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Title of project: Self Assessment test through mobile(Organizing quiz competition

through mobile)

Communication technology has grown rapidly. Wireless telecommunication technology

has driven application development that build on wireless device such as cellular phone
or PDA. Applications can be standalone client applications, or client-server applications
that require a client piece and a server piece (a network service component).In this
project we are mainly concerned on client server architecture in mobile environment.

Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) is the leading environment for developing
and running wireless applications on phones. Mobile applications and web services works
very well together. The growing threads in both the field provides new span in the area of
client server technologies. Self assessment test through mobile is one of the applications
of both the above technologies. This project is basically an assessment system based on
mobile web server technology that tests your command in various fields.

Figure: Architecture

Client side requirement:

Language used: J2ME
Forms designed : Welcome page-Login page---login successfully then Select the
subject---- display some common rules for the test-----start the session of particular
duration say 15 min-----question firing from server and answering-----display the
result------store the result into database
Server side requirements:
Language used: Java

Database design: MySql /Ms Access

In admin section, we will create the users. For that a user has to fill up the registration
form. After filling the registration form, a user will receive the password.