Jennifer. . . #235882) countertop microwave (GE. Zones flow create bench walls (Valspar Ultra Premium. #85799) small taper bins† Good To Know Many people work from home these days. which vary by market. . . . or the cost of tools. satin) DESK PROJECT 10'2" A custom-built bench with open cubbies boasts FOR MORE both seating and storage.com/Videos. #170153.

P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y W E N D E L L T. such as industrial garage units. are used in new. Storage byDesign Up-and-coming interior designer seeks room for storing supplies. T H E S PAC E : A townhouse basement is turned into an edgy model of organization where cabinets and shelving. additional desktop space. modern chrome-and-white table lamps were added for extra illumination. and a comfortable. W E B B E R 34 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. a lilac accent wall warms and softens the space. THE PERSON: The walls and ceiling are now a creamy white to brighten this once-dingy basement. Because the room receives no natural light.com 35 . successful ways. inviting area to meet with clients.D HOME WORK BEFORE An interior designer wanted organization with style.

steel. LowesCreativeIdeas. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials. . an unexpected choice. †Availability varies by market. #163278) drop cloths (#74135) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. The raised texture of the garage cabinets adds a surprisingly chic look and feel to the room. offer the perfect solution for this basement home office. Eddie Bauer Home. . . . . #207312) Gladiator cabinet peg-board wall Homasote boards (#14101 †† ) Gladiator cabinets laminate countertop (Formica Laminate. . . chrome. steel. gloss) LIGHTING 16' Urban home 36 D Homasote walls offer workspace and provide soundproofing for this urban space. Eddie Bauer Home. . Skylark Boomerang. . . The countertop will rest securely on the 2 x 4s and sawhorse brackets. .com/Videos to see how the homeowner/designer. Model 6940-58. #62677) galvanized utility bins (#66661) fabric drawers (blue. . . . . if needed. $1. . special order) 2 sets sawhorse brackets (#128355) 4 (8-foot-long) 2 x 4s† rolling cabinet work table Homasote board Gladiator cabinets paint (Valspar Signature Colors. placed on top of the storage units. . . . $120 Paint . Model FL22-22) ACCESSORIES Creative solutions 1 A laminate countertop. . lumber. desk furnace mechanical laminate countertop (Formica Laminate. The concrete floor is painted a complementary blue. $4. low-maintenance rug. . . . Honeysuckle Bloom EB13-4. 3 Metallic-finish peg-board creates the perfect spot for hanging supplies. special order) SAWHORSE DESK PROJECT 5 (4. 1 I Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate . . . The cabinets’ graphic texture is mellowed by the whimsical countertop pattern and the varying floor stripes.645 Accessories. $1. 25' shelving units 1 (4-drawer) rolling cabinet (Kobalt. The designer cut the 2 x 4s into eight 28-inch pieces and two 24-inch pieces. green. Globe Thistle EB30-3. . . provides a work surface with a splash of color. ††Available by special order in some stores. and it’s recyclable. . . special order. #211606) peg-board hooks (#62612. . #30928) 5 (4-tier) galvanized steel shelving units (#200482) carpet tiles (FLOR. which vary by market. Mixed Media. The individual tiles can be replaced if they get stained or tattered. Lazy River) FLOORING CABINETRY AND SHELVING 4 base cabinets (Gladiator. Sailor Blue EB7-1. but you can use L-brackets for extra support. Also. . Homasote is made from post-consumer recycled materials. Skylark Boomerang. table lamps (Portfolio. . Model FL21-14. . . .525* Cabinetry and shelving . . .x 8-foot) peg-board panels (brushed stainless. black. $225 Flooring . Model FL26-63. . #168755) video O N L I N E » Visit LowesCreativeIdeas. . #154859. $335 Lighting .” Lowe’s List I I PAINT 2 Good To Know Think outside the box when designing your space.700 Sawhorse desk project . satin) floor stain (Quikrete Multi-Surface Concrete Stain. . . . and carpet tiles create a stylish. and a laminate countertop yield a customized desk. .D HOME WORK STORAGE BY DESIGN 3 4 “A colorful space with lots of texture and patterns inspires creativity. Model 6940-58. Heavy-duty garage units. satin) wall and Homasote board (Valspar Signature Colors. #30622) 2 large cabinets (Gladiator. . . . $500 Rough time estimate: 1 week** wall (Valspar Signature Colors. . 4 Cool blues and purples enhance the silver-toned storage units in the room. . John. .com Lowe’s Creative Ideas 37 . 2 Sawhorse brackets. Eddie Bauer Home. . . transformed a basement room into a home office that suits his business needs. . Geranium. . Orchard. . .

