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1. PF forms to be duly filled and signed by the employee (Write your personal
details only, i.e. Employee name, father’s name, date of birth, address
(clearly and complete with Pin Code), details of family members and bank
account details) and the part to be filled & signed up by the employer will
be taken care by ICFAI-HQ. Nobody at the Centre / Region is authorized to
sign as employer.

2. Employee code and Mobile No. should be written on application (Top Left corner
of Form 19.

3. Address of the Establishment /Employer to be left blank on the forms.

4. Date of Leaving Service - Not to be filled (HR will fill this)

5. Form 19 S.No. .8 and Form 10C S.No.10 it is preferable to tick the option b

6. Revenue stamp of value Rs.1/- must be affixed on Form-19 & 10C and the
employee must sign across the Stamp & Application. (Half signature to be on
stamp and half on the application).

7. Total 5 signatures are required on Form-19 and Form-10C (Form-19- 3

signatures on 2nd page, and Form-10C-1 signature on 2nd page and 1 signature
on 3rd page.)

8. PF documents to be routed to ICFAI-HQ through INC-HQ-HR only. The INC-HR

will not be responsible for the documents directly forwarded to ICFAI-HQ

9. One side used paper should not be used for printing/ copying the PF forms.

10. The forms should be printed/ copied on both sides of the papers. It should be
ensured that no blank pages in between one application.

11. For every PF account there should be separate set of PF withdrawal forms (Form
19 and Form 10C) eg. If there are 3 PF accounts then 3 sets of PF forms should
be sent.

12. Cancelled blank cheque of your bank account to be enclosed with each