cedar window boxes (#148475) metal planters (24-inch. . and watch the creation of her studio. . . .350* Desk project . . . and doors. . . .com/Videos. . which vary by market. .com 38 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 39 . walls. T H E S PAC E : A lively circle motif is upbeat and fosters creative energy. This studio receives natural light. unfinished. #244255) paint (Valspar Ultra Premium. . white)** Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of sinks. . $210 Paint . semi-gloss) accent paint (Valspar Ultra Premium. and handy peg hooks keep the artist’s gear organized and within reach. . white. join host Nicole Sassaman at LowesCreativeIdeas. . . shelves (24-inch. $1. . . #145924) rattan trash can (#130260) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. eggshell. Sawyer White 7002-16. . . . #72672) shelf with hooks (#165352) green planters (5-inch. $150 Exterior door . #243047) drapery panels (white. . A sheet of peg-board on the wall puts the vertical space to good use. . Safari Beige 6006-2B. peg-board hooks (#62612) LIGHTING fluorescent ceiling fixtures** pendants with glass shades** PAINT walls and trim (Valspar Ultra Premium. #178106) soap pump (#243386) EXTERIOR DOOR DESK PROJECT 1 door (30-inch plywood door. . . . web 4 (3⁄8. . . . 3 Painted metal planters and window boxes mounted to the wall create ideal places for supplies and finished artwork. . . . A palette of pink. . . . #42602**) 2 (10-foot-long) 2 x 4s** door (32-inch.x 31⁄2-inch) lag bolts 1 box (21⁄2-inch) screws 1 box (21⁄2-inch) Kreg pocket hole screws. Venetian bronze. . . . Sawyer White 7002-16. . trim. . Ultra Single Cylinder. #10678) 4 legs (Colonial turned post with ball. . especially where you’ll be reading or working on detailed crafts. #36229) ACCESSORIES Artful Endeavor Married mother of two wants to turn a seldom-used storage area into a studio that will satisfy her artistic drive. . . overhead light. . . . and accent light from the pendants. video O N L I N E » To meet Lee Anne. . . Homestead Resort Parlour Raspberry 1006-3B. . . She sells some of her wares at local shops and galleries. . . . . . $180 Organization. semi-gloss) Lowe’s List I I floor paint (Quikrete MultiSurface Concrete Stain. . . #61129) peg-board panel (#15484) Good To Know BEFORE It’s important to have multiple lighting sources in all rooms. . #20222) rug (Wooly Bully. . check out LowesCreativeIdeas.com/Desk. and brown provides a cheerful backdrop for the artist’s peppy paintings. . . . . . PHOTOGRAPHY BY TED TUCKER ORGANIZATION 2 The homeowner added a utility sink to a nearby bath for rinsing off her hands and paintbrushes. $130 Sink area . $285 Accessories. Venetian bronze. . . A shelf below the peg-board provides an additional storage area. lighting. . . #224169**) metal primer (Rust-Oleum. coarse thread 3 1 box 8d finishing nails 4 (3⁄8-inch) washers Clever storage utility sink wood glue (Titebond II. . . **Availability varies by market. . #41217) shelving desk easel window boxes paintable all-purpose adhesive caulk 9'9" primer (American Tradition by Valspar. . . Lots of Dots. LowesCreativeIdeas. . THE PERSON: 2 desk accent (Wall Pops. . natural. Reliabilt. . $95 Lighting . white. . . the homeowner. Hancock. Pink Blox. . .D HOME WORK 1 shelf (36-inch. #59738) tension rod (#85713) pink and striped bins (#102545) pink fabric drawer (#148646) pink planter (7-inch. $300 Rough time estimate: 1 week utility sink (American Shower and Bath. . . . or the cost of tools. semi-gloss) To find step-by-step instructions for FOR MORE building this unique table. . Teddy Bear. Products such as window boxes and peg-board are used in clever ways for organized storage that’s easily accessible. #130950) SINK AREA This artist craved a studio that reflects her creativity. #21698) entry knob (Kwikset. #34706) dead bolt (Kwikset. #83181) 18' 1 The homeowner’s new table gives her ample room to work. I Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate. .


and an innovative shower system. as if it’s always been here. towel warmers. never fit the spirit of our house. The couple couldn’t be happier with the brand-new.” D Hexagonal ceramic mosaic tiles evoke the home’s early1900s bungalow style. with its plastic whirlpool tub and pale pink tiles. Luxury? Think heated floors.” the homeowner says. space. the combination of vintage style and modern luxuries creates a bath that blends perfectly with the rest of the home. 42 PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBBIE CAPONETTO/SPC 43 . t D The Best of Both Worlds This couple adores their Craftsman bungalow. D The two console tables feature sleek under-mounted sinks with elegant tabletops and polished-chrome legs. Radiant heating beneath the surface keeps bare feet warm on chilly mornings.hi D State-of-the-art technology and classical archi tecture meet to create a bath that pampers. With this remodel. and mirrored console tables. and the outdated master bath was the home’s only flaw. white subway tiles. What’s vintage? Tiny white floor tiles. “The existing bath. yet 1900sinspired. “It’s luxurious. but design appropriate.

or add layers for better energy efficiency. 1 The innovative shower features two showerheads and four wall tiles that spray water. Consider a soft Roman shade or a valance. water closet storage 10'6" storage Balancing a budget? Setting your style? Consider the options. A towel warmer mounts to the wall for ultimate comfort. However. If you’re short on space. including desired water temperature. A frameless glass door lends a clean design. The satin-nickel finish coordinates with the bath’s modern touches. But the couple also wanted the style of the room to fit with their early-1900s home. while state-of-the-art features add luxury. Elegant. opt for one furniture-style vanity that offers under-sink storage. shower with ttemperature and massage settings. 3 A handheld showerhead is great for bathers of different heights. 2 3 BEFOR E WINDOW TREATMENTS Hard or soft? The couple opted for simple white blinds that allow natural light in and provide privacy. these homeowners chose a high-tech shower and passed on a bathtub. providing the homeowners with ample task lighting. the homeowners can specify their preferred bathing experience.D “Our favorite feature is the D Sconces flank the mirrors. 4 44 Lowe’s Creative Ideas 45 . BATHING Bath or shower? Instead of including both. you could skip the heat. The open floor plan and separate console tables provide more elbow room for the couple during busy mornings. 4 On the shower’s digital interface. THE SOLUTION: D FLOORS Heated or not? This bath features traditional white tile with radiant heating underneath. especially on chilly days. giving them more space and luxury too. 2 This shower control maintains the bath’s classic look. and they added shelving and medicine cabinets for storage. CONSOLE TABLES One or two? The homeowners splurged for two elegant console tables with under-mounted sinks.” IT’S ALL ABOUT Spa Quality closet organizers shower console tables 10' towel warmer Choices D Two closet organizers beneath the window hold fabric bins and wicker baskets for storing towels and toiletries. understated products accurately reflect the home’s design. and add a pair of plush bath mats. 1 WhatThey Did THE CHALLENGE: This dated master bath needed a fresh look and new amenities.

D Healthy-Home Option D The new one-panel door conceals shelving for linens and baskets. . #226037) cabinet knobs (polished chrome. . It also has rim jets that keep your bowl clean and a pilot fill valve for near-silent tank refills. . . faucets. . Kohler. Read about an innovation this homeowner enjoys.6 gallons of water per flush. Model K-3020-O. wax ring. This ENERGY STAR® qualified bath fan uses 65% less energy than standard models. a unique flushing system that includes a large 3-inch valve for increased flushing power. Controlling excess humidity can help inhibit the growth of mold and dust mites and can benefit family members’ respiratory health. . it automatically turns on to remove excess moisture. . as well as removal and disposal of your old toilet. . #195284.5-gallon tank while using only 1. because the elongated bowl and lowconsumption tank are attached. #75968) wastebasket (#213862) sink accessories (toothbrush holder. Lowe’s List I I I Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate . including the tank. bowl. floor mat. . . **Does not include lead time for special-order materials. . This model features low water consumption. . . polished chrome. . . . and dependable model—no plungers required! Advancements in cleaning technology. and its large water surface area keeps the bowl cleaner. 46 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas.com/Energy for more details. #188739) walls and trim (Valspar Ultra Premium. . . polished chrome. Kohler. . ComfortWidth Toilet-To-Go (#44784) sink faucets (Kohler. bolts. . . . It may qualify for local utility rebates. A wider-than-average 221⁄2-inch seat and an elongated bowl give this larger model an edge with regard to support. soap dish. we bring you new products that enhance and simplify your life. Highline Complete Solution (#212690) First-class Good To Know Need a punch of color in your bath? Select toilets are available in a variety of colors through special-order sales in the fashion plumbing department at Lowe’s. . D Comfort Is Key D One-Piece Chic D Ready To Roll DOORS AND WINDOWS doors (Masonite. interior lighting. #213932) towel rings (brushed nickel. special order) floor (American Olean. You use your toilet multiple times every day D Efficient Performer D Eco-Friendly Jacuzzi. . . and so do your family and friends. See Lowes. Architect Series. special order) Crane. sinks. Once the moisture is eliminated. special order) toilet (American Standard. the Ultra Silent model turns itself off—a perfect solution for those prone to leaving fans running. This product is great for a quick renovation. Model K-683-1CP.030* Tile. . sinks. . Santa Rosa (#82402) This all-in-one model reduces the chance of leaks. countertops. I The automatic sensor also can be adjusted to allow the fan to run for a set time—from 5 to 60 minutes. . $1. White A13. . Toilet-To-Go (#746) In one convenient box. Crystal Clear. $7. #234818) body sprays (Kohler. This option provides the performance of a 3. special order) window (Pella. . special order) shower door (Kohler. satin nickel. $1. special order) radiant heating (SunTouch. . . MDF. . . Model K-2330-G-O. . . Kathryn. Gloss White SL10. #169881) closet organizers (white. and standard features include an elongated bowl as well as a large 3-inch flush valve for clog prevention. #170116. Cream Delight 7002-14. . . a unique anti-microbial glaze on the bowl’s surface that reduces bacteria. special order) showerhead (AquaSource. #12308) baskets (#211164) fabric bins (#145835) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes.D “Everything I need is here. .170 Accessories . Model 800SCSHDWN. .300 Rough time estimate: 8 weeks** console tables and sinks (Kohler. . and improved designs make these toilets our top picks. . #42201) towel warmer (WarmaTowel. I When the fan detects an increase in humidity. . . . It includes the Ingenium flushing system. special order) ACCESSORIES TILE walls and shower (American Olean. and stains. Crane. and that’s reason enough to find a comfortable. The Broan humidity-sensing bath fan automatically controls the moisture level in this bath. Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of toilets. Model K-8003-CP. legs. #224618) humidity-sensing bath fan (Broan. odors. . . . Model K-6839-CP) DTV digital interface (Kohler. Purist. Model K-702012-L-SH. $13. American Standard Cadet 3 (#238689) The Cadet 3 uses EverClean.560 Plumbing fixtures.605 Paint . . $320 Doors and windows. #238691) PAINT LIGHTING sconces (Tiella. special order. . #256739) wooden blinds ( 2 -inch. Perfecta (#211146) This model features Jacuzzi Propulsion. The low-consumption two-piece toilet combination also comes with a 3-inch flapperless flushing system. and replacement windows. this model comes with everything you need. efficient. Model H562PC. . and seat—at an affordable price. .” SHOP SMART innovat i 5 n At Lowe’s. It includes the Ingenium flushing system. . . . semi-gloss) Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of flooring. but it’s tucked away. tabletops. . $2. which prevents clogs.com 47 . special order) gray grout PLUMBING FIXTURES door hardware (Gatehouse. . Toilets D Seatıng Forget modesty. comparable to chair height. $75 Lighting . The Comfort Height feature. Field Tile. Bancroft. increases seating comfort. . . . one panel. which vary by market. programmable floor stat. eco-friendly features. . . .

so they took a fresh look at their blank-slate garage. Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS LowesCreativeIdeas. and the children can play outside of the house. You may have more room than you think. The large space was mostly unused for anything beyond parking the car. laundry. Now the garage is the perfect spot to bathe the family dog. Tail-Wagging Storage Base and wall cabinets offer a stylish and affordable approach to the pet station. with a pull-down door for concealed storage. helping to keep the indoors cleaner and clutter-free. They evaluated their needs and decided to create a new pet area and a corner for the kids’ toys.GARAGE T 48 his family was running out of room inside the house. or craft area. This space offers endless double-duty possibilities. in the bright corner dedicated to storage and safety. The wall cabinets have an area below the two doors that can be configured in three unique ways: as an open shelf. or with a hanging clothes rod. A PLACE T CE TO SPRE AD OUT EA Foolproof Floor An epoxy coating makes the garage floor slip-resistant and easy to clean. even if it’s rainy. Consider your own family’s needs—office. the homeowners created a pet area and a corner for the kids to play. Here.com 49 .

The sink also is good for rinsing dirty gardening tools and paintbrushes used for crafts. Living space can be tight.com 51 . or a place to gather for a good game of cards. coordinates with the mosaics. The countertop. and possibly some garden tools and equipment. a garage can double as a workout room. a crafts area. When the cars are parked outside. Think about designing your garage for these multiple uses. 50 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 long way from yesterday’s version. Once safety concerns are answered. Bath Time A white double-basin utility sink takes the work out of bathing the family’s small dog. smooth look with a natural touch. Today’s garage has come a Track shelving and storage units keep toys organized and off the floor to create a safe spot for kids to hang out. They’re simple to set up and take apart when it’s time to move the car into the garage. a space for pet care. For a successful modern garage.Tile Design Interspersing small slate mosaics with classic white tiles creates a clean. it’s possible to have as much fun planning this space as any room in the house. LowesCreativeIdeas. so it makes sense to ask more of your garage. Practical and Colorful These interlocking foam floor tiles provide a soft surface for playtime. And be sure that anything dangerous to a child or animal is carefully locked away and out of reach. made up of large 12-inch-square slate tiles. has evolved into a multitasking space customized to fit your needs. What used to be simply a place to store cars. Check out products that allow for storage on the walls and even the ceiling. storage and safety are two important aspects to consider. Kids’ Corner D TREND UPDATE Personality With Purpose New products and ideas for the garage make it easy to design comfy spaces that work hard too.

such as the barn-like style above. . Hardware: This style door does not require decorative hardware. Metropolis 4005-1C. . $110 Floor tiles . . $35 Rough time estimate: 5 days** Today. eggshell) floor (Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating. .com 53 . . . . . . $100 Paint . slate. . . . . . . faucets. . . . . . sinks. . . . . Panels: select long. . #116167) galvanized utility bin (#66661) wire bins (#241041) PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN FRANCIS innovati5n Chamberlain 1⁄2-hp Belt Drive Garage Door Opener With Monitor (#248739) CABINETRY base and wall cabinets (white. . multicolored slate. Hardware: handles and hinge straps available in various finishes. . $190 Paint . Hunter Green. . . more layers equal better insulation. Below. 40-inch hang tracks. whatever the style. three-drawer base cabinets. . I Windows: taller. . . special order) PAINT 2-foot-square foam linking mats (#168520) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes. #224198) ACCESSORIES web FOR MORE pet door (Ideal Pet Products. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials. . . . . . . . . and interior lighting. #81166. #72126) tile countertop (12-inch. . . . .com/Jul074. . . . . . .SHOP SMART Garage Doors D Good To Know Having good lighting is important in a garage. . . garage doors have more interesting features than you might imagine. American Olean. . $230 Lighting . . Insulation: (for steel) single. . 2 A pet door installed in an outside wall of the garage allows the family dog to let himself in and out. Model 8869-98. . . double. . #119700) backsplash (6. #205842) PAINT A classic structure and timeless appeal make these doors perfect for any house on the street. 1 2 outdoor ceiling fixture (Sea Gull Lighting. . 52 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. #239383) mosaic tiles (2-inch. . . . . . The look is retro industrial. $25 Rough time estimate: 2 weeks** STORAGE ClosetMaid MaxLoad Shelving (4-foot x 16-inch shelves. wall cabinets. double. . . . $1. (for wood) four layers of insulation available (check manufacturer’s brochure for details). . . $250 Lighting . 84-inch standard track. we take the guesswork out of shopping. . . . . gray. . #35911) Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of cabinetry. . Lowe’s List PET AREA I I Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate . . medium. Cool and Bright The homeowners added a fun paint treatment— blue. . #77570. . $740 Tile . with or without a textured design (short panel. textured design shown above) I Panels: choose from square or arched panels. . short. . . . which vary by market. Ice White. . Gravity 4005-1B. hinges make the doors appear to swing outward. . . . I Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of garage doors. and triplelayered construction are available. #117896. . I Windows: more than 30 designs including decorative inserts and beveled glass. . . #31675. . adding appropriate style to the garage. walls and ceiling (Valspar Ultra Premium. I Make sure the largest opening to your home is secure before you go to bed. . and lifetime motor and 10-year belt warranties. . . Blue Eyes 4007-8A. . #131691) gray grout PLUMBING airplane pendant (Portfolio. F E AT U R E S T O C O N S I D E R I I utility sink (American Shower and Bath. . TWO STYLES MANY CHOICES KIDS’ CORNER I I I Good To Know You can paint your garage door with exterior latex paint in a color that will complement your home. #161107) 3-tier wire shelf (Shelving By Design. . . To find more products and ideas for the garage. end caps. . . . #171175. .x 8-inch. 16-inch brackets. $190 Plumbing . . #114846. check out LowesCreativeIdeas. larger windows available due to door construction. . This opener includes a monitor (small enough to fit on your nightstand) that will let you know if your garage door is open or closed. . Other features include a lighted control panel. . #163077) TILE fabric drawers (ClosetMaid. . . Wellspring 4007-8B. F E AT U R E S T O C O N S I D E R I I With a look once associated with concealing a horse and buggy.460* Cabinetry . these architectural doors are plenty chic for modern-day automobiles. $585* Storage. and open the door of possibilities on design and function options of Reliabilt doors available at Lowe’s. Make a plan that includes general overhead as well as task lighting. . . two-door base cabinets. . more than 30 designs including decorative inserts and beveled glass. . . . . . and gray horizontal stripes of varying widths—to the walls in the kids’ corner. and then incorporate varying design details within the base. . #187945) faucet (AquaSource. . . especially if the room does not receive natural light. #242498) LIGHTING walls (Valspar Ultra Premium. . gray. . or triple-layered construction. . . . . . white. #215819. . . Anthem White 7006-24. . . . . . . countertops. . #224198) FLOOR TILES Material: steel Materials: wood or steel Insulation: choose from single. . eggshell) floor (Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating. . . . . $175 Accessories. or flush panels. . #71485) LIGHTING 3-light track light (Portfolio. Traditional Paneled Carriage-House Style I Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate. . I 1 An outdoor ceiling fixture above the pet area provides task lighting. A vivid blue track light brightens the space. . .

” says Tim Lawrence.C. sander. and safety goals of SkillsUSA. community service grants of $10. Lowe’s and SkillsUSA are building something together: greater opportunities for students. The partners unveiled the project with an event held earlier this year at the National Association of Home Builders headquarters in Washington. SmartSelect features. It also at work.. a tilting foot plate. Conference They’re easier to operate. and durability. and a vacuum adapter It’s often worth the extra handle and a laser that Leadership that helps keep your workspace clean. Its mission includes educating this drill automatically adjusts students in 80 trade areas including to give you optimal speed carpentry.000 in 2007 to educate the next generation of contractors. the grants are divided into three groups: education. The best tools combine safety “Through grants to local chapters and support of chapter community service features with the latest technology. projects. for many projects. Also in April. tool-less assisting with the This 15-amp saw has a bail annual National blade change. and community volunteers by offering grants through SkillsUSA.000 to 20 schools in April Good To Know These students look forward to learning skills that could shape their futures. line of power tools offers many great options for and community volunteers of the future. chairman of the tools combine comfort. For more information about SkillsUSA. technical.S. Lowe’s and PHOTOGRAPHY BY LLOYD WOLF 54 Lowe’s Creative Ideas J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7 LowesCreativeIdeas. money to buy high-voltage ensures cutting accuracy. SkillsUSA works with teachers.” beginning do-it-yourselfers of any age. dual-port charger. Although this is Lowe’s first year to award grants..C. The Lowe’s grants will be awarded to selected schools and SkillsUSA chapters. Stone. and this lumber to the and less stress for you. Lowe’s foundation. These says Larry D. 14. U. As a national nonprofit organization. go to SkillsUSA. Department of Education Assistant Secretary for 18-Volt Cordless 6-Tool Combo are easy on your hands. builders. AK TX LA FL HI Future Builders New grants promote the education. D. D. and Lowe’s stores. builders. reciprocating saw. community service. These grants will allow them offers storage for to build lots of things together. Black & Decker’s Firestorm become the contractors. students will receive a card from OSHA and learn fundamental safety guidelines in the workplace.4-volt Vocational and Adult Education Troy Kit (#130266) This kit includes just about (#29359) and 12-volt (#25575) versions Justesen has met with SkillsUSA and everything you need to get started: also are available with the same Lowe’s representatives to discuss the circular saw. precision. community service.D LOWE’S In Your Community . Through its Charitable and Educational Foundation. shown above) cutting. Students can participate in an in-store training event and receive an $18 voucher to complete CareerSafe training online. With CareerSafe. local contractors. Lowe’s presented educational grants of $10. the company 18-Volt Single-Source Orbital first became involved Jigsaw (#236107. “SkillsUSA helps students develop shown at right) Much better than abilities in all four skills areas highlighted whistling while you work. we hope to help further educate When you’re learning new skills.000 went to 10 SkillsUSA chapters that created projects to engage students and Lowe’s employees in improving their communities. and the soft grips and precision machining. Finally. cordless sander will work carpentry contest. and safety. renaming itself in 2004. and students who are preparing for careers in trade. In addition. flashlight. so 3-in-1 Sander (#236103) and donating they require less straining Versatility is key. VT NH D SkillsUSA are working with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) BEGINNERS to provide safety training as part of the SkillsUSA CareerSafe program. hand vac. this radio by employers. Lowe’s will contribute $500. and power. and May. industry representatives. and Skills tools that have plenty of power. industry leaders. With SmartSelect Technology. blade support for better accuracy in Laser (#240266. 18-Volt Radio Charger (#236192. and employees. Designed to further relationships among students. “Our and charge your students and teachers are champions batteries. it helps to have and empower young people who will the right equipment. The winning schools showed innovative ways to improve the SkillsUSA experience and awareness of its programs by combining efforts with their local Lowe’s stores. WA MT OR ID WY NV UT CA CO NE IA IL MO TN AZ OK NM AR MS AL GA IN SD ND MN WI MI OH KY WV VA NC SC PA ME NY CT NJ DE MD MA RI KS THIS MONTH: Tools 101 Washington. shown below) with SkillsUSA It includes a sightline channel and 71⁄4-inch Circular Saw With six years ago. will play tunes SkillsUSA executive director.com 55 . and skilled service occupations to help ensure a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA first began in 1965 as the 18-Volt Cordless Drill/ Vocational Industrial Clubs Driver Kit (#237650.” your drill and bits.org. and contractors. shown at top) of America. computer-aided drafting. skills that employers seek in future drill/driver.

can be ordered at the store through special-order sales.com.000 products. Aha! Products A Little Luxury PAMPER YOURSELF with this rainshower showerhead featured in our spa bath. Look for a wide selection of new styles at Lowe’s.com. Find more clever takes on recognizable products at LowesCreativeIdeas.❉ G R E AT F I N D S PA G E Bright. You deserve it! PA G E 42 THIS METAL WINDOW BOX was primed and painted to make the perfect wall organizer in a home office (the liner was removed to showcase the artist’s paintings). Luckily. Lowe’s offers thousands of items beyond what’s on the shelves. or order it online at Lowes. 15 Bare Necessity OFF-THE-FLOOR items can be dressed up with a little paint and a few accessories. it’s simple and affordable to liven up a room’s look just by changing your curtains. The makeover includes several other products that help make your house feel like a sanctuary. Find this kitchen cart in the store. with a mod design by Formica. Learn more about the Lowe’s products and services featured in this issue and online. Cheery Style SUMMER IS ALL ABOUT colorful design that brightens your home. PA G E 38 56 Lowe’s Creative Ideas . PA G E 22 PA G E 34 Something Special COOL COUNTERTOPS. where you will find more than 50.

O N .com/ GiantPumpkin. If your address has an error that needs correction or you would like your name removed from our mailing list. please send your request with your address label to: Lowe’s Mail Preference. P. space in your dorm room or college apartment.O. yet functional. P. and receive a $25 to $250 Lowe’s gift card via mail-in rebate.CA M PU S E D I T I O N For ideas on creating a cool.com/ CampusIdeas. submit your photos. BOX 35256 Greensboro.O. as well as free next-day local delivery and haul away with a total appliance purchase of $397 or more.com/OutdoorLiving. Greensboro. Build It! This is the perfect time to start your next woodworking or construction project. See store for exclusions and details. log onto LowesCreativeIdeas. Come in to Lowe’s August 16 through 19 for four days of special values on the building products you need. North Carolina 27425-5256 D NEW NEWS Check out these latest and greatest offerings from Lowe’s. visit LowesCreativeIdeas. Gift Card Summer The Heat of The mercury is rising—don’t let your water bills rise too. at LowesCreative Ideas. as well as a list of plants that require less water to survive. D PUMPKIN PROGRESS » How does your Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin grow? Check out the progress of other gardeners’ pumpkins. A $25 to $250 With Appliance Purchase » Purchase any in-stock major appliance priced $297 or more (before taxes) between July 12 and 29.com/Subscribe. and learn tips and tidbits about the pumpkin craze at LowesCreativeIdeas. Box 35256. Find tips on watering wisely. NC 27425-5256. . or call 1-877-LOWES-02 (569-3702).To subscribe.

